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"Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!" 


A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But 
it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is 
less formidable for he is known and carries his banners openly. 
But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his 
sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very 
halls of government itself... for thetraitor appears no traitor: H e 
speaksin accents familiar to hisvictims, and he wears their faces 
and their garments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in 
the souls of all men. H e rots the soul of a nation; he works 
secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of 
the city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer 
resist. A murderer is to be less feared. — Cicero 


"Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!" 







Holy Western Empire, LLC. 

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Easton , Marylan d 21601 


Copyright ©2002 Holy Western Empire, LLC. 


All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conven- 
tions. Published in the United States by Holy Western Empire (H WE), LLC. 

United States Copyright Office: This book/manuscript may not be reproduced in 
any form or by any means without permission of the publisher. 

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D edi cation 

I n M emory of: 


"Now, there was a man!" 

+ + + 

John Geraerd Crommelin, Jr., Rear Admiral, USN , served in 
the Pacific Theater during WWII, as Executive Officer, and Air 
Officer, aboard the USSE nterpriss, CV-6 (the most decorated ship 
in naval history). Crommelin, was acknowledged by the crew as 
the "heart and soul of the Big-E." Later, holding the Legion of 
Merit with a Gold Star; a Combat "V," a Presidential Unit Cita- 
tion, a Letter of Commendation, and a Purple Heart, he was given 
Command of thethen most advanced aircraft carrier in the world, 

In 1949 Admiral Crommelin precipitated a Congressional 
investigation that prevented powerful Communist influence 
within the U.S. government from crippling the U.S. Navy and tip- 
pi ng the balance of military power in favor of the Soviet Union. In 
1987, Rear Admiral Crommelin was elected to theCarrier Hall of 
Fame, located aboard the preserved USS Yorktown (CV-10), 
Patriot's Point, Charleston, S.C. Hisplaque, next to that of Secre- 
tary of the N avy J ames Forrestal, reads: 

"In 1949 he sacrificed his 4.0 Naval career by precipitating 
the Admirals' Revolt' that saved Carrier Aviation." 


The purpose of this book is to present to WHITE YOUTH 
factual information conventionally suppressed or distorted by the 
massmedia, and denied them byschoolsand universities— which 
are forced to promulgate the M arxist lineor lose their government 
subsidies Appearing throughout the text are quotes from world 
authorities whose credentials appear in the bibliography. Upon 
GENTILES!) you will understand that — despite loud protests of 
denial — an age old CONSPIRACY does exist to destroy Western 
Civilization. At this moment we are engaged in a deadly war with 
theH I STO Rl C EN EM Y to determine whether or not our N ation 
will endure. We are losing that war because an Iron Curtain of 
censorship has descended over the landscape abrogating the First 
Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Without 
Freedom of Speech our system of government cannot function. 
The hour is I ate. You and your family are in gravedanger. We will 
present theFACTS then discuss what actions must betaken. 

Best wishes, 

JamesW. von Brunn 

Post Off ice Box 2821 

Easton, M aryland 21601 

8 J une 1999 (Remember the U .S.S. Liberty.) 


1. The Conspiracy 

2. Khazars Invent Judaism 

3. T he I lluminati 

4. Money 

5. Spirochetes of Jew Syphilis 

6. The "Holocaust" Hoax 

7. Mendelism 

8. The Negro 

9. The Aryan Force 

10. Parasitism USA 

11. Pathology and Synthesis 

12. Summing Up 

Distinguished Personages 


Letter to USSecNav Webb 

Letter from Admiral C rommelin 

Gen. Anderson news item 

Letter to Talbot County Council Star- Democrat: 

Two (2) editorials in re Genetics 

Poem by Josephine Beaty 

Cicero ii 



More than anything else this book is a compilation of 
research data, ideas, and writings of men and women whom I 
admire, whose words have inspired me, and from whose writings I 
have liberally borrowed. I have attempted to acknowledge and 
credit my sources throughout this work. Special acknowledgement 
must be given to Oswald Spengler, Francis Parker Yockey, Wilmot 
Robertson, Revilo Oliver, and William Gayley Simpson. However, 
they should not be held accountable for the conclusion arrived at 
in my manuscript. In that sense the M Sis my responsibility alone 
— as are its failures. 

- JvB 



For thou art a H oly people unto the Lord thy God. And 
the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto Himself 
above all the nations that are upon the earth. 
THE HOLY BIBLE (Torah): Deuteronomy 14:2. 

All property of other nations belongs to thejewish nation 
which, consequently, is entitled to seize it without scruples... A 
Jew may act contrary to morality if profitable to himself or to 
Jews in general. 
TALMUD:Schulchan Bruch, Choszen H amiszpat 348. 

We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the 
goyim by rearing them in principals and theories known to us 
to be false although it is by us they have been inculcated. 
Protocol 9:10. 

You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our 
guilt. WeARE intruders. WeARE disturbers. WeARE subvert- 
ed. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, 
and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not 
merely of your last great war but of nearly all your wars; not 
only of the Russian but of every other revolution in your his- 
tory. We have brought discord and confusion, and frustration 
into your public life. We are still doing it. Who knows what 
great and glorious destiny might have been yours had we left 
you alone? 

MARCUS ELI RAVAGE, JEW Century M agazine, January 

Let me issue and control a nation's money And I care not 
who makes its laws. 

1. Throughout this book I have inserted into my own text, and into 
text quoted from others, words to identify individuals as Jews so 
that the reader will not have to depend upon context or memory to 
makethe proper identification. — JvB 



WE ARE WITNESSING today on the world stage a 
tragedy of enormous proportions: the calculated destruction 
of the White Race and the incomparable culture it repre- 
sents. Europe, former fortress of the West, is now over-run 
by hordes of non-W hites and mongrels. T he same is true of 
Australia and Canada. The once productive White civiliza- 
tions of Rhodesia and South Africa, extorted by the ILLU- 
M IN ATI and its enforcement unit, the United States, have 
been forced into DEM OCRATIC governments, thereby sur- 
rendering their W hite families to the mercy of numerically 
superior and mentally inferior Negroes whose ancestors were 
incapable of inventing even the wheel. The most concen- 
trated attacks on the W hite Race, however, are occurring in 
the United States of America. 

TIME magazine (4-9-90) reports that during the first 
half of the 21st Century (U. S. Census Bureau statistics), the 
White population of the United States will become a minor- 
ity in its own land! "The 'browning of America 1 will alter 
everything in society from politics and education, to indus- 
try, values and culture... the new world is now. And 
it is irreversibly the America to come." TIME goes on to say: 
"The former majority will learn asanormal part of everyday 
life, the meaning of the Latin slogan engraved on our coins 
— E pluribusunum, one formed from many." 

Ben Wattenberg, JEW, spokesman for American Enter- 
prise Institute, Washington, D. C, commenting on Amer- 



icafs static White birthrate, miscegenation and the flood of 
non-White immigration enthusiastically states: "There is a 
nice chance that the American myth is going to ratchet 
another step, in thel990'sand beyond, toward this idea that 
we are the UNIVERSAL NATION. That rings the bell of 
manifest destiny! We are a people with amission and a sense 
of purpose, and we believe we have something to offer the 

The "American myth" (created by JEWS) alleging our 
Founding Fathers intended that all races, from pygmy to 
Ainu, be invited to our shores, is based on Thomas Jeffer- 
son's words in the Declaration of Independence: "...all men 
are created equal." The meaning of this much quoted state- 
ment has been distorted by thelLLUM I NAT I which subjec- 
tively is re-writing history and wielding the alleged 
"HOLOCAUST" like a battle-ax at the heads of those pro- 
claiming genetic certainties: M en and races are N OT created 

Jefferson's statement can be understood only in context 
of his Era. Our Founding Fathers were Aryans, men of good 
breeding who understood, empirically, the great differences 
existing between strains of horses; strains of live-stock; races 
of men; and between individuals: knowledge confirmed 
today by the natural sciences of Genetics, Eugenics, and 
Anthropology. H itler, as American boobs are beginning to 
learn, was not all wrong. 

The Framersof our Constitution, representing thirteen 
slave holding colonies expected to build a bastion of Western 



Culture in America for their W hite progeny. Jefferson, owner 
of many slaves, was NOT endorsing racial equality. The 
thought would never have entered his head (He also said, 
"...the two races equally free cannot live together under the 
same government."). Jefferson referred to equality before the 
law — as it pertained to the burning issue of the day: "Taxa- 
tion without representation." 

The Founders also wanted a government in which the 
supreme power lies in the People. T he Founders knew, how- 
ever, that in this very imperfect world intelligent and capable 
people are always outnumbered by the unintelligent and incapa- 
ble. Ergo, the majority vote nullifies the intelligent vote. The 
Founders also knew that the masses are easily controlled by 
unscrupulous, ambitious men. Therefore, in their wisdom 
the Founders created a Republic with strong checks and bal- 
ances- NOT a DEMOCRACY - knowing that Democ- 
racy is intended to destroy the freedoms it presumes to 
protect. Accordingly the franchise was held so precious that it 
was limited to White men deemed capable of exercising 
responsible votes. The Framers were influenced by Plato's 
discourses contemning "rule by the majority," and by the his- 
tory of that remarkable city-state, Athens, during the G olden 
Age of Pericles (c. 430 B.C.). Athen's total population of 
130,000 consisted of 50,000 citizens (Greeks, closely 
inbred); 25,000 metics (Aliens in residence); and 55,000 
slaves. In that highly acclaimed "Democracy" — which dis- 
proportionately produced many of history's greatest men — 



women, metics, and slaves were denied the vote; and citizens 
were forbidden to marry slaves. 

Alexis deTocqueville observed: to establish a power base 
in a DEM OCRACY it requires only that one profess belief 
in egalitarian ism. This is precisely the stratagem initiated by 
the ILLUM I N AT I during the last half of 19th Century 
America. Fat with profits harvested in the Civil War, JEWS 
were like worms attacking a ripe cornfield. Their strategy, in 
accordance with the PROTOCOLS was: 1) Convert the 
American Republic into a DEMOCRACY; 2) Establish a 
Rothschild central-bank; 3) Capture the mass-media; 4) 
Enact a personal income tax; 5) Destroy White nationhood; 
and 6) hitch America's incredible resources, strength and cre- 
ative energies to JEW aspirations, among which was the 
destruction of Germany, avowed enemy of LIBERALISM/ 
MARXISM /JEWRY and Fatherland of the White Race. 
Emma Lazarus, JEW (1849-1887), signaled her tribe's inten- 
tions toward our Republic in a poem, ("The New Colossus") 
inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty, inviting the 
world's "wretched refuse" to America's golden shores— Yah- 
weh's G ARBAG E D U M P. J EW S tend to destroy what they 
most envy. 

used by Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, both 
D emocrats, to betray their N ation. T he former a naif, bleed- 
ing heart sophist, blackmailed for his "Peck-o-dills" by U . S. 
Zionists; the latter a ruthless egotist bearing deep-seated mal- 
ice toward his own race ("Some of my best friends are com- 



munists"). Under Wilson, DEMOCRACY replaced our 
Republic; America's monetary system was placed in ILLU- 
M I N AT I hands; and J E W S received the Balfour D eclaration 
(guaranteeing a Jewish "Homeland"), quid pro quo, for 
bringing America into WW I. Under Roosevelt, LIBERAL- 
ISM/MARXISM/JEWRY triumphed over Western Civiliza- 
tion. JEWS were guaranteed the state of ISRAEL quid pro 
quo for again bringing America into war against Germany 
( W W 1 1 ) . "T he most gal lant stag can be brought to its knees 
with enough dogs at its throat." (William G. Simpson) 

The "people with a mission" referred to by Ben Watten- 
berg, JEW, above, are GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE whose 
messianic mission, as the Old Testament, Talmud and Proto- 
cols make abundantly clear, is the destruction of all Gentile 
nations through miscegenation and wars. The resultant 
dispirited, "brown proletariat-herd" is to be known euphe- 
mistically as the UNIVERSAL NATION. 

huge numbers of fecund non-W hite immigrants predicated 
upon the ideology that diversity is better. Paradoxically, the 
LIBERAL establishment isengaged in a counterculture cam- 
paign designed to eliminate diversity through racial miscege- 
nation. These inconsistent concepts share a singular 
ILLUMINATI goal— destruction of the Aryan race. 

Approval of inter-racial breeding is predicated on idiotic 
Christian dogma that God's children must love their enemies 
(a concept JEWS totally reject); and on LIBERAL/M ARX- 



1ST /JEW propaganda that all men/races are created equal. 
These genocidal ideologies, preached from the American 
pulpits, taught in American schools, legislated in the halls of 
Congress (confirming TALM UDIC conviction that goyim 
are stupid sheep), are expected to produce a single, super- 
intelligent, beautiful, non-White "American" population. 
Eliminating forever racism, inequality, bigotry and war. As 
with ALL LIBERAL ideologies, miscegenation is totally 
inconsistent with Natural Law: the species are improved 
through in-breeding, natural selection and mutation. Only 
the strong survive. Cross-breeding Whites with species lower 
on the evolutionary scale diminishes the White gene-pool 
while increasing the number of physiologically, psychologi- 
cally and behaviorally deprived mongrels. Throughout his- 
tory improvident Whites have miscegenated. The 
"brotherhood" concept is not new (as LIBERALS pretend) 
nor are the results — which are inevitably disastrous for the 
White Race — evident today, for example, in the botched 
populations of Cuba, Mexico, Egypt, India, and the inner 
cities of contemporary America. 

How differently TALMUDISTS protect their gene- 
poollJEWRY has no intention of becoming part of the UNI- 
VERSAL NATION they are creating for the dumb goyim. 
United Nations representative Count Folke Bernadotte, 
before the Irgun murdered him, proposed that Palestinians 
and JEWS live together under a DEMOCRATIC govern- 
ment. Palestinians accepted. JEWS violently refused, 
demanding a State exclusively for JEWS. DEMOCRATIC 



DIVERSITY is good only for goy/'m! JEWS — who have 
made anti-Semitism a profitable business: who bomb their 
own synagogues; scribble graffiti on their own tombs; mouth 
"HOLOCAUST" lies - are revealed today as the world's 
most virulent ANTI-SEM ITES: murdering Arabs at every 
opportunity and screaming for U.S. assistance when the dis- 
possessed "terrorists" fight back. 

Survival of the JEW nation depends upon maintaining 
its status as GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE. The TALMUD, 
therefore, makes it a crime for JEWS to marry non-JEWS. 
But not always. Male JEWS, seeking to invigorate sickly 
tribal genes may receive rabbinical dispensation to mate with 
trophy Gentile women. The mongrel offspring (bastards) of 
those mixed marriages are considered non-JEWS; however, 
sons of those marriages can redeem theJEW lineage by mar- 
rying JEWESSES, whose issue is always considered JEW- 
ISH. Selah, the TRIBE captures healthy Gentile genes! In a 
patriarchal society, astheJEWS', the above described dispen- 
sation indicates a biological necessity. It was common prac- 
tice for wealthy JEWS, following the wars, to search the 
ruins of Europe for starving Aryan widows and orphans to 
take back to the States. 

Steven Spielberg, JEW, pusillanimous Hollywood direc- 
tor, paid $22-million to KateCapshaw, enterprising White 
hustler, before she would commit to the marriage bed (Vanity 
Fair, Oct. 1997). She then dutifully bore him two future 
candiatesfor America's booming nose-job industry. Such is 
the life of a bird in a gilded cage. It is not clear what remu- 



neration Vice President A I Gore received, quid pro quo, for 
arranging the marriage of his blonde daughter to the scion of 
the wealthy Schiff tribe (Kuhn Loeb & Co., JEWS), abank- 
ing cabal notorious for financing the Bolshevik Revolution 
in which millions of unarmed Moslems, and Christians were 
murdered in the same manner that Texas ranchers round-up 
and slaughter jack-rabbits. 

In 1933 Germans in democratic elections opted for a 
German State exclusively for Germans (Aryans) — offering 
to help Zionists colonize JEWS in Palestine. WORLD 
JEWRY went berserk unilaterally declaring war (1933) on 
Germany. It is inconceivable to JEWS that any race but 
GOD'S CHOSEN should have its own State. ILLUMI- 
NATI ordered ALLIED forces to incinerate Germans in their 
cities, farms, and hamlets: advising the World that Nation- 
States will not be tolerated — except in Israel, and that 
WORLD JEWRY may live within whatever foreign nation it 

The phrase E pluribus unum, which appears on U.S. 
coins, referred to W hite immigrants who, upon reaching the 
United States, abandoned their ethnicity and assimilated 
into one White gene-pool (Nation): the same Aryan Nation 
that populated the great States of Europe. Here, instead of 
calling themselves English, French, Scots, Germans, Poles, et 
a/., they called themselves Americans. Therefore, until 
WWII the entire world thought of Americans as White. No 
longer. We are known today as the "ugly American." This is 
no longer our country. Shamefully, White America capitu- 



lated to theJEWS without firing a shot— whilst the Ameri- 
can I ndian fought for his land almost to the last man, leaving 
a legacy of bravery. 

The world homo sapiens population today is 6-Billion, of 
which 800-M illion (13%) are White. Democratizing the 
world will provide the same result as pouring a container of 
milk down a New York City sewer. The White population 
simply will miscegenate into the muck and disappear — for- 
ever — as befitting a species lacking the Will to survive. 


From the earliest days of their history JEWS lived 
among alien nations. Strabo, the great geographer (c. 100 
B.C.), wrote that HEBREWS clandestinely controlled 
almost every prosperous People on earth. That seems a fair 
statement. Josephus, H EBREW historian of about the same 
period, boasted there is no nation HEBREWS have not pen- 
etrated. 400-years after Cheops' first pyramid a trickle of 
H EBREW immigrants crossed the Suez isthmus into pros- 
perous Egypt during the reign of Pep i II (2738-2644 B.C.). 
The trickle became a stream. Bribery, political and moral 
corruption burgeoned. The Egyptian dynasty verged on col- 
lapse. Nefer-rohu writes: "Every mouth is full of 'Love me!' 
and everything good has disappeared." "The robber is now 
the possessor of riches... I show thee the owner in need and 
the outsider satisfied..." HEBREWS were not held in bond- 
age by the Pharaoh. It was the other way around. Eventually 
the camel was kicked out of the tent and Egypt began a cul- 
tural and economic renaissance. 



The twelve H EBREW tribes to whom Yahweh prom- 
ised the World were united for less than 100-years ("Golden 
Years") under kings Saul, David and the bastard Solomon. 
Torn by internecine strife and heavily taxed to support the 
"wise" king's excesses the tribes unwisely split into two parts 
(922 B.C.): Israel with 10 tribes, to the north; and Judah 
(containing Jerusalem) with 2 tribes, to the south. Assyrians 
(Syria, Semites) killed or assimilated the northern tribes — 
which disappeared forever from history. Then Judah was 
defeated in battle by Babylonians (Iraqis, Semites). Surviving 
Judeans were held in Babylonian captivity. Later those held 
in positions of trust (530 B.C.) betrayed Babylon to the Per- 
sians (Iran, Aryans) even as JUDEANS later betrayed the 
Greek-Roman cities of Asia M inorto the Patricians, asJEWS 
in the 20th Century betrayed America's military secrets to 
the Soviet Union, Israel and China. (The O.T. Book of 
Esther reveals the JEWS' concept of a heroine). Persia 
allowed the JUDEANS to return to Jerusalem and rebuild 
their temple. In 330 B.C. Alexander the Great (Mace- 
donians, Greeks, Aryans) conquered Persia. Eventually Hel- 
lenism was replaced (27 B.C.) by the great Roman (Aryan) 

Under Hellenism and later Rome the objective was to 
bring together as a functioning entity the heterogeneous 
populations of Asia and the mid-East. Improvements were 
made in government and civic affairs; roads and aqueducts 
were constructed, trade routes and businesses established 
(more HEBREWS lived in Alexandria than in Jerusalem). 



The concept of Western Reason was introduced into educa- 
tion, i.e., the objective search for FACTS as opposed to sub- 
jective (HEBRAIC) reasoning. All of the conquered areas 
profited. However, GOD'S CHOSEN had their own 
agenda. H ebrews split into two substantive camps: the H igh 
Priests and business community which cooperated with the 
satrap governments for political favor and monetary profits; 
and the traditional looney religious zealots seeking martyr- 
dom, and death to Gentiles. To Greece-Rome, Judeans 
appeared of little importance — until a treasonous 5th-col- 
umn spread throughout the region. The air filled with 
rumors, slander, superstitions and dire omens. Usury, brib- 
ery, extortion soared. Morale and business suffered. Govern- 
ment officials and army officers were assassinated. Pushed 
beyond patience as many nations have been, first Greece, 
then Rome struck back hard. And they have been demonized 
for their actions ever since. Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the rul- 
ing Ptolemy, attempted to gain H ebrew cooperation through 
edicts supporting theTorah, the H igh Priest, and the busi- 
ness community. However, his patience ran out when he 
learned of another armed Israeli rebellion (169 B.C.). "Rag- 
ing like a wild beast," Antiochus marched against Jerusalem 
where — after his H ebrew supporters treacherously opened 
thecity gates- the Greeks killed 80,000 ISRAELIS in three 
days, and sold at least that many into slavery. 

Rome, too, having experienced 100-yearsof H EBREW 
lies and treason (7-M i 1 1 ion Hebrews lived within the Roman 
Empire), and smarting under another rebellion in Palestine, 



ordered the Temple in Jerusalem destroyed (70 A.D.). In 
addition, according to Tacitus, 600,000 of the 2.5-M i 1 1 ion 
ISRAELIS living in Palestine were slain in combat (Josephus, 
the Elie Wiesel of his day, claimed 1,197,000 men, women, 
and children were murdered). 

In 115 A.D., HEBREWS and Gentiles killed one 
another in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Cyprus and Cyrene. During 
the Diaspora (i.e., Hebrews banished from Canaan) "God's 
Chosen" scattered throughout the Mediterranean littoral. 
Tragically for the West, many of them joined the Hebrew 
enclave in Rome where as early as 63 B.C. it is recorded 
H ebrews caused economic problems by exporting gold from 
Italy. Their corrupt influence was powerful enough to bribe 
Roman judges and influence foreign policy. The pitiful tale 
of ISRAELIS forced to live in the Diaspora is another 
HOAX. Only a small HEBREW population ever lived in 
Palestine; genetically they are compelled to live among host 
nations. The ISRAELI administrative capital was not J erusa- 
lem but Babylon. There, a NASI (Chief) administered the 
far-flung Hebrew nation. Joseph Ben Tobiah, JEW (c. 240 
B.C.) is described as "the prototype of the INTERNA- 
TIONAL FINANCIER for whom neither frontiers nor 
restrictive ethical considerations exist... the first great JEW 
banker." (Peter Green, Alexander toActium). 

From the Pharaohs to Hammarubi to modern times 
J E W S have been the object of dread and disgust: 

(C I C E RO ) J E W S belong to a dark and repulsive force. 
(TACITUS) They are always ready to show compassion to 



one another while reserving bitter enmity toward all others. 
(CON STAN TINE) The JEWS area nefarious and perverse 
sect. (THE KORAN) Satan has prevailed upon them. JEWS 
are the party of Satan. (GOETH E) This crafty race has one 
great principle: as long asorder prevailsthere is nothing to be 
gained. (VOLTAIRE) All JEWS are born with a raging fanat- 
icism in their hearts, just as Bretons and Germans are born 
with blond hair. I wouldn't be surprised if these JEWS 
would not some day become deadly to the human race. 
(WASH INGTON)TheJEWS work more effectively against 
us than the enemy's armies. (JEFFERSON) Dispersed as 
JEWS they still form one nation, foreign to the land they live 
in. (FRANKLIN) I fully agree with General Washington 
that we must protect this young nation from an insidious 
influence and penetration. That menace, gentlemen, is the 
J E W S. (N APO LEO N ) T he J E W S are the master robbers of 
the modern age; they are the carrion birds of humanity. 
(LISZT) ThepresenceoftheJEWSin the midst of the Euro- 
pean nations is a cause of many evils and a serious danger. 
(HEGEL) The state is incompatible with theJEWISH prin- 
ciple. (LORD HARRINGTON) JEWS have ever been the 
greatest enemies of freedom. (HUME) The JEWS have a 
peculiar character and are known for their fraud. (U. S. 
GRANT) The JEWS, as a class, violating every regulation 
established by the Treasury are hereby expelled from that 
department. (SO M BART) WarsareJEWS' harvests. (DOS- 
TOYEVSKY) J EWS are draining the soil of Russia. (JUNG) 
T hej E W has never created a cultural form of his own and as 
far as we can see never will. (R. L. STEVENSON) JEWS 



lead on the farmer into irretrievable indebtedness and keep 
him ever after as their bond-slave. (R. WAGN ER) On one 
thing I am very clear: that is the deflection and falsification 
of our cultural tendencies can be attributed to JEWISH 
influence. (LINDBERGH) We are disturbed about the effect 
of the JEWISH influence in our press, radio, and motion 
pictures. (NESTA WEBSTER) England is no longer con- 
trolled by Britons. We are under an invisibleJEWISH dicta- 
torship. (KEROUAC) The real enemy is the Communist, 
theJEW. (J. R. LOWELL) Where would theJEW be among 
a society of primitive men without pockets? (M A LCOM X) 
You can't even say JEW without him accusing you of anti- 
Semitism. (MENCKEN) It seems to me, save for a few 
bright spots, the TALM U D is quite indistinguishable from 
rubbish. (G. B. SHAW) This is the real enemy... the oriental 
parasite; in a word theJEW. (SOM BART) Turn to the pages 
of the TALM UD... JEWS were taught early on to look for 
their chief happiness in money. (MARK TWAIN) I read in 
the Encyclopaedia Britannica that theJEW ISH population in 
the U .S. was 250,000; I wrote the editor that I personally 
was acquainted with moreJEWSthan that. I am of the opin- 
ion that we have an immense JEW ISH population in the 
United States. (THOMAS WOLFE) JEWS seduce pure 
young Christian boys (and girls) because they love them and 
want to destroy them. 2 

2. quotations are from the book ANTIZION, compiled by William 
Grimstad, N oontide Press. 



Behind all Western wars and revolutions lurks the Inter- 
national JEW, forever wailing anti-Semitism, while sucking 
Gentile blood. 

We are not hyphenated JEW S: weareJEW S with no qual- 
ifications or reservations... Your spirit is alien to us... your 
national ambitions and aspirations are alien to us. We are a for- 
eign people in your midst, and we emphasize we wish to stay 
that way... we recognize a national unity of D iaspora JEW S no 
matter in which land we reside. Therefore no boundaries can 
restrain us from pursuing our own JEW ISH policies... 
DR. JAKOB KLATZKIN , JEW, "Krisisund E ntsheidung." 

In the Modern Era J EWRY was expelled, punished or 
exposed by many Aryan Statesindudingthefollowing: 

restricted J EWRY for slave trade prostitution, and pimpery 

1253 FRANCE — restrictions for violating Civil Law. 

1255 EN GLAN D — 18 hanged for ritual murder. 

1275 ENGLAND — Parliamentary proscription of 
J E W usury. 

1290 ENGLAND — expelled from England for trea- 
son, etc. 

1300 RUSSIA — ongoing warfare between Aryan Rus 
and Khazars culminating in Bolshe/ik Revolution and 
ILLUMINATI takeover of Russia'Eastem Europe and 

1348 SAXONY — expdsJEWS to Poland, Turkey; 



1360 HUNGARY - expels JEWS for violations of 
Civil Law. 

1370 BELGIUM - expelsJEWS for usury, treason. 

1380 SLOVAKIA - expelsJEWS for usury, treason, 

1420 AUSTRIA - expelsJEWS for violation of Civil 

1444 NETHERLANDS - expelsJEWS for usury, 
treason, pimping. 

1492 SPAIN — expelsJEWSfor blasphemy, treason. 

1495 LITHUANIA - expelsJEWS for violation of 
Civil Law. 

1498 PORTUGAL - expelsJEWS for blasphemy, 

1540 ITALY — expelsJEWS for blasphemy, murder, 

1551 BAVARIA- expelsJEWSfor treason. 


1913 RUSSIA — expels Bolsheviks for treason, murder. 

sonous activities, usury, murder. 

1953 U.S.A. — Congress identifies and convicts JEW 

1966 U.S.A. — Senator McCarthy proven correct re 
JEW spies. 



1990 CANADA - Zundel Trials prove "HOLO- 

1999U.S.A- JEW espionage. 

TheJEW has already emancipated himself in theJEW ISH 
way: TheJEW who is for example merely tolerated in Vienna 
determines by his money power the fate of the entire German 
Empire. TheJEW who is without rights in the smallest German 
state decides the fate of Europe. 
KARL MARX, "A World Without lews," 1840 


In Nature all organismsfead on other organisms In that 
sense M ankind is parasitical because it feeds on othe" living 
things. However, the only human parasite that embeds itself 
in the si news of other humans isthej EW. Thar genius lies 
in cunning in tha'rchamdeDirlikeabilityto deceive and, as 
Cicero points out, their malevolence in appealing to the 
baseness that lies deep in the souls of all men. Publidy the 
JEWS evoke PITY. Presenting themselves as J U DEANS 
wandaing fore/a" in Diaspora tragic, defenseless victims, 
persecuted by EVERYON E in a bigoted, anti-Semitic world! 
Beneath this chimerism international J EWRY is a virulent, 
organized, powerful, enormously wealthy TETRAD comb- 
commands allegiance traverses all national boundaries; and 
holds in utter contempt theGentile nations that their geno- 
cidal GOD has commanded them to destroy. 

The indignation of the Lord is upon all nations and his 
fury upon all armies. H e will utterly destroy them... their slain 



shall also be cast out and their stink shall come from their car- 
casses... for it is theyear of the Lord's vengeance and the year of 
recompense for the controversy of Z ion. 
THE HOLY BIBLE: Isaiah 34:2. 

Edward Gibbon, in his The Decline and Fall of the 
Roman Empire, describes J EWS as "a race of fanatics... with 
an irreconcilable hatred of M ankind." Arnold Toynbee calls 
JUDAISM a "Fossil religion." Winston Churchill denounces 
JEWS as "A gang of personalities from the underworld 
CONSPIRING to overthrow Western Civilization." Rabbi 
Stephen Wise, leader of "American" JEWRY during WWII, 
and instrumental in creating the"HOLOCAUST" (HOAX) 
said: "I am not an American citizen ofJEWISH faith. I am a 
JEW. I have been a JEW for a thousand years. Hitler was 
right — we are a People." Yes, H itler was right. 

I n this Foreword we have reviewed briefly the intentions 
of our Founding Fathers to create a bastion of Western Cul- 
ture in America for their White progeny. Current U. S. Cen- 
sus Bureau statistics reveal that W hite Americans are being 
eradicated. We also explored a brief history of the 
HEBREWS/JUDEANS/ISRAELIS because, as Spengler so 
convincingly demonstrates— and as Am erica can now attest 
— history unfailingly repeats itself. The ancient JEW cancer 
is now embedded in America's sinews. 

The Rules of Navigation tell us that to set a new course 
we first must know where we are; to know where we are we 
must know where we have been. Therefore, we intend to 
briefly examine the history of the CONSPIRACY; followed 



by a description of theCO N SPI RACY in action: LI BERAL- 
ISM /M ARXISM I] EW RY; and finally we will offer a plan to 
remove the cancer from our C ultural rganism. If it is not 
removed we die. 

REM EM BER: White genes cannot be created, they can 
only be transmitted. We Aryans can always build another 
State upon the ruins of the old; but once the W hite gene- 
pool is polluted YOU CAN KISS THE BLONDES, RED- 



Chapter 1 


For thou art a holy people unto the lord thy God and the 
lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, 
above all the nations that are upon the earth. 
HOLY BIBLE: Deuteronomy 14:2. 

The indignation of the Lord is upon all nations, and his 
fury upon all armies. H e will utterly destroy them... their slain 
shall also be cast out and their stink shall come from their car- 
casses... for it is the year of the Lord's vengeance and the year of 
recompense for the controversy of Z ion. 
HOLY BIBLE: Isaiah 34:2. 

Extermination of Christians necessary. 
TALM U D : Zohar II 43a. 

It is more wicked to question the words of the rabbis than 
TALM U D : M ichna Sanhedrin 11:3. 

The administrators, whom we shall choose from among 
the public with strict regard for their servile obedience, will not 
be persons trained in the art of government, and therefore will 
easily become pawns in our game, in thehandsof men of learn- 
ing and genius who will be their advisors: specialists bred and 
reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole 

Protocol 2:2. 

All vows, oaths, promises, engagements, and swearings 
which I make in the future shall be null from this Day of 
Atonement until the next. 
TALM U D : Kol NidreOath. 




WHEN HISTORIANS publicly commit to a CON- 
SPIRACY TH EORY the media goes berserk, labeling them 
Nazis, bigots, paranoids, fools. Why such furious denials? 
Since the beginning of recorded history men have conspired 
to rule the world, or what they thought to be the world. 
W hy should it be any different today? It isn't. T here is a con- 
spiracy, working at this moment, to destroy Western Civili- 
zation and the Aryan Nation that created it. This is not a 
new conspiracy. It began over 3000-years ago as spoken tribal 
legends, which eventually were collected in theTorah (c. 900 
B.C.), a tapestry of myths and tales plagiarized, largely, from 
Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and Greece. The Mosaic 
Law, the Garden of Eden, the Flood, the story of David, all 
came from non-Hebraic sources. The idea of monotheism 
was borrowed (c. 1400 B.C) from Pharaoh Iknaton. Into this 
rich tapestry the H ebrews wove threads of their own history 
as they believed it to be, or desired it to be— the modusoper- 
andi of H ollywood scriptwriters today. The fictitious protag- 
onist of these self-serving tales is Yahweh (Adonai, Jehovah, 
God): ajealous, vengeful, wrathful, genocidal, anthropomor- 
phic tribal god, created in the image and likeness of the 
Hebrews who created him. Naturally, this BIG HEBREW in 
the sky LOVES the H EBREWS. All other nations are con- 
sidered cattle to be used, milked and exterminated. 

For thou art a holy people unto the lord thy God and the 
lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, 



above all the nations that are upon the earth. 
THE HOLY BIBLE, Deuteronomy 14:2. 

Ye shall be a treasure unto me above all people: for the 
earth is mine. 
THE HOLY BIBLE, Exodus 19:5. 

Remember, these delusions of grandeur were written by 
HEBREWS about themselves M egalomaniacs of such magni- 
tude generally are manic-depressives confined to insane asylums 

The treasure of treasures is Abraham whom Yahweh 
"loves above all others." We are told that Abram (Abraham) 
and his wife Sari (Sarah), who also is his half-sister, jour- 
neyed to prosperous Egypt looking for loot. There, Abraham 
arranges an assignation between his sister and the Pharaoh. 
Yahweh, omnipresent, catches them en flagrante delicto. The 
Pharaoh, unaware he has committed adultery, presents Abe 
and Sari with cattle, servants, silver and gold "and Abraham 
was very rich." But, JEHOVAH is a jealous god and 
WRATHFUL (Gen. 12); NOT at the pimp Abraham whom 
he loves above all others; N OT at the hustler Sari. H e's furi- 
ous with the duped gentile, Pharaoh, and visits a plague 
upon Egypt (Spielbergism). M any years later (Gen. 20) in a 
repeat scenario Sarah, then 92-years old, hustles Pharaoh 
Ambimilech. God said to Ambimilech: "behold thou art but 
a dead man... for she is a man's wife!" Real history records 
JEWS were expelled from Egypt for treason and for trans- 
mitting the plague— as JEWS were carriers of typhus dur- 
ing World War II (See Chapter 6, "HOLOCAUST"). 



In another example of GOD's hatred for Gentiles we 
learn that Abraham, patriarch of Israel, had his eyes focused 
on Canaan, a "land of milk and honey" belonging to a pasto- 
ral Semitic tribe — the Philistines (Palestinians). As luck 
would have it Yahweh fashions a sweetheart arrangement 
with his pimp pal Abraham: 

And I will give unto thee and thy seed after thee the land 
wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of C anaan, for an ever- 
lasting possession; and I will be their God. 
GEN ESIS 17:8. 

JEHOVAH, like Alley Oop, says whatever the script- 
writes print in the blurbs Those who find it compdling to 
bdie/e Yahweh created aflat earth, circa 5000 B.C., spoke 
from a burning bush, bared his buttocks parted the Red Sea, 
and loves J EWS above all other nations share a childish cre- 
dulity with those who believe millions of J EWS died in Ger- 
man ga&drarribers ItalsoconfirmsJEWISH conviction that 
Gentiles are stupid sheep. It makes one want to puke 

TheTORAH commands Gentiles to worship J EHO- 
VAH or suffer the torments of Hdl. On the other hand 
J EH OVAH assuresj EWS they may rob, cheat, rape and slay 
Gentiles with impunity. He promises that J EWS alone shall 
inheit the Earth. 




THE HOLY BIBLE informs us that Moses, a Hebrew 
(or was he Egyptian?), climbed M t. Sinai (c. 1300 B.C.) to 
confer with Yahweh, who gave him THE LAW (The Ten 
Commandments) which Moses wrote down on two stone 
tablets (there was no H ebraic alphabet in those days so the 
writing may have been cuneiform, hieroglyphic, Chinese, or 
whatever). Traditionally, Moses also wrote the TO RAH 
(Pentateuch). Centuries later Pharisees claimed that God 
orally interpreted THE LAW given Moses. The Pharisees 
claimed that Yahweh'soral interpretation was identical with 
their oral interpretation. Thus, the PHARISEES' ORAL 
LAW and THE TO RAH are recognized as THE HOLY 
WORD. The Pharisees' ORAL LAW, called Pharisaism, 
which Jesus despised as the "Synagogue of Satan," was even- 
tually written down and became the TALM UD (500 A. D.). 

TheTALM U D consists of 63 books of legal, ethical, and 
historical writings of the ancient rabbis (22 B.C . - 500 A.D .). 
It was edited 5-centuries after the birth of Jesus. It is a compen- 
dium of law and lore: the legal code which forms the basis of 
JEW ISH religious Law and the book used in the training of 
rabbis; it is the very foundation of JEW ISH life. It is taught to 
JEW ISH children as soon as they are able to read. 
Rabbi M orris N . Kertzer, President, Jewish Chaplain's Associa- 
tion, Armed Forces, U .S.A.; spokesman for the American Jew- 
ish Committee (the "Vatican of Judaism"). 



There are two TALMUDS: the Palestinian, and the 
Babylonian. It is the Babylonian TALMUD (Socino Ed. 
1935), used by most JEWS that we, largely, will refer to here. 
It is a huge tome; much of which is dull, the syntax cumber- 
some; herein the genetic schizophrenia of JEWS is manifest: 
it is boastful, despondent, vindictive, vulgar, dishonest, hate- 
filled. TheTALM UD is concerned with almost every con- 
ceivable aspect of J EW ISH existence, little is left to chance, 
from how to use seeds and herbs, to diet, and sexual rela- 
tions; when to lie; whom to kill; what goat to sacrifice; Cab- 
alism, numerology, necromancy, thaumaturgy, and 
obsessions with Hollywood-style perversions, body func- 
tions, etc. Nevertheless, throughout, the rabbis wove the 
thread of JEW ISH philosophy, JEWISH Law, and JEWISH 
"history." H ere is the grist underlying theJEWS 1 goal to rule 
the world, garner its wealth, and enslave the Gentiles. It is 
thisLuciferian credo, that is changing the United States into 
an I L L U M IN AT I controlled, non-White nation, soon to 
become part of ne M ongrel World. 

Gentiles prying into JEW LAW S will receive death. 
TALM U D : Sanhedrin 59a. 

Do not save Christians in danger of death. 
TALM U D: H ilkoth Akum X, 1. 

Kill the best Gentiles! 
TALMUD: Sanhedrin 59. 

A woman who has intercourse with a beast is eligible to 
marry a priest. 
TALM U D: Yebamoth 59b. 



A maiden three years and a day may be acquired in mar- 
riage by coition. 

Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not 
deemed pederasty. 

Jesus was illegitimately conceived during menstruation. 

When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl, less 
than 3-years old, it is as nothing. 
TALMUD: Kethuboth lla-llb. 

Sexual intercourse is permitted with a dead relative. 

Let us all remember that we are a distinct nationality of 
which everyjew— what ever his country, his station, his shade 
of belief— is necessarily a member. 
LOUISDEMBITZ BRAN D El S, J EW, U .S. Supreme Court. 

M ichael Redkinson, JEW, and Rabbi Isaac Wise, "two 
of the world's greatest authorities on theTALM UD," collab- 
orating on the celebrated tome, H /story of the Talmud, have 
this to say: 

The source from which Jesus of Nazareth drew the teach- 
ings... that enabled him to revolutionize theworld... is the TAL- 
MUD . It isthewritten form of thatwhich, in thetimeof Jesus, 
was called the traditions of The Elders of Zion, to which he 
makes frequent allusions. 

Redkinson and Wise of course are LIARS. TheTAL- 
M U D resounds with hatred for Jesus 



Jesus was conceived while M ary was menstruating. 
TALMUD: Kalian lb. 

Jesus is the bastard son of Pandira, Roman soldier. 

Jesus is in H ell, punished by being boiled in hot semen... 
all Christians are boiled in shit! 
TALMUD: Libre David 37. 

And the New Testament clearly showsjesus" disdain for 
the Pharisees and their oral (TALM UDIC) teaching: 

I know the blasphemy of them who say they are the C hil- 
dren of God, but are of the Synagogue of Satan! For ye are of 
your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. H e 
was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth 
for there was no truth in him... W hen he speaketh a lie he spea- 
keth of his own for he is a LIAR and the father of it. 

Under the Pharisees' direction the Temple had become 
the Federal Reserve System of its day. C hrist drove the usu- 
rersfrom the Templewith a snake whip, indirectly attacking 
the Pharisees' purse That sealed hisfatelTheAnti-Defama- 
tion League of his day acted quickly Using standard proce- 
dures they defamed Jesus ("L'l nfamief') to get the mob on 
their side — as centuries later they would defame Marie 
Antoinette; the Romanovs, Hitler, Gen. MacArthur, McCar- 
thy et al). Then, Jesus was framed by the Sanhedrin, who 
had Him arrested, tried, sentenced, and crucified. (Pope 
John Paul, 1995 A.D., denied the HOLY WORD, pro- 
nouncing that JEWS had no part in thedeathofJeajsChrig!). 



His blood be on us (JEWS) and upon our children! 
MATTHEW: 27:24-25. 

I am innocent of the blood of this just man! 
THE SYNOPTICS: Pontius Pilate. 

Jesus fornicates with hisjackass. 
TALMUD: Sanhedrim 

Rodkinson and Wise with goose-grease chutzpah say: 

TheTALM U D has survived in its entirety, nota single let- 
ter of the TALM U D is missing... and now it is flourishing to 
such a degree as cannot be found in its past history. It domi- 
nates the minds of a whole people, who venerate its contents as 
D ivi ne Truth. 

One of those "Divine Truths'' from the TALM U D is 
theholy KOL NIDRE OATH (All Vows Prayer). It is recited 
thrice by the synagogue congregation as prologue to YOM 
KIPPUR rites, (The Day of Atonement) 'The Highest of 
Holy Days" It has also been set to music by Felix Mendles- 
sohn, J EW (M arrano) . M ost C hristians i ncludi ng the dergy, 
bdievethe KOL NIDRE OATH isa profound vow to God. 
In FACT the TALMUD demands that every JEW must 
break in advance all oaths and sworn dedarations a J EW 
might make to a Gentile during the ensuing year: 

" promises shall not bind... my vowsshall not be reck- 
oned vows... nor my oath oaths... every vow which I make in 
thefuture shall be N U LL from this Day of Atonement until the 




TALMUD: KolNidre Oath. 

Joseph G. Burg, JEW, author of "Zionist Nazi Censor- 
ship"; "Guilt and Fate," and several other important books 
on WWII, testified for the defense at the on-going Canada v. 
Ernst Zundd, "Holocaust" Trials, in Toronto, Ontario, Can- 
ada (blacked-out in the U. S. A.). Burg stated that JEW 
"H olocaust" survivors invented the gas-chamber stories. But, 
as their testimony was sworn before a Gentile court they 
could LIE with impunity. 

If those Jews had sworn before a rabbi wearing a skull cap 
then these false statements, these sick statements, would go 
down by 99.5%, because the superficial oath was not morally 
binding on JEW S. 
JOSEPH G. BU RG, J EW, Zundel Hate Crimes Trials, 1988. 

JEW S may lie and perjure to condemn C hristians. 
TALM U D : Babha Kama 113b. 

TheTALMUD isthe very foundation of JEW ISH life. It is 
taught to JEW ISH children as soon as they are old enough to 

TheTORAH , then, was created to inspire and control a 
"stiff necked," defeated people; while the TALMUD was a 
pragmatic interpretation of that MYTH . H igh-placed Phari- 
sees and priests profoundly aware of the Jehovah HOAX, 
also understood that TO RAH /TALM UDISM not only sup- 



ported their life-styles, but was the glue that held together 
the Hebrew nation. 

Beautiful continents rich in natural resources were wait- 
ing to be discovered and civilized. But JEWS produced no 
explorers or conquerors. They might have assimilated within 
the Semitic nations. Instead, compelled by the genotype of 
their species, and convinced of their "CHOSEN" status, 
JEWS implanted themselves like leeches within the Gentile 
nations they secretly vowed to dispossess and destroy. 

Wherever TALM UDISM appeared "anti-Semitism" fol- 
lowed as night follows day. JEW communities — ghettos, 
with synagogues and rabbis forming the operative nuclei — 
designed to keep goyim out, invariably became enclosures to 
keep JEWS in. Gentiles could not toleratethis alien, corrupt, 
manic-depressive nation in their midst. 

Psychologists report that children conditioned to 
develop exaggerated or unfounded levels of self-esteem — 
and unnatural feelings of self-love— who are taught to think 
of themselves unrealistically as better than everyone else 
invariably suffer deep depression when their achievements 
fail their expectations. W hen they are criticized by others, or 
don't get their way they resort to tantrums and violence. 
They consistently blame others for their inadequacy. They 
hate their superiors upon whom they seek vengeance. 

JEWS especially envy and hate the Aryan Nation whose 
remarkable achievements and physical beauty JEWS find 
humiliating — bitter, bitter vetch to swallow day after day, 
year after year, generation after generation — especially for 



those who so fervently believe themselves G od's C hosen Peo- 
ple. The TO RAH /TALMUD CONSPIRACY required a 
new approach, without sacrificing tradition, to deal with 
contemporary political problems. It should corneas no sur- 
prise then, to discover that certain Elders of Zion — after 
centuries of frustrations and humiliations — took matters 
into their own hands and formulated a plan to implement 
and expeditej EH OVAH'S unfulfilled promises. THE PRO- 

We shall have World Government whether or not we like 
it. The question is only whether World Government will be 
achieved by consent or by conquest. 
JAM ES WARBURG, JEW, Banker, 1953, U . S. Congressional 
H earing. 

T he truth is that for the last 147-years the fire of revolution 
has smoldered steadily beneath the ancient structure of civiliza- 
tion., it is not local, but universal... its causes must be sought in 
a deep-laid conspiracy... which constitutes the greatest menace 
that has ever confronted the human race... the conception of 
the Jews as the Chosen People ...forms a concerted attempt to 
achieve world-domination. 
NEST A H .WEBSTER, World Resolution, Briton Press 1971. 

This movement among the J ews is not new. From the days 
of Sparticus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx and down to 
Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kuhn (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg 
(Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world- 
wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and the recon- 
struction of society on the basis of arrested development, envi- 
ous malevolence, and impossible equality has been steadily 
growing. It played, asM rs. Nesta Webster, historian, has so ably 
shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the 
French Revolution, and the mainspring of every subversive 



movement during the Nineteenth Century ...the majority of 
the leading figures arejews. Moreover, the principal inspiration 
and driving power comes from Jewish leaders. 
WINSTON CHURCH ILL, llluirated Sunday Herald (1920). 

Amshel Mayer Rothschild, JEW, (1743-1810) patriarch 
of the Frankfort, Germany, banking family, was intrigued by 
ancient scrolls bearing Hebrew Protocols that he had 
acquired for his library. He commissioned Adam Weishaupt, 
an apostate Jesuit priest, to up-date them. In the fateful year, 
1776 A.D., Weishaupt presented the Einigen Original- 
Scripten (Protocols) to Rothschild accompanied by an orga- 
nizational paradigm, designed to implement the revised Pro- 
tocols, which he named "TH E ILLU M IN ATI" after Lucifer 
(Satan), "The Bearer of Light." I ts objective: ONE WORLD 

The Weishaupt/Rothschild documents were revealed to 
the world (1784) "by an act of God" when a Rothschild cou- 
rier and his horse were struck dead by lightning in Ratisbon 
enroute to Paris. Bavarian authorities discovered a copy of 
the Einigen Original-Scripten in the saddlebags. The ILLU- 
M INATI was promptly outlawed, and the Grand Orient 
Lodges, wherein the conspirators met, were permanently 
closed. The ILLUM INATI, then, quickly infiltrated Freema- 
sonry Lodges throughout Europe, from which the French 
(J EW ) Revolution was fomented and directed. 

M any years later the Protocols, again revised, reappeared 
in St. Petersburg, Russia, around the time of the Bolshevik, 
JEW, revolution there. Victor E. M arsden, correspondent for 



the London M orning Post (during an era when integrity of 
the press was considered sacrosanct) acquired a Russian edi- 
tion (Cionski Protocoli) of Weishaupt's work, in a cloak and 
dagger caper, from Professor Sergyei Nilus, an Orthodox 
Catholic priest. Marsden translated it into English, publish- 
ing it under the title: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of 
Hon. For his temerity M arsden was murdered. N ilus 1 origi- 
nal copy of the Protocols, bearing the date August 10, 1906, 
is now in the British M useum, London. 

In the U. S. A., Henry Ford, Sr., founder of the Ford 
M otor Company, ordered millions of copies of the Protocols 
printed, in several languages, and distributed throughout the 
world. World JEWRY vehemently protested the Protocols 
were "forgeries" (sic). Ford replied, (New York World, 2-17- 
21), "T he only statement I care to make about the Protocols 
is that... they have fitted the world situation up to this time. 
They fit it now." Senator Jacob Javits, J EW, chaired a U .S. 
Senate Investigating Committee to report on the Protocols. 
The U . S. Senate, who does what it is told, confirmed the 
Protocols were "forged" (sic). Forgeries of what? No debate 
was conducted on the correlation between the Protocols and 
what has occurred on the World stage! 

300-men, all acquainted with each other, control the eco- 
nomic destiny of the continent. 
WALTER RATH EN AU, JEW, powerful German financier. 

T he W orld is ruled by very different personages that those 
who are not behind the scenes would imagine. 
BEN I AM IN DISRAELI, I EW, Prime M inister, Great Britain. 



You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our 
guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. 
We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, 
and played havoc with them. 

MARCUS ELI RAVAGE, JEW, Century Magazine (January 

The meaning of the history of our last century is that today 
300 Jewish financiers, all masters of Lodges, rule the world. 
JEAN IZOU LET, Jewish M/ance/3-aef/teL/n/VersEf/e(1931). 

OF ZION, containing 24 Protocols, are divided into Arti- 
cles. Several PROTOCOLS may have been deleted by Pro- 
fessor Nilus because he deemed them harmful to the 
Church. Herein, because of limited space, the PROTO- 
COLS will be abridged. (Edward Gibbon reminds us— The 
Decline and Fall oftheRoman Empire, Chapters XV, XXVIII, 
XLVII, XLIX — that the Jewish conspiracy was behind the 
fall of ALL of civilized antiquity). 



Protocol 1: Political freedom is an idea, not a fact. One 
must know how to apply this idea as bait whenever it appears 
necessary to attract the masses of the people to one's party 
for the purpose of crushing whoever is in authority. T his task 
is made easier if the opponent himself has been infected with 
the idea of freedom, so-called liberalism, and for the sake of 
an idea is willing to yield some of his power. It is precisely 
here that the triumph of our theory appears; the slackened 



reins of government are immediately, by the Law of Life, 
caught up and gathered together by a new hand; because the 
blind might of the nation cannot for a single day exist with- 
out guidance, and the new authority merely fits into the 
place of the old authority weakened by liberalism. 

Our right lies in force. The word "right" is an abstract 
thought proved by nothing. The word means no more than: 
Give me what I want in order that I may have proof that I 
am stronger than you. 

Our power in the present tottering condition of all 
forms of power will be more invincible than any other 
because it will remain invisible until the moment when it has 
gained such strength that no cunning can undermine it. 

Behold the alcoholized animals bemused with drink, the 
right to an immoderate use of which comes with freedom. It 
is not for us and ours to walk that road. Goyim are bemused 
with alcohol, and from early immorality into which it has 
been induced by our special agents. 

Protocol 2: The administrators, whom we shall choose 
from among the public with strict regard for their servility, 
will not be persons trained in the art of government, and will 
therefore become pawns in our game: in the hands of men of 
learning and genius, specialists bred and reared from early 
childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world. 

I n the hands of the States there is a great force that cre- 
ates the movement of thought in the people. That is the 
Press! It isin the Press that the triumph of freedom of speech 



finds its incarnation. But the goyim have not known how to 
make use of this force and it has fallen into our hands. 

We shall instigate economic and military wars between 
the Goyim states. W hen wars are over both sides are devas- 
tated and at the mercy of our international finance. This is 
the "Jewish Harvest." First, we manufacture the huge war 
machines. Second we destroy the flower of W hite manhood 
thereby weakening the racial stamina of the Goyim. Third, 
the W hite nations are prostrate under huge debts and we 
profit interest upon interest. 

Protocol 3: And thus the people condemn the upright 
and acquit the guilty, persuaded ever more it can do whatever 
it wishes. Thanks to thisthe peoplearedestroying every kind 
of stability and creating disorders at every step. By encourag- 
ing abuses of power by rulers, and by agitating and stirring 
up the mob the press "will put the final touch in preparing 
all institutions for their overthrow and everything will fly 
skyward under the blows of the maddening crowd." 

We appear on the scene as alleged saviors of the worker 
from oppression then propose to him to enter the ranks of 
our fighting forces— Socialists, Communists, Anarchists — 
to whom we always support in accordance with an alleged 
brotherly rule. 

Protocol 4: In order to give the goyim no time to think 
their minds must be diverted toward industry and trade. 
Thus all the nations will be swallowed up in the hot pursuit 
of gain. Gentile Masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and 
our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its abid- 



ing hiding place, remains for the whole people a mystery, 
and they will not take note of their common foe. 

Protocol 5: In order to put public opinion into our hands 
we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving 
expression to all sides to many contradictory opinions, and 
for such a length of time as will suffice to make the goyim 
lose their heads in the labyrinth, and come to see that the 
best thing isto have no opinion in matters political, which it 
is not given to the public to understand because they are 
understood only by him who guides the public. This is the 
first secret. 

By all these means we shall so wear down the goyim that 
they shall be compelled to offer us international power of a 
nature that by its position will enable us without violence 
gradually to absorb all the State forces of the world and to 
form a Super- Government. 

Protocol 6: The establishment of huge financial monop- 
olies: finance, publishing, oil, sugar, steel, medicine, railways, 
liquor, food, clothing — containing reservoirs of colossal 
wealth upon which Goyim must depend in order to exist. 

J he Goyim must be deprived of their farm sand ranches 
which will be achieved by loading them with debts which 
must be ruthlessly exploited. 

Protocol 7: Our agents are in the governments of all 
countries of the world advising their leaders. Thus we have 
an international network while the Goyim has none. 
Through economic treaties and loan obligations, and the 
hostilities and intrigues they create, we will so entangle the 



threads of world governments that they will be unable to act 
without our approval. If one nation dare oppose us we will 
collectively organize their neighbors and destroy that country 
through universal war. 

Protocol 8: We have infiltrated the Goyim courts of law 
and degraded it into a legal jungle. We are now in a position 
to tell you with a clear conscience that at the proper time we, 
the law-givers, shall execute judgment and sentence; we shall 
slay and we shall spare; we as head of our troops are mounted 
on the steed of the leader. And the weapons in our hands are 
limitless ambitions, burning greed, merciless vengeance, 
hatred and malice! 

Protocol 9: From us the all-engulfing terror proceeds. We 
have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines: 
monarchists, demagogues, socialists, Communists Chris- 
tians, Utopian dreamers of every kind. All are harnessed to 
our task: everyone of them is boring away at the last rem- 
nants of authority, striving to overthrow all established forms 
of order. By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to 
tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace. But we 
will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our 
International Super-Government with submissiveness. 

Protocol 10: We have drawn up a master-plan to bring 
all the nations of the earth under one despotic Jewish dicta- 
tor, by subjecting all the peoples of the earth to such terrible 
suffering, confusion, and torment that they will in despera- 
tion accept whatever we offer to them. 



To secure this we must have everybody vote without dis- 
tinction of classes and qualifications in order to establish an 
absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated 
propertied classes. Democracies and Republics with every- 
body having a vote down to the last scum and rabble pro- 
vides us with our great opportunity. 

Protocol 11 : T he goyim are a flock of sheep and we are 
their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves 
get hold of the flock? God has granted us, H is C hosen Peo- 
ple, the gift of dispersion and in this, which appears in all 
eyes to be our weakness, has come forth all of our strength, 
which has now brought us to the threshold of sovereignty 
overall the world. 

Protocol 12: Not a single announcement will reach the 
public without our control. This arises through the total 
control of the Press, and control of M asonry at the highest 

Protocol 13: 1 n order that the stupid goyim may not guess 
what we are all about we further distract them with amuse- 
ments games, pastimes, sex, people's palaces... Who will ever 
suspect that all these peoples were stage-managed by us to 
conform to a political plan which no one has so much as 
guessed at in the course of many centuries? Liberals and Uto- 
pian dreamers, whom we will discard once we take over, will 
take a great part in wrecking goy institutions. 

Protocol 14: In countries known as progressive and 
enlightened we have created a senseless, filthy, abominable 



literature, which we will use to provide a telling relief by con- 
trast to our government when we attain to power... 

Protocol 15: We shall slay without mercy all who take 
arms to oppose our coming Kingdom. 

Weshall remakeall legislatures, all our laws will be brief, 
plain, staple, without any kind of interpretations, so that 
anyone will be in a position to know them perfectly. The 
main feature will be submission to orders and this principle 
will be carried to grandiose heights. 

Protocol 16: In order to destroy all collective forces save 
ours we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism, the 
universities, by re-educating them in a new direction. Their 
officials and professors will be appointed with special precau- 
tion and dependent upon our government; and they will be 
inculcated with detailed secret action-programs, in order to 
perform their profession. 

Weshall erase from memory of men all facts of previous 
centuries which are undesirable to us and leave only those 
which depict all errors committed by goyim governments. 
There will be no such thing as freedom of instruction. All 
people will beinitiated into one faith: Judaism. 

Protocol 17: We have long past taken care to discredit 
the clergy of the goyim and thereby to ruin their mission on 
earth. Day by day their influence on the peoples of the world 



Freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere. 
Only years separate us from the complete destruction of 

Protocol 18: When our Jewish King of the World is in 
power he will be protected by an aura of mystical D eity, that 
we will create, making the stupid goyim think of him as a 

Protocol 19: No dabbling in political affairs will be 
allowed the goyim. Anyone leading an opposition movement 
will be put to trial in the same category as thieving or mur- 
der, or any other abominable and filthy crime. Citizens will 
have no more influence or control in the affairs of politics 
than a herd of livestock or cattle. 

Protocol 20: The sum total of our actions is settled by 
the question of figures. The ruin of the Gentile States has 
been accomplished by withdrawal of money from circula- 
tion. We alone own their banks and control their fiscal poli- 
cies. They are bound to us irrevocably by long-term debts 
and the interest we exact on those debts. 

So long as loans were internal the goyim only shuffled 
their money from the pockets of the poor to the wealthy. 
W hen we bought the necessary persons in order to transfer 
loans into the external sphere all the wealth of the States 
flowed into our cash boxes and the goyim began to pay us the 
tribute of subjects. 

Protocol 21 : We shall replace the money markets by gov- 
ernment credit institutions, the object of which will fix the 
price of industrial values in accordance with our views. These 



institutions will be able to fling 500-millions of industrial 
paper in one day, or to buy up, from that amount. Therefore 
all industrial undertakings will come into dependence upon 
us. You may imagine what immense power we shall thereby 
secure for ourselves. 

Protocol 22: In our hands is the great power of our day 
— gold: in our storehouses we can procure any amount we 

True force makes no terms with any 'right,' not even 
with that of God: none dare come near to it so as to take so 
much as a span away from it. 

Protocol 23: After our agitators have stirred up dissen- 
sion, revolution, and the fire of anarchy all over the world, 
when the C hosen ne is on the throne, then these agitators 
will have played their parts. Having served their usefulness 
then it will be necessary to sweep them away from his path 
on which must be left no knot, no splinter. 

Protocol 24: The coming King of the World will ema- 
nate from the ancestral lineage of King David. He will be 
selected by the Elders of Zion because of his outstanding 
ability. Only the King and three Elders of Zion will be privy 
to the mysteries, and secret schemes of the government. 
None will know what the King wishes to attain by hisdispo- 
sition and therefore none will dare to stand across an 
unknown path. 


Anyone like the author, who has.. .seen and heard with 
ominous dread the aims... of JEW I SH economic, political and 



intellectual life can assert that they (the PROTOCOLS) most 
unalloyed expression of the JEWISH spirit... that an Aryan 
mind... could never under any circumstances have devised these 
methods of action; these underhand expedients and these swin- 
dles as a whole. 

ARTHUR TRIBITSCH, JEW, "Deutscher Geist Oder Juden- 

It is... impossible for any intelligent person... to read...t he 
Protocols... without being astounded by their prophetic 
insight... In truth, however, we do not need the Protocols... to 
tell us of these things... What interests me is what I have dis- 
cerned of the organized use of evil to subvert Western civiliza- 
tion and bring our traditional values crashing to the ground so 
that a totally different, a blood-chilling and hateful influence 
may henceforth dominate the world... Statesmen like 
Churchill, and Lloyd George; writers like Belloc and Wickham 
Steed, editors MkeH .A. Gwynne; Jews themselves of thecaliber 
of Disraeli and Oscar Levy, have all contributed their testi- 
mony... to a vast accumulation of evidence... Jewish power is 
A. K.CHESTERTON, "The Learned Elders and theBBC." 

All Gentiles should read the PROTOCOLS OF THE 
LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION in its entirety to under- 
stand why J E W S so vehemently protest its authenticity. H ere 
isJEW tribal insanity reflected as in a mirror, darkly: frozen 
in eternity for all M ankind to see, understand, and resist. 



Chapter 2 

The rats are underneath the piles; The JEW is underneath 
the lot. 
T. S. ELIOT, "Burbank with a Baedeker..." 

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, 
that we are underlings. 

The genetic Khazar-derivation of most Jews - only the 
Sephardic may be accounted H ebrews by blood - has been 
long if not widely known. Dunlap at Columbia University, 
Bury in England, Poliak at Tel Aviv U niversity have researched 
this "cruelest of jokes" and won research acceptance over the 
past half-century. 
ALFRED M . LI LI E N TH AL, JEW, TheZionii Connection. 

The conversion of theKhazars(toTalmudism) had consid- 
erable and lasting impact on the Western World. 

It strikes me that the Jews are specialized for a parasitical 
existence upon other nations, and there is need of evidence that 
they are capable of fulfilling the varied duties of a civilized 
nature by themselves. 
SIRFRANCISGALTON (1812-1911), founder of Eugenics. 

Around 600 A.D. a belligerent tribe of half-Mongolian 
people, similar to the modern Turks, conquered the territory of 
what is now Southern Russia. Before long the kingdom (khan- 
ate) of the Khazars, as the tribe was known, stretched from the 
Caspian to the Black Sea. Its capital, Ityl, was at the mouth of 
the Volga River. 
SO LO M N G RAYZEL, J EW, "A H istory of thej EW S" 



AS WE HAVE learned, world history is punctuated 
with accounts of H EBREW deceit, treason, treachery, and 
deception. ne of the most significant, if not thaumaturgical 
deceptions, was the CONVERSION, by Sephardic rabbis 
from Constantinoble, of about three million pagan KH AZ- 
ARS— an ASIATIC tribe with Mongol-Turkic affinities — 
to the Hebrew religion (TORAH/TALM UDISM ) and then 
convincing Christendom that Khazars are Biblical J udeans in 
D iaspora! T he K hazar's ancient homeland was in the heart of 
Asia. They were a warlike, predatory nation whose religion 
wasa mixture of phallic worship, idolatry, and lewdness. Dis- 
liked and feared for their psychopathic behavior, the Khazars 
were driven out of Asia by neighboring tribes. The ignomin- 
ious retreat became an invasion of eastern Europe where, 
"driven by their own desire for plunder and revenge" (Jewish 
Encyclopedia) the Khazars conquered and subdued twenty- 
five pastoral nations which they placed under "protective 
custody" and from whom they exacted tribute. The Khazars 
settled in the area between the Black and Caspian Seas, grad- 
ually extending their conquests northward along the Don 
and Volga Rivers until the Khazar Khanate encompassed 
over 1-million square miles. By 1000 A. D. KHAZARIA was 
the largest kingdom in eastern Europe and one of the wealth- 
iest (in loot not culture). Yet, today, Khazars have been virtu- 
ally deleted from world history because} E 1/1/ S wanttheworid 
to forget they are direct descendants of Asiatic Khazars. J EW S 
want us to believe they are descendants of Biblical 
H EBREW S. T hey are N OT ! T herein lies a story. 



The K hazard Hollywood- 1 ike sexual excesses were cor- 
rupting tribal morale and undermining military discipline. 
Khagan Bulan wanted and needed a formal religion to instill 
discipline and create tribal unity. In 730 A. D., Bulan invited 
representatives of Islam, Christianity and TALM UDISM to 
discuss religion with him. After much deliberation the 
shrewd Khagan selected the Hebrew religion, i.e., TAL- 
M UDISM (now called JUDAISM), to become the adopted 
religion of all Khazars. (Like St. Augustine, HEBREW, 
Bulan aspired to chastity and continence "but, dear Lord, 
not yet."). Khagan Bulan and 4000 feudal Khazar nobleswere 
quickly converted to TO RAH /TALM UDISM (4001 fore- 
skins!). Gradually, millions of Khazars joined the ranks of 
GOD'S CHOSEN. Bulan, of course, knew TALM UDISM 
was a scam. It mattered not as long as his subjects believed. 
Nor did it matter that Khazars weren't H ebrews (Semitics). 
That was easily handled. Just LIE! Claim to beJU DEANS! 
Emerging Christian Europe would accept "Asiatic/ Judeans" 
just as they naively accepted the Hebrew tribal-diety Yahweh 
astheir God. Undoubtedly, most enticing to Bulan wasjeho- 
vah's covenant with his Chosen People— and the Protocols 
designed to make those hallucinations come true. Khazars 
(see: TheM ob, USA) were chiefly extortionists, slave-traders, 
pimps, assassins, usurers, despised by their Gentile neigh- 
bors. After generations of warfare against the Rus, Varan- 
gians, Slavs and Arabs the Khazars (JEWS) were totally 
defeated (1300 A.D .) on the battlefields. Bereft of their land 
they dispersed throughout Europe, and elsewhere, explaining 
why 700-years later so many unwanted JEWS reside in Hun- 



gary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Rumania, Galicia, 
Austria — and Israel! C ulturally the K hazars left very little to 
posterity. N ot even a hint of their language exists. But of the 
poison they bequeathed there exists much (see, ILLUM I- 
N AT I ). N ever before have two such deviant races, ASI AT I C 
KHAZARS and SEMITIC HEBREWS, shared so many 
repellent characteristics. 

To further explain the devastating effect Khazars have had 
upon M ankind we must briefly visit England. 

In 1775, while Adam Weishaupt, Satan worshiper, 
revised the PROTOCOLS for Rothschild, JEW/KHAZAR; 
the British dramatist William Sheridan, in his play The 
Rivals, coined the word "JEW": a derivative of the word 
"JUDEAN." The word "JEW" had been used throughout 
history in a slangy context (as "H ebe" was used for H ebrew; 
or'Tid" for Yiddish). It was Sheridan, however, who first legit- 
imized the word "JEW", using it in print as a propernoun 
meaning a JUDEAN of HEBRAIC faith, but applying it to a 
word "J EW " does not appear in the original Id Testament 
written in Hebrew; nor does "JEW" appear in theTargums 
— T. translated into Aramaic; nor does "JEW" appear in 
theSeptuagint(TORAH) — translation of the Aramaic into 
Greek (3 B.C.). The word "JEW" does NOT appear in any 
early translations of the HOLY BIBLE (The Latin Vulgate, 
Rheims/Douai, King James, et al). Therefore, because the 
word "J EW " was not used until 1775, it is W RO N G to call 
Biblical patriarchs JEWS. They were not. They were 



HEBREWS.JesusChristWASNOT AJEW. Hewasarabbi 
(teacher) who worshipped the M osaic Law and despised the 
Pharisaical Oral Law (Talmud). Jesus (if he did exist) was 
born in Galilee ("Unclean Land of the Gentiles"). He may 
have been Semitic but he could just as easily have been 
Aryan. The New Testament conflicts on his lineage. One 
thing is certain, hewasNOT aJEW (Khazar). Itisalsoerro- 
neousand deliberately deceptive, to apply the word "JEW" to 
Hebrews'! sraelis (Semitics). Finally the smear word "anti- 
Semite," as applied to KHAZAR haters isoxymoronic Theright 

The study of Judaism is that of the Talmud, as the study of 
the Talmud is that of Judaism. ..they are two inseparable things, 
or better, they are one and the same. 
ARSENE DARM EST ET ER, IE W, "T he Talmud." 

After 1776 the Khazars" PR ploy began to pay off: they 
were accepted by Christendom (the neutered lions) as rem- 
nants of thejudean tribe (Hebrews) in Diaspora and were 
officially designated "JEWS." Penultimatdy Pharisaism 
became Talmudism; and final lyTalmudism becamej U DA- 
ISM : the rdigon of today's KHAZARS The words "J EW" 
and "JUDAISM" began to appear, for the first time in 
revised editions of the Tal muds and began to appear in ALL 
revised editions of the Holy Bible Today Ashkenazim (Asi- 
atic/Khazar); and Sephardim (Biblical Hebrews/ Israelites) 
— who correctly H AT E one another — are I umped together 
as "JEWS." Thus Khazars (with a wink of an eye) aban- 



doned their Asiatic affinities and became "Hebrews;" became 
Yahweh's C hosen People, beneficiaries of the Covenant, and 
heirs to Palestine and all the minerals and other goodies 
therein. In addition, Khazars fortified their racial hatred of 
the Aryan tribes with TALMUD IC HATRED FOR ALL 
GENTILES. Anthropologists refer to Khazars as Mongol- 
ArmenoidJEWS. Historians refer to them asAshkenazi (Asi- 
atic/European JEWS). Psychiatrists refer to them as man- 
icdepressives. JEWS deserve their sobriquet: "Masters of 
deceit." Ergo, today all so-called "JEWS" fanatically believe 
(or pretend) they are G od's C hosen People elected to rule the 
world. ANY meansmay be employed to achieve that DELU- 
SION . Such mind-sets are symptomatic of psychopathic per- 
sonalities, and are associated with dementia praecox, 
megalomania, infantilism, meshuggenah, manic-depression, 
delusions of grandeur, sadism, etal. Another conclusion that 
logically may be drawn from this insane charade, is that any 
people — say 10-million Watusi, or 50-million C hinese — 
need only convert to JUDAISM and they then haveKhazar- 
like "rights" to own Palestine, kill Arabs, and destroy Gen- 
tiles everywhere! 

The Jews might have had Uganda, M adagascar and other 
places for the establishment of a Jewish Fatherland, but they 
want absolutely nothing except Palestine: not because the Dead 
Sea water can by evaporation produce 5-trillion dollars worth of 
metaloids..not because the subsoil of Palestine contains twenty 
times more petroleum than the combined reserves of the two 
Americas; but because Palestine is the cross-roads of Europe, 
Asia, and Africa; because Palestine constitutes the veritable cen- 



ter of world political power, the strategic center for world con- 
NAHUM GOLDMAN, President, World Jewish Congress. 

Chaim Weizmann, JEW, the British War Cabinet, and 
French Foreign Office were convinced by 1916... that the best 
and perhaps the only way (which proved so to be) to induce the 
American President to comeintothewar(WWI) was to secure 
the cooperation of Zionist JEWS by promising them Palestine, 
and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly power- 
ful forces of Zionist JEW Sin America and elsewhere in favor of 
the Allies on a quid pro quo contract... 
SAMUEL LANDMAN,JEW,"GreatBritain,theJews& Pales- 

Next, we will briefly examine the I LLUM I NAT I which 
today marks the culmination of the CONSPIRACY. The 
ancient myths and the LIES and the comic-book characters 
come to life. The HOAX becomes reality. 



Chapter 3 


The World is ruled by very different personages than those 
who are not behind the scenes would imagine. 
BEN JAM IN DISRAELI, JEW, British Prime M inister, 1868 

300 men, all members of Lodges, all acquainted with each 
other, control the continent. 

WALTER RATH ENAU, JEW, German M ininster of Foreign 
Affairs (President of 84 major German companies, murdered 

Since I entered politics I have chiefly had men's views con- 
fided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U nited 
States in the field of commerce and manufacture are afraid of 
somebody, are afraid of something. They know there is a power 
somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, 
so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above 
their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. 
WO D ROW W ILSO N .President U .S.A., T he Nw Freedom. 

ne by one J EW S were getting control of the big newspa- 
pers ...Jewish banks were supreme. T hey captured the U .S. trea- 
sury. They forced upon Woodrow Wilson the appointment of 
Paul Warburg, JEW, on the Federal Reserve Board, which he 
dominates.. ..whose brother Max Warburg (Head of German 
Intelligence) is a prominent figure in German finance. 
SIR CECIL SPRING -RICE, British Ambassador to the United 
States, Germany, and Russia (1916) 

The amount of our National Debt is the measure of our 
enslavement to Jewish World Finance. We live in a democracy 
yet loans are contracted that always cost more than the amount 
of the loan and no one has a word to say about it. We Ameri- 
cans do not know how much interest we pay every year and we 



don't know to whom we pay it. 

What is important to dwell upon isthe increasing evidence 
of a secret conspiracy throughout the world for the destruction 
of organized government and the letting loose of evil. ..promi- 
nent politicians, philosophers and soldiers are found at critical 
moments giving views of an absolutely non-moral description, 
which are not in accord with their behavior in ordinary life. .it 
is here that the conspiracy of evil against humanity become rec- 


The purpose is nothing less than to create a world system 
of control in private hands able to dominate the political system 
of each country and the world economy. 
CARROLL QUIGLEY, Prof. Georgetown U ., Tragedy and 

The meaning of the history of the last century is that 300 
Jewish Financiers, all Masters of Lodges, ruletheWorld. (1931) 
JEAN IZO U LET, J EW, Jewish Alliance Israelite U niverselleL 

M r. Speaker, it is a monstrous thing for this great Nation to 
have its destiny presided over by a traitorous Federal Reserve 
System acting in secret with I nternational U surers. 
LOUIST. McFADDEN, Chr. House Banking Committee, 6- 

TheTrilateralists don't secretly rule the world, the Council 

on Foreign Relations (CFR) does that. 
WINSTON LORD, former Chairman of the CFR. 

The members of the CFR are persons of much more than 
average influence in their communities. They have used the 
prestige of their wealth, their social position, their education to 
lead their country toward bankruptcy and military debacle. 
They should look at their hands. There is blood on them. 



What the Trilateral Commission truly intends is the cre- 
ation of a world-wide economic power superior to the political 
governments of the nation-states involved... as managers and 
creators of the system they will rule the future... Populations are 
treated as nothing more than producing economic groups. Free- 
dom (Political, Spiritual, Economic) is denied any importance. 
U .S. SEN . BARRY GO LD WATER, JEW, With No Apologies. 

At Secret Meetings in Switzerland 13 People Shape the 
World's Economy. The Bank of International Settlements was 
established in 1930 to assist in the payments of reparations 
owed by Germany and other losers in WWI to the victors. 
Today it protects the world financial system. The most power- 
ful voices are U.S representative Alan Greenspan, Federal 
Reserve chairman and his back-up Alice M . Rivlin. (Both 
WASH I N GTO N PO ST, (excerpted) 6-28-98). 

THE MYTH: In the Beginning LUCIFER, "Angel of 
Light," believed himself greater than Yahweh. Disguised as a 
serpent in the Garden of Eden, Lucifer seduced Eve (the 
TALM UD says fornicated with her), breaking God's Laws, 
introducing sin into the World. For this and other abomina- 
tions Lucifer and his co-CONSPIRATORS among the 
Heavenly Host were cast from Heaven. Because he is an 
archangel Lucifer remains an indestructible malignant spirit 
created we 1 re told by Yahweh, the "omnipotent"! 

how thou art fallen from H eaven Lucifer, Son of the 
M orning Star! H ow art thou cut down To the ground which 
did weaken the Nations! 
HOLY BIBLE: Isaiah 14. 



Lucifer (Satan, The Devil) established an earthly king- 
dom where he and his disciples (ILLUM I NAT I) profited 
from the tears, toil, sweat and blood of M ankind: garnering 
men's bodies and souls. Lucifer's enterprise was so successful 
that Yahweh waxed sorely wroth and in a pique of jealousy 
(HOLOCAUST numero uno) drowned the entire human 
race— men, women, and children! — with theexception of 
Noah, HEBREW, "a lovable drunk," and his family. Albeit, 
after the mass-drownings everything went to H ell in a bas- 
ket, again. And again. And again! The crux of this HEBRAIC 
myth is God cannot defeat Satan! 

THE REALITY: the myth explains why Rothschild 
named the ILLUM I NAT I for Lucifer, and why he adopted 
into his cartouche the symbolic H ebraic Snake, representing 
Lucifer's cunning and deception. Lucifer's apostasy and his 
modus operandi appeal greatly to Usurers: human snakes 
with little or nothing to commend them: namely, those of no 
honor, no courage, no creativity, little skill, ugliness of body 
and soul. What they possess in abundance is deception, 
greed, hubris, and malevolence. W hy labor, they ask, when 
one can garner the world's riches through lies, theft, false- 
witness and by appealing to the "baseness that lies within all 
men's souls"? 

A few pages back we met Amschul M ayer Bauer, J EW 
pawn-broker who discovered he could garner huge profits 
issuing short-term vouchers in amounts far exceeding his 
assets. T his interest- bearing paper, guaranteed by Bauer, was 
often used as a means of exchange in the market-place. As 



long as the holders, in concert, didn't demand gold in 
exchange for their paper Shylock escaped the noose. In short, 
Bauer issued notes to borrowers, for a fee, representing assets 
he didn't own (See: Federal Reserve System). He decided to 
discontinue the pawnshop; changed his surname to Roths- 
child ("Red Shield") and concentrated on his lucrative bank- 
ing scam. By the end of the 18th Century Rothschild & Sons 
had become the dominant banking house in Europe, and his 
scam became the corner-stone of the Rothschild central 
banking system that now controls the Federal Reserve Sys- 
tem). Rothschild had more in mind than money. In him was 
combined TALM UDIC hatred for Gentiles and the Khazar 
thirst for revenge against the Aryan race. The name "Red 
Shield" became the symbol of World Revolution. As you 
remember, Rothschild commissioned Adam Weishaupt 
(apostate Jesuit priest kicked out of his post at Ingoldstadt 
University for practicing Satan worship) to update the 
ancient Protocols. The organization Weishaupt created to 
implement those plans is the I LLU M I N AT I . 

The ILLUMINATI, is headed by a KHAGAN. The 
Khagan presides over the KEHILLA (Board of Directors), 
composed of 13 JEWS, most of whom are International 
Bankers. Each of these D irectors heads a key organizations 
within the World Revolutionary M ovement. Directors rotate 
as chairman of the I LLU M I NAT I which seats 300 influen- 
tial personages, not only JEWS, representing the most 
important fields of human endeavor: finance, mass- media, 
government, military, foreign affairs, science, industry, busi- 



ness, education, religion, and so on. However, because it is a 
SECRET ORGANIZATION it is virtually invisible. Like 
the wind it is revealed by its influence and damage, to wit: 

THE FRENCH REVOLUTION 1778, the first I LLU - 
M IN AT I coup d'etat against Christendom revealed the 
PROTOCOLS in action. 

W hen the debt-grip has been firmly established, control of 
every form of publicity and political activity soon follows, 
together with a full grip on industrialists (management and 
labor)... the grip of the right hand establishes paralysis; while 
the revolutionary left hand holds the dagger and deals the fatal 

SIR WALTER SCOTT, TheLifeof Napolmn (Scott's nine vol- 
umes are suppressed because of their J udeophobic position and 
are never catalogued with his other works). 

WhileM . Basal mo'sj EW newspapers slandered Church 
and State, the I LLU M I NAT I organized the Reign of Terror. 
Jacobin Clubs were established throughout France to serve as 
meeti ng housesfor the canai lie 

There are hints in Restif too of class racialism, of the fears 
felt by the bourgeois and the artisan for the pale men with dark 
ill-kempt hair, piercing eyes and shaggy mustaches... h is canai I le 
is always dark and glowering... The respectable: the men of 
property, the virtuous craftsmen are fair and have good com- 

BRITISH LITERARY REVIEW, Restiff de la Bretonne - 
accounts of the Terror. 



Continental Freemasonry is, and has been for 200 years, 
notoriously Jew controlled. 
A. K. CH ESTERTON, TheNw Unhappy Lords (197 4). 

L'INFAM IE (lies, slander and false-witness), is one of 
theJEWS most feared weapons. The victim is unaware of the 
sly whispers circulated behind his back until he begins to 
sense stares of condemnation, rejection, and sudden reverses 
in fortune. There is virtually no way to refute this anonymous 
destruction of one's reputation. For targets of greater magni- 
tude the I LLUM I NAT I unlimbers its entire character-assas- 
sination apparatus, from mass-media campaigns to 
Congressional investigating committees, IRS intimidation, 
and SWAT teams. 

The gradual change in direction of Western aspirations 
(c. 1750) proceeding from Culture to Civilization created 
stress and fractures within the monarchies of Europe, requir- 
ing time to diagnose, treat and heal. JEWS sensed in this 
indisposition an opportunity to attack. W hat most certainly 
would have been a peaceful revolution in France was turned 
into a tragedy. For the first time the West witnessed JEW 
POWER: The ILLUM I N AT I fomented the FRENCH 

Louis XVI's Queen, M arie Antoinette, was the daughter 
of Francis I of Austria. M arie's sister, knowing the Bavarian 
Government had exposed the ILLUM IN AT I , warned her 
about the PROTOCOLS and of the impending danger. The 
Q ueen wrote: 



I believe that as far as France is concerned you worry too 
much about Freemasonry. H ere it is far from having the signifi- 
cance it may have elsewhere in Europe. 

ILLUMINATI agent Moses Mendlesohn, JEW, com- 
missioned a London jeweler to create a 250,000-livres dia- 
mond necklace which was delivered to Marie Antoinette. 
Leaks of the Queen's "indulgence" appeared in Paris newspa- 
pers infuriating government officials, the Church, and the 
populace. M arie was able to prove she had not ordered the 
necklace but great damage had been done to the monarchy's 
reputation. Then Joseph Basalmo, JEW, had 500-thousand 
pamphlets distributed charging the Queen, "That Austrian 
whore" (an appellation applied later to the Czarina, by the 
BOLSH EVIKS), with giving sexual favors to a secret lover in 
return for the necklace. Spinning the web ever tighter, 
Basalmo, JEW, forged the Queen's signature on a letter invit- 
ing Cardinal Prince de Rohan to meet with her at the royal 
palace to discuss the necklace matter. An actress was hired to 
impersonate the Queen. The resultant scenario, with hidden 
eye-witnesses, implicated the Cardinal in an affair d' amour 
with the Queen. The scandal engulfed the highest person- 
ages of Church and State. The H OAX, for that is all it was, 
widened the gulf between the monarchy and the populace, 
lowering their resistance to the I LLU M I N AT I . 

When the canaille (JEW agitators in the press and on 
the streets) had worked France into a frenzy of despair, 
prison and asylum gates suddenly were thrown open. THE 
TERROR was unleashed. While criminals and lunatics ran 



wild, burning, raping killing — screaming "Liberty, Equality, 
Fraternity" and waving Rothschild's Red Flag — Jacobin 
Clubs rounded-up and jailed without trial bourgeoisie and 
aristocrats: men, women and children listed for extermina- 
tion by the I LLUM IN ATI. 

M arquis de M irabeau, and Robespierre, goy leaders of 
the revolution against their own race, realized too late that 
men more powerful than they had created THE TERROR. 
M irabeau in a final act of redemption, attempted to save the 
doomed Royal Family. He was thwarted and beheaded. 
Robespierre, before he was shot in the jaw to silence him, 
said before the Convention: 

I cannot bring myself to tear asunder the veil that covers 
this profound mystery of iniquity. But I can affirm most posi- 
tively that among the authors of this plot are the agents of that 
system of corruption and extravagance - the most powerful of 
all the means invented by the foreigners - for the undoing of 
the Republic: I mean the impure apostles of Atheism; and the 
immorality that is its base. 
RO BESPIERRE, from life of Robespierre, by George Ren ier. 

Robespierre^ discretion in not revealing the CON- 
SPI RATORS availed him not. He knew too much and was 
beheaded as were almost all goy revolutionary leaders Now 
we know he was concealing the identity of: Daniel Itg (Ber- 
lin); Herz Gergsbeer, (Alsace); The Rothschilds and Sir 
Moses M ontifiore (England), all J EW financiers who sought 
to institute constitutional monarchy in France as they had in 
England. Absolute monarchy combined with nationalism, 



absolutely rejects usury. The JEWS, then, launched a conti- 
nental war against France. This required huge foreign pur- 
chases by ALL participants: France, England, Spain, et al, 
but the ILLUMNATI bushwacked France by refusing to 
accept payments in assignats. This led toTH E TERROR. 

"Popular" history depicts M arie Antoinette as a giddy, 
wanton, com passionless woman who, upon learning the 
populace had no bread, said: "Let them eat cake." Serious 
historians have proved the Queen's detractors were JEW 
LIARS. TheQueen bo re the suffering inflicted upon her and 
her family with dignity, and met her death on the Guillotine 
with great courage. 

Napoleon I (1769-1821), also, struggled against the 
snares and LIES of thelLLUM I NAT I. Bonaparte's tarnished 
reputation rests on the fact that he, a hero of the people, 
opposed interest- bearing money. The chief concern of the 
Usurer was to continue the wars and finance them. 

It cannot be too strongly insisted that finance and not ter- 
ritory aggrandizement is the key to N apoleon's reign. H ad the 
French Emperor consented to abandon his financial system in 
favor of the System of London (C entral Banking) - that is in 
favor of loans by the money-market- he could have had peace 
at any time. 
R.M ICHAEL WILSON, Napoleon's Love. 

During the PENINSULAR WAR (1809) Wellington 
confronted French troops in Spain. Thelberian coastlinewas 
blockaded by the French fleet which interdicted supplies 



meant for the British forces. The problem was solved by the 
British House of Rothschild which notified the French 
House of Rothschild which then smuggled gold to Welling- 
ton by mule train through the Pyrenees. Gelt in hand, Well- 
ington purchased supplies and forage from the Spaniards. 
And what about the troops dying for Ideals, God, and Coun- 
try? TheJEWS smile. 

As the battle of WATERLOO developed upon which 
the fate of England and France rested, the ILLUM IN ATI 
hatched a plot that allowed it to learn of the battle's results 
before the two governments did. A system was devised in 
which carrier pigeons flew across the Channel (giving rise to 
the expression: "A little bird told me."). Upon confirmation 
of Wellington's victory (1815) Rothschild agenteursin Lon- 
don reported the battle was lost! T he British money-market, 
panicked — investors unloaded valuable stocks and govern- 
ment securities at rock-bottom prices. Behind the scenes 
Rothschild bought everything he could lay hands on. In 
France a similar scam was carried out. The dead got buried. 
The heroes got medals, and theBAN KERSsmiled. 

The name of Rothschild thus became ubiquitous and it 
was well remarked that the H ouse was spread like a network 
over the nations; and it is no wonder that its operations upon 
the money-market should at length be felt by every cabinet in 



The AGE OF REASON was the soil from whence 
sprang the idea of Capitalism: free- enterprise, competition, 
individualism ("every man for himself"); the monetary sys- 
tem was part of capitalism. T he entire thrust of this stage in 
the organic development of Western Culture has been mis- 
directed by thelLLUM I NAT I moneymonopoly. Capitalism 
has come to mean USURY and as you know usury means 
debt— which is slavery. 

TheSatanical character of the INDUSTRIAL REVO- 
LUTION, begun in England (c. 1760), bore the cloven 
imprint of the Rothschilds. It was they who established the 
building codes, and ordinances, and set standards and values. 
JEWS hold NO patriotism for their host country: NO love 
of the landscape, the State, its history, and its people. They 
viewTHEIRTALMUDIC WORLD as one without bound- 
aries; upon goyim asTH EIR sheep to be fleeced. H ad Aryan 
M an controlled his own M N EY he would NOT have cre- 
ated hellish factory towns, using his own children as slave 
labor. He would have shaped the Industrial Revolution with 
the same artistry and love he used in creating his great music, 
literature, art, sciences and cathedrals. USURY degrades. 
U SU RY enslaves. 

In CO LO N IAL AM ERICA, after the Bank of England 
(dominated by JEWS) refused to accept the American colo- 
nies' debt-free script, Benjamin Franklin bitterly remarked, 
"prosperity ended and depression and unemployment set 
in." To survive, colonists had to mortgage assets and securi- 
ties to the Bank of England. The War of Independence 



(1776) was not against George III, as history books would 
have you believe, but against JEW USURERS. 

The Bank of England refused to give more than 50% of 
the face value of our Script when turned over as required by law. 
The circulating medium of exchange was thus reduced by 
half.. ..The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on 
tea, and other matters, had it not been that England took away 
from the Colonies their money, which created unemployment... 
BENIAM IN F RAN KLIN, U.S. Senate Document N 0.23. 

During the ensuing years, before establishing the FED, 
thelLLUMINATI created financial panics, money shortages 
and spread L 1 1 nfami e i n order to create publ i c di ssati sfacti on 
with America's monetary system and replace it with their 

You area den of thieves- vipers! I intend to rout you out, 
and by the Eternal G od I will rout you out! 
ANDREW IACKS0N, President U.S.A., c. 1835 


A strategic opportunity presented itself when deep social 
antagonisms began to threaten America's stability. The 
I LLUM I NATI fanned the sparks knowing that they would 
reap a golden harvest if they could divide the North and the 
South ideologically and then prod both sides into a pro- 
tracted, and bloody civil war. 



It is not to be doubted, I know with absolute certainty, that 
the separation of the U nited States into two federations of equal 
powers had been decided upon well in advance of the Civil War 
by the top financial power of Europe. 
OTTO VON BISMARCK, Chancellor, Germany. 

The American Civil War, in a very real sense, wasthe con- 
tinuation of the Revolutionary war fought by our Founders 
against the Bank of England. The Civil War was planned in 
London by Rothschild who wanted two American democra- 
cies, each burdened with debt. Four years before the war 
(1857) Rothschild decided hisParis bank would support the 
South, represented by Sen. John Slidell, JEW, from Louisi- 
ana; while the British branch would support the N orth, rep- 
resented by August Belmont (Schoenberg) JEW, from New 
York. The plan was to bankroll, at usurious interest rates, the 
huge war debts that were anticipated, using that debt to 
extort both sides into accepting a Rothschild central-banking 
system similar to the one that had bled (and is bleeding) the 
nations of Europe, keeping them in conditions of perpetual 
war, insolvency and at the mercy of J EW speculators. 

As in pre-Revolution France ILLU M IN ATI agitators, 
like maggots attacking a raw wound, were set to work in the 
North and the South at all levels of government and 
throughout society to exploit the divisive issues threatening 
the nation. The International Bankers were successful. All 
efforts for North-South peace failed. 



Propaganda pushed the issue of slavery to the fore but the 
actual purpose behind the war.. .was to drive both sides to 
accept the same money system Rothschild had fastened on 
England and the Continent... to bleed the vast productivity of 
the whole American People. 
WILLIAM G . SI M PSO N , Whidi Way Weiern M an. 

The government should create, issue and circulate all cur- 
rency and credit needed to satisfy the spending powers of the 
government and the buying power of the consumers. 

Lincoln said he feared the International Bankers more 
than the Confederacy. H e clearly saw the conspiracy devel- 
oping around him, reaching into his very cabinet. In an 
effort to defang Rothschild he prevailed upon Congress to 
issue $150-million "Greenbacks" — interest- free currency 
backed by the U .S. Government (they have been circulating 
in the U nited States debt free ever since). H owever, I nterna- 
tional J EW RY refused to accept them. Both sides in the con- 
flict desperately needed large amounts of money to carry on 
the war. Only Rothschild could provide that money — at 
usurious rates. BLOOD MONEY. 

The United States were sold to the Rothschilds in 1863. 
EZRA POUND, "Impact." 

As a result of the war.. .the money power of this country 
will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices 
of the people until the wealth is aggregated into the hands of a 
few and the Republic is destroyed. I feel more anxiety for the 
safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of the 



624,511 soldiers died in the Civil War (1861-1865) 
475,881 soldiers were wounded. The figures remain incom- 
plete because some records were not kept, and others were 
lost, especially during the early stages of the war. After the 
war, realizing the Union's real enemy was Rothschild, the 
President, emphasizing the Constitution, made it crystal 
clear to Congress that: 

The privilege of creating and issuing money is... the 
supreme prerogative of government! 

The U.S. Constitution gives only Congress the power to 
coin money and regulate the value thereof; the Supreme Court 
ruled that Congress may not abdicatethat function. 

President Lincoln had thrown down thegauntlet Under 
his administration a Rothschild central-banking system 
would not be tolerated. 

Lincoln further infuriated J EWRY when he announced 
his intentions to colonize America's recently manumitted 
Negroes JEWS wanted Negroes to remain in the United 
States as cheap labor (now that they didn't have to be cared 
for and supported), and also asa divisive racial element avail- 
ablefor future revol utionary exploitation. 

Lincoln's intransigencesealed hisfate The impediment 
had to be removed. Persuasve evidence suggests that L incoln's 
assassin, John Wilkes Booth (Botha), JEW, washired for thehit 



byjudah Benjamin, JEW, Treasurer of the Confederacy. Ben- 
jamin was a close associate of Benjamin Disraeli, JEW 
(1804-1881), British Prime M inister. Disraeli, Benjamin and 
Booth had, together, conferred with the Rothschilds. When 
Booth escaped from Ford's Theater he fled "quite by chance" 
over the only road exiting Washington, D .C. not blocked by 
troops. Found among his possessions was a code book identi- 
cal to one found in the possession of Benjamin; and another, 
its pages ripped out, among the possessions of U.S. Secretary 
of War, Stanton. After the murder Benjamin fled to London, 
welcomed by his tribe. Recently, Booth's relatives asked that 
his grave in Maryland be exhumed. They don't believe 
Booth is in it. But permission was denied by unnamed 

Should you perchance visit the long lines of Yankee and 
Rebel dead at Pea Ridge, Gettysburg, Shiloh, Chickamau- 
gua, Cold Harbor, Chancellorsville, Antietam et al — 
remember that each C ross represents BLO D -M N EY and 
tears and pain exacted by TALM U DIC KHAZARJEWS. 

Thirty-five years after Appomatox, AT THE DAWN 
TORY, the I LLUM IN ATI set the stage for WORLD WAR 
I . M N EY was manipulated, unemployment soared. W hat- 
ever their country of residenceJEWS spread L'INFAM IE, as 
they have in all of their wars and revolutions, demonizing 
their enemy. Drums began to beat. In America JEWS used 
flattery and coercion to penetrate the White House. They 
handled President Wilson — as later they handled FDR — 



"like a monkey on a string." To the dismay of patriots the 
U.S. Congress enacted the unconstitutional FEDERAL 
RESERVE ACT (1913), giving Rothschild total control of 
America's monetary system. From that moment on the 
ILLUM I NAT I has controlled the machinery of the United 
States Government. (Today, JEWS walk in and out of the 
Oval Office, and the Treasury, in the manner they walk in 
and out of the H illcrest C lub, L.A). Immediately JEWS pre- 
pared the United States for WWI which, at that time, the 
American people had no suspicion was being planned. To 
assure the BANKERS would be reimbursed principal plus 
interest Congress enacted the 16th Amendment to the Con- 
stitution establishing the first personal-income tax in Ameri- 
can history. Not only were Americans expected to die in a 
war against their German kin they were to pay JEWS for the 

That same fateful year, 1913, JEWS established the 
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith — whose m.o. is 
Defamation. Its stated purpose is to identify, expose and 
eradicate "Anti-Semitism" (sic) which is equated with any 
criticisms of JEWS. Congress cringes before its baleful eyes. 
T he AD L, headquartered in N ew York C ity, employs a per- 
manent staff of 225 lawyers, lobbyists, social engineers, edu- 
cators, and PR specialists. It has regional offices throughout 
the civilized World. 

The B'NAI B'RITH (Sons of the Covenant), a secret 
cabal, claims tax-deductible status as a religious and charita- 
ble organization. Its network penetrates every level of the 



JEWISH community, here and abroad. Its purpose is to 
unite all JEWS behind implementation of the Protocols. 

As early as 1913 the outcome of the forthcoming war 
was well known to inside players. The advance-strategy, after 
the European combatants were exhausted and swamped in 
debt, was to bring America's unequaled resources and might 
into the conflict. Brain-washed Americans, in a killing 
frenzy, rushed "over there" to "save the world for Democ- 
racy" — a word that appears nowhere in the U .S. Constitu- 
tion. Thereat objectiveswere: 

1. AnnihilateC hristian Russia, Aryan enemy of M ARX- 

2. Replace Europe's Absolute M onarchies with Demo- 
cratic governments. Thus, exposing Aryan Christian Europe 
to the virus of LIBERALISM /MARXISM /JEWRY. 

3. Inundate Europe under mountainous debts to be 
repaid at usurious interest rates to thelLLUM I NAT I. 

4. Establish a ZIONIST Homeland in Palestine (Brit- 
ain's tribute to "American" JEWS for bringing America into 
the war). 

5. Destruction of Germany. JEWRY had invested 
heavily in the British Empire, owned by the Bank of 
England. Germany's merchant marine, inter-continental 
railway, foreign trade and colonies posed a serious economic 

6. Kill the cream of Aryan manhood, exposing the 
W hite gene- pool to miscegenation and W hite slavery. 



In Europe and America the I LLUM I NAT I placed their 
goy chess-pieces in high offices. JEWS holding positions of 
trust within the various European governments, used confi- 
dences gained at the highest level to betray their host States 
and use that knowledge to advance I L L U M IN AT I objec- 
tives. For example: Max Warburg, JEW, head of German 
Intelligence, financed Lenin's Bolsheviks. Max's brother, 
Paul Warburg, architect of the Federal Reserve System, 
bought the presidency forWoodrow Wilson and, with Jacob 
Schiff, Kuhn-Loeb & Co., financed Leon Trotsky's Bolshe- 
vik cut- throats. 

Soon thereafter, financial crises began erupting through- 
out the West creating confusion and despair. Ethnic differ- 
ences between the European states were exacerbated by 
L'INFAM IE. The Balkans were turned into a tinder-box of 
political and racial animosities. Archduke Ferdinand of Aus- 
tria traveled to Serbia seeking to ameliorate the differences 
there. H e and his lovely wife were murdered in Sarajevo (6- 
28-1914), by Gavrilo Princip, Freemason. The dominoes 
began to fall — one by one. 

The Archduke knew quite well that the risk of an 
attempt on his life was imminent. A year before the war he had 
informed me that the Freemasons had resolved his death. 
COUNT CZERN IN ,/ntfie World l/1/ar. 

H e is a remarkable man; it is a pity that he is con- 
demned, he will die on the steps of his throne. 
LEON PO N C I N S, Secret Power Behind Revolution. 



The murder of the Archduke ignited material which 
otherwise would not have taken fire as it did, or perhaps at all. 
It is therefore important to trace the origins of the plot in which 
he fell a victim.... 
SI D N EY B. FAY, OrignsoftheWorld War. 

The Party Line was to unite all revolutionary bodies for the 
purposes of bringing all the big capitalistic countries into war 
with each other so that all the terrific losses suffered, the high 
taxes imposed and the hardships endured by the masses of the 
population, would make the majority of the working classes 
react favorably to ...a revolution to end all wars. When all the 
countries had been Sovieti zed then the ILLUMINATI would 
form a totalitarian dictatorship ...It is possible that only Lenin 
knew the secret aims and ambitions of the I LLUM INATI, who 
molded the revolutionary action to suit their purpose. T he rev- 
olutionary leaders were to organize their underground in all 
countries so as to be able to take over the nation's political sys- 
tem and economy; the I ntemational Bankers were to extend 
the ramifications of their agencies around the world... 
WILLIAM GUYCARR, R.D., Pawn sin the Game. 

A series of assassinations were committed (1881-1914) 
to advance I LLUM INATI war objectives, the most critical 
were: Czar Alexander 1 1 ("Little Father") Russia, in 1881; the 
Empress of Austria, in 1893; King Humbert of Italy in 
1900; U.S. President McKinley in 1901; Grand Duke 
Sergiusof Russia in 1905; Premier, V. von Plehve, Russia, in 
1905; Premier, Peter A. Stolypin, Russia, in 1911; King Car- 
los and the Crown Prince of Portugal in 1908; Archduke 
Ferdinand and Duchess, Austria in 1914. All of these mur- 
ders, and many more, are traceable to Bolshevism, Freema- 
sonry (Masons of the Grand Orient) and other 



I LLU M I N AT I sponsored terror groups. At the Austrian M il- 
itary Trial (10-12-14), investigating the murder of the Arch- 
duke, the prosecutor questioned Cabrinovic — the assassin 
who threw the first bomb — hereplied: 

Freemasonry had to do with it because it strengthened 
my intentions. In Freemasonry it is permitted to kill... Freema- 
sonry had condemned the Archduke to death more than a year 
I. CABRINOVIC, Freemason, Serb. 

Let me take you back to 1913. If I had stood here in 
1913 and told you, "Cometo a conference to discuss the recon- 
struction of a national home in Palestine," you would have 
looked at me as a dreamer; even if I out of all that followed 
came a chance, the opportunity, the occasion for establishing a 
national home for Jews in Palestine. H as it ever occurred to you 
how out of the welter of world blood there has arisen this 
opportunity? Do you really believe this has been an accident? 
D o you really in your hearts believe that we have been led back 
to Israel by nothing but a fluke? Do you believe there is no 
greater meaning in the opportunity we have been given? After 
two thousand years of wandering in the W ilderness we have a 
chance and an opportunity bestowed on us, and many sit back 
and say it is of no interest to us. I wonder if they have thought 
of the chain of circumstances. 
LORD M ELCH ETT, JEW, Pres., English Zionist Federation. 

WORLD WAR ONE (1914) exploded as plained. It 
was Germany one of Europes most cultured and civilized 
states— who had given to an admiring world her magnifi- 
cent music, and her scientific genius— who had been specif- 



ically targeted for reasons mentioned above and, also, 
because Germany represented the HEART OF CHRIS- 
TENDOM . TheJEW controlled media inevitably demon- 
izes its enemies as depraved monsters: G erman soldiers were 
accused of amputating the hands of Belgian children; of bay- 
oneting pregnant women then butchering the fetuses; of 
sinking passenger ships at random, then "obscenely" 
machine-gunning survivors in life-boats. "Huns" were 
accused of making lamp-shades and rendering bars of soap 
from enemy corpses. German-Americans were put out of 
business. Bricks were thrown through their living-room win- 
dows. Total responsibility for the war was laid upon Ger- 

Although Russia was an ALLY of Britain and France 
JEWRY financed the Bolkshevik Revolution against the 
Russian state. L'INFAM IE engulfed the Czar and German 
born Czarina, creating distrust of the monarchy, and foment- 
ing mutiny in the military. This allowed crack German 
troops to transfer from the Eastern front to the Western 
front, where the bloody engagements in no-man's land soon 
shifted in Germany's favor. 

At this critical moment, ILLUM INATIST Baron 
Edmund de Rothschild, JEW (Bank of England), arranged 
an audience between Lord Arthur Balfour, British M inister 
of Foreign Affairs, and Chaim Weizmann, JEW, co-founder 
of ZION ISM . Weizmann proposed that JEWS would bring 
America into the war against Germany if Britain, quid pro 
quo, would guaranty a Jewish Homeland in Palestine. Brit- 



ain agreed, double-crossing the Arabs (Sykes-Picot Treaty) 
who had been fighting for Britain against theTurks. The first 
secret draft of the Balfour Declaration was cabled to Presi- 
dent Wilson, whose advisors, Rabbi Wise, Louis Denmitz 
Brandeis, JEW; Bernard Baruch, JEW, Felix Frankfurter, 
JEW, Edward Mandel House, JEW, made additions and cor- 
rections. Ultimately, Baron Edmund deRothschild wrote the 
final draft, changing the line "a homeland for the Jewish 
Race" to "a homeland for thejewish People." The text was 
then typed on British Foreign Office letterhead and signed 
by Lord Balfour. The last paragraph reads: "I would be grate- 
ful if you would bring this declaration to the attention of the 
Zionist Federation." It was addressed to Baron Edmund de 
Rothschild who had written the final text and was a member 
of thelLLUM INATI KEH I LLA that had planned America's 
entry into the war! (Britain earned the sobriquet "Treacher- 
ousAlbion" after Cromwell gave the Bank of England to the 
JEWS, 1653). 

A "little bird" told Winston Churchill that WWI would 
occur September 1914; accordingly, February 1913, he had 
the British liner Lusitania converted into an auxiliary cruiser 
armed with twelve six- inch naval cannon: a fact published in 
Jane's Fighting Ships (1914), the standard international 
naval reference. In America, however, the Lusitania was 
advertised as a passenger ship. The German Admiralty 
warned, in display ads in the New York Times, that the Lusi- 
tania was carrying war materiel — therefore, was considered 
a priz de guerre. T he U .S. State D epartment denied G erman 



claims. JheLuatania, which Churchill had described earlier 
as "45,000-tons of live-bait" set sail and was torpedoed in 
deep water off the Irish Coast by a German U-Boat (1915). 
The Luatania sank, as planned, with great loss of life, (see: 
WTC, 9-11-01) L'INFAM IE against Germany filled the air- 
waves, print and pulpit. Within three years, bombarded by 
incessant lies, Boobus Americanus reached a feeding frenzy, 
swallowed the "bait," and rushed off to Europe to "save the 
World for Democracy"! (a word not mentioned in the U.S. 
Constitution) and to kill their own blood-relations— the 
"Despicable Hun"! 

Chaim Weizmann, the British War Cabinet, and French 
Foreign ffice were convinced by 1916 ...that the best and per- 
haps theonly way (which proved so to be) to induce the Ameri- 
can President to come into the war (WW I) was to secure the 
cooperation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and 
thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful 
forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favor of the 
Allies on a quid pro quo contract... 
SAM UEL LANDMAN, JEW, Great Britain, thejews& Pales- 

In Russia, Lenin's and Trotsky's anarchists converged. 
Three million unarmed middle-dass (Bourgeois), Christians 
and Muslims were slaughtered in the initial thrust of the 
BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION, and 31-million Europeans 
died in its aftermath. Millions simply disappeared into the 
Gulag— forever. Almost theentireWhite(Petrine) cultural 
stratum was wiped out (the "final solution"). Russia, there- 



after, was lost to the West: its post-revolution population 
being predominantly Asiatic. 

N ationalism is a danger for the Jewish people. Today, as 
in all epochs of history, it is proved that Jews cannot live in 
powerful states where a high national culture has developed. 
TH E JEWISH SENTINEL, Chicago 9-24-36. 

I believe national pride (patriotism) is nonsense. 
BERNARD BARU C H , JEW, Chicago Tribune 9-25-35. (Advi- 
sor to Wilson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower). 

Colin Simpson, British journalist, acting under the 
Freedom of I reformation Act, discovered the missing L usta- 
nia Bill of Lading among Franklin Roosevelt's effects at 
Hyde Park, N .Y. (1973). Roosevelt, a Harvard fop, and 
Under-Secretary U.S. Navy during WW I, had treasonously 
concealed from the U.S. Congress the missing Bill of Lading 
(later he concealed the "bait" at Pearl H arbor, "a date that 
will live in infamy"). T he L us tania was, indeed, loaded with 
war materiel bound for England (belligerent), and departing 
from the United States (neutral), thus breaking International 
M aritime Law. A private salvage company (N ovember 1982), 
exploring the ill fated ship lying deep off the Irish coast, used 
underwater camera equipment that revealed a torpedo had 
struck a compartment holding munitions. The explosion 
forced the Lusitania's mangled hull outwards. 

Following the 1918 Armistice, Britain blockaded Ger- 
man ports causing the starvation deaths of over a million 



Germans, who were reduced to eating garbage and rats. Ger- 
many's famous schools and universities were filled with 
JEWS, while German youth, unable to afford even food, 
went from the trenches to bread-lines. W hite slavery flour- 
ished asJEWS ostensibly made legitimate job offers to pen- 
niless young women who were then shipped to foreign 
prostitution rings. Today, using the identical scam, JEWS are 
tricking starving White Russian girls into lives of prostitu- 
tion in Israel, and elsewhere. They are being used also as 
breeding stock. ("60-M inutes" CBS, 1998). 

The Treaty of Versailles ("Kosher Conference") was 
designed by the ILLUM IN ATI to crush Germany, weaken 
her resistance to M arxism and lay the foundations for World 
War 1 1 — twenty years later. 

President W ilson brought to Paris 117 Jews and 39 G en- 
tiles (mostly valets). 
COUNT CH ERE P-SPI RID OVICH.Rus'a Under thejws. 

The Jews formed a solid ring around Woodrow Wilson. 
There was a time when he communicated to the country 
through no one but a Jew. 
HENRY FORD, Sr., Volume II, Thelnternationaljew. 

The heavily populated German Nation was deprived of 
much of its territory including vital mineral areas and the "Pol- 
ish Corridor" which... separated the original Duchy of Prussia 
from the rest of the country. G ermany was deprived of its mer- 
chantfleet... and was saddled with an impossible load of repara- 
tions. As a result the defeated country was left in a precarious 
position which soon produced economic collapse. TheAustro- 



Hungarian Empire, ancient outpost of Teutonic peoples and 
Western Civilization was destroyed ...the new state of Czecho- 
slovakia was given 3.5-million persons of German blood and 

Berlin in 1923 was a city in despair. People waited in the alley 
behind the H otel Adlon ready to pounce on garbage cans... a 
cup of coffee cost one-million marks oneday, a million and half 
the next, two million the day following... the German attitude 
(suspicion and fear) was intensified by the new power German 
Jews had acquired... from using funds derived from rich race- 
consciousjewsin other countries and by an inrush of Jews from 
the destroyed Austro-H ungarian Empire. 
DR. JOH N . BEATY (OSS), Iron Curtain Over America. 

The devalued German mark enabled JEWS sporting 
pounds, francs, and dollars to "purchase" German busi- 
nesses, real-estate and art treasures at a fraction of their 
intrinsic value (as they did in the South after the U .S. C ivil 
War). Fifteen years later Nazis repossessed those stolen trea- 
suresfrom JEWRY. Today, 1998, JEWS (with U.S. support) 
are successfully suing nations and individuals to recover 
"Nazi loot stolen from J E W S." T he same loot J EW S initially 
extorted from a prostrate German nation. 

Following WW I, the Allies extended formal apologies to 
Germany for the false atrocity stories. L'lnfamie! The Ger- 
mans, it was acknowledged, had behaved as well or better 
than their counterparts! The United States Congressional 
Record (Senate, 6-15-33) places the blame for W W I directly 
where it belongs — the I nternational Bankers caused the war 
and were its ultimate victors. 



WWII (see Chapter 6: The "Holocaust") was formu- 
lated at the Treaty of Versai lies and was a continuation of the 
I LLU M I N AT I program to enslave the nations of the world 
by placing them under mountains of usurious debt. 

Direct intervention with the total military potential of 
America was essential if the war (WW II) was not to terminate 
in a Western victory (Germany) over Asiatic M arxist Russia... 
and result in the creation of a C ulture-N ation-State-People- 
R ace unity of the West. 

To one who knows somethi ng of the facts of the world and 
knows also the main details of the American surrender of secu- 
rity and principles at Teheran, Yalta, and Potsdam ...three 
ghastly purposes come into clear focus: 

1) As early as 1937 (Roosevelt's cabal) determined upon war 
against Germany for no formulated purpose beyond pleasing 
the dominant Eastern European element... in the National 
Democratic Party and "holding those votes," as Elliot Roosevelt 
put it gratify the President's vanity of a third term in office. 

2) The powerful Eastern European element, dominant in the 
inner circles of the D emocratic Party, regarded with complete 
equanimity ...even with enthusiasm, the killing of as many as 
possible of the K hazar- hated race of Aryans. 

3) ur alien dominated government fought the war for the 
annihilation of Germany, the historic bulwark of Christian 
Europe... In 1937-1938 the German government made a "sin- 
cere effort to improve relations with theU nited States only to be 
rebuffed." Germany's appeals for negotiation ...were witheld 
from the public until ferreted out by the House Committee on 
Un-American Activities... more than 10-years after the facts 
were so cri mi nal ly suppressed. 

DR. JOHN 0. BEATY, Iron Curtain Over America. 


Our brief review of these historic DEFEATS reveals 
they were directed by a force more powerful by far than the 
Aryan states actually engaged in fighting. President Wilson 
said, "there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so 
watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive..." that 
one can detect that Satanic power only through the similarity 
of its methods, the cohesiveness of its actions, its horrifying 
RESULTS. JEWRY infiltrated the most sensitive areas of 
power and trust in ALL Western Nations, while secretly 
swearing loyalty only to JEWRY. Aryans call this treason. 
ButJEWS regard such accusations as "anti-Semitic," viewing 
Aryans as cattle trespassing on their World. President Wil- 
son, the United States of America, and Mankind learned 
these facts too late. Following WWI the ILLUM I NAT I 
failed in its bid to establish a League of Nations because the 
United States Congress refused to surrender sovereignty. Ruf- 
fled but determined U.S. members of the ILLUM IN AT I 
met in Paris to discuss again means of advancing One World 
Government. Participants were: Jacob Schiff, JEW (Kuhn- 
Loeb & Co., Rothschild agenteur); Bernard Baruch, JEW, 
"Prince of the Kahilla" (who had garnered millions speculat- 
ing in copper — from which shell-casings are made); Walter 
LippmanJEW, (savant/writer); Col. E. Mandel House, JEW 
(White Ho use-Treasury- Wall Street agent); John D. Rock- 
efeller, J EW; and goy collaborators: Averell H arriman, C hris- 
tian Herter, and John Foster Dulles. Present in spirit was the 
gunrunner J. P Morgan, Rothschild agenteur. All had prof- 
ited monetarily from WWI and all, for the same golden rea- 
sons, were instrumental in the creation of WWII. None of 



them ever served active duty in the military. The military 
served them. 

They expected to further advance ILLUM I NAT I con- 
trol over the United States. Out of that Paris meeting the 
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was born. At the same 
time, in England, The Royal Institute of International 
Affairs was organized by a similar cabal. Both organization 
reported to the KEHILLA: the board of directors of the 
I LLU M I N AT I . T he Rockefeller I nstitute is a subsidiary of 
the CFR. The Rockefellers, of JEW descent, merged their 
Chase bank with Warburg's (JEW) Manhattan Bank, and 
placed a subsidiary of Chase- Manhattan on Karl Marx 
Square in M oscow to finance the so-called "Cold War," even 
as we fought no- win wars in Korea and Viet Nam. 

My ancestors may have been Jewish. We're really not 

10-19-70, (Nelson, married to Aryan "Happy" Rockefeller, 
died of apoplexy while cavorting in bed with his Jewish secre- 

Steven Birmingham's book, The Grandees America's 
Sephardic Elite (H arper & Row) confirms Rockefeller's Jew- 
ish heritage. 

In 1973 David Rockefeller formed the Trilateral Com- 
mission (TRI), he appointed Zbigniew Brzezinski, security 
advisor to President Jimmy Carter, to direct it. For many 
yearsDavid Rockefeller chaired both groups(CFR/TRI). 



The Bilderbergers, "The Fourth Reich of the Rich," is 
the European equivalent of the CFR; although its member- 
ship is more restricted, more powerful, and maintains a more 
exclusive social tone. Its meetings, usually held at isolated 
estates, are ultra-secret and protected by heavily armed 
ground and air forces. Elite members of the CFR/TRI/ 
BILDERBERGERS share inter-linking memberships. Re- 
cently, Bilderbergers achieved the "unification of Europe." 
Not a united Aryan nation as C harlemagne, Frederick, Napo- 
leon, and H itler wanted it — but unification through a sin- 
gle currency. N ow Europe is totally enslaved to U SU RY and 
unable to rebel and challenge INTERNATIONAL JEWRY 
as Germany did in 1933. 

The United Nations was concocted by the ILLUM I- 
NATI following WWII. Forty members of the U.S. delega- 
tion to the United Nations Conference, held in San 
Francisco, were members of the CFR, they included: Alger 
Hiss, chief author of the U.N. Charter which guaranteed 
that the Security Council (the UN's most important body) 
would have a M arxist majority; Dean Acheson (Yale, Demo- 
crat), later U .S. Secretary of State vowed, after H iss was con- 
victed of perjury, "I will never turn my back on Alger H iss!" 
(Soviet files confirm H iss was a Soviet agent); Owen Latti- 
more, and Philip Jessup, branded by the U.S. Senate as "tools 
of the Soviet"; H arry D exter W hite (Weiss), J EW, the driv- 
ing force behind the Bretton Woods Agreements, which cre- 
ated the International Monetary Fund (IM F), and theWorld 



Bank, whose investments are insured by U.S. tax-dollars. 
W hite was exposed later as a Soviet spy. 

REPORT 1980: 

T he Purpose of the C ounci I on Foreign Relations is: 

1) Break new ground in the consideration of International 

2) Help shape American foreign policy in a constructive 
nonpartisan manner. 

3) Provide continuing leadership for the conduct of 
foreign affairs. 

4) The Council is an educational institution and a unique 
forum bringing together leaders from the academic, public, and 
private worlds. 

It istheCoundl'stradition that statements of the speak- 
ers will not be attributed to them in public media or forums 

Council meetings shall generally be N OT PEN to the 
public or media... (however it) would be legitimate for govern- 
ment officials to report to his colleagues what he learned at the 
meeting... or a lawyer may give a memo to his partner, or a cor- 
porate officer to another corporate officer. It would not be in 
compliance however for any meeting participant to publish a 
speaker's statements in the newspaper, repeat it on TV or 
radio... a meeting participant is forbidden to transmit any 
Council statement to a newspaper reporter or other person who 
is likely to publish it in a public medium. 
T he C ouncil has no affiliation with the U .S. G overnment. 



Paradoxically, theCFR Report acknowledges that 12% 
of its 2,164 members ARE U.S. government officials! That 
means a minimum 260 members, according to this secret 
organization, hold important positions within the U .S. gov- 
ernment! 70% of the membership are from theWashington, 
D.C. /New York City/Boston axis. Most are Marxist indoctri- 
nated: Ivy League, London School of Economics, George- 
town University, Southern IllinoisU., etc. 

Since W W 1 1 almost every Secretary of State has been a 
CFR/TRI member. The majority were JEWS — including 
Clinton appointee Madeleine Albright. Recent Secretary of 
Defense appointments include Harold Brown; James 
Schlesinger; Cap Weinberger; Henry Kissinger; William 
Cohen, all JEWS, all CFR/TRI members. None ever worea 
U.S. military uniform. All, after their government stints, 
found employment with thelLLUM I NAT I, usually on Wall 
Street. Remember, practicing JEWS make cabalistic KOL 
NIDRE VOWS to support the TO RAH; Marrano JEWS 
swear to protect the KH AZAR PEOPLE. This explains the 
breach in U .S. security. 

Former CFR president Winston Lord, an advisor to the 
Clinton White House, married to a Chinese, remarked: 
"The Trilateralists don't rule the World — the CFR does 

CFR Case Study #76 (1959) states: 
The United States must strive to build a new International 
Order... including states labeling themselves Socialist. The 
social experiment in C hina under C hairman M ao's leadership is 



one of the most important and successful in human history. 

The U.S Senate estimates that about 65-million Chi- 
nese were slaughtered under Chairman M ao's leadership in 
what has proven to be a hideously failed social experiment 
rejected even by M ao's closest admirers. 

CFR members, holding many of the highest positions in 
the United States government, are appointed — not elected 
— to their positions of trust by the President. The "invisible 
government" from which they emerge, the CFR seeks to 
abandon American sovereignty. The loyalty of the CFR, 
whose Chairman today is David Gelb, JEW, is not to the 
U .S. Constitution but to theTALM U D . 

It is in the American interest to put an end to N ationhood. 
WALT ROSTOW, JEW, CFR/TRI, advisor to Pres. Kennedy, 
and Johnson, helped mastermind Viet Nam "police 

Our national purpose should be to abandon our 

KINGMAN BREWSTER, CFR, former President, Yale Uni- 
versity, in C FR Q uarterly Foreign Affairs. 

De Gaulle could not understand America's conviction of 
the obsolescence of the nation-state. 




While the CFR/TRI goals are I LLU M INATI objectives 
— and there is at the highest level interlinkage of member- 
ship — they have differing, sometimes overlapping, strate- 
gies. The CFR appears to be primarily concerned with 
infiltrating the U .S. government. There they influence the 
policies of the various departments and agencies coordinat- 
ing them with ILLUM INATI Expectations. The TRI 
appears directed toward Internationalizing (Sovietizing) the 
businesses and industries of the Americas, Europe, and the 
Pacific Rim (hence the name "Trilateral"). 

The TRI has about 300 members, 87 from the United 
States: the largest segment represents the banking commu- 


Published by the Trilateral Commission 

TheTRI is a non-governmental policy-oriented discussion 
group... not only on issues among these (three) regions but in a 
global framework as well. 

Zbigniew Brezezinski was very importantto the formation 
of the Commission... and is its major intellectual dynamo. 
Jimmy Carterwasa member from 1973 until hiselection to the 
U .S. Presidency when he left in accordance with Commission 
rules barring members from the National Administration. 

The TRI is an independent organization. It is not part of 
the U .S Government (Please see CFR/TRI C hart, index) or of 
the United Nations. It has no formal ties with the CFR or 
Brookings Institute, though a considerable number of TRI 
members are also involved with one or more organizations of 
this sort. [See ILLUM INATI graph page 105 - JvB] 



TheTFU is absolutely not secret. The only off- the- record 
aspect of the TRI is its meetings. 

TheTRI welcomes coverage of its activities. 

Allegations that the TRI is trying to establish One World 
Government are totally false... there have been no Commission 
reports or even a single instance in Commission discussions 
where any member or task force author proposed that our 
National Government be dissolved and a World Government 

TheTRI does not lobby for particular legislation or candi- 

M uch of the notion that the TRI is a conspiracy rests on 
the fact that so many members of the Carter Administration, 
including the President, were former members of the Commis- 
sion. At first glance this does seem a strange coincidence, but... 
these facts do not indicate control of the U .S. G ovemment by 
the Commission. 

In complete contradiction to the TRI Question/Answer 
Booklet are some statements by the "intellectual dynamo" 
now teaching at Georgetown U ., Zibby Brzezinsky to wit: 

The fiction of national sovereignty... is no longer 
compatible with reality. 

Yet, though Stalinism may have been a needless tragedy for 
both the Russian people and Communism as an ideal... for the 
world at large Stalinism was a blessing in disguise. 

M arxism is simultaneously a victory of the external active 
man over the inner passive man, and a victory of Reason over 

M arxism theory is this century's most influential system of 



America is undergoing a new revolution ...that unmasks its 

Deliberate management of America's future will become 
widespread with the planner eventually displacing the law- 
yer as the key social legislator and manipulator. 

By the year 2000 (in the U .S.A.) it will be accepted that 
Robespierre and Lenin were mild reformers. 
from his book Between Two Ages. 

The brochures issued for public consumption by the 
CFR/TRI quite obviously are prevarications that don't 
reflect the opinions expressed elsewhere by its leadership. 

What the Tri lateral ists truly intend is the creation of a 
World-wide economic power superior to the political govern- 
ments of the nation-states involved.... As managers and creators 
of the system they will rule the future. M ost of our foreign aid being used to create an International Economy managed 
and controlled through the mechanism of International con- 
glomerate manufacturing and business enterprise. Populations 
are treated as nothing more than producing economic groups. 
Freedom (Political, Spiritual, Economic) is denied any impor- 
tance in the Trilateralist construction of the next century. 
BARRY GOLDWATER, JEW, U.S. Senator, With NoApolo- 

I am convinced that the CFR together with... associated 
tax-exempt organizations is the invisible government which sets 
the major policies of the federal government... I am convinced 
that the objective of this invisible government is to convert 
America into a socialist state and then make it a unit in a one- 



world socialist system. 

DAN SMOOT, Prof. Harvard, FBI, ThelnviableGwernment 

I nternational M oney Power is the most dangerous conspir- 
acy against the freedom of men the world has ever know. 
FREDERICK SODDY, Professor, Oxford, Nobel Laureate, 

The distinguished Dr. Medford Evans said, "Anthony 
Sutton's Western Technology and Soviet Economic D evelopment 
is possibly the most important book since the Bible." The 
author adds that Sutton's, Trilateral'! is Over Washington, and 
all his books, are required reading for those who understand 
the evil influences at work destroying Western Culture. 
These books relate to the Cold War period of U .S./USSR 
history but they are extremely cogent today. I ncredibly, many 
of those who implemented ILLUM I NAT I policy during that 
period enjoy distinguished positions, Citations of Merit, 
honorable retirement, or burial in Arlington Cemetery. Fol- 
lowing are a FEW of Dr. Sutton's research observations 
( Western Technology and Soviet Economic D evelopment) : 

The Soviets have the largest iron and steel plant in the 
world. It was built by M cKee Corp., it is a copy of the U .S. 
Steel plant in Gary, Indiana. All Soviet iron and steel technol- 
ogy comes from the U .S., and its allies. 

The Soviets have the largest tube and pipe mill in Europe 
- one million tons a year. The equipment is Salem, Aetna, 
Standard... If you know anyone in the space business ask them 
how many miles of tubing goes into a missile. 

T he standard Soviet truck used in V iet N am and the M id- 
East is manufactured at Z I L -130 Plant, which wasbuilt by A . J . 



BrandtCo., Detroit, M I. The Soviet military has over 300,000 
trucks all manufactured in plants built by the USA. ("H anoi" 
Jane Fonda was photographed waving a Cong flag in one of 
those vehicles). 

The USSR has the largest merchant marine in the world, 
about 6,000 ships: two-thirds were built outside the USSR. 
80% of the engines for these ships were built outside the USSR. 
None are of Soviet design. Those built inside the Soviet are 
built with USA technological assistance. 

About 100 ships were used on the Hanoi Run to carry 
Soviet weapons and supplies to the N orth Vietnamese. NONE 
of the main engines in these ships was manufactured by the 
Soviets. All ship building tech comes from the USA or our 

During the Viet Nam War ("police action") the Johnson 
Administration sent equipment and technological assistance to 
the Soviets that more than doubled their automobile output. 

(From 1917 onwards) there was a pervasive, powerful, and 
not clearly identifiable force in the West making for the contin- 
uance of transfers. Surely the political power and influence of 
the Soviets was not sufficient alone to bring about such favor- 
able (to the USSR) Western policies.... indeed such policies 
seem incomprehensible IF the West's objective is to survive as 
an alliance of independent non-Communist nations. 
DR. ANTHONY C.SUTTON, Hoover Inst., Stanford, Univ. 


Following WWII, the USA (CFR) double-crossed 
America's long-time ally Chiang Kai-shek, ABETTING 
Mao Tse-tung's Communist take-over of mainland China 
(1950) while vowing to defend Formosa against Mao. 
W ithin a year Americans were fighting and dying in Korea, 
and later in Viet Nam, allegedly to PREVENT Communist 



expansion in Asia! Meanwhile, the FEDERAL RESERVE 
SYSTEM financed the Soviet war machine and the CFR/ 
TRI modernized and expanded it. TREASON ! 

ThelLLUM I NAT I got us into "no-win" wars in Korea 
and Viet Nam for two reasons: M ON EY, and expectations 
that the U.S. military would suffer great loss of life — 
fomenting despair and revolution on Main Street USA. 
When the U.S. military began to WIN those wars the 
MASS-MEDIA screamed L'INFAM IE. JEW led cannaille, 
emerging like rats from the piles and alleyways, condemned 
alleged U.S. military "atrocities," slandered our officers and 
men, literally spit on veterans, and succeeded in brainwash- 
ing BoobusAmericanusand a gutless Congress into accepting 
defeat. (General Douglas MacArthur complained that North 
Korean generals received his directives, from a spy-ridden 
Pentagon, before he did). TREASON! 

Treason doth never prosper. W hat's the reason? For when it 
doth prosper nonedarecall itTREASO N . 

Tob shebbegoyim harog! 

Give me the power to issue and control the money of a 
nation and I care not who makes its laws. 

The foregoing account reveals the merest thread in a 
tapestry of e/i I. ReDCCurring aspects of ILLUMINATI his- 
tory is MONEY MANIPULATION; reliance on I'lNFA- 



MIE — slander and false witness; and SILENCING those 
who could testify against them: 

In 1780 France, the Royal Family, government leaders, 
and goy leaders of the Revolution were murdered TO 

Napoleon, incarcerated incommunicado on St. Helena 
Isle, was poisoned TO SILENCE HIM . 

In 1918 Russia, the Royal Family members of the court, 
and government, were slandered and murdered TO 
SILENCE THEM. (Because JEWS slaughtered, or drove 
out, the entire Aryan cultural stratum which included scien- 
tists, engineers, and other professionals, the Soviet was never 
more than a paper-tiger until they captured Nazis scientists; 
and obtained A-Bomb secrets, and technology, equipment 
and money from thelLLUM I NAT I). 

President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, died broken in 
mind and spirit, effectively SILENCED by Sam Untermeyer 
(JEW) who had confiscated, early in Wilson's administra- 
tion, the President's indiscreet love letters to M rs. Peck. 

Nazi leadership was slandered, falsely accused; prose- 
cuted by JEWS in American uniforms; condemned by kan- 
garoo courts for ex post facto crimes, then (on the HIGH 
Other German officers were imprisoned from 15-years to 
life; upon release many were murdered. 10 May 1941, six 
months before Pearl H arbor, Rudolph H ess, Anglophile, sec- 
ond in command to Hitler, parachuted from his Messer- 
schmitt 109 over Scotland (his first jump), in a last minute 



effort to arrange peace between the warring states. H ess was 
clapped into Spandau prison without trial and held incom- 
municado for 46-years(21-years in solitary confinement). 17 
August 1987, age 93, shortly before his announced release, 
Hess was murdered. Officially, he committed suicide! (M en- 
achim Begin, ISRAELI terrorist, warned U.S. Pres. Jimmy 
"Rabbit" Carter, Democrat, CFR/TRI, that Hess must not 
leave Spandau alive). The Top Secret Hess Files will not be 
released totally until 2027 A. D. 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Democrat, suddenly broken 
in health, died at age 63 before his war to save the world for 
Communism ended. He fell (or was pushed) headfirst into 
the embers of a fireplace in Warm Springs, Ga., conveniently 
SILENCING H IM , and providing him, on his trip to Hell, 
a taste of Hamburg and Dresden. ThelLLUM I NAT I could 
not afford to have Congress question FDR (dead or alive). 
H e is buried beneath a four inch thick bronze plate at H yde 
Park, N .Y. H is autopsy report never released. 

Lee Harvey Oswald, John F. Kennedy's alleged assassin, 
predictably was murdered by a JEW (Jack Ruby), thus 
SILENCING crucial testimony that would have exposed the 
real murderer(s) whom Ruby (Rubinstein) had been hired to 

Oswald, McFadden, Long, Patton, Forrestal, Isador 
Fisch, JEW ("friend" of Bruno Hauptmann), and many 
other participants in the momentous events of an EVIL ERA 
were SILENCED — permanently. Leaving ciphers in West- 



ern H istory; to be filled in by subjectively motivated "histori- 

From the foregoing historical record we can now 


This will be achieved through the power of MONEY 
which is solely in JEW hands. T he rder of Battle is as fol- 


1) Destroy M onarchy, Nationalism, Patriotism. 

2) C reate D emocracies (M arxist G overnments). 

3) M iscegenate the races. 

4) Create One World Religion: Judaism. 

5) Abandon national boundaries 

6) Destroy the nations' military. 

7) Destroy the culture- bearing stratum. 

8) Control the machinery of government. 

1) Capture the monetary system. 



2) Capture the mass-media. 

3) Create wars, debt, bankruptcies, high taxes. 

4) D istort language, moral code, ethics, mores. 

5) Confiscate private weapons. 

6) Control Education, re-write history. 

7) Open Mexican border. 

8) Infiltrate government, unions, industry. 


1) Promote interracial integration. 

2) Promote M arxism, Freudianism, Boasism. 

3) Promote Democracy, anarchy, racial unrest. 

4) Slander: national heroes, racial pride, tradition. 

5) Employ blackmail, slander, extortion, bribes, murder. 

6) Support all dissident factions. Honor the dishonor- 

7) Use ADL, IRS, ACLU, CIA, ATF to punish Aryan 

8) LIE, spread misinformation, disinformation. 

Burn ye all that is in the city and slay with the edge of the 
sword both man and woman, young and old, and ox and sheep, 
and burn thecity with fire and all that is therein. 
IOSHUA 7:21. 







Royal Inst of 
Intl Affairs 






Tri lateralis t 

United Nations 


5- ' 

Central Banks 
(FED, et al. ) 

— ~i 


Bank of World 
Int'l Bank 




Hollywood Radio /TV Recording 
Theater Tin Pan Alley 

Major Major 
Newspapers Magazines 

Ency . 






of Congress 



Yad Vashem 






Anti -Defamation 

B'nai B'rith 



Council of 





Lucifer Trust 
"Luc is" 



Marxism is the modem form of JEWISH Prophecy. 
REIN HOLD NIEBUHR, in a warmly received speech before 
thejewish Institute of Religion, Waldorf Astoria, NYC. 

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office 
of the President of the U nited States and will do to the best of 
my ability to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of 
the United States of America. 
U.S. CONSTITUTION, Articlell, Section 1., Clause7. 

President Bill Clinton, with an Ivy League-Rhodes 
Scholar-Marxist indoctrinated mind, and subject to both 
blackmail and extortion, appointed many JEW S/CFR/TRI 
to sensitive positions in the UN IT ED STATES GOVERN- 
Bader Ginsberg, and Stephen Breyer, JEWS; SECRETARY 
OF STATE, Madeleine K. Albright, JEW; UNDER-SECY 
STATE, Stuart EizenstatJEW; ASST. SECY. STATE, Stan- 
NEY, Bernie Nussbaum, JEW; CEO CENTRAL 
(now under investigation for treason); NATIONAL SECU- 
TRATION (NASA), Daniel E. Golden, JEW; SOCIAL 
Glickman, JEW; and several Cabinet posts, including, Rob- 



ert Reich, Donna Shalala, Alice Rivlin (FED), Robert Morris 
("the toe sucker"), et al — all are JEWS whose sole alle- 
giance, bound by the KOL N ID RE OATH, is to theKhazar 
tribe, and to theTALM UD, which vows the destruction of 
Western Civilization. 

An analysis of the 4,984 of the more militant members of 
the Communist Party in the U nited States showed that 91.4% 
of the total were of foreign stock or were married to persons 
of foreign stock. 

I wouldn't be surprised if someday these Jews would not 
become deadly to the human race. 



Chapter 4 

And there was a cry of the people. ..against their brethern 
the Jews.. .we have mortgaged our lands, vineyards, and houses 
thatwe might buy corn because of the dearth. ..and lo, we bring 
into bondage our sons and our daughters to be servants.. .some 
of our daughters are brought into bondage already; neither is it 
in our power to redeem them for other men have our lands and 
our vineyards... 
HOLY BIBLE: N E: 5:1,7. 

Our money system is nothing better than a confidence 
trick... T he "money power" which has been able to overshadow 
ostensibly responsible government is not the power of the 
merely ultra-rich but is nothing more or less than a new tech- 
nique to destroy money by adding and withdrawing figures in 
bank ledgers, without the slightest concern for the interests of 
the community or the real role money ought to perform 
therein. allow it to become a source of revenue to private 
issuer's is to create, first, a secret and illicit arm of government 
and, last, a rival power strong enough to ultimately overthrow 
all other forms of government. 
D r. FRED SO D D Y, N obelist, Wealth, Virtual Wealth & Debt. 

A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of 
credit. ur system of credit is concentrated. T he growth of the 
nation, therefore, and all of our activities are in the hands of a 
few men. We have become one of the worst ruled, one of the 
most completely controlled and dominated governments in the 
civilized world. longer a government of free opinion. ..but a 
government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dom- 
ineering men. 



THE WEST viewed the JEW as an alien living within 
its midst. JEWS had no State of their own, no territory. 
Whatever the landscape they spoke the common language. 
Publicly they denied a racial identity assuming the outer gar- 
ments, no matter how preposterous, of whatever nation in 
which they appeared. Adoption of Christian names, conver- 
sions, "nose jobs", and platform shoes were part of the cam- 
ouflage. JEWRY seemed to be merely a religion. Therefore, 
JEWRY was politically invisible to the West, and its war 
against the West was always subterranean, cunning and 
deceptive. JEWISH strategy was to infiltrate the institutions 
of Western Culture and destroy them. JEWRY'S primary 
weapon was money manipulation and U SU RY. 

Early Popes, and Christian monarchs invoked Biblical 
proscriptions against the "evil and pernicious practice of 
usury." M oney was used strictly as a means of exchange and a 
storage of value backed by the honor of the State and the 
productive capabilities of its citizens. Nonetheless, the end 
result of Christian proscriptions against usury was to make 
JEWS the masters of European banking. 

JEWS have no religious scruples regarding money where 
goyim are concerned. They now have the means to carry out 
their war of annihilation of the West. T hey would not sur- 
face as a fighting unit and openly attack their hated enemy. 
They remained invisible. Their strategy was to organize the 
entire JEWISH People into a Fifth Column whose purpose is 
to penetrate the West and destroy everything. This is being 
accomplished by exacerbating natural disputes between the 



Western States and influencing the results in favor of Liberal- 
ism as opposed to Authority; that is, materialism, free trade 
and usury, as opposed to Western Socialism; International- 
ism as opposed to Western unity. M N EY was their sword 
and buckler. H ate and revenge their motif. 

The tactics of this Jewish warfare was employment of 
money. H is dispersion, his materialism, his finished cosmopol- 
itanism, all precluded him taking part in the heroic form of 
combat in the field, and he was thus confined to the war of 
lending, or refusing to lend, of bribing, of gaining legally 
enforceable power over important individuals... The story of 
Shylock shows the dual picture of the J E W - socially cringing 
on the R ialto, but emerging as a lion the courtroom. 

The dawn of the 20th Century found the ILLUMI- 
NATI preparing to launch a massive attack upon the West. 
Not in the light of open discourse or on the battlefield, but 
in their usual manner: conspiratorial ly, from the underworld. 
Their strategy was to hitch America's resources, wealth and 
manpower to J EWI SH aspirations which included destroy- 
ing the monarchies of Europe and creating a bogus 
KHAZAR/ZIONIST state in Palestine They found their 
Judas Goat in Woodrow Wilson, Chancellor of Princeton 
University, an innocent with avast ego, and a chink in his 
armor. U nwitti ngly H e became the i ndispensable unwitti ng 
pawn i n the I ntemational money game 

Paul Moritz Warburg JEW, was dispatched to the 
United States in 1903 to promote the establishment of a 



Rothschild central-bank in preparation for WWI which was 
then on the drawing-board. Warburg, made the Kuhn-Loeb 
Co., Wall Street Bankers, his base of operations. After meet- 
ing Wilson at a University seminar Warburg recommended 
Wilson to the International banking cabal. Upon further 
investigation, Rabbi Steven Wise; Jacob Schiff, JEW; Sam 
Untermyer, JEW, and other Khazar power-players agreed 
that Wilson would be the ILLUM IN ATI'S patsy in the 
White House. 

Soon after, Wilson's democratic presidential campaign 
was announced, promoted and financed by ILLUM I- 
NATISTS: Warburg, JEW, and his brothers, Felix, and Max 
(head of German intelligence and the M .M . Warburg Bank, 
Hamburg); Adolph Ochs, JEW (publisher, New York Times); 
Henry Morganthau, JEW (tycoon of Negro slum dwellings 
in Harlem, Manhattan); Jacob Schiff, JEW, (Pres., Kuhn- 
Loeb Co.); Samuel Untermyer, JEW (powerful corporate 
lawyer); and Eugene M eyer, J EW, (banker, and owner of the 
Washington Post, the newspaper your Senator reads over 
morning coffee); and Rothschild agenteur; and internation- 
alist bankers Lazard Freres; J& W Seligman; Speyer Brothers; 
and the Rothschilds. A few select goyim, including J. P. Mor- 
gan, gunrunner, were in on the deal. 

To split the Republican vote, the ILLUM INATISTS 
financed both Teddy Roosevelt and the incumbent H oward 
Taft in their bids for the presidency. After Wilson won the 
rigged election (1912), which he attributed to his own charm 
and ingenuity, Warburg and his cabal put in motion their 



plan to establish control of America's finances and credit. 
Warburg introduced Col. Edward Mandell House, JEW, to 
the President. House became Wilson's alter-ego, confidant 
and messenger between the Oval Office and Wall Street. In 
his novel Philip Dm, H ouse makes it perfectly clear that his 
idea of good government is ne World Usurocracy. Legisla- 
tors who didn't share his views were kept from meeting with 
the President. By manipulating Wilson, bribing members of 
Congress, and engaging in the most deceitful lobbying cam- 
paign in U .S. history, Warburg got what he wanted. D uring 
theChristmas Holidays (23 December 1913), when much of 
the opposition was absent, the U.S. Congress enacted the 
SYSTEM to the International Bankers, and dooming Chris- 
tendom to WWI and WWII; the "Cold War" and all of our 
"no win" wars. 

This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. W hen 
the President signs this bill the invisible government by the 
M onetary Power will be legalized. ..the worst legislative crime of 
the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill. The 
caucus and party bosses have again operated and prevented the 
people from getting the benefit of their own government. 
CHARLES LIN D BERG H , Sr., U .S. Congress. 

Soon thereafter, Sam Untermeyer, J EW, came into pos- 
session of Wilson's indiscreet love letters to Mrs Peck, his 
mistress, and wife of afriend. The inner cirde referred to the 
President as "Peck's bad boy" Wilson did what he was told 
to do when he was told to do it, leading to the appointment 



of Louis Denmitz Brandies, JEW, Zionist, to the U.S. 
Supreme Court; and pushing America into WorldWar I. 

"M oney is the worst of all contraband" said W illiam Jen- 
nings Bryan, U .S. Secy. State. And our loans to the Allies dur- 
ing the two and a half years before our entry into the W W I 
were more accurately acts of aggression than our belated ship- 
ments of troops in 1917, after W ilson's declaration of war had 
given an air of legality to the farce. 
EUSTACE M ULLINS, "The Federal Reserve Conspiracy." 

All wars are economic in their origin. 
BERNARD BARUCH JEW, before N ye Committee, 9-13-37. 

Constitutionality of the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT 
has never been adjudicated although it dearly is unconstitu- 

TION : The Congress shall have the power to coin money, regu- 
late the value thereof and of foreign coin, and to fix the 
standards of weights and measures. 

The Clause has never been amended. One may then 
logically ask: Can Congress legally delegate itsConstitutional 

SH ECHTER POULTRY v. U.S.A. (29 US 495)(55 US 

2) C ongress can not abdicate or transfer to others its legis- 
lative functions... 



3) Congress cannot constitutionally delegate its legislative 
authority to trade or industrial associations or groups so as to 
empower them to enact laws... 

4) Congress cannot delegate legislative powers to the Presi- 

The Chief Juiice Sated: The Constitution established a 
national government with powers deemed to be adequate, as 
they have proven to be, both in war and in peace, but these 
powers of national government are limited by the constitutional 
grants. Those who act under these grants are not at liberty to 
transcend the imposed limits because they believe that more or 
different power is necessary. Such assertions of extraconstitu- 
tional authority were anticipated and precluded by the explicit 
terms of the Tenth Amendment: The powers not delegated to 
the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to 
the States, are reserved to the States and to the People. 

ADM IN 1ST RATION 518 Fed 2nd 1051 (1975): 

Conclusion: Neither the term "national security" nor 
"emergency" is a talisman, the thaumaturgic invocation of 
which should ipso facto suspend the normal checks and bal- 
ances on each branch of government...! four system isto survive 
we must respond to the most difficult of problems in a manner 
consistent with the limitations placed upon Congress, the Presi- 
dent, and the Courts, by our Constitution and our Laws. 


No State.. .shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin 
a Tender in Payment of Debts... 


If a Law is passed counter to the Constitution it is as 
though that Law had not been passed. 



If Congress may not transfer to others its legislative 
functions, one might logically ask: Is the FED a Congres- 
sional agency? The answer is emphatically stated below! 

LEWISv. U.S. (680 F2d 1239- July 1982): 

Federal Reserve Banks under the Federal Govern mentTort 
Claims Act are NOT Federal Government instrumentalities, 
but are independent, privately owned, locally controlled organi- 

The critical factor for determining whether an agency is 
a Federal agency is the existence of Federal Government con- 
trol over the "detailed physical performance" and "day by 
day" operations of that entity. 

The Supreme Court ruled (above) that Congress may 
NOT delegate its legislative functions Does the FED legis 

Legislate— to make or enact laws 

Laws — rules of action established by custom or laid 
down and enforced by sovereign authority. 

Rule— to regulate bring under force of Law. 

does indeed legislate in that it enacts maximum interest rates 
that may be paid to depositors by member banks on time and 
demand deposits. 

The U.S. Constitution gives only Congress this power 
(above). Regulation "Q" is also a violation of U.S. Anti-Trust 
Laws, prohibiting the conspiratorial fixing of fees, rates and 



commissions — punishable by fines and imprisonment. 
Unless you 1 re an International Banker. 

ne must conjecture why C ongress does not repeal the 
Federal Reserve Act. It has that right — indeed the DUTY. 
Why does the Judiciary not rule on the Act's clear-cut 
unconstitutionality? T he answer is obvious. U nder a demo- 
cratic form of government, rather than the Republic our Fore 
Fathers designed, second-rate Congressmen are elected by 
mob and media. Federal judges, appointed for life, are self- 
serving, venal, subject to special interest groups and bribery. 
They adore living in Hollywood-on- the-Potomac, their fat- 
cat salaries, the perks, the pomp and splendor, the easy pick- 
ings. They fear the power of the I LLUM I NAT I purse. They 
fear the FED, the AD L, the IRS and what happens to patri- 
fear the M ED I A. They love their jobs and don't want to lose 
them. Where elsecan sycophants and cowards makeso much 
loot and enjoy so much prestige? Above all else Congressmen 
love to spend your money ("tax, tax, tax; spend, spend, 
spend; elect, elect, elect!" Harry Hopkins' advice to FDR's 
New Dealers). The FED, of course, grows irritable when 
Congress doesn't borrow and spend. Ergo, Congress 1 ploy is 
to profit by the scam while keeping constituents ignorant in 

M isunderstandings about money have been and continue 
to be intentional. T hey derive neither from the nature of money 
nor from any stupidity of the public. ..the International Usuroc- 
racy aims at preserving intact the public's ignorance of the 



Usurocratic System and its workings... 

EZRA POUND (placed naked in a cage by JEWS who called 

HIM insane). 

Let's take a closer look at the Federal Reserve System 
your elected representatives are too ignorant, or too fright- 
ened to do anything about. 

Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not 
who makes its Laws. 

Salient Facts About the Federal Reserve System (FED): 
The FED is not a United States Government agency. It is a 
private stock company (corporation) patterned after the 
Bank of England, and other Rothschild central banks The 
FED, established by Congress, is privately controlled; its 
notes are legal tender but are debts of the U .S. government, 
owed to the Bankers Commercial paper and government 
securities are used as fractional reserves to create debt credit. 
The currency in your wallet represents government debt- 
credit which is satisfied by your income taxes you also pay 
income taxes on the interest your debt- money earns if 
invested. In sum: 

l.TheFED is a privately owned corporation. The word 
"Federal" isas meaningless as'FederaT TireCompany. 

2. The FED operates independently of the Legislative; 
Executiveand Judicial Branches of the U.S. government. 



3. The FED's books have never been independently 
audited. It refuses U.S. government audit (GAO). 

4. The FED is NOT an agency of the U .S. government, 
although it was created by Congress, and theoretically can be 
abolished by Congress. It owns personal property and real- 
estate Its employees do not draw U.S. Government pay- 

5. The U.S. President, with approval of the Senate, 
appoints the FED Board of Governors. The majority of 
them are Wall Street denizens with ILLUMINATI connec- 
tions. M any areCFR/TRI members. After all, the FED was 
designed by bankers for bankers. 

6. After deducting operating expenses (?) the FED 
returns what it considers surplus earnings (?) to the U.S. 

7. FED member banks (Chase-Manhattan for example) 
hold billions of dollars in U.S. Securities (for which they 
paid nothing), as reserves for loans on which they charge 
fullinterest. They return N profits to the U .S. Treasury. 

8. M ember banks use these fractional reserves to extend 
credit, from 10 to 30 times the amount of the reserves. 

9. Owners of FED Class-A stock have never been 
revealed. Educated guesses indicate that the following are the 
largest stockholders: T he H ouse of Rothschild, J E W S; Lazar 
Freres Bank of Paris, JEWS; The Schiff family, Kuhn-Loeb 
Co., JEWS (U.S. Vice President Al Gore's blonde daughter 
recently married a Schiff. They "sell" more than the Lincoln 



bedroom at W hite H ouse fund raisers); T he Lehmann fam- 
ily, JEWS; The Rockefellers; Israel Seif, London, JEWS; The 
Bank of England, J EW S, etc. 

10. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOM C) is 
the System's most important policy making body. Com- 
posed of the seven members of the Board of Governors, and 
four member bank presidents, plus the President of the N ew 
York FED Bank, FOMC buys and sells government securi- 
ties, and oversees the System's foreign exchange. FOMC 
determines the discount rate charged member banks thereby 
determining interest rates you pay your lender. 

11. Because changes in interest rates, and the amount of 
money placed in circulation, have profound affects upon the 
economy, advance notice (leaks) of forthcoming changes in 
FED policy would be of tremendous advantage to investors. 
FED advance policies are, therefore, a closely guarded secret. 
But is absolute security maintained? Do you believe in the 
Tooth Fairy? Or do members of the Board of Governors, 
who serve at the I LLU M I N AT I 'S pleasure, perform as con- 
duits of highly sensitive information? No wonder the skyline 
of every major city is dominated by banking houses. Since 
Greed has replaced Honor, Money buys anything — Presi- 
dents and Prime M inisters, Popes and prelates, Congressmen 
and J udges. 

12. The FED is one of many I LLU M IN AT I central- 
banking systems embedded like fat leeches in World popula- 
tion streams. 



13. At this writing theU nited States (W e thePeople) are 
over Six Trillion Dollars in debt. Men in debt labor for oth- 

H enry Ford thinks it's stupid and so do I, that for the loan 
of (its) own money... the U nited States should be compelled to 
pay... interest. People who will not turn a shovel of dirt nor con- 
tribute a pound of material will collect more money from the 
United States than all the people who supply all the material 
and do all the work. ..why must we pay interest to money-bro- 
kers for the use of our own money! 
THOMASA.EDISON, re Congress borrowing from FED . 

There is no dispute about the fact that our economy is 
built by bankers lending money that they do not possess, never 
have possessed, and never will possess, on the calculation that 
they will not be asked for that money in notes, coin or gold... 
CHRISTOPH ER H LLIS, "The Breakdown of M oney." 

We now sea that whi le the basic purpose of money is a 
means of exchange and a storage of value the I LLU M I N ATI 
distorted that original purpose Money has become a private 
MONOPOLY, aCOMMODITY, and a means of COER- 
CION. Through the FED's ability to issue our nation's cur- 
rency as D EBT; to expand or contract the amount of money 
in circulation (M-l) at will; and to raise or lower interest 
rates at will, it creates so-called business cydes (boom-bust 
periods) allowing its masters, I LLUM I NATI, to control the 
vitality of World nation-states and, when necessary, punish 
them for insubordination (Germany Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), 
Austria Iraq, Libya and South Africafor example). 







W hen C ongress needs money it borrows from the F E D . 
Theloansmust be paid back— principal plus interest— by 
the tax-payers. H owever, no debt-free money is created with 
which to pay the interest which must be paid out of the 
money-supply (M -1) which is debt-money! This is similar to 
paying off interest on your Visa Credit Card account, by 
using your MasterCard. It's the Old Testament trick of rob- 
bing Peter to pay Paul. Payment of principal and interest 
withdraws money from circulation creating a money short- 
age. Additional money must be borrowed into circulation 
with which to pay the interest, creating additional debt. 




Borrowing to Pay 6% Simple Interest on Original $100 


Original Debt at 

Interest Due 

Money In 


































* At no time can the debt be paid off with the money in 

** When the debt (in the above hypothetical) is carried to the 50th year, all the money 
in circulation is insufficient to pay interest alone much less the principal. 

Under the FED it is mathematically impossible for 
American citizens to satisfy the enormous debt owed the 
International Banking cartel. Admittedly, the FED pays to 
the U .S. Treasury a pittance of its annual profit but that 
doesn't mitigate against the scam. 

Earnings on U.S. Government securities held by the 12 
Banks of the FED amounted in 1972 to $3,771,209,607. 
These earnings provided the bulk of System income for the year 
- $3,792,334,523 ...$3,231 million was paid into the U.S. 
Treasury last year as "interest on Federal Reserve notes." 



FED BOARD OF GOVERNORS, to Senator Alan Cranston, 

Compound Interest: nothing more surely typifies JEW- 
ISH NESS than compound interest. Albert Einstein, JEW, 
said whoever invented the formula was a genius. Charles 
Lindbergh, Sr., Thomas Edison, and all who detest USURY 
say "compound interest isSatanical." For example, when you 
contract for a $40,000 home mortgage payable in 30-yearsat 
15% interest. At the end of the term you will have paid the 
bank $182,080.80 P& I . All the banker does is make a ledger 
entry. If you must sell your home before term (Americans 
move every 7-years on the average) you find there is little 
equity to show for your monthly mortgage payments. It takes 
24-years to pay-off just one-half the principal! M ost of your 
money in the early years goes toward interest (interest deduc- 
tions allowed are negligible). Upon purchasing another home 
you must commence new mortgage payments all over again. 
If you are unlucky and can't meet the payments your friendly 
banker forecloses and walks away with your down-payment 
and whatever else he can filch. 

Fractional Reserve System — Bankers' Gravy Train 

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors (FBG) deter- 
mines the reserve requirement for member banks — thus 
determining the amount of money placed in circulation. 
Suppose a bank has Reserve Deposit Credits of $10,000. If 
the Reserve Ratio is 15% it can create loans totaling 
$56,666! If the Reserve Ratio is 20% it can create loans total - 



ing $40,000 (Remember pawnshop dealer Amschel Mayer 
Bauer, JEW, Frankfort, Germany). 

H ere is how the theft works: 

1) When Rockefeller's Chase-Manhattan Bank requires 
$5-million currency, it simply enters a credit of $5-million to 
the U .S. Treasury. 

2) The treasury delivers government securities in that 
amount to the bank. The bank pays for them with a check 
drawn on credit based on the new securities just delivered 
from the treasury! 

3) Using these new securities (or commercial paper) 
Chase- M anhattan orders the currency from the New York 
FED which in turn orders the Bureau of Printing and 
Engraving to print the new currency. 

4) Upon completing the transaction — which cost the 
bank not one penny — Chase-M anhattan can advance to its 
customers up to $45- million (10% Reserve Ratio) in new 
credit at the prevailing interest rates. All of this new credit is 
created out of thin air! 

The banks - commercial banks and Federal Reserve - 
create all the money of this nation, and the nation and its peo- 
ple pay interest on every dollar of that newly created money. 
Which means that private banks exercise unconstitutionally, 
immorally, and ridiculously the power to tax the people. For 
every newly created dollar dilutes to some extent the value of 
every other dollar already in circulation. 
JERRY V0 RH IS, U.S. Congress, CA-D., 1946. 



N o one has the right to be a moneylender save him who 
has it to lend. 

PAT M AN : M r. Eccles, how do you get the money to buy 
those two billions of government securities? 

ECCLES: We created it. 


ECCLES: ut of our right to issue credit money. 
hearing, 1941. 

It is the influx of this fiat money that causes the Ameri- 
can citizen's hard-earned cash to lose its purchasing power. 
That is inflation. That is usury. That is how TALM UDIC 
KH AZARS have debased U .S. currency. 

W hen a bank makes a loan it simply adds to the borrower's 
deposit account in the bank. .The money is not taken from 
anyone else's deposit; it was not previously paid into the bank 
by anyone. It's new money, created by the bank for the use of 
the borrower. 


In purchasing offerings of Government bonds the banking 
system as a whole creates new money, or bank deposits. W hen 
thebanksbuy a billion dollars of Government bondsasthey are 
offered. ..the banks credit the deposit account of the Treasury 
with a billion dollars. They debit their Government bond 
account a billion dollars, or they actually create, by a bookkeep- 
ing entry, a billion dollars. 

M ARRIN ER ECCLES, Chairman Board of Governors, FED, 



The government should create, issue and circulate all cur- 
rency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of Gov- 
ernment and the buying power of consumers. The privilege of 
creating and issuing money is the supreme prerogative of Gov- 

Can anything be more absurd than that a nation should 
apply to an individual (Rothschild) to maintain its credit, and 
with its credit its existence as an empire, and its comfort as a 
BEN JAM I N D ISRAELI , J EW, Prime M inister, Great Britain. 

The United Nations Rip-Off: H enry M organthau, JEW, 
Secretary of the Treasury under FDR ("Some of my best 
friends are Communists") appointed his protege Harry Dex- 
ter White (Weiss), JEW, Under- Secretary of the Treasury. 
White, later exposed as a Soviet spy, stole U.S. Treasury 
plates giving them to Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union. This 
explains why millions of JEWS who illegally entered the 
United States during WWII arrived with healthy bank- rolls 
and proceeded to purchase American property and busi- 
nesses while Aryan Americans were fighting genocidal wars 
in Europe. White, attheBrettonWoodsAgreements(1944), 
was credited with creation of the W orld Bank; and the I nter- 
national M onetary Fund, designed to "stabilize the Interna- 
tional economy." Americans contribute billions of tax-dollars 
annually to these U.N. (One World) related organizations 
which extend low interest rate loans to foreign governments 
for "development purposes." I n fact loans are issued to assure 
that foreign states will have funds available to satisfy loans 
previously contracted with International Bankers. In effect, 



the U.S. Government guarantees these foreign loans made by 
International Bankers in event of default! Thus, Bankers 
enjoy any profits resulting from their high-risk loans while 
America takes any losses. For many years Robert Strange 
M cN amarra presided over the World Bank. Recently (1997) 
he apologized to the American people for his lies and mis- 
management, as U.S. Sec'y of Defense, of the Viet Nam 
"police action." White's mentor, Henry Morganthau, Jr., 
J E W, is best remembered for the M organthau Plan designed 
to reduce Germany to a pastoral state. When told his plan 
would cause millions of German deaths he said, "What the 
hell do I care about the G erman people!" 


LOUIS T. McFADDEN, Chr. House Banking & Cur- 
rency Committee: 

M r. C hairman, we have in this country one of the most 
corrupt institutions the world has ever known. The Federal 
Reserve Board has cheated the United States out of enough 
money to pay the national debt...M r. Speaker, it is a monstrous 
thing for this great Nation to have its destiny presided over by a 
treasonous system acting in secret concert with International 
pirates and userers. Every effort has been made by the FED to 
conceal its power. But the truth is the FED has usurped the 
government of the United States. It controls everything here. It 
controls foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at 
will. (10 June 1932). 

M r. C hairman. ..there is a condition in the U nited States 
Treasury which would cause American citizens, if they knew 
what it was, to lose all confidence in their government. ..a con- 
dition President Roosevelt will not have investigated. M r. M or- 
ganthau has brought with him from Wall Street James 



Warburg, son of Paul Warburg, head of the M anhattan Bank 
(and chief architect of the Federal Reserve System).... James 
Warburg is the son of a former partner of Kuhn-Loeb Co., a 
grandson of another partner, and a nephew of a present partner. 
He holds no office in our government but.. .is in daily atten- 
dance at theT reasury, and that he has private quarters there. I n 
other words, Kuhn-Loeb Co.) now occupies the United States 
Treasury. (29 May 1933). 

Mr. Chairman, understanding that Henry Morganthau, 
who is related to Herbert Lehman, Jewish governor of New 
York, and is related by marriage or otherwise to the Seligmans 
of the International Jewish firm of J&W Seligman, who were 
publicly shown before a Senate Committee of Investigation to 
have offered a bribe to a foreign government; and to the War- 
burgs, whose connection through the Kuhn-Loeb Co., and the 
Bank of Manhattan and other foreign and domestic institu- 
tions under their control, have drained billions of dollars out of 
the U.S. Treasury; and to the Strausses, proprietors of R.H . 
Macy & Co., of New York, which is an outlet for goods 
dumped upon this country at the government's expense... and 
that M r. M organthau is likewise related or otherwise connected 
to the Jewish Banking Community of New York, London, 
Amsterdam and other financial centers, and that he has as his 
assistant presiding over public funds, Earl Bailie, a member of 
thefirmJ&W Seligman, bribe givers as aforesaid— itseemsto 
me that Henry Morganthau's presence in the United States 
Treasury, and the request now give him $200-million of the 
people's money for gambling purposes, is a striking conforma- 
tion of other speeches I have made on this floor (24 June 1934). 

Somepeoplethink Federal Reserve Banks are United States 
Government institutions. They are not Government insti- 
tutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon 
the people of the United States for the benefits of themselves 
and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators 
and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that 
dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a 



man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those 
who send money into states to buy votes to control our legisla- 
tion; and there are those that maintain an international propa- 
ganda for deceiving us... that will permit them to cover up their 
past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of 
crime... (10 June 1932) 

Congressman Louis T. McFadden is a true American 
hero. H is investigations struck directly at the heart of the 
ILLU M IN ATI which, in the 1930s, was plotting the war 
against Germany and Hitler's economic barter- system. 
M cFadden received scant attention from the press although 
he endured a barrage of threats, obscene phone calls, and had 
been shot at. At a banquet in our nation's capitol where he 
was key-noted to speak upon the full implications of his 
investigations of the FED he, enjoying good health, sud- 
denly was seized with paroxysms and died on the spot. There 
was the usual bungled autopsy that fol lows the deaths of U .S. 
government personages. 

The privilege of creating and issuing money is... The 
supreme prerogativeof Government. ABRAH AM LINCOLN. 

GATING COMMITTEE Secret Minutes of Federal 
Reserve Banks Disclose Clandestine and Illegal Behavior. 

(Excerpts 24 May 1977) 

Rep. REU SS, JEW, Chrm. Committee Banking and Financing. 

We have tried everything from moral suasion to attempts 
at complete audit of the FED by the General Accounting 
ffice. ur efforts - handicapped by the FED'S all-encom- 
passing claim of independence have yielded only sporadic 



results. We have never been able to obtain full and complete 
information about the various activities of the FED . (REUSS 

What these minutes reveal about the operations of the 
FED disturbing. Even with 904 deletions (in the minutes) 
made by the FED dealing with "sensitive matters" these min- 
utes raise the most serious questions about the use of power and 

The minutes reveal: 

1. When Congressional legislation that would have sub- 
jected the F E D to close scrutiny.. .was under consideration, the 
FED used the Board of D irectors of its Reserve Banks in a lob- 
bying campaign against the legislation (the FED contacted 
major corporations- who depend upon banks to conduct busi- 
ness- urging the corporation executives to threaten withdrawal 
of political contributions if their Congressmen supported legis- 
lation to investigate the FE D !) (EXTO RT 10 N ). 

2. The FED encouraged Commercial Banks to make loans 
to favored recipients while denying it was doing so. (CO ER- 
GO N ). 3. The FED permitted a Board of Governors director 
to vote on matters in which his law firm had vested interests. 

4. The FED made unsubsidized loans to its own employ- 

5. TheFED permitted D irectors to vote them selves gifts. , 

A nyone of these activities by itself would be cause for con- 
cern. Taken together they form a pattern of decision for public 
accountability. They show a history of behind the scenes manip- 



ulation to ward off legitimate investigations by Cong-ess. (End 

T he above report resulted in the dismissal of Chairman 
of the Board of Governors, Arthur Burns (Burnstein), JEW, 
who was discreetly kicked upstairs by the I LLUM I NAT I and 
made Ambassador to Germ anylTheCommittee avoided dis- 
closure of TREASONOUS ACTIVITY engaged in by the 
FED, during the years covered by the report (See Chapter 3: 
ILLUM INATI), when the FED was busy financing Soviet 
industry during the "Cold War", and our men were dying in 
Viet Nam. 

T here can be no doubt of the fact that finance has already 
more than half enslaved the world and few, if any, individuals, 
corporations, or even nations can afford to displease the M oney 
PRO F. FREDERICK S0DDY,M .A., F.R.S.., Oxford. 

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD House of Representatives 

H EN RY GO N ZALES, Chairman H ouse Banking Committee. 

M r. Chairman, we are being held hostage - President, 
Congress, and the People - by this runaway Board of Gover- 
nors... I have been a member of the Banking Committee for 
20-years... and at no time have we ever had a C hairman or any 
member of the FED Board show a willingness to show an 
accounting of its methods, judgments, policies, and proce- 
dures... made in camera... in the so-called pen M arket Com- 
mittee (FO M C), which is really a secret committee which in 
effect determines the policies that can make or break any 
administration in power.. .M r. Volckersays, "These policies (his) 
will result in thedimunition of the standard of living for some 
Americans." Well, which? David Rockefeller? Chase-M anhattan 



Bank had a lot to do with determining the very resolution 
passed out of this H ouse with respect to Poland (Poland could 
not repay its debts to American banks). ..and Congress reacts 
immediately: Five Billion Dollars to the International Mone- 
tary Fund (IMFl so it can help payments to Chase-M anhattan 
BankL.M r. Volcker does not cut-back there.. .that is not infla- 
tionary. But he says such things as home-loans, loans to the 
U.S. farmer.. .or to small U.S. cities for drainage... for 
food-stamps... that is inflationary and must be cut out. (2 
March 1982). 

If the FED is, as the Governors claim, a governmental 
agency and not an unconstitutional usurper acting illegally, 
then whenever the FED creates money - as it does in order to 
would dictate that in such a case the debt would be canceled 
and the bonds destroyed - like burning a mortgage when the 
house is paid off. But this does not happen. 
REP. JERRY VOORHIS, CA-D, "The Myieriesof the FED", 

H eads of the world's Central Banks are themselves not 
substantive powers in world finance... they are the technicians 
and agents of powerful, dominant men: investment bankers 
who raised them to power and can just as easily throw them 
down. POWER is with the unincorporated Investment Bankers 
behind the scenes. These formed a system of International 
cooperation and dominance which was more private, more 
secret than that of their agents in theCentral Banks. 
PRO F. CARRO LL Q U IG LEY, "Tragedy and H ope". 

Carroll Quigley, a proponent of One World Govern- 
ment, was considered an "insider". H is book was meant to 
be a paean to thelLLUM I NAT I but he told too much. Ini- 
tially, the book was firmly suppressed and pulled from the 
stacks. Quigley, a Professor at Georgetown U., died shortly 
thereafter. President Clinton, in his acceptance address, 
referred to Q uigley as "my mentor". 



Congress can pass laws affecting the general economy after 
long and serious debate; but the FED can sit in a brief session 
and nullify all of these entirely. 
D R. M . A. LARSO N , "The FED and Our M amputated Dollar." 

nly the Federal government can take a perfectly good 
piece of paper, smear ink on it, and make it absolutely worth- 

With the understanding that commercial banks, as as 
Chase-Manhattan; and International Bankers as Kuhn-Loeb 
Co., are integral parts of JEWRY'S World Banking Empire, 
let us take a look at an investigation by the State of New York 
of some commercial banks: 


WILLIAM H. HAD DAD, Attorney, State of New York. 

M r. C hairman, it is the purpose of this report to outline 
the pervasive deliberations of two committees (for the Banks). 
Other evidence comes from the examination of the records.. .of 
Chase-M anhattan Bank which voluntarily allowed us to review 
seeded (Bank) material... shortly before they, and all banks, 
simultaneously stopped cooperating with this inquiry. 

There is no doubt that all these men knew precisely what 
was happening in this City... The banks were clearly 
over-extended in City Securities and in view of the bankers' 
unanimous belief about the eventual default of the City, the 
pressure on these banks to unload their debt-paper by any 
means must have been irresistible... 

The banks bailed out in three ways: 1. They sold extraor- 
dinary amounts of M unicipal Securities from their own portfo- 
lios. 2. They did not replace matured-outM unicipal Securities - 



a reversal of previous practices. 3. They sold for the first time 
new and older City Securities to non-institutinal and non-pro- 
fessional investors without dis3o3ngtheri& they foresaw... 

Precisely, the banks sold N ew York City securities to small 
individual investors and they did so without disclosing their 
inside information as to the City's financial condition.... I none 
classic situation a doctor had recently sold her apartment... 
went to a bank rather than her broker to invest money... she was 
sold securities the bank was unloading... Yet the bank never dis- 
closed this fact to her.... In her view the bank was a neutral and 
impartial middleman acting on the highest ethical principals. 

Some of the banks were required to unload their portfolios 
because their poor investments in REITS, tankers, and under 
developed countries placed them in a financially precarious 
position. According to the minutes at the second meeting held 
at Gracie Mansion (the Mayor's dwelling) Mr. Horowitz, 
Solomon Bros., pointed out "The C ity has lost the institutional 
market... although the banks will continue their assitance, 
out-of-city-banks have stopped buying the City's obligations". 
In the minutes of the Chase-Manhattan's Planning Committee 
was the statememt: "We are continuing to sell N ew York City 
obligations at every opportunity". The strategy called for sales 
even if a loss was sustained. Thank you. (End Excerpts Haddad 

You will not be surprised to learn that the Securities 
Exchang Commission (SEC) exonerated all parties of culpa- 
bility involved in the promotion and sales of the worthless 
New York City Municipal Bonds. This is not an isolated 
case. M ore, it is an indictment of the mind-set of Interna- 
tional Bankers who always place monetary profit above eth- 

Tob Shebbe G oyim H arog! 
TALM U D : Sanhedrin. 



TheTreeof Liberty is nourished with the blood of tyrants; 
It is its natural manure. 

The State monetary authorities can supply the needs of 
the People and provide for all work useful totheStatetoalimit 
imposed by the availabilities of raw materials and the People's 
brain-power and muscle-power, without having to ask permis- 
sion from the Usurer. 
EZRA POUND, "Impact". 

The panic of 1907 was caused by the deliberate contrac- 
tion of the currency and credit; the panics of 1920-21 and 
1929-35 were due to the same identical cause. T here can be no 
doubt about it; and those behind it went so far that they openly 
disclosed to the country the plan and purpose, which forever 
put the plan on public records. It can never be erased. 
ROBERT S. OWEN, U.S. Sen., Congressional Record, 

The record shows that in May 1920, by a drastic 
increase in its rediscount rate (interest rate the FED charges 
banks) one of history's sharpest declines in business activity 
and collapse in prices was deliberately brought about. The 
result was a desperate depression America never recovered 
from, despite FDR's liberal New Deal, until the creation of 
WW II and U.S. factories started to churn again. This was 
thelLLUM I NAT I ploy to prepare America for war with Ger- 
many which was happy and prospering after H itler kicked out 
theJEW usurers and M arxists 

By all these means we shall so wear down the goyim that 
they will be compelled to offer us international power of a 
nature that will enable us withhout violence gradually to absorb 
all the state forces of the world and to form a super government. 






Federal Debt 

1.2 Billion 

1.5 Trillion* 

Pers. 1 nc. Tax 

3.0 Million 

200 Billion 

Value of Dollar 

100 Cents 

7 Cents 

Property owned by FED 


700 Billion 

Cost loaf of bread 

10 Cents 

65 Cents 

Cost ton of coal 

14 Dollars 

35 Dollars 

* 1998 Federal Debt 

is over 


ion dollars! 

Because C ongress did not delegate its legislative author- 
ity over Standard weights and measures, today: One ton = 
2000 lbs. One foot = 12 inches. To pay-off a One Trillion 
Dollars debt at the rate of One dollar per second would 
require 31,682 years {not including interest). 

What about "successful" Americans who have retired 
with generous annuities, and pensions? The system has been 
pretty good to them you say. Yes, that is their reward for 
going along with the system, not raising any dust. N ot asking 
any questions "Kissing ass". W hat they have done is mortgage 
the United States of America in exchange for a condomin- 
ium on the golf course. Their sons, daughters and grandchil- 
dren will foot the bill as miscegenated brown sheep under 
One World Dictate. Never forget: DEBT IS SLAVERY! 
And, unless you area banker, you pay it back in blood, toil, 
tears and sweat. 

By the end of this decade we will live under the first ne 
World Government that has ever existed in the society of 

POPE JOHN PAUL 1 1 , "Keys of this Blood", by M alachi Mar- 



Chapter 5 

The development of society is subject not to biological 
Laws (N ature) but to higher social laws. Attempts to spread to 
humanity the laws of the animal kingdom are an attempt to 
lower the human being to the level of beasts. 

M arxist theory is this century's most influential system of 
ZBIGNIEW BRZEZIN SKI, "Between Two Ages." 

T he H atred that formed the core of M arxism is present in 
the new religion (Freudianism) also. In both cases it is the hate 
of the outsider for his totally alien surroundings, which he can- 
not change, and therefore m ust destroy. 

In the language... of myth, vomit is the correlative and 
inverse term of coitus; and defecation is the correlative and 
inverse term to auditory communication. 

The Id Testament apocalyptics of M arxism. .the anthro- 
pomorphic symbolism of Freud sat well with a religious people 
lookingfor a replacement for a dying, anachronistic faith. It was 
a godsend when Boas arrived. ..and obligingly declared that all 
races are equal. 
WILMOT RO BERST SO H,T he Disposes^ Majority. 

THE20TH CENTURY is^led the bloodiest century 
It also has been called theAGE OF LI ES because KHAZAR 
JEWS devised a program, backed by immense financial 
resources, through which they took control of America's 



M ASS-M EDIA (the technology that made those remarkable 
systems possible- printing, electric light, radio, television, pho- 
tography, motion-pictures, recording, transistors computers sat- 
ellites etc — are all Aryan inventions). 

The capture of America's communications systems by 
an alien nation is a theft of such critical implications that it 
boggles the mind. The free-flow of ideas and information 
envisioned by our Founding Fathers, essential to our Repub- 
lic is filtered first through the minds of TALMUDIC 
MEDIA MOGULS who promulgate only what they want 
you and your children to know. The First Amendment to the 
Constitution of the United States has been abrogated. Amer- 
ica dies from lack of FACTS. Instead, mass-media propa- 
ganda, misinformation, disinformation and filth is the 
deadly poison daily fed to the West: "applause tracks" 

Therefore, when the charlatans MARX, FREUD, and 
BOAS (all JEWS) emerged from the ghettos of Europe, it 
was to be expected that they would be bank-rolled by the 
ILLUMINATI and promoted enthusiastically by America's 
mass-media as saviors of Western C ivilization! W hen in fact 
apparent objectives concealed their subterranean goals. 

MARX attacked the N atural order of M ankind — rule by 
the Best. FREUD aimed at poisoning the Aryan mind. BOAS 
attacked the White gene-pool. Research produced by these 
Satanical quacks supporting their hypotheses was totally sub- 
jective. Facts were considered irrelevant: the end justified the 



means. It is improbable that they actually believed their own 
theories. In one of his widely known letters to Engels, his co- 
conspirator, M arx accurately describes Das Kapital as "full of 
shit." Surely Freud and Boas had similar opinions of their 
own thaumaturgical garbage. In the end they were simply 
KHAZARS engaged in a battle of envy, hate and revenge 
against the Aryan West. William G. Simpson, Which Way 
Western M an?, refers to their TALM UDIC ideologies as "spi- 
rochetes of J E W syphilis." 


KARL MARX, JEW (1818-1883), was born in Ger- 
many, grandson of a rabbi; he converted to Protestantism, 
married a Gentile of petite nobility; then, suffering cultural 
alienation, he abandoned his wife, family and Christianity. 
H is compulsion was to destroy the Aryan society that had 
rejected him. His contribution to the World Revolutionary 
M ovement was immense. 

Marx's strategy was to instill HATRED between the 
classes where it was non-existent before. T he theme underly- 
ing his political ideology is: all History, all Life, is economic 
class warfare. The two warring classes are the Proletariat 
(labor), the good guys; versus the Capitalists (Bourgeoisie), 
exploiters of the proletariat. Capitalism is evil. Therefore 
every vestige of Capitalism must be eliminated: "Expropria- 
tion of the expropriator" (what's yours is mine); and "all 
infected animals" will be destroyed (i.e, Tob ShebbeGoyim 
Harog!). The "Dictate of the proletariat" will be established, 
M arx promises, which eventually will give way to a stateless, 



classless, godless society wherein everyone is equal (no C hris- 
tians allowed, however' and "anti-Semitism" (HATE) is a 
crime!). Marx anticipated Franz Boas, JEW, in his conviction 
that M art's accomplishments are simply a reflection of environ- 
ment. Ergo, qualities of human intelligence, personality, 
behavior, emotional and spiritual life, are determined by 
Man's economic position. Man, he assures us is an animal 
shaped by lust for money: the Idea of State and N ation (Race) is 
ludicrous There are only self-interested individuals, classes 
and groups that hate one another. 

MARX formulated his anti-nature ideology by borrow- 
ing, out of context, ideas from two Aryan philosophers: the 
great GeorgW. Fried rich Hegel (1770-1831); and LudwigA. 
Feuerbach (1804-1872), who is remembered primarily for 
his influence on M arx and Sartre. 

HEGEL believed that Man's salvation would come 
through Reason. H e believed that Reason operated according 
to the Dialectical Method, in which an Idea (Thesis) is chal- 
lenged by its opposite (Antithesis), and the two subsequently 
metamorphose into an interfused Whole (Synthesis). Hegel 
saw this method working in logic; in World history; in man- 
agement of the State; and in the establishing theSpirit of the 
Age. Hegal, an idealist who would have ridiculed Marx, 
believed the Dialectic produced harmonious and continuous 
evolution within the Nation-State and between its component 
parts. FEUERBACH, a materialist, said man is what he eats: 
matter in motion, nothing more. This concept appears, also, 
in Freud's and Boas' rantings. 



Marx stated there is no God therefore man is not 
accountable for his acts to some divine Judge. Man is with- 
out soul or free-will therefore without significant individual 
value. He is an evolutionary animal dependent upon his 
mind (Reason) for salvation. M arx believed Man's destiny is 
determined solely by his environment (Marx, apparently, 
never learned of his nemesis, Gregor Johann M endel (1822- 
1884), after whom Mendelism is named — the study of all 
things Genetic). In nature everything is evolving because 
everything is determined by its opposite: ergo, the thesis syn- 
thesizes with the antithesis thus becoming a new and differ- 
ent thesis — this process repeats itself ad infinitum. In 
society, therefore, conflict (Dialectical Materialism) is inevi- 
table, essential and continuous until the entire structure 
(State) collapses. Because thisfate is inevitable, and change is 
progress, why wait? Revolt. Now. Destroy! Kill! Bourgeoisie 
v. Proletariat = Revolution =dictate = ONE WORLD JEW 
GOVERNMENT. The ILLUMINATI sponsors Marxists/ 

There are times when creation can be achieved only 
through destruction. The urge to destroy, then, is a creative 

"Bourgeoisief' isaj EW codewrd for successful gcyim: 
more specifically, for successful middledass WH ITEM EN . 
The Bourgeoisie according to M arx, possess everything but 
are entitled to nothi ng Whilethe proletariat possess nothi ng 



but are entitled to everything. This is also a Christian con- 
cept: "The last shall be first." Albeit, M arx neglected to men- 
tion that the Dialectic insists the proletariat, too, shall be 
replaced! The masses are too ignorant to question the Pied 
Piper, but they very much like the idea of immediate 
EQUALITY (seedeTocqueville). 

The victory of the proletariat will abolish all classes 
except for one: "T he dictate of the proletariate." And what or 
who is that? The Dictate are privileged JEWS who will pre- 
side over the proletarian State. T he State will own the farms 
businesses, industries, palaces, town-houses and dachas, 
expropriated from the filthy bourgeois! The Dictate will also 
own the Gulag, which will be filled with prols. As George 
Orwell, perspicaciously pointed out in his book Animal 
Farm: Every one is equal — but some are more equal than oth- 

M arxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active 
man, over the inner, passive man; and a victory of reason over 
belief.. ..Americas is undergoing a revolution. ..(that) unmasks 
its obsolescence.. .by the year 2000 it will be accepted that Rob- 
spierreand Lenin were mild reformers. 
Z. BRZEZIN SKI, "Between Two Worlds"; CFR/TRI, Prof. 
Georgetown U ., advisor to U .S. President Jim my Carter. 

We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for 
ever. N othing that you do will meet our needs and demands. 
We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own... 
MAURICE SAM U ELS, "You Gentiles" (1924). 



F. P. Yockey, in his suppressed book/mper/'um, notes that 
MARXISM is seriously flawed because MARX, being a JEW, 
could not understand the real differences between CAPI- 
TALISM and SOCIALISM, which emanated from the 
Socialism are how a Nation (Family, People, Race) feels, thinks, 
and lives, and secondarily are ECONOMIC CONCEPTS. 
One is past history; the other, WESTERN SOCIALISM, 
represents the future of the West, and the end of J E W RY on 
Western soil. 

The Age of Reason produced CAPITALISM in the 
West, the IDEA of rugged individualism: "Every Man for 
H imself." Freedom from authority: "Don't tread on me!" At 
the same time, paradoxically, it was understood, that these 
rugged individuals should act in the best interest of the 
Nation-State. To the West ECONOMIC CAPITALISM 
meant: free trade, no personal income-tax, no state interfer- 
ence in money matters, private ownership, etc. USURY, 
however, was relegated outside the Pale, and proscribed. 

Capitalists found no fault with economically defeating, 
within the law, opposing economic groups. That was consid- 
ered "healthy competition." European States, goaded by 
Bankers, also competed with one another. Often with disas- 
trous results. During WWI it became painfully clear that the 
IDEA of "rugged individualism" worked against the A RYAN 
NATION and its individual States. 

WESTERN SOCIALISM, unlike M arxism/Commu- 
nism and Capitalism, emanates not from Reason alone but 



from the ETHOS OF THE WEST. It expresses the instinc- 
tive and I ntuitive feelings UNIQUE to the Aryan Nation. Its 
Idea is the M usketeers 1 cry: "0 ne for All and All for ne!" 
The ingathering of the White Nation-States into ONE 
CULTURAL ORGANISM - its own territory and its own 
State in which to house, protect, and nurture the Nation — 
precludes Marxist inspired class warfare and hate-struggles 
between its component parts. The ECONOMY springs 
from the CULTURE. MONEY becomes merely a tool, a 
means of exchange, a storage of value — not an I LLU M I- 
NATI weapon. 

To Socialism money- possession is not the determinant of 
rank in society any more than it is in the Army. Social rank in 
Socialism does not follow M oney but authority (ability). 

World-daGSthinkersof all disciplines agree, MARXISM 
and the Age of Reason have come to an ignominious dead- 
end. No intelligent person took MARX seriously. His Old 
Testament idea that work is evil — and New Testament idea 
that men and races are equally endowed — opposes Nature 
and the very Soul of the West. The carrot offered "Workers 
of the World" was immediate EQUALITY in exchange for 
their dumb obedience After the "expropriation" they would 
"lose their chains" and retire into La-La land; to be served 
and supported forever by survivors of the hated middledass! 
(as in the United States, Europe and South Africa today). 



As a propagandist — a seducer of innocents, sophists, 
Liberals and born losers— MARX was superb. His place in 
history assured. 

3-million unarmed middle-class Russians (priests, pro- 
prietors, artists, scientists, farmers, managers, et al.) were 
slaughtered in the initial thrust of the BOLSHEVIK REVO- 
LUTION, and 31-million died in the aftermath of its JEW 

Marxists, Bolsheviks, Communists denounce "capitalist 
pigs." Whilefrom behind the scenes— in the on-going bat- 
tle to implement the PROTOCOLS OF ZION - all wars 
and revolutions are financed by JEW CAPITALISTS. 

Today it is estimated even by Jacob's grandson, John Schiff 
(Kuhn-Loeb Co.), a prominent member of N ew York Society, 
that the old man sank about $20-m illion for the final triumph 
of Bolshevism in Russia. 

CHOLLY KN ICKERBOCKER, "N .Y. Journal-American", 2- 


Today; Sigmund Freud, J EW (1856-1939), is known 
only for his anti-cultural significance And for the sa/ere 
damage he inflicted upon the Western psyche before his hoax 
was regaled. Freud like Marx attempted to lump all men 
together as equals stripped of any noble or spiritual, signifi- 
cance The two JEWS simply usee/ different methods to accom- 
plish a angular purpose, the ILLUMINATI purpose: 
Destruction oftheWetf. 



W hen Freud was a young doctor a Viennese psycholo- 
gist described to him the case-history of a patient who, while 
under hypnosis, related a traumatic event in her life that con- 
tinued to cause her anxiety. Upon being released from hyp- 
nosis her anxiety was completely cured. Freud, like Saul of 
Tarsus, J E W, on the road to D amascus, suddenly saw "possi- 
bilities" and opened a "head-shrinking" business. He aban- 
doned the use of hypnosis and invented psychoanalysis. A 
method of consultation in which patients, reluctant to reveal 
their intimate personal problems (resistance), transfer their 
emotional ties to the analyst. 

PSYCHOLOGY isthestudy of neurosis, psychosis, per- 
version, and the normal mind. PSYCHOANALYSIS is a 
treatment. But of what? Symptoms can bediagnosed but the 
root cause, like the wind, can't be seen. Brain diseases, are 
physiological, and tangible. But mind diseases originate in 
the genes and the Soul of M an, two areas Freud knew noth- 
ing about, and cared about even less. Psychiatric "couch ses- 
sions", like seances (rap sessions) and tea-readings, are 
clothed in an ambiance of mystery and occult nomenclature. 
Actually analysis is little more than the power of suggestion. 
Everyone knows "confession is good for the soul." And a pla- 
cebo may accomplish miracles. But the Freudian "cure" 
began with the premise that everyone is neurotic: either per- 
verted or inverted. Ergo, Aryans are sick, too! Just like us 



The fundamental problem is that psychoanalysis is the 
product of JEW animus toward Western Civilization. The 
unconscious desire of the JEWS is to unmask the respectability 
of European society. .which closed JEWS out.. .by dredging up 
sordid and infantile sexual aberrations. 
HOWARD SACHERJEW. Oneoftheoriginal Freudians. 

Ergo, revelations by credulous patients, duped into 
compliance, relieve the analysts' inferiority-complexes! JEWS 
(Psychoanalysts) are easily converted to aJEW system. 

Since they are unable to understand or participate in West- 
ern society they have no choice but to oppose it. 
SIGM UND FREUD, JEW, "The Resistance to Psychoanaly- 

Another problem isthat J EW psychoanalysts who more 
often than not are mentally abnormal, are licensed to deter- 
mine who is"normal." This is reminiscent dTheBlind M en 
and the Elephant. Then there is the "couch problem." Pater- 
nity and molestation Law suits against analysts, whose prac- 
tice is to relieve vulnerable patients of sexual anxieties, areas 
frequent as L.A. muggings. T his is like hiring the pedophiles 
Woody Allen, JEW, and Roman Polanski, JEW, to baby-sit. 

T he madness continues as Freud focuses on the Western 
Soul. He finds it strictly mechanical and totally predictable: 
Spiritual impulses are simply sexual impulses. Therefore, in 
Freud's TALM UDIC brain all men are EQUAL because they 
are all sexually neurotic. And he decides what is neurotic! To 
Karl M arx, Beethoven's 9th Symphony was Bourgeoisie 



duplicity. To Freud it expressed Beethoven's latent lust for 
Schiller. Obviously, Cultural Man, the JEWS' enemy, must 
be eliminated by turning him into an economic robot and 
animated genitalia! 

A generation ago the leading theory about schizophrenia 
was.. .(that it was) caused by cold and distant mothering, itself 
the mother's unconscious wish that her child had never been 
born... 20-years later that artifact of the Freudian (JEW) era is 
entirely discredited. 
U.S.NEWS& WORLD REPO RT, 4-21-97. 

Freud's gimmick: that the Aryan Soul is mechanical, 
allowed himto invent diseases of the Soul which only he and 
his JEW disciples could diagnose and cure neurosis com- 
plexes (especially guilt, and inferiority), repression, perver- 
sion, fixation, penile envy, etc. Part of the "cure" was 
DREAM ANALYSIS, which contains common reoccurring 
patterns T hese patterns have convol uted, esoteric i nterpreta- 
tions But, only caballa members understand them and only 
they can effect the thaumaturgic "cures." The DREAM 
WORLD reflects Soul "anxiety." For example, to dream of 
the death of a family member meant you hated one or both 
of your parents. Freudians conceived another "Original Sin": 
all children are sexually perverted, therefore, because Child is 
father to the M an, everyone is sexually perverted. EVERY - 

Freudianism is Kabbalistic, encompassing the occult, 
Satanism, phallisicm, necromancy, numerology, etc., all ema- 



nating from H ebraic superstitions, Talmudic lore, and from 
Freud's cocaine- diseased brain. 

Hollywood finds sit-com material 

Ever since Sigmund Freud declared that all young boys 
want to kill their fathers and copulate with their mothers 
JEWS have been been waging war against the traditional 
Aryan family. The latest poison. ..comes from Drs. LouiseB. 
Silverstein and Carl P. Auerbach (JEWS) in their article 
"D econstructing the Essential Father." T hey write: 

"In contrast to neo-conservative perspective, our data on 
gay fathering couples have convinced us that neither mother 
nor father is essential". ..they agree that children need some 
"responsible care-taking" adult, but that "one, none, or 
both. ..could be a father or mother" with equal degree of effec- 
tiveness. Furthermore they deny that "heterosexual marriage is 
the social context in which responsible fathering is most likely 
to occur." Silverstein and Auerbach infer that LOVE shared by 
natural parents and their children is no greater than that shared 
with foster-parents - whether queer, straight, or the same race. 
In their M ARXIST/LIBERAL/ TALM U D IC world, all "care- 
takers" are equal. Therefore, natural families are equally irrele- 

official journal of the American Psychological Association. 

W hen the Berlin Wall fell (1990) M arxism went down... 
Freudianism, too, despite its continuing influence.. .has also 
cometumbling down. Today theofficial line is that psychoanal- 
ysis is not really a science after all but rather an art form. 
parable to flower arrangement or macrame? 
JOSEPH E PST E I N , I E W, editor of The American Scholar. 




FRANZ BOAS, JEW (1858-1942) was born in Ger- 
many. As Marx and Freud hewasaKHAZAR, distinguished 
by his repellent physical ugliness. He was not an anthropolo- 
gist, and where he got hisdoctorate remains uncertain (Kiel, 
Ger.?). Albeit, he was appointed professor of Anthropology, 
Columbia University, in 1899, remaining there for 40-years. 
H issponsors undoubtedly were I LLUM IN ISTS. 

Boas' objective was to strike at the heart of the Aryan 
Race — its gene-pool. To that end he organized the Boas 
School of C U LT U RAL AN T H RO PO LO G Y which presents 
the doctrine that there are no distinct races; per contra it pro- 
fesses that ALL men share EQUAL potential: racial differ- 
encesresult, largely, from environmental factorsrather than from 
heredity. This ideology, or pseudo-science, is enthusiastically 
endorsed by LIBERALS/ MARXISTS/JEWS and is totally 
disproved by the natural science of Physical Anthropology — 
accepted by foremost world authorities on the subject. Boas 
asserts that Race is a myth because the races over eons have 
intermingled; that mongrel mixtures are better than the par- 
ents. They argue that all human blood is the same; all peo- 
ples have a common origin; the races are, therefore, akin. No 
race excels because it is more gifted, or better, but because it 
has had a more favorable environment and better luck. 
Because races are equal miscegenation is not only permissi- 
ble, it is desirable (eliminate the cursed White Race). We are 
The Family of Man, therefore, ALL MEN ARE EQUAL. 



The United Nations gave the Boas Doctrine its uncondi- 
tional approval: 

T he scientific evidence indicates that the range of mental 
capabilities in all ethnic groups is much the same.. .As for per- 
sonality and character, these may be considered raceless... given 
similar degrees of cultural opportunities to realize their potenti- 
alities, the average achievement of members of each ethnic 
group is about the same. 
UNESCO papers, (Excerpt) 1950. 

Aswe have learned, SPI ROCH ETES OF J EW SYPH I- 
Ll S (Boaasm is one of these) are injected into every society 
the I LLU M I N ATI sets out to destroy But, let me say here 
and now that the Boas Doctrine— in its entirety — has been 
exposed as a fraud! Thiswill bediscussed more fully in Chap- 
ter V, Mendelism. 

Founders of the Boas School of Anthropology were Ash- 
ley Montague (Israel Ehrenberg), Raymond Pearl, Melville 
Herskovitz, Herbert Seligman, Otto Klineberg, Gene Welt- 
fish, Amran Sheinfeld, IsadoreChein, Ruth Benedict, M arg- 
aret Meade, and Kenneth Clark. All but three (Meade, 
Benedict, and the negro Clark) are JEWS. Boas was cited by 
Congress for 46-Communist front affiliations. The subver- 
sive activities of Montague, Weltfish, Benedict, and Hersko- 
vitz are well known to the CIA, FBI and Congressional 
investigating committees. All of these MARXISTS/LIBER- 
ALS/JEWS, spreading JEW syphilis, established chairs of 



Cultural Anthropology at A mericafs most prestigious univer- 

During their spurious academic careers Boasites LIED 
repeatedly, falsified research, bore false witness, slandered, and 
used all means necessary to achieve their ultimate objective. I 
knew Franz Boas personally. I was able to observe his influence 
as founder of the science of anthropology in America. I was also 
able to observe the increasing degree of control exercised by the 
Boas cult over students and younger professors until fear or loss 
of jobsor statuswascommon... unless conformity to thedogma 
of racial equality was maintained... 

DR. H . E. GARRETTT, Chr. Dept. of Psychology, Columbia 

PROFESSOR JOHN R. BAKER, Oxford, ("Science 
and the Planned Statef') quotes Boasite and Communist 
scholar Triofim Lysenko, U .S.S.R., who declared that science 
must be made to support Communist theory that facts 
regarding chromosomes and heredity must be suppressed 
because "from itsconception (genetics) ieadsto reactionary ideas 
about race... and it is possible to defend the false bass of M en- 
delism only by lies" In the Soviet, proponents of genetics were 
executed, or imprisoned in the Gulag. (Anti-Semitism was 
madea crime). Thedistinction between Mendelism (Nature) 
and Marxism (ideology) is expressed best in the following 

"Beauty is Truth and Truth is Beauty - that is all ye know 
upon this earth and all you need to know." 
10 H N KEATS, "Ode on a Grecian Urn." 



JEWRY equated M endelism with Nazism, "racism", and the 
alleged "Holocaust." Consequently, throughout the West, 
the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith (Sons of the 
Covenant) made it verboten to discuss Genetics in public 
forum. By the 1980s, however, the vast benefits being made 
available to Mankind through M endelism were described in 
the most prestigious scientific journals, lectures, and so on, 
making it impossible for the mass-media to conceal the 
FACTS any longer; one of which is: the Races are inherently 
unequal. This irrefutable fact strikesat theheart of MARXISM I 
LIBERALISM /JEWRY and their effort to miscegenate the Races 
and create One World ILLUMINATI Government. As one 
might expect the mass-media, Christian Church, JEWRY 
and academia continue to promulgate the false doctrines of 
BOASISM and ignore or decry M endelism. 

M arxists are self-confessed partisans, their "science" subor- 
dinate to their (ideological) commitment. That can hardly do 
less than prejudice their analysis, their data, hinder free inquiry, 
and distort their conclusions. 

PROF. A. JAM ES GREGOR, The Mankind Quarterly (Spr. 

The BOAS proposal that Mankind is composed of 
interchangeable races equally endowed with courage intelli- 
gence character, ability, discipline ambition, morals dc., 
would have caused the signers of the U.S. Constitution to 



grab their rifles. M oreover, the Founders believed in meritoc- 
racy NOT rank- in- reverse: privates running the army, and 
media-moguls running the U.S. Congress. Founders expected 
America always to be a bastion of the West. Not a racial 
refuse dump. FRANZ BOAS, JEW, more than any other 
individual, destroyed the Founders' visions. 

BOASISM seeks a Communist equality — not equality 
of opportunity or equality- of- merit but of results— which 
requires transferring money from achievers, who earned it, to 
the incapable, indigent and "disadvantaged." Since achievers 
resist dispossession the government is given more regulatory 
and police powers. The under-achievers — a large voting- 
bloc — very much favor receiving your tax-dollars from pol- 
iticians who will give away anything (of yours) for a vote. 
How else can degenerates like U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy 
remain in office? In the U.S., today, 60% of the National 
Budget goes toward Welfare. Distributors of this immense 
wealth are low IQ Negroes (the "rising middle-class") 
employed by local, state, and federal governments at high IQ 

M y house is a decayed house, and the JEW squats on the 
window sill, theowner, Spawned in some estamint of Antwerp, 
Blistered in Brussels, Patched and peeled in London... 
T.S.ELIOT, from "Gerontion." 

T he 1950 U N ESCO Statement denyi ng Race as a fac- 
tor (see above), was denounced by the world's most distin- 
guished scientists and by men in the streets who knew race 



when they saw it. In 1952 U N ESCO retracted its statement 
acknowledging finally that "Races are 'real' and not mere 
"artifacts of classification." But, true to its M arxist orienta- 
tion, UNESCO conveniently forgot its apology. Its original 
(1950) position as stated now appears in almost all reference 

Similar misinformation (LIES) occurred in the pivotal 
and tragic U .S. Supreme Court case Brown v. The Board of 
Education, 1954, which decided against segregation of the 
Negro. The case was presented by Thurgood Marshall, 
Negro, Consul for the NAACP, supported by the NAACP 
staff of JEW lawyers. BOASIST Professor Kenneth B. Clark, 
Negro, performed as chief witness. Clark presented research 
data from his experiments with black and white dolls, and 
the reaction of Negro children to those tests, "proving that 
segregation inflicts injuries upon the Negro." He almost had 
the justices in tears. Problem was, the research was DON E 

I am forced to the conclusion that Professor Clark misled 
the court. ...In short, if Professor Clark's tests do demonstrate 
damage to N egro children, then they demonstrate the damage 
is less with segregation and more with congregation (integra- 
tion).. .D id Professor Clark know that his previous tests indicate 
that according to his own criteria N egro children are less dam- 
aged by segregation than by congregation?... From Professor 
Clark's experiments, his testimony, and finally his essay... the 
best conclusion that can be drawn is that he did not know what 
he was doing; and worst, that he did. 



DR. ERNEST VAN DEN HAAG, Professor of Social Philoso- 
phy, NYU, Villanova Law Rev/'ew (VI, 1960). 

The problem we faced was not the historian's discovery of 
the truth... it was not that we were formulating lies... we were 
using facts... sliding off facts... quietly ignoring facts and above 
all interpreting facts in a way... to get by those boys down there. 
DR. A. H . KELLY, expert employed by theNAACP, in a con- 
fession before the American Historical Assoc, 1961, regarding 
the infamous desegregation case. 

Marshall went on to become a member of the U.S. 
Supreme Court where his colleagues voted his opinions the 
worst in Court history. Clarke continued the JEWS' tool to 
the bitter end. 

The disasters visited upon White America, and upon 
Negroes, and the disasters yet to come, resultant of the 
Supreme Court decision to miscegenate the races, are almost 



Chapter 6 


Spirochetes of JEW Syphilis (Continued) 

The H olocaust was the murder of 6-M illion Jews, includ- 
ing 2-M illion children. H olocaust denial is a second murder of 
those same 6-M illion. First their lives were extinguished then 
their deaths. A person who denies the H olocaust becomes part 
of the crime of the H olocaust itself. 
DAVID M ATAS, JEW, Senior Counsel, "League for H uman 
Rights," B'nai B'rith. 

The policy pursued by the Third Reich resulted in the kill- 
ing of 6-M illion JEWS of which 4-M illion were killed in the 
extermination institutions. 


My objection to the Nuremberg Trial was that while 
C lothed in the form of justice they were in fact an instrument 
of government policy determined once before at Teheran and 
Yalta... a blot on the American record we shall long 
regret...which violates the fundamental principal of American 
Law that a man cannot be tried under ex post facto statute. 
U.S. SEN. ROBERT TAFT, "Profiles in Courage," by J. F. 

So far as the N urem berg Trial... I dislike extremely to see it 
dressed up with a false facade of legality. 
HARLAN FISKE STO N E, C hief Justice U .S. SupremeCourt. 

The statements admitted as evidence were obtained from 
men who had first been kept in solitary confinement (up to) 
five months.. .T he investigators would put a black hood over the 
accused's head and then punch him in the face with brass 
knuckles, kick him and beat him with rubber hoses.. .137 Ger- 
mans out of 139 cases had their testicles smashed beyond 
repair.. .(0 ther methods used were) Posturing as priests to hear 



confession and absolution; torture with burning matches driven 
under the nails; knocking out teeth and breaking bones; near 
starvation rations; threatening to deport accuseds' families to 
the Soviet side... The "American" investigators responsible (who 
later functioned as prosecutors at the N uremberg Trials were, 
Lt. Col. Burton Ellis {C hief oftheWarCrimesCommittee) and 
his assistants: Capt. Raphael Shumacher, JEW; Lt. Robert E. 
Byrne; Lt. Wm. R. Perl, JEW; M r. M orris Ellpowitz, J EW; M r. 
Harry Thon; Mr. D. Kirschbaum, JEW; Col. A.H . Rosenfield, 
J EW, Legal Advisor to the court. 

E. L. VAN RHODEN, Simpson Army Commission, Dachau, 

The entire atmosphere here is unwholesome... Lawyers, 
clerks, interpreters, and researchers were employed (JEWS) — 
who became Americans only recently — whose backgrounds 
were embedded in Europe's hatred's and prejudices. 
JUSTICE W EN NERSTRUM, Nuremberg Military Tribunal. 

TheJEW againsttheGoy isallowed to rape, cheat and per- 
jure himself. 
TALMUD: Babba Kama. 

TOB SHEBBE GOYIM H A ROG ! (The best of the Gen- 
tiles isto be killed!) 
TALMUD: Sanhedrim 

THE "HOLOCAUST" must be viewed in context: 
against the back-ground of world history, the TO RAH , the 
TALMUD, and Rothschild's World Revolutionary Move- 
ment (W RM ). It is necessary to comprehend the KH AZAR 
JEWS' congenital hatred of Gentiles, with their most rabid 
hatred reserved for the Aryan nation. 

The ILLUM INATI set up the chess-board for WWI, 
their profits assured, when a corrupt U .S. Congress enacted 
the Federal Reserve Act (1913). The murders of Archduke 



Francis Ferdinand and his wife, by Gavrilo Princip, Serb 
FREEMASON, precipitated the War. BOLSHEVIK 
inspired treason destroyed Russia's ability to continue the 
war. German troops, then, were transferred from Russia to 
the Western Front. The war was being won by Germany 
when Chaim WeizmannJEW (later, first President of Israel) 
made a quid pro quo agreement with Britain: JEWS would 
bring the U nited Statesinto the war if Britain would guarantee 
JEWS (KHAZARS) a "Homeland in Palestine" (Britain dou- 
ble-crossed theArabswith theBalfour Declaration, 191 7). J EW 
lies about G erman "atrocities" brought A merica into the war. 
Following the "Armistice," and the betrayal and defeat of 
Germany, terms of the infamous Treaty of Versailles (The 
"Kosher Treaty") almost destroyed the German people. 
BOLSH EVIKS moved in for the kill, attempting to establish 
a Soviet Dictate in Germany as they had in Russia. But the 
German People tossed them out. Then, to the astonishment 
of the world, Chancellor Adolph Hitler, who emphasized 
genetics and the homogeneity of the Aryan race, led Ger- 
many to an amazing spiritual and economic recovery. How- 
ever, JEWS consider nationalism, racial pride, and family, 
threats to their "Chosen" status; that is, their "right" to 
embed themselves among their cattle and suck their vital 
juices undetected. The WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS 
(organized in Geneva, Switzerland, by "American" rabbi 
Stephen Wise) Declared War on Germany (1933): manifest 
in money manipulation, slander, libel, assassinations, boycott 
of German products, sabotage, etc. J EW mischief is seen in 
the Lindbergh kid nap ping/ murder case (see: Isador Fisch, 



JEW); the Hindenburg Zeppelin tragedy and other crimes 
against Aryans of German descent here and abroad, as the 
ILLU M I N ATI prepared for WW II. Germans, thereafter, 
considered JEWS not only alien intruders but enemies of the 
State. T he C U LT U RAL schism between Aryans and J EW S 
worked to the advantage of ZION ISTS in their efforts to 
induce KHAZAR JEWS everywhere to "return" to Palestine. 
Thus, we find ZIONISTS collaborating with the Third Reich, 
and other European governments to remove JEWS from soon to 
be incinerated Europe. 

H itler's "unforgivable sin" was not his policy to colonize 
JEWS — they had been kicked out of every European state 
at one time or another. WWII was fought because H itler's 
Juden Frei MONETARY POLICY completely by-passed 
Rothschild's central ban king system. Germany's new Reich's 
Bank abandoned international gold reserves; issued its own 
interest-free currency (as Lincoln had done) — backed only 
by the productive capacity of the German People. I n retalia- 
tion the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS refused to accept 
the Deutsch M ark on the foreign exchange. Germany, then, 
simply bartered her products by-passing the middleman. Visible 
to the entire world, Germany had defied the I LLU M IN ATI, 
dug herself out of a pit of debt and despair, thrown off her 
shackles and became the most prosperous State in Europe. 
JEWS knew their worldwide banking empire was jeopar- 
dized. General George Catlett M arshall, U .S. Sec'y of State, 
records in his memoirs that in 1938 — three years before 
Pearl Harbor — "American" Bernard Baruch, JEW, confi- 



dant of Wilson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Churchill and many 
other power- players, stated, "We're going to get that fellow 
H itler! We're not going to let him get away with it. .we're going 
to destroy Germany's barter system!" But other world leaders 
paid H itler well deserved tribute: 

A change in Germany's monetary system caused her to 
turn from abysmal depression to a glorious economy.. .which 
caused England's WW I leader, Lloyd George, to call Hitler, 
The greatest statesman living and the German people the hap- 
piest on earth.' 
HUGO R. FLACK, "The Great Betrayal." 

W hile all those formidable transformations were occurring 
in Europe, Corporal H itler was fighting his long wearing battle 
for the G erman heart. T he story of that struggle cannot be read 
without admiration... If our country were defeated I hope we 
should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage 
and lead us back to our place among nations. 
WINSTON CHURCHILL, "Straight Speaking" by Francis 

M ariner Eccles of the Federal Reserve Board, U .S.A., and 
M ontague N orman, JEW, of the Bank of England decided, not 
later than 1935, on the joint policy of killing H itler's financial 
experiment by all methods including war if necessary. N orman's 
job was to engineer H itler into the dilemma of having to reverse 
his financial policy or commit an act of aggression. 
"THE WORD," English monthly, C . C . Vieth. 

The fight against Germany has been carried on for 
months... by every JEW in the world.... We shall let loose a spir- 
itual; and material war of the whole world against Germany. 
Germany's ambition is to become a great nation again... our 
JEWISH interests on the other hand demand the complete 
destruction of G ermany. T he G erman nation is collectively and 
individually a danger to usJEW S. 



V. JABLONSKY, JEW, Representative French Zionist Con- 
gress, from his article in "N atcha Retch", 1932. 

Let me take you back to 1913... If I had stood here then 
and said to you. ..the Archduke would be killed and that out of 
all that followed came the chance, the opportunity, theoccasion 
for establishing a national home for JEWS in Palestine. .you 
would have looked at me as an idle dreamer. H as it ever 
occurred to you how remarkable it is that out of this welter of 
world blood there has arisen this opportunity? Do you really 
believethisisan accident? 

LORD MELCHETTEJEW, Pres. English Zionist Federation, 

As you remember, Rothschild planted the BOLSHE- 
VIK/COMMUNIST STATE in Russia (1917), totally 
depended upon his central- ban king system. The U.S.S.R. 
was a Bolshevik dagger pointed at the heart of Europe. H it- 
ler's strategy was to defeat the U .S.S.R. Liberate the Great 
Russian people from KHAZAR/JEW domination — creat- 
ing a new Euro-Slavic trading partner. Then, by deporting 
alien races, H itler intended to create a united Europe with an 
Aryan population base. 

Germans despised and feared Communism. They had 
witnessed thehorrorsof the Bolkshevik Revolution, in which 
the cultural-stratum of Russia, and Eastern Europe had been 
virtually annihilated. Germans were angered too by the 
slaughter (1918) of the Russian Royal Family: The Czar, 
Czarina (a Catholic German princess), their four young 
daughters, and 12-year old son. All had been hacked and 
shot to death, by JEWS, their bodies dismembered, thrown 



into a pit, then covered with lime (Skeletal remains were 
recovered, c.1990). 

Before WWII, H itler had established himself as the arch 
enemy of Liberalism, M arxism, and Jewry - precisely thethree 
driving forces.. .that had ridden into power with Franklin 
Roosevelt's N ew D eal (D emocrats). 
W I L M T RO B E RT SO N , T he D /'possessed M ajority, 1976. 

Thefirst spectacular triumph of the non-Christian Eastern 
European Democrats was Roosevelt's recognition, less than 9- 
months after his inauguration, of the Soviet government of 
Russia... November 16, 1933 — at midnight! ...a date our chil- 
dren will long have tragic cause to remember. That was the date 
Soviet Foreign Commisar, Maxim Litvinoff (Finkelstein) JEW, 
plunderer of Estonia and the Soviet's first agent for socializing 
England, sat down with President Roosevelt — after Dean 
Acheson (the "Red Dean") and H enry M organthau, JEW, had 
done the spadework of propaganda and made the deal that has 
led the American people and our once vast resources into a 
social and economic calamity.... 

PRO F.JOHN 0. BEATY, Thelron Curtain Over America, cite. 
W. La Varre, American Legem M agazine, August 1951. 

Some of my best friends are Communists. 

I have said this before, but I shall say it again, and again, 
and again. Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign 
wars! (America elected FD R 3-weeks later.) 

The whole story of Germany's appeal for negotiations and 
our curt refusal and severance of diplomatic relations was not 
published in 1937 and 1938 when Germany made her appeal, 
but was withheld from the public until ferreted out by the 
House Committee on un-American Activities after WWII... 
and released to the press more than 10-years after the facts were 



so criminally suppressed. 

D R. JO H N . BEATY, Colonel U .S. Army Intelligence. 

The victory of Communism in the world would be far 
more dangerous to the United States than the victory of Fas- 
cism. T here has never been the slightest danger that the people 
of this country would ever embrace Bundism or N aziism... But 
Communism masquerades, often successfully, under the guise 
of democracy. 
SEN . H OWARD TAFT, Human Events 28 M arch 1951. 

W hat has been called the "Jewish problem" is seen for the 
first time. Not race, not religion, not ethics, not nationality, not 
political allegiance, but something that includes them all, sepa- 
rating theJEW from the West— Culture. 

There is overwhelming evidence that Hitler did not 
want a European war. H e made many attempts to convince 
Britain to join Germany in the destruction of Communism, 
the Soviet, and re-unification of Aryan Europe. But, the 
ILLUM INATI — not the English people— control Britain. 
In America, the Polish Ambassador, Count Jerzy Potacki, 
complained that American radio, film and press were "almost 
100% JEWISH controlled," and they "clamored for war 
against Germany." They wanted to exacerbate the Polish 
Corridor dispute with Hitler, which he was negotiating. 
Potacki identified the "Americans" behind this campaign as 
Herbert Lehman, JEW, Governor of New York; Bernard 
Baruch, J EW, advisor to the President; H enry M organthau, 
JEW, Sec'y Treasury; Felix Frankfurter, JEW, U.S. SupCrt. 
Rabbi Steven W ise. They acted, Potacki said, as defenders of 



democracy but were "connected by unbreakable ties to inter- 
national JEWRY." 

Following the declaration of war against Germany 
(WWII) an ominous pause developed. Both sides haunted 
by ghosts of WWI waited, hoping for someone, something 
to prevent another blood-bath. Up front the "enemies" frat- 
ernized. David Irving (Churchill'sWar), documents the PM 's 
frustration with the "Phoney War." He sought blood, and 
glory— and he had promises to keep. H is advisor, Professor 
Frederick Lindemann, "German" JEW, proposed that the 
British initiate terror bombing of civilians. This proposal was 
given "top priority by the British Government." H itler, who 
had inveighed against air campaigns against civilian targets, 
would be forced to retaliate. 

Prime M inister N eville C hamberlain stated that "America 
and the world JEW S had forced England into war." 
1AM ES FO RRESTAL, U .S. Sec. N av., T he Forreial Diaries. 

Initially, "Churchill'sWar' 1 , went badly for Britain. On 
cue ChamWazmannJEW, ZIONIST, the I LLU Ml NAT I 
point-man, once again slithers onto the scene 

We managed to bring the United States into the First 
World War and if you tow our line over Palestine and theJEW- 
ISH fighting force, then we can persuade the JEWS of the 
United States to drag theU nited States into it again this time. 
WEIZMANN letter to Churchill, Weizmann Archives, Tel 



JEW success is measured by the number of crosses 
marking Aryan dead in battlefield cemeteries stretched across 
the globe. 

With this glimpse, denied us by the M ED I A, of the 
ILLUM INATI'S order-of- battle, i.e, the POWER OF 
are now better able to understand the HOLOCAUST 
HOAX in context. L'lNFAM IE! 

The"HOLOCAUST" is defined as: The Extermination 
of about 6-M i 1 1 ion or moreJEWS Resultant of NAZI Policy. 

Since WWII, literally tons of evidence relating to the 
"HOLOCAUST" has been studied by world-class scholars. 
There is NO evidence supporting the "HOLOCAUST" as 


Revisionist H istorians have concluded that a total of 
about 300-thousand J E W S died of all causes during WWII. 
There was no JEW "HOLOCAUST." There was a German 

"HOLOCAUST "LIES were invented for the following 



1) Initial Phase (c.1930): Invent German atrocities to 
condition America for war. Create JEW solidarity behind 
ZIONISM. Cover-up Bolshevik JEW atrocities in Lenin 

2) WW II Phase (c.1940): Invent "HOLOCAUST" to 
transform Germany into a PARIAH among nations; justify 
incinerating Germany; justify ex post facto N uremberg trials. 
H ang, thus silence, German leadership. 

3) Post War Phase (on-going): Cover-up ILLUM I NAT I 
activities.. Cover-up JEW/ALLIES WWI & WWII atroci- 
ties/treason. Provide a raison d'etre for "missing" European 
JEWS (now in U.S.A.). Extort 100+ Billion dollars in "repa- 
rations" from Germany. Discredit WESTERN CIVILIZA- 
TION before the World. Paralyze the WEST 'SWILL to act 
in its own interest. Create T he United Nations. Allow JEWS 
to dominate U.S.A. Instill guilt among children of the 
WEST, thus lowering resistance to drugs, immorality, misce- 
genation, Marxism, and other forms of JEW SYPHILIS. 
Equate love of race, family, Nation, with Nazis, ergo: "hate- 
ful." Establish the State of Israel: genocide of Palestinians. 
Create "HOLOCAUST" religion as a cottage industry. Lay 
the foundations for WW III. 

MANKIND, initially, was infected with "HOLO- 
October 1942. Rabbi Steven Wise, President of The World 
JEWISH Congress(WJC), and confidant of U .S. Presidents 
Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, publicly announced: 
Germany is engaged in a program to exterminate European 



JEWS. ..but for economic reasons had abandoned mass gas- 
sings in favor of injecting poison by syringe! M illions of J E W 
corpses were then rendered into bars of soap! 

TheAllies(U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Great Britain and France), 
offering NO bona fide evidence, issued a Joint Declaration, 
December 1943, supporting the outrageous LIES mouthed 
by rabbi W ise. I n private high-ranking British and American 
officials, as we now know, unsuccessfully attempted to quash 
the Declaration which stank of WWI atrocity propaganda 
(including the soap lie) for which the Allies had apologized 
to Germany. 

Let it ALWAYS be remembered it was RABBI 
STEPHEN WISE, Khazar leader of American JEWRY, and 
of the WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS, who created the 
"HOLOCAUST" HOAX, abetted by Allied Leaders 
(Churchill, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower) whom Bernard 
Baruch, JEW, negotiated with, groomed, and elevated to 
center stage in the I LLU M I N AT I war to destroy the West. 

From time immemorial. ..the Jews have known better than 
any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited... that 
in the BIG LIE there is always a certain force of credibility ...Is 
not their very existence founded on one great lie... that they are 
a religious community and not a race... Schopenhauer called 
the J ews "T he G reat M aster of L ies." 
ADOLPH H IT L ER, Chancellor of Germany, Man Kampf. 

About two months after thejoint Declaration the Brit- 
ish Ministry of Information dispached (2-29-44) a Top 



Secret letter to the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC), and to 
high-ranking ministers of the Church of England on the 
need to divert public attention away from Red Army atroci- 
ties by faking Axis war crimes. 

We know the methods of rule employed by the Bolshevik 
Dictator in Russia (U.S.S.R.) itself... from the writings and 
speeches of the prime minister himself during the last 20-years. 
We know how the Red Army behaved in Poland in 1920 and in 
Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Galacia, and Bessarabia only recently. 
We must, therefore, take into account how the Red Army will 
behavewhen it overruns Central Europe. U nless precautions are 
taken, the obviously inevitable horrors which will result will 
throw an undue strain on public opinion in this country. We 
cannot reform the Bolsheviks but we can do our best to save 
them- and ourselves ("Perfidious Albion!") - fromthecon- 
sequences of their acts. T he disclosure of the last quarter cen- 
tury will render more denials unconvincing. The only 
alternative to denial is to distract public attention from the 
whole subject. Experience has shown the best distraction is 
atrocity propaganda directed against the enemy... your coopera- 
tion is therefore earnestly sought to distract public attention 
from, the doings of the Red Army by your whole-hearted sup- 
port of various charges against theG ermans and Japanese which 
have and will be put into circulation by the M inistry. 
ZUNDEL "HOLOCAUST TRIALS", Defense Exhibit, Tor- 
onto (1-7- 85). 

It has been observed quite accurately that the heart of 
BIRKENAU-MAJDANEK "Death Camp" complex. Here 
the greatest number of JEWS (4-Million) allegedly were 
murdered: Here the alleged NAZI lolling apparatus was most 



efficient. H ere Germany allegedly revealed her diabolic racial 
soul. "Eye-witness" testimony by the many Auschwitz survi- 
vors provided the N uremberg Tribunal with "moral" justifi- 
cation required to pronounce Nazi Germany guilty of 
"Crimes Against Humanity." At Auschwitz the "HOLO- 
CAUST" myth became Reality, and Germany, cultural gem 
of the West, became a Pariah among World N ations. 

In Judgment at Nuremberg the International M ilitary 
Tribunal quoted at length from the Rudolf H oess Affidavit 
to support the extermination HOAX. Yet, Sergeant Bernard 
Clarke, British Intelligence, described how he and five other 
soldiers brutally tortured Hoess (4-5-46), former comman- 
dant of Auschwitz, to obtain his "confession", in which 
H oess states: J EW S were being exterminated as early as 1941 
in three camps: Treblinka, Belsec and Wolzek; and 2-3-M il- 
lionJEWS perished at Auschwitz. 

"Certainly, I signed a statement that I killed two and a half 
million JEWS. I could just as easily have said five million 
JEW S. There are certain methods by which any confession may 
beobtained, whether it is true or not." 
RUDOLF HOESS, NAZI, before he was hanged. 

While under torture; and threatened that his wife and 
children would be deported to Siberia, Hoess invented the 
name "Wolzek" to inform posterity (YOU) that his "confes- 
sion" was false the extermination camp "Wolzek" never 



The N uremberg Tribunal also regarded as essential the 
testimony of Rudolf Vrba, JEW, who was prisoner for two 
years in M ajdanek and Auschwitz before escaping. H is dic- 
tated report to theJEWISH Council of Slovakia, corroborat- 
ing the "HOLOCAUST" scenario, formed the basis of the 
War Refugee Board Report (1944). Professor Vrba, who 
wrote the autobiography, "I Cannot Forgive", now teaches in 
British Columbia (died 2000). Book reviews praised Vrba for 
his "meticulous and almost fanatic respect for accuracy." But 
during theZU N D EL TRIALS, Vrba confessed he had fabri- 
cated his entire "gas chamber" thesis out of thin air. He had 
never seen a gas chamber. "I have taken licentia poetarium," 
he whimpered. This typical JEW "eye-witness", was believed 
at N uremberg when he calculated that in 24-months (April 
1942- April 1944) 1,765,000 JEWS were "gassed" at 
Birkenau alone including 150,000 JEWS from France! 
Today, all historians (including "HOLOCAUST" expert, 
SergeKlarsfeldJEW, in his "Memorial to the Deportation of 
the Jews from France") agree that fewer than 75,000 
"French" JEWS had been deported to ALL German camps. 
T he reason Vrba saw no gas chambers is that there were N O 
gas chambers— anywhere— as you will soon learn. Never- 
theless, the "Spielbergs" continue to LIE to our children. 

At Nuremberg, Chief U.S. Prosecutor, Robert Jackson 
(M arried to a J E W ESS), announced to the world that G er- 
mans used a "newly invented device" to instantly "vaporize" 
20,000 JEWS near Auschwitz " such a way that there 
was no trace left of them." The Washington. D.C. "Daily 



News" (2-2-45) quoted "eye-witness reports" that Germans, 
at Auschwitz, used an "electric conveyer belt on which hun- 
dreds of persons would be electrocuted simultaneously... then 
moved on into furnaces. They were burned almost instanta- 
neously, producing fertilizer for nearby cabbage fields." All 
proven lies. Arnold Friedman, JEW, Auschwitz survivor, tes- 
tifying for the Crown (Prosecution) in the recent Canadian 
Zundel trials, stated under oath that "fourteen foot flames" 
and clouds of smoke erupted from crematoria chimneys; that 
greasy smoke and the stench of burning human flesh hung 
over the camp for weeks; that one could tell whether skinny 
Polish JEWS or fat Hungarian JEWS were being gassed by 
the color of the smoke! W hen the D efense producedTopf & 
Sons in Erfurt patent descriptions of the Auschwitz cremato- 
ria, it showed — as with ALL modern crematoria — the 
impossibility of it emitting smoke, flames and stench. Thus, 
demolishing "eye-witness" descriptions appearing in virtually 
all "HOLOCAUST" horror stories. 

Auschwitz, throughout the war, was subjected to intense 
AERIAL SURVEILLANCE because Buna rubber, a German 
patent, and other war materials were manufactured there. 
State-of-the-art, detailed, AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS of the 
Auschwitz complex reveal no lines of prisoners awaiting exe- 
cution; no piles of corpses; no huge stacks of coal; no chim- 
neys belching flames and smoke nor other signs of mass- 
execution described by JEW "eye- witnesses"; and congenital 
liars likeTAM UDISTS ElieWeisel; Simon Wiesenthal; Hol- 
lywood's Steven Spielberg, et al. 



IVAN LAG ACE, manager of a large CREMATORY, 
Calgary, Canada, testified under oath (Zundel Trials) that 
the Auschwitz cremation story is technically impossible. "It 
is preposterous" and "beyond the realm of possibility" that 
10,000 or 20,000 corpses could have been burned daily in 
open pits and crematoriums at Auschwitz. For Professor Raul 
H i 1 1 berg, JEW, to declare 46 retorts at Birkenau could cre- 
mate4000 bodies per day is "ludicrous." Lagace testified that 
a maximum of 184 bodies, per day, could have been cre- 
mated at Birkenau. It takes about 2%-hr& just to burn one 
corpse. Crematories cannot run 24-hours straight time. 

In 1988, FRED A. LEUCHTER carried out on-site 
forensic examinations of alleged GAS CHAM BERS at Aus- 
chwitz-Birkenau- Majdanek "Death Camps" in Poland. 
Leuchter, Reg. Engineer, State of M assachusettes, isconsider 
America's foremost expert on gas chambers. He is consultant 
to the State of M issouri, and South Carolina penal systems. 
At the ZUNDEL TRIALS, in sworn testimony, substanti- 
ated by video-tapes shot on location, and in a technical 
report, Leuchter demolished the "HOLOCAUST" HOAX 
by proving the sites were not used and could not have been 
used as execution gas chambers: their construction was 
totally inadequate: not properly sealed or ventilated, with 
primitive plumbing, and no way to efficiently introduce the 
gas. If the alleged "gas chambers" had been used escaping 
fumes would have killed German patients in the adjacent 
hospital, prisoners at work, and German camp personnel. 
Independent laboratory analysis of forensic samples Leuchter 



had removed from walls and floors of the "gas chambers" 
proved that the pesticide ZYKLON-B (hydro- cyanic acid) 
had not been used — as reported by eye-witnesses — to gas 
millions of JEWS at the Auschwitz complex. Leuchter 
pointed out that traces of Cyanide (Prussic Acid), if intro- 
duced into rocks, concrete, and metal, would last for eons of 

DR. W.B. LINDSEY, a research chemist for 33-years 
with DuPont Corp., testified that based on a thorough on- 
site examination of the Auschwitz complex: "I have come to 
the conclusion that no one was willfully or purposely killed 
with Zyklon-B in this manner. I consider it absolutely tech- 
nically impossible." 

A confidential forensic examination and report commis- 
sioned by the Auschwitz State M useum (JEWS), and con- 
ducted by the Institute of Forensic Research, Krakow, has 
confirmed Leuchter's findings that only minimal or no traces 
of cyanide compound can be found in the sites alleged to 
have been gas-chambers. 

WALTER LU FT L, Austrian engineer, and former presi- 
dent of Austria's Professional Association of Engineers, con- 
ducted on-site investigations of the Auschwitz complex. In a 
1992 report he said the alleged mass extermination of JEWS 
in Auschwitz "chambers" was "technically impossible." 

At Auschwitz, but probably overall, moreJEW S were killed 
by 'natural causes' than by 'unnatural' ones. 



DR. A. MAYER, JEW, Princeton U. "Why Did the Heavens 
Not Darken?" 

Britain's chief rabbi wants the "6-M i 1 1 ion" figure revised: 
Its important to find out how many people presumed dead are 
still alive. It is far more important to unite families than to live 
with a figure arrived at quite arbitrarily. 
DR. JONATHAN H . SACKS, JEW, The Crescent Magazine, 5- 

For 45-years following WWII the monument at Aus- 
chwitz read: 

BETWEEN 1940-1945." 

In 1982, Pope John Paul genuflected before the monu- 
ment and blessed the "4-M i 1 1 ion dead." Embarrassingly, he 
received no hint from Yahweh that 8-years later Yad Vashem 
H olocaust Center, Israel; and the Auschwitz State M useum, 
would concede: "The 4-M i 1 1 ion figure was greatly exagger- 
ated." The death toll inscribed on the monument was hastily 
removed. JEWS suggested 1.1-MILLION dead was more 

Despite an almost 3-M i 1 1 ion reduction in the number of 
JEWS "murdered" the Cabalistic 6-M i 1 1 ion figure remains 
inviolate to keep intact Germany's reparation payments to 
Israel. D D LY, it seemsto infuriatej EWS to learn their rel- 
atives were NOT gassed, but are alive and well — many 
employed in America's mass-media, and the U.S. State 



Then(1995), Russia released the official Auschwitz 
Death Registers (one month missing) which lists a grand 
total of 74,000 deaths from all causes! (including German 
personnel who died there) 

N one of the above reported by the M arxist/LI BERAL/ 
JEW media, (Please see Chapt. 10, Parasitism, USA). 

You may recall the testimony of Joseph G. Burg, JEW, 
witness for the Defense, Zundel Trials. Burg stated that JEW 
"HOLOCAUST" survivors invented the gas-chamber sto- 

If those JEW S had sworn before a rabbi wearing a skullcap 
then those false statements, those sick statements, would go 
down by 99.5%, because the superficial oath was not morally 
binding on JEW S. 
j.G.BURG promises (to a Gentile) shall not bind... my vows 
shall not be reckoned vows... nor my oaths oaths... every vow 
which I make in the future shall be null from this Day of 
Atonement until the next. 
TALM U D : Kol NidreOath. 

Elie Wiesd JEW, Nobd Peace Prizewinner, President 
Clinton confident, testified that for months after German 
troops i n the U krai ne shot J EW partisans "geysers of blood 
spurted from their graves and the earth trembled" ("Spiel ber- 

A German court, ruling for the defense in a case 
involving the authenticity of ANNE FRANK'S DIARY, 
found that the Diary had been written by one individual — 



presumably Anne Frank. Several years later German Federal 
Crimes Office (BKA) certified that extensive sections of the 
Diary had been written in ball-point pen — a device not 
marketed until 1950! 

This deception, in addition to discrepancies and impos- 
sibilities within the Diary itself, reveal the LIE. Anne was 
simply exploited — as are all children who find the Diary 
mandatory reading at their schools. David Irving, British his- 
torian, calls the Diary "worthless research material." We 
should note, here, that Anne and her father were imprisoned 
at Auschwitz. When Soviet troops approached she was sent 
to Bergen-Belsen for her safety. Unfortunately she died there 
of typhus. Her father, Otto Frank, JEW, survived. With no 
visible source of income he died many years later in Switzer- 
land — a wealthy man. 

Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Authority con- 
cedes that SOAP was NOT rendered from JEW corpses. 
"Why give them something to use against the truth?" asks 
VIP Schmuel KrakpowskiJEW. 

The Allied War Commission determined early on there 
were N execution gas-chambers in any of the 13 concen- 
tration camps located in Germany and Austria. An official 
document to that effect is signed by the Commission, dated 
1 October 1948 (official copies available). The so-called 
"DEATH CAMPS" were conveniently located behind the 
Iron Curtain. Investigation of these camps was not officially 
permitted until the collapse of the U.S. S.R. in 1990. By then 



the "HOLOCAUST" was accepted as TRUTH by the 
goyim sheep. 

What about all the corpse photographs TV threatens 
you with daily? 

During the final months of the war Allies took com- 
mand of the skies. Highways, bridges, railroads, power- 
plants, live-stock, farmers in their fields were targeted. "Kill 
whatever moves!" (Gen. Chuck Yaeger, USAF, denounced 
that order as an atrocity). German transport was severely cur- 
tailed. Vital supplies were prevented from reaching the 
camps. As the Eastern Front rolled back prisoners from those 
areas, especially women, opted for transfers to German 
camps rather than fall into Soviet hands. Bergen-Belsen, for 
example, designed to accommodate 3,000, was inundated 
with over 50,000 prisoners. Systems in ALL the camps broke 
down. When the Allies took over they were greeted with hor- 
ror scenes (replayed countless times on screen, stage, and 
television): the sick and dying and emaciated corpses covered 
the ground. Tragic. But they had not been murdered as we 
have been conditioned to believe. They died slowly from 
starvation, lack of medicine, and disease— TYPH US raged 
through almost all camps. To complete the macabre scene 
the U.S. Army 45th Division, liberators of Dachau, gathered 
together 560 uniformed German guards, nurses and doctors 
and machine-gunned them to death. 

CROSS (ICRC), and the Catholic Church, whose members 
frequented all camps, reported NO mass executions, and do 



NOT mention gas chambers. Adolph Hitler, a Catholic, has 
not been excommunicated! Churchill, Truman, Eisenhower, 
Marshall, De Gaulle, and other Allied leaders DO NOT 
mention a "HO LOCAL) ST" in their memoirs. 

The U.S. State Department's refusal, 1939, to permit 
JEWS on board the passenger ship St Louisto disembark in 
U .S.A. territorial waters was, we now know, a smoke-screen 
to divert America's attention from the mass immigration, sub 
rosa, of J E W S to our shores. T he vast majority of Americans, 
as people everywhere, didn't want Europe's JEWRY. But 
Europe's JEWRY wanted the United States. Franklin D. 
Roosevelt, effete Ivy League traitor, was fond of saying, 
"Some of my best friends are Communists." H e had plenty 
of them. Before, during, and after WWII U.S. Liberty ships 
and cargo vessels, after unloading troops and supplies in 
European ports, returned to the United States crammed with 
"gassed" KHAZARS. They simply disembarked, fading into 
the alley-ways, undergoing no naturalization process. And 
they weren't poor waifs. As described, above, H arry Dexter 
White, JEW, Under-Secretary of the Treasury, stole U.S. 
Treasury engraving plates, then gave them to the Soviet 
Union which printed millions (billions?) of dollars in U. S. 
paper currency. This money found its way into the pockets 
of the new "American" JEWS. After the war, White, exposed 
as a Soviet agent, was scheduled to appear before a Senate 
investigating committee when he conveniently died! FDR's 
confidant H enry M organthau, J r., J E W, Sec. U . S. Treasury, 
sponsored the M organthau Plan, which called for transplant- 



ing German industry to the Soviet Union. When told this 
would result in the mass starvation of Germans he replied: 
"Who the hell cares about the German people?" 

Frederick Lindemann (Lord Cherwell), JEW, 
Churchill's Zionist watchdog, cared a great deal! Only three 
months before Germany's surrender (5-5-45), acting upon 
Lindemann's directives, British and American planes 
attacked DRESDEN, Germany (2-13-45), a defenseless city 
packed with refugees, which was observing Christian ASH 
Wednesday. Over 200,000 men, women, and children were 
incinerated in fire-storms generated by concussion and phos- 
phorus bombs. Later, photographs of the victims, stacked 
like cordwood, were super-imposed on Auschwitz "Death 
Camp" photographs (more Spielbergisms). M ost of the air- 
men were unaware that Saxony was the heartland of their 
own Anglo-Saxon ancestors. 

"Mad Dog" llya Ehrenburg, JEW, Minister of Soviet 
Propaganda under Stalin, promoted the rape of German 
women by promising the troops "that blonde German hag is 
in for a hard time!" He sought the extermination of the 
entire German people. "Germans are not human beings... 
nothing gives us so much pleasure as German corpses!" 
(Pravda 4-14-45). 

Soldiers of the Red Army! Kill the Germans! Kill ALL Ger- 
mans! Kill! Kill! Kill! 

ILYA EH REN BURG, who received the Order of Lenin, and 
the Stalin Prize. H e willed his papers to the Yad Vashem H olo- 
caust M useum, Israel. 



The interests of the revolution require the physical annihi- 
lation of the bourgeoisie class... Without mercy, without spar- 
ing, we will kill our enemies in scores of thousands... let them 
drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin, 
and Uritzky, Ziniviev and Volodarsky, let their be floods of 
blood of the bourgeosie — more blood! As much as possible! 
GRIGORY APFELBAUM (Zinoviev), JEW, Soviet Secret 

The longer the rotten bourgeoisie society lives, the more 
barbaric will anti-Semitism (anti-J EW ) become everywhere. 
LEON TROTSKY, JEW, Supreme Commander Soviet Red 

General DWIGHT EISENHOWER (appropriately 
named "The Swedish Jew" by fellow West Point cadets) was 
promoted over the heads of many more qualified officers for 
a reason. H e agreed, apparently, to exchange Am erica's honor 
quid pro quo for 5-Stars and glory. After the war, at the dedi- 
cation of a New York City park honoring the Bernard 
Baruch family, key-note speaker Gen. D wight D. Eisen- 
hower, USA-Ret., admitted: 

As a young unknown major I took the wisest step of my 
life. I consulted M r. Baruch. 

(General D wight D. Eisenhower, U.S. Army), cited by A.K. 
CH ESTERTO N, op. cit, TfieA/ew UnhappyLords 

Bernard Baruch, KEHILLA, became wealthy dealing in 
war materiel ("A little bird told him"). Wars were his spe- 
cialty. During WWII, he was called 'the most powerful fig- 
ure in America" (Congressional Record). Winston Churchill 



also took that "wise step." The mortgage on Winnie's 
Chartwell estate was inexplicably satisfied by South African 
gold dealer Sir Henry Strakosch, JEW (Baruch confidant) 
after Winnie had spent a week-end at Bernie's NYC man- 
sion. Then came WWII (Pis. see: Churchill's War, by David 
I rvi ng) 

EISENHOWER dumbfounded and infuriated Allied 
generals when he ordered victorious American troops to 
HALT at the Elbe River, pursuant to his agreement with 
Bernie Baruch, KEHILLA, permitting JEWS and Asiatics, 
for the first time in history, to plunder and rape the very 
heart of Europe. This action divided Germany (bulwark of 
Christendom), precipitated the Cold War, and caused the 
murder of over 10-M i 1 1 ion ethnic Germans following Ger- 
many's unconditional surrender. America gave to the M arx- 
ists not only the ancient city of Berlin with its priceless 
archives, but also the important rocket production plant at 
Nordhausen, the great Zeiss optical and precision-instru- 
ment works at Jena; and the first Jet airplane plant at Kahla. 
Everywhere, America surrendered to the M arxists thousands 
of planes, tanks, and jet fighters, snorkel submarine plants, as 
well as research centers, scientific personnel, patents, and 
other treasures (Congressional Record, 3-19-1951). Captured 
German scientists, NOT the Soviets, beat the USA into 
space! JEWS (Beria, Andropov) had murdered all Gentile 
scientists. T here was N advanced technology. Soviets were 
incapable of producing engines for their own tanks much less 
sophisticated rockets and jet engines (the U .S. designed and 



built almost all Soviet tank-engines enabling the USSR to 
win the key battle of Kursk). Arming the USSR with state- 
of-the-art technology, per Baruch/Roosevelt/Truman 
instructions, produced the Cold War — a banker's bonanza 
— pitting America's pocketbook against the Soviet threat. 

Eisenhower, his obligations in mind, treacherously 
ordered American and British troops to execute OPERA- 
TION KEELHAUL driving millions of Russian anti-Com- 
munists out of the United States and Europe into torture and 
death in the Soviet Union. Official Soviet statisticians (10-1- 
1945) state a total of 5,236,130 anti-communists were 
turned over by Ike, and admitted that three-million of these 
were immediately murdered AFTER THE WAR. The vic- 
tims were anti-Communists: soldiers, prisoners of war, and 
men who had been recruited into American service, fighting 
valiantly under our flag; and civilians: old men, women and 
children who had tried to escape the BO LSH EV IKS. All had 
voluntarily surrendered to American forces after being prom- 
ised protection under articles of the G eneva C onvention. 

There have been few crimes in history more brutal and 
more extensive than this forced repatriation of anti-Commu- 
nists, to which D wight Eisenhower committed the honor of the 
United States. D ragging the honor and reputation of our coun- 
try through pools of bloody betrayal.... 
RO BERT W ELCH , The Politician, Presjohn Birch Society. 

The M EDI A announced that 40-thousand Polish army 
officers and civilian elite had been murdered in KATYN 



FOREST. Germans, accused of the crime, were sentenced at 
Nuremberg and imprisoned or hanged. Later, the Katyn 
M assacre was proven a BOLSH EVIK crime. The numbers 
murdered were reduced to 14,300. Evidence (as with the 
Czar'sfamily) points toJEW RITUAL M URDERS. 

Victims of the Nuremberg Trials werejudged during the 
JEWISH HOLY DAYS and were hanged on HAH ANN A 
RABA (16 October 1946), the day YAW EH pronounces 
final judgment. 

While the Nuremberg Tribunal prepared to convict 
Germany for "Crimes Against Humanity," U.S. planes 
dropped atomic bombs on defenseless Hiroshima, and 
Nagasaki, Japan, murdering over 110,000 non-combatants. 
As many died later of radiation poisoning. 

The JEW against the Goy is allowed to rape, cheat, and 
perjure himself. 

Israelis and American J EW S fully agree that the memory of 
the H olocaust is an indispensable weapon... one that must be 
used relentlessly against our common enemy... JEW ISH organi- 
zations and individuals thus labor continuously to remind the 
world of it. In America the perpetuation of the Holocaust 
memory is now a $110-m illion-a-year enterprise, part of which 
is U .S. government funded. 
M SH E LED H EM , JEW, Ba/aam'sCurse. 

The British (Bank of England) offered to stop the war 
(1939-40) if Germany would agree to a Gold Standard and 
international usury. While Germany offered to stop the war if 
the British would allow her to develop her barter-trade system 



and give her back some of her colonies and territory. 
C.C.VIET H.British Member of Parliament. 

The sudden collapse of the U.S.S.R. (c.1990) provided 
public access to secret files; to so-called "Death Camps"; and 
to former Soviet agents. Continuing research, has resulted in 
U p-dated Statistics relating to J E W deaths during WWII: 

The World Center of Jewish Documentation, Paris, 
incapable of telling the whole truth, has nonetheless revised 
figures downward, stating: 1,485,292 JEWS died of all 
causes in WWII. The World Jewish Congress, and Yad 
Vashem, insist that 6-M i 1 1 ion JEWS were murdered by Ger- 
mans— yet they admit almost 3-M i 1 1 ion fewer JEWS died 
at Auschwitz than previously claimed! Over 4-million JEWS 
claim reparation payments. H owever there were never more 
than 3-millionJEWS under German control at any time. 

DieTat, Zurich(l-19-95), basetheirconclusionson sta- 
tistics provided by the International Committee of the Red 
Cross, places the total number of civilian dead (not all 
JEWS) resultant of NAZI political, religious, racial persecu- 
tion at 300,000 to 350,000. 

Revisionist H istorians conclude that theTOTAL num- 
ber of JEWS dead from all causes during WWII are 250,000 
to 300,000. The majority of these died from typhus. (See, 
ThePatton Papers(pp 353-4) in reJEW filthiness). 

To put these figures in perspective remember that about 
700,000 civilians died during the siege at Leningrad, and 
over 200,000 died at Dresden ("strafe everything that 



moves!"). It is estimated that over 10 to 15-M i 1 1 ion Germans 
died during WW II. 


1938 A. D. 16,599,250 (TheWorld Almanac*) 

1948 A.D. 15,600,000 to 18,700,000 (New York Timed 

Professor Arthur R. Butz, Northwestern University 
Evanston I llinois, was the first to professionally research and 
document European JEW population shifts during WWII 
and the impossibility of the so-called "HOLOCAUST." In 
his highly regarded book, T he H oax of the Twentieth Century, 
1975, Butz concludes that about one-million JEWS died of 
all causes during WWII. H e wrote his tome 10-years before 
the Zundel Trials which, among other revelations, demol- 
ished the execution gas-chambers myth. 


NATI all over the World intended to cast a permanent 

Stigma on the Aryan Race stand instead as 


3. A Iso see GuinessBook of Records. 

4. Hitler anticipated theJEW "Big Lie," C hapt. X, Man Kampf. 



Throughout history, JEWS have been diagnosed as con- 
genital LIARS. It is not surprising to find their holy book 
bearing false witness, charging the Romans with committing 

TheTALM U D ...(claims) that the number of JEW S killed 
by the Romans after the fortress (Bethar) fell (135 A.D .) was 4- 
Billion, "or as some say" 40-million, while the M ID RASH 
RABBAH reports 800-M illion martyred JEWS. In order to 
reassure us that these figures are given in earnest the necessarily 
accom panying events are set forth: T he blood of the slain JEWS 
reached to the nostrils of the Romans' horses and then, like a 
tidal wave, plunged a distance of one mile or four miles to the 
sea, carrying large boulders along with it, and staining the sea a 
distance of four miles out. The JEW ISH children of Bethar, 
according to TALM U D IC literature were of course not spared 
by the Romans, who were said to have wrapped each one in his 
scroll and burned all of them, the number of these school chil- 
dren having been either 64-M illion or at least 150,000.... 
ARTH U R R. BUTZ, Assoc. Prof. Engineering, Northwestern 
U ., T he H oax of the Twentieth C entury. 


93 Jewish girls and young Jewish women, the pupils of the 
teacher of Beth Jacob School of Warsaw, Poland, chose mass 
suicide to escape being forced into prostitution by German sol- 
diers, according to a letter from the teacher, made public yester- 
day by Rabbi Seth Jung, Jewish Center, New York City. 
ASSOCIATED PRESS, 8 January 1943. 

I lied. I lie all the time. I was brought up to lie. I was told 
that is the way to get along in life. 

MONICA LEW IN SKI, JEWESS, Bill Clinton's desk mate, 



History shows us that J EWSarecompulsive LIARS. It is 
a genetic characteristic that all JEWS share. All JEWS know 
the "HO LOCAL) ST" isalie— because they understand one 
another. Therefore all JEWS must beheld accountable. Pon- 
der carefully the following contemporary newspaper item: 


It was a rare moment: Jessie Jackson surrounded by white- 
haired Holocaust survivors. The occasion was a black-Jewish 
celebration of "Liberators," the PBS documentary about all 
black U .S. Army units that, according to the film, helped cap- 
ture Buchenwald and Dachau. The sponsors of the screening 
TIM E-WARN ER and a hostof rich and influential New York- 
ers billed the film as an important tool in rebuilding of a black- 
Jewish alliance... E.G.M cConnell, an original member of the 
761st Tank Battalion (featured in the film) says... "It's a lie - 
we were no where near those camps when they were liberated." 
N ina Rosenbloom who co-produced the film says M r. M cCon- 
nell can't be trusted. "You can't speak to him because he's 
snapped. H ewas hit in the head with shrapnel and was severely 
brain damaged." M r. M cConnell, a retired mechanic for Trans 
World Airlines laughs when told of her statement. "If I was so 
disturbed why did they use me in the film ?" heasks. "It's totally 
inaccurate," says Charles Gates, the former captain who com- 
manded C Company. "The men couldn't have been there 
because the camp was 60-miles away from where we were on 
liberation day." According to him tanks of the 761st were 
assigned to the 71st Infantry D ivision whose fighting path was 
100-160 kilometers away from the camps. Several Holocaust 
survivors are quoted in the film saying they were liberated by 



blacks in those units. M s. Rosenbloom angrily denounces the 
film's critics as Holocaust revisionists and racists. "These people 
are of the same mentality that says the H olocaust didn't happen 
!"... The "Liberators" fueled by the public relations success is 
gaining momentum. Copies of the documentary will bedistrib- 
uted to all N ew York C ity junior and senior high schools. T he 
cost of the schools project is being picked up by investment 
banker Felix Rohatyn... although several philanthropists are 
vying for the honor of buying tapes for the schools. The film 
will be used to "examine the effects of racism on African-Amer- 
ican soldiers and on Jews who were in concentration camps... to 
explain the role of African-American soldiers in liberating Jews 
from Nazi concentration camps and to reveal the involvement 
of Jews as 'soldiers' in the civil-rights movement." Peggy Tish- 
man, a former president of the Jewish Community Relations 
Council is sticking by the documentary. She says, "The docu- 
mentary is good for the H olocaust. W hy would anybody want 
to exploit the idea that the film is a fraud? W hat we're trying to 
do is make New York a better pi ace for you and me to live." She 
claims the accuracy of thefilm is not the issue. "W hat is impor- 
tant is the way we can bring Jews and Blacks into dialogue. 
T here are a lot of truths that are very necessary. T his," she says, 
"is not a truth that is necessary!" 

The greatest deception is self-deception. We wil 
explore that JEWISH vulnerability by examining GENET- 
ICS. For it is NATURE that inevitably will destroy YAH- 
WEH'S "Chosen People." 



Chapter 7 


All is race; there is no other truth. It is the key to history. 
And every race must fall which carelessly suffers its blood to 
become mixed. 
BEN JAM IN DISRAELI, JEW, Prime M inister of England. 

Liberalism is a disease whose first symptom is an inability 
to believe in conspiracies. 

I knew Franz Boas personally. I was able to observe his 
influence as founder of thescienceof anthropology in America. 
I was also able to observe the increasing degree of control exer- 
cised by the Boas cult over students and younger professors 
until fear or loss of jobs or status was common... unless confor- 
mity to the dogma of racial equality was maintained... 
DR. H . E. GARRETTT, Chr. Dept. of Psychology, Columbia 

In studying racial differences in living men, physical 
anthropologists are relying ...more and more on research in 
blood groups, hemoglobin and other biochemical features... In 
them racial differences have been found, just as great as the bet- 
ter know... conspicuous anatomical differences... not only vari- 
ations in bone and teeth evident in fossil man, and those of the 
surface features of living men... by which we can distinguish 
races almost at a glance, but also subtler differences seen only 
on the dissecting table or through the eyepieces of microscopes. 
D R. C.S. CO N , Pres. Amer. Assoc, of Phys. Anthropologists. 

W hatever may be the sociological value of the legal fiction 
that "all men are born free and equal" there can be no doubt 
that... in its biological application ...this statement is oneof the 
most stupendous falsehoods ever uttered.... 
DR. EARNEST A. WOOTEN, Prof. Anthropology, Harvard 



Man's genetic constitution determines his environment. 
The egg comes before thechicken. Does anyone believe that an 
area of the city inhabited by... Chinese would become a slum 
reeking with poverty, crime, and immorality? 

The entire egalitarian camp of anthropologists... is very 
largelyJEWISH and almost to a man... related to the Commu- 
nist conspiracy to... destroy our whole social order. The high 
proportion of J EW S in the egalitarian camp is highly suspicious 
for in all human history there has been no other race that 
believes in its superiority so fanatically as thej EW S. 
W. G . SI M PSO N , Which Way Western M an (1970). 

GREGORMENDEL (1822-1884), was an Augustin- 
ian monk born in Brunn, Austria. H is discovery of the first 
laws of heredity (1865) laid the foundations for the Science 
of Genetics. H e demonstrated that hereditary material pass- 
ing from parents to offspring is particulate (relating to 
minute particles in nature); and consists of an organization 
of living units. These units, now called genes, are found in all 
forms of life, from viruses to man. Genes, arranged within 
the nucleus of each cell, including the sex cells, convey an 
assortment of the parents' genes to the offspring. The genes, 
interacting with each other, determine the development and spe- 
cific character of each individual. Environment does play a 
role in the development of each individual, but it is a small 
role. The old adage holds: You can't make a silk purse out of a 
pig 1 sear. 

The entire GENOM E, the body's "biological instruc- 
tion manual" consists of 50,000 to 130,000 genes arranged 



along 46 chromosomes (including two chromosomes, x and 
y, that determine sex) that are composed of 3-billion pairs of 
nucleotides, the basic building blocks of DNA (Deoxyribo- 
nucleic Acid) which, in every cell, transmits hereditary pat- 
terns. As molecular scientists further divide nucleotides we 
approach the realm of nuclear physics and quantum mechan- 
ics in which molecules are broken down into infinitesimal 
(millionth of a millionth of an inch) quarks — and even 
smaller particles of matter — which metamorphose into 
varying wave-lengths of electrical energy. At this point sci- 
ence enters the realm of metaphysics where (I speculate) the 
stuff genes are made of exchanges energy with the U niversal 
Force (probably in direct proportion to each person's peck- 
ing order on the evolutionary scale). If true, is not this inter- 
change of energy Man's SOUL? 

IDENTICAL TWINS. Many new facts are available 
resultant of the technological explosion. M ass techniques, for 
example, permitting group studies at the genetic level, reveal 
the effects of racially interacting genes. Now, scientists 
attributeno lessthan ninety per-cent (90%) of differences in our 
ABILITY toheredity. The studies of vast numbers of "Identi- 
cal Twins" prove what our Aryan ancestors knew intuitively: 
that Nature prevails over nurture. Identical Twins begin life 
with identical arrangements of genes in their germ plasm. 
W hen reared apart — fed, housed and educated in totally dif- 
ferent environments — exhaustive studies show that invari- 
ably Identical Twins develop the same illnesses, Share the same 
interests and have, among other similarities the same level of 



emotional and mental properties that determine their social 
behavior, character and development. Such qualities exhibit 
virtually NO environmental influences. These studies alone 
blow. Genes make us what we are. And they make us 
unequal: individually and racially. 

MUTATIONS. In depth research shows that genetic 
mutations, most of which are lethal (90%+), appear to a cer- 
tain extent in all people. However, some ethnic groups 
exhibit not only a higher occurrence of genetic defects, they 
also may suffer genetic mutations peculiar to their race. For 
example, Tay-Sachs disease, and sickle-cell anemia are, 
respectively, JEW and Negro genetic diseases. While it 
pleases Liberals to believe all men are created equal, it 
appears that some races, genetically at least, are "more equal 
than others." 

4-F. During World War I, 30% of eligible American 
males were declared unfit for military service because they 
failed mental and physical standards. During WW II, that 
rejection number rose to 40% — among which more than a 
million were psycho-neurotics; for similar reasons 300,000 
soldiers were culled out along the battle lines. During the 
Korean war the number jumped to 52% even though stan- 
dards had to be lowered! Perhaps this is the reason the Star of 
D avid appears so infrequently among the white crosses marking 
America's fallen war heroes 

Bl RT H S. I n the U nited States 25 out of every 100 chil- 
dren born are so deformed as to be called monsters— many 



of these are resultant of regression. Of the seventy-five who 
survive twenty-eight are social failures within 15-years, 
largely because of genetic degenerative diseases. This trans- 
lates into a F ifty-three percent (53%) reproduction failure rate! 
Degenerative disease cases escalate exponentially as America's 
complexion grows darker. 

MENTAL HEALTH. In 1960, forty-seven percent 
(47%) of all U.S. hospital beds were occupied by mentally ill 
patients Michael Gorman Executive Director, National 
Committee on Mental Health, estimated that no less than 
10% of the entire population would spend time in mental 
hospitals. He described it as "an epidemic sweeping the 
land". Equally disturbing is the problem of FEE- 
BLEMINDEDNESS (the mind failing to develop): The 
adult idiot has the intelligence of a child 2-4 years old; the 
imbecile 3-7 years old; the moron 7-12 years old. A 
grade-level of intelligence above these groups is the "child- 
like" "dull normal" who are allowed to hold government jobs 
and vote. Heretibility of feeblemindedness is widely recog- 
nized. Worse, these goatish degenerates breed within thegroup, 
out-producing intelligent couples three to one. It is revealing 
that the proportion of feeble- mindedness in the United 
States in 1960 was thirty (30) times greater per capita than in 
Germany (apparently H itler's elite Waffen-SS troops, before 
they were hanged, procreated Alpha children). It is safe to 
guess that U. S. statistics in this regard show the problem has 
worsened. It is well known that our insane asylums are over- 
flowing. Liberals see this as a "discrimination" problem. 



Ergo, morons of grotesque appearance and behavior are 
released to their home environments where they roam their 
neighborhoods like goblins on Halloween. 

The ILLUM I NAT I sought to suppress all information 
concerning genetics but the "Iron Curtain" parted at almost 
every level of communications. The JEW mass-media no 
longer can conceal the devastating FACTS. "Equality" is a 
MARXIST/LIBERAL/JEW LIE. Genes, not environmental 
social programs, determine thequality of human life: Physio- 
logically, Psychologically, Behaviorally, Intellectually, and 
Culturally. Most importantly, Genes relate to the Spiritual 
Essence of M an in ways we can sense but not see; feel but not 
touch. Environmental contributions (nurture) are incidental 
and negligible by comparison. 

Your republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste 
by barbarians in the 20th Century as the Roman Empire was in 
the 5th, with this difference... your H uns and Vandals will have 
been engendered within your own country by your own institu- 
LO RD MACAU LAY, addressing the U .S.A. 150-years ago. 

The truth of his (Supreme Court Justice Brandeis, JEW ) 
conviction that (America's) individualistic philosophy could no 
longer furnish an adequate basis for dealing with the problems 
of modern economic life is now generally recognized ...he envi- 
sions a cooperative order... Brandeis feels the U .S. Constitution 
must be given liberal construction. 

Scientists must regularly confront these racial or ethnic 
differences and must deal with them honestly in order to ferret 
out their origins and implications. It's being naive to deny that 
certain groups are genetically different from other groups 
...How many Ashkenazi Jews are there in the National Basket- 



ball League? 

R. D. BURKE, JEW, Prof. Epidemiology, Einstein College, 

N Y. Q uoted by Robin M . H enig, Wa&ington Post. 

Garland Allen (Prof. Biology) is worried about the possi- 
bilities of a new eugenics movement which would echo the 
wave of restricted immigration and forced sterilization that 
swept Europe and America in the20'sand 30's culminating in 
the horrors of the 3rd Reich. 

CANDICE O'CONNOR Washington University, St. Louis, 

HITLER was correct in his assessment of the ultimate 
importance of G enetics T hrough applied eugenics (improvement 
of the Aryan gene-pool) he intended to create eugenically an 
Aryan Super Race. The"HOLOCAUST" religion wasconcocted 
bythelLLUMINATI for many reasons one was to dissuade the 
White Nation from pursuing Social Darwinism and Hitler's 
applied physical anthropology genetics and eugenics 

Come to us Children of the West! N o longer aspire to 
dreams of C ourage, C onquest, and G lory. Your ancient H eroes 
and H eroines were simply genitalia in motion. There is no Soul. 
And Life? Life is simply M oney, Lust, and Brotherhood. Come 
to us Golden Children of the West! 

Mankind should not merely go on - but UP! The 
SU PERM AN I have at heart... and not man: not the neighbor, 
not the poorest, not the sorriest, not the best... W hat I love in 
man is that he is an over-going and a down-going - one who 
seeks to create beyond himself and to this end is willing that he 
himself should succumb... Purified races always become stron- 
ger and more beautiful... T he weak and the botched shall per- 
ish: the first principle of humanity. 



Every cell, every organism, every race must excrete its 
waste or die! 

E.A. HOOT EN, Prof. Anthropology, Harvard, who 
associates crime with genetic factors, states: The country's 
"criminal stock must be eliminated." T he only way to curb the 
proliferation of crime is to "breed a better race." 

Whereas ASH LEY M ONTAGU (aka Israel Ehrenberg), 
JEW, Boasite, states, "There is not the slightest evidence to 
believe that anyone ever inherits a tendency to commit criminal 
acts" This, despite mountains of evidence linking genetic 
defects with criminality. In truth, crime has escalated in the 
U.S.A. precisely because the Boas School of Anthropology 
set the guidelines for criminology in theUni ted States. 

If what I fear is true... our nobly intended welfare pro- 
grams may be encouraging... retrogressive evolution through 
disproportionate reproduction of the genetically disadvantaged. 
Dr. WILLIAM SHOCKLEY, Nobel Laureate, Stanford Univ. 
in Scientific American (Jan. 1971). 

A dog that can count to ten is a remarkable dog, not a great 
GRAN DAD, from "Down on the Farm". 

Nature teaches that all progress comes through the physical 
improvement of the breed. Men are not disembodied and 
denationalized intelligences operating without relation either 
to their forbears or their posterity. All natural evolution has 
been effected through certain races: so long as they kept their 
virility unimpaired human achievement remained cumulative. 
But once the purity of the blood and the capacity for healthful 
breeding of a people were impaired, whether through unhealthy 
conditions or miscegenation, the race deteriorated and thequal- 



ityof the individual declined with it. 

PRO F.ARTHUR BRYANT, "Unfinished Victory". 

JEWS are in perfect accord, if it benefits their tribe, 
when it comes to sending young Aryans to die in no-win 
wars around the globe. But JEWS go berserk when one sug- 
gests that sterilizing the genetically unfit will benefit M an- 
kind. Suddenly all human life — even imbeciles not yet 
conceived — becomes sacrosanct. The last thing JEWS want 
isa strong, healthy Aryan Nation. The Catholic position on 
applied eugenics is mired in the same hubris displayed in its 
confrontation with Galileo. God's SUN, after all won that 
battle, not the Cardinals! 

In the famous case: Buck v. Bell, U.S. SupremeCourt, 1927 
the court upheld the State of Virginia law upholding compul- 
sory sterilization of the "feeble-minded". Writing for the court 
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. ruled that sterilization laws were 
part of the state police powers and that "three generations of 
imbeciles are enough." 
W.G . SI M PSO N , Which Way WeZern M an? 

The Scandinavian countries followed suit in 1929, 
1934, and 1935. From the turn of the Century to the early 
1960s the United States of Amaica had its own eugenics 
movement, sponsored by many high-ranking educators sci- 
entists and Supreme Court justices who called for steriliza- 
tion of genetically impaired H ispanicsand Negroes 

Laws to Prevent Transmission of Hereditary Disease 
were enacted by Nazis (J uly 1933) to provide for sterilizing 
thosewith congenital feeblemindedness; certain mental dis- 



eases such as schizophrenia and manic-depression; hereditary 
epilepsy, blindness, deaf-mutism; and severe malformations. 
Culling the unfit has been practiced by vigorous nations 
throughout history. All farmers and ranchers understand the 
importance of good breeding. If you expect a vigorous, pro- 
ductive garden you must begin with healthy seeds, then pre- 
pare the soil, cull defective plants, and eliminate all weeds. 
" Weedsare in the eyes of the beholder!" protest the egalitarians. 
Precisely. Each race has instinctive feelings about what is 
beautiful, productive, important. Our rose may be your 
weed. One man's tea is another's poison. Obviously different 
races cannot exist harmoniously and productively under the 
same government. Western Civilization — White Civilization 
— if it is to survive — must remove the weeds from its garden. 
Asit must remove SPIROCHETES OF JEW SYPHILIS from 
itsmind. A necessary beginning is sterilization of the unfit — 
placing a contraception-chip beneath the skin of the recipi- 
ent. This must be followed immediately by the colonization 
of the U nited States' non-W hite population. 


Asa social anthropologist I naturally accept and even stress 
the fact that there are major differences, both mental and psy- 
chological, which separate the different races of mankind. 
Indeed I would be inclined to suggest that however great may 
be the physical differences between such races as the European 
and the Negro, the mental and psychological differences are 
greater still. 
D r. L.S.B. LEAKY, Prog-ess and Evolution of Man in Africa. 



From the beginning of the thirties onward scarcely anyone 
outside Germany and its allies dared to suggest that any race 
might be in any respect or any sense superior to any other lest it 
should appear that the author was supporting or excusing the 
Nazi cause. T hose who believed in the equality of all races were 
free to write what they liked without fear of contradiction. 
They made full use of their opportunity in the decades that fol- 
DR.JOH N R. BAKER, biologist, Oxford, Fellow, Royal Society. 

If all races had a common origin how does it happen that 
some peoples, like the Tasmanians, and many of the Australian 
aborigines, were still living during the 19th Century in a man- 
ner comparableto the Europeans of over 100,000 years ago? 
CARLTON S. CO ON, Prof. Anthropology, Harvard. 

Despite glowing accounts of ancient African achievements 
over the past 5,000 years the history of Black Africa is culturally 
blank. South of the Sahara desert, until the arrival of other 
races, there was N O literate civilization. (N o written language, 
no numerals, no calendar, no system of measurement. The 
black African had not invented a plow, a wheel, domesticated 
an animal or a crop). 

PROF. HENRY GARRETT, Head of Psychology Dept. 
Columbia U. 

Races of men are differentiated in the same way as 
well-marked species of animals. 

SIR ARTHUR KEITH, M.D., Rector, University of Edin- 

W. G. Simpson ("Which Way Western Man") com- 
ments that the primary object of any nation is N OT to pro- 
duce a slavish herd of lobotomized sheep but to produce the 



greatest number of superior men. M en with great instinct and 
intuition, with powerful intellects capable of analysis and 
creativity; with great courage and noble goals; men of boun- 
tiful health and energy; with commanding personalities and 
magnanimous spirits; who regard themselves with 
N ietzschean "love and contempt". These are the men who pre- 
fer to "die in the saddle rather than nod by the fire". These 
are Titans, part God part Man — they are the bridge 
between animal and the Superman to come. It is only by 
understanding and applying Nature's Laws that a great 
nation will continue to produce superior men and women 
and save itself from extinction. 

GREGOR MENDEL, studying the reproduction of 
peas in his monastery garden discovered the building blocks of 
all livingthings, justifying (largely) Darwin's Theory of Evolu- 
tion. Thereafter, Jehovah's suicidal decree that M an shall have 
"dominion" over N ature was relegated to Fantasy Land. M an- 
kind is subject to Nature's Laws. Man's task is to learn 
Nature's Laws, and obey them; in so doing man will become 
ever more perfect. M endd's gift to M ankind is the science to 
create more perfect Living Things! GOD'S GIFT TO MAN- 

As we have learned the JEW HATE APPARATUS 
descended upon MENDELISM burying the Truth for 
100-years. Eventually Nature triumphed over ideology, as 
she always will, destroying M arx, Freud, and Boas in the pro- 
cess. It is now an UN DISPUTED FACT: Environment cre- 
ates NO innate capacity, but can decide only whether or not 



innate capacity shall be developed. CAPACITY IS INHER- 

Summing up all the genetic experiments where the inherit- 
ance was constant and the environment variable, it would 
hardly bean exaggeration to say the results were negligible. 
DR. EDWARD M.EAST, Professor of Genetics, H arvard U. 

Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; It ruins your day and 
annoys the pig. 
GRAN DAD, from "Down on the Farm". 

EUGENICS is the science of applying the Laws of 
Genetictowarcltheirrprovenientof racesand breeds Man- 
kind iscapableof passing favorable genetic charactersto suc- 
ceeding generations while eliminating many unfavorable 
qualities Man can achieve even more extraordinary results 
than he has i n the breedi ng of grai ns fruits vegetables flow- 
ers livestock, horsesand pets Don't let thisshock you. Man 
IS part animal. Therefore let us examine some of Mankind's 
breeding practices 

INBREEDING has been practiced si nee the beginning 
of human history. It refers to the mating of dose relatives 
parents and siblings, brothers and sisters and first cousins 
Contrary to Distorters the only injury from inbreeding 
results from defective inheritance received: defects which 
persisted in the stock for many generations but were hidden 
by more domi nant characters Successful i nbreedi ng requi res 
for one thing that defectives be prohibited from breeding 



Instead of being condemned (inbreeding) should be com- 
mended. After continued inbreeding - with the discarding of 
undesirables - an in-bred stock has been purified and rid of 
abnormalities, monstrosities, and serious weaknesses... 
EDWARD M. EAST, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor, Genetics, Har- 

Inbreeding is only disastrous if the ingredients of disaster 
are already in the stock. ...close inbreeding of a sound stock, if 
associated with intelligent elimination of the weakly and abnor- 
mal, can be practiced for many generations without any unde- 
sirable consequences. 
A. A. F. CREW, M .D ., D .So, Ph.D ., F.R.S.E., U . Edinburgh. 

Ancient India thrived on inbreeding. When the caste 
system was abandoned India precipitously declined. Spar- 
tans, considered the greatest physically of all races, practiced 
inbreeding, as did their remarkable Attic cousins, the Athe- 
nians, who, out of a population of 45,000 free-born males 
(c.530-430 B.C.), produced fourteen of the most illustrious 
men in history. In Persia wives of choice were cousins on the 
father's side. Egyptians and I ncas married fathers and daugh- 
ters, sons and mothers, brothers and sisters - this last was 
considered the best of all marriage unions. During Egypt's 
greatest Dynasty (the 18th) there were seven brother-sister 
marriages. Hebrews were not only endogamous they often 
married within the immediate family. For example: Abraham 
wed Sarah his half-sister; Jacob wed Rachael and Leah, both 
first cousins. Lot bred with both of his daughters (or was it 
the other way around ?). H asting's "D ictionary of the Bible" 
states JEWS are three times more likely than other races to 



marry cousins. JEWS also produce a high ratio of defectives 
because TALM U DIC LAW encourages the genetically unfit 
to breed - this fatal policy seriously contaminated theJEW 
gene- poo I. 

Inbreeding is the quickest way to bring latent defects to 
the surface where they can be identified and eliminated. 
Also, it is single best method of bringing about uniformity 
and desired qualities. 

Inbreeding canalizes and isolates health and other desirable 
qualities, just as it canalizes and isolates ill-health and other 
undesirable qualities. It stabilizes the germ-plasm and this 
causes hereditary factors to be calculable. It therefore makes 
appearancea guide to the individual's hereditary equipment... it 
acts as a purifier of a stock or family. 
A.M . LUDOVICI, "TheQuest of Human Quality". 

OUTBREEDING is the mating of unrelated individu- 
als or those having distant family relationships but within 
the same racial genepool. Outbreeding is a means to widen 
and enrich the hereditary character-combinations which 
lata' inbreeding may be called upon to isolate stabilize and 
bring forth in the progeny. This results in what iscalled het- 
erosis or HYBRI D VIGOR, due to the combination of the 
parent'squalities The deficiencies in one parent may becan- 
cded by excellences in the other parent. Or the good in one 
parent may be i ntensif i ed by the good i n the other. T he three 
most important factors concerning HYBRIDS, as we 
touched on earlier, are these 



1) To obtain Hybrid vigor both parents must be unre- 
lated and purebred. The parents' qualities must be compen- 
satory and complimentary. 

2) Hybrid vigor when it does occur, is particular to the 
first cross. Further crossing of H ybrids results in acute loss of 
vigor. In short, Hybrids used for breeding are worthless: they 
cannot pass-on even their own size and vigor. 

3) Hybrid vigor, as good as, or better than, those just 
described, can be attained through crossing different, but 
distinct, family strains from within the same breed, or 
gene-pool. Actually this is a type of inbreeding, prevalent in 
America where the ancient Aryan tribes (German, Celt, Slav, 
et al) intermarried, establishing an extra-European 
gene-pool. This great White gene-pool (from which the 
Founders and Builders of America arose) is being destroyed 
by our ancient EN EM IES. 

Remember (except when discussing self-fertilization or 
cloning) in-breeding results when the lines of hereditary 
qualities are narrowed; out-breeding results when the heredi- 
tary network is widened. 

CROSS-BREEDING, the most extreme example of 
out-breeding, occurswhen couplesfrom completely different 
gene-pools mate, such as Japanese and N egro, or Aryan and 

GENETIC DISORDERS frequently resultant of 
extreme out-breeding and cross-breeding are well docu- 
mented, including physiological, instinctive, and psychologi- 
cal disorders. T he most apparent disorders appear as physical 



aberrations. Hereditary factors are transmitted to offspring 
independently. For example, a child may receive pale skin 
from one parent while retaining woolly hair and Negro fea- 
tures from the other; or the offspring may receive internal 
organs too small or too large for the rest of the body; or 
receive arms and legs disharmonious with the torso, making 
it difficult for the body to function as a synthesized unit. At 
the very least health and efficiency are impaired and symme- 
try is lost. The mixing of intellectually superior characters 
with mentally inferior characters degrades the superior 
gene-pool. But the problem is even more hideous: 

REVERSION within thespeciessometimesresultsfrom 
extreme cross-breeding. The progeny are throw-backs to a 
stage much earlier on the evolutionary scale. T hese degener- 
ates, often monsters, represent evolution in reverse and are 
never viewed on MARXIST/LIBERAL/JEW TV-programs. 

The different races have taken millions of years to 
evolve: some races evolved slower, or started later, than oth- 
ers To cross-breed with less advanced races results in a LOSS to 
the superior race of hundreds-of-thousands of years of evolution, 
and imposes physiological and psychological abnormalities 
which, at this stage of clinical research, appear to be cata- 

The fact that there are inherited differences in the size of 
the organs and parts is of profound significance when it is 
remembered that it involves the inevitable sequel that racial and 
other crossings can lead to serious disharmony ... between teeth 
and jaws, between size of body and size of some important 
organ or organs, disharmony among thevariouscomponentsof 



the endocrine chain... disharmony is commonly displayed in 
difficult labor caused by disproportion in the.. .sizes of the 
maternal passages... 
Dr.A.A.E.CREW, University of Edinburgh. 

Really healthy and efficient families are too valuable to be 
mixed with the sick and morbid; they ought, therefore, as far as 
possible to intermarry among themselves, as ought also the less 
Dr. FRITZ LENZ, quoted by A.M ludovici. 

Inbreeding is the surest means of establishing families 
which as a whole are of high value to the community. 
Dr. E.M. EAST & Dr. D.F. JONES, "Inbreeding and Out- 

Cross-breeding has occurred throughout history. There 
also have been diseases throughout history. The frequency of 
mongrelism and diseases doesn't establish their desirability 
H /story demonstrates that the envious and the less gifted want 
either to destroy those whom they can never emulate, or to lose 
their identity through miscegenation with a better breed ■ both 
being forms of genocide. For under-achievers miscegenation is 
the yearning to catch and hold a tantalizingly beautiful golden 
butterfly But, upon graspingit, they find the lovely colors rub off 
on their fingers The mongrel child of a golden-haired, 
long-limbed Swedish woman is never as lovely or as fit as the 
mother. The glory rubs off — forever. 

Infants are individuals... from the moment of birth. Indeed 
many of their individual characteristics are laid down long 
before birth... Every child is born with a nature which colors 



and structures his experiences... H e has constitutional traits and 
tendencies largely inborn which determine how, what, and to 
some extent even when he will learn. These traits are both racial 
and familial... Racial differences are recognizable by the fourth 
fetal month... There (are) genuinely individual differences 
already prophetic of the diversity that distinguishes the human 
PRO F.ARNOLD GESELL, Yale University, Pediatrics. had come to be firmly recognized that the racial factor 
in blood transfusions was of such practical importance that Dr. 
John Scudder, with a very distinguished career as surgeon, 
blood specialist, medical school professor, and director of 
blood-banks in various parts of the world, and as a blood-bank 
advisor to our government and to several foreign governments 
as well, in laying down the rules for the selection of blood 
donors... specified they should be "of the patient's own race" 
and preferably "of the patient's own ethnic group." 
WILLIAM G. SIM PSO N , "W hich Way Western M an" . 

In blood groups, hemoglobins, and other biochemical fea- 
tures.. .racial differences have been found ...just as great as the 
better known and more conspicuous anatomical variations. 
Being invisible to the naked eye they are much less controversial 
than thelatter in an increasingly race-conscious world. To meat 
least it is encouraging to know that biochemistry still divides us 
into the same sub-species that we have long recognized on the 
basis of other criteria. 

DR. CARLTON S. COON, Prof, of Anthropology, Harvard 

Dr. Carlton Coon, in his highly acclaimed work "The 
Origin of Races", names four most important factors in the 
formation of races: Recombination - M utation - Selection - 



Isolation. RECOMBINATION is an inexplicable inter- 
change of genes from homologous chromosomes forming an 
independent combination of genes in the progeny not appar- 
ent in the parents. 

M UTATION is an inexplicable change occurring in the 
chemical composition of a gene causing it to produce an 
effect different from that produced by thegenefrom which it 
was first derived. Put another way, it is a chemical change in 
genes that produces a brand new- not inherited - gene which 
gets into the racial gene-pool. It then becomes inheritable as 
all other genes in the gene-pool. 90% of all mutations are 
useless or harmful to the organism; these are rooted out by 
NATURAL SELECTION (Mother Nature is considerate, 
never kind). Other harmful mutations, however, may be per- 
petuated producing organic disorders, as Tay- Sachs disease, 
sickle-cell anemia, goiters, cleft palates, disfigurements, and 
many other physiological and psychological afflictions - 
which, by the way, can be virtually eliminated through the 
application of Eugenics. M oreover, and this is the important 
point, MUTATION is the "primary element in evolution" of 
the species! "Without mutation evolutionary change could never 
have occurred". A richly endowed mutated gene had to come 
about before any population could develop into a race. That 
special genegetsinto the racial gene-pool and a SPI RITUAL 
CULTURAL-ORGANISM is created giving that race mas- 
tery over competing populations. 



ISOLATION of the gene-pool protects the CUL- 
TURAL-ORGANISM from contamination by extra-racial forces 
ISOLATION whether geographical or socio-cultural, is the 
means whereby a particular population unit or gene-pool, is 
subjected to the differential selective forces of its own unique 
climatic and cultural mail. Genetic variations and differences 
that may arise in one population group are preserved and 
become characteristic of the group (i.e., elements of a 'race 
type') through restriction of mating to group members. Contin- 
ued isolation and inbreeding... thus perpetuates and stabilizes 
group differences. 

D R.D N ALD A. SWAN , "T he M ankind Q uarterly" (Vol. IV, 
No. 4). 

Isolation has been the great factor, or at any rate an essen- 
tial factor, in the differentiation of the races. 
DR. R. R. GATES, Emeritus Prof, of Botany, Univ. London. 

Unless a breeding population is contained (Isolated) natural 
selection may be unable to eliminate old, unfavorable genes 
from its pool. 

DR. CARLTON S. COON, Prof. Anthropology, Harvard 

As you can see the evidence is irrefutable. All credible 
anthropologists, geneticists and historians concur: RACES 
ARE GENETICALLY UNIQUE: physiologically, psychologi- 
cally, intellectually behaviorally and intuitively Genes deter- 
mine Race Race determines Capacity. Capacity determines 
culture Culture determines environment Ergo, Cultures are 
UN EQUAL in relationship to each other. Genes are intrinsic 
to the LIFE FORCE, they are living, evolving, racial entities- 



ADOLPH HITLER was the first great political leader to 
understand and subscri be to the tenets of M E N D E L I SM : 

Unique genes produced Western Culture. 

Western Culture was produced by Aryan genes. 

T herefore, Aryan genes are unique genes. 


Respecting that syllogism, which is predicated on 
Nature's Laws, Adolph Hitler concluded that the primary 
function of the Aryan State (Reich) is to protect, and nurture the 
Aryan Nation (the White Gene-Pool). Hitler expected to begin 
his political/eugenic program in Germany gradually uniting the 
Aryan family under one State; a concept JEWS considered 
"anti-SemitiC (a threat to parasitism), and nationalistic (a 
threat to the PLUTOCRATIC New World Order). MARX- 
ISTS/LIBERALS/JEWS (abetted by the Catholic Church) refuse 
to promulgate M endeiism and demonize those who do (Faith/ 
Religion, always opposes Instinct/Know ledge). 

50-years after America incinerated the Third Reich, the 
White scientific community assisted by INTERNET 
released the GENE from the bottle (having lost M ED IA 
control of the gene, JEWS now frantically seek control of its 
use). Today, M ENDELISM is improving the life of everyone 
on the planet. Consequently, pharmaceutical companies, 
university research labs, pathologists, eugenicists, heads of 
state (seeking to improve their populations), et al., are 
actively buying W hite genes in the market-place. I n the pri- 



vate sector Aryan college women, for example, are besieged 
with offers for their OVARIAN EGGS in exchange for full 
scholarships and other enticements (You are aware of the 
ongoing Hollywood defilement of the Aryan womb). Ice- 
landers, whose Viking heritage is remarkable for its unpol- 
luted gene-pool, are marketing their genes, and ovarian eggs 
the world over. Aryan gene/egg sales will soon be Iceland's 
largest business! (H ow many sterile parents do you imagine 
are scrambling to purchase JEW, or Puerto Rican ovarian 

The Satanic side to commercialization of Life (TEST 
TUBE MISCEGENATION) is the in vitro cross-breeding of 
White genes: denying the never-to-be-born White child its 
natural heritage, while afflicting the mongrel offshoot with 
loss of racial identity, split personality, and tortured Soul. 

NATURAL SELECTION (God's Law), begins with the 
mating process, during which a compatible couple marry 
and produce children whom they cherish and nurture, and 
who glorify their family. Th/'s/'ntra-gene-pool process elimi- 
nates undesirable genetic qualities while perpetuating desir- 
able ones, which are produced by genie recombination or 

We must undermine faith, eradicate from the minds of the 
Gentiles the very principles of God and Soul, and replace these 
conceptions with mathematical calculations and material 
PROTOCOL NumberFour. 



During the Modern Era, Western Culture (Aryan Cul- 
ture), which overwhelmingly made the most significant con- 
tributions to Mankind, is now threatened by Cultural 
Pathology in the form of alien-parasitic growth within the 
N ation-State itself. If the parasites are not removed the West 
will die. This is not a melodramatic observation but is the 
lesson of history. 

In the last decade the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) for 
Europe plunged by 21%, down from already incredibly low 
levels, to 1.45 children per woman (it takes 2.1 children per 
woman just to keep a population stable over time). USA 
(TFR) has declined in each of the past six-years to an esti- 
mated 1.98. 

C urrent world population is 5.8-billion people. T he U .N . 
minimum projection puts the global population of 2050 at 
9.4-billion people - a 62% increase. And predicts it will climb 
to 10.7-billion just after the year 2200 -an increase of 84%. 
UNITED NATIONS "World Population Prospects- 1996 

RESEARCH GUIDELINES. ...that declares the genetic mate- 
rial in every human is "the common heritage of humanity" 
...The declaration states that human genetics research holds vast 
potential but must be regulated to protect public health and 
guard against any practice that "runs counter to human dignity 
and human rights". 
REUTERS NEWS AGENCY, Paris, Washington Times. 

to ensure more Democratic voters... White House officials 
exerted unprecedented pressure on the Immigration and N atu- 



ralization Service to process applications for citizenship. As a 
result, in 1996, more than one-million new citizens were sworn 
in - a record number - but some 180,000 never underwent 
proper FBI background checks as required by law.. .there are no 
uniform standards for testing (qualifications) for applicants. 
LIN DA CHAVEZ, Washington Times, 3-16-97. 

What does the American Negro have...? His past is a 
stigma, his color is a stigma, and his vision of the future is the 
hopeof erasing that stigma by making color irrelevant, by mak- 
ing it disappear as a fact of consciousness... I share this hope, 
but I cannot see how it will ever be realized unless color does in 
fact disappear: and that means not integration, it means assimi- 
lation, it means - let the brutal word come out - mixegenation. I 
able alternative for everyoneconcErned...\r\ my opinion the Negro 
problem in this country can be solved in no other way. 
NORMAN PODHORETZ, JEW, editor of "Commentary" 
magazine. H e is also associated with the "conservative" H eritage 
Foundation, and his wife, M idge Dichter, JEW, is an officer of 
that organization. 

The development of society is subject not to biological 
laws but to higher social laws. Attempts to spread to humanity 
the laws of the animal kingdom are an attempt to lower the 
human being to the level of beasts. 


Love Across Color Lines a Biography: ...Maria Diedrich 
asserts that Frederick Douglass, far from having broken free of 
color consciousness, was "torn between two races, tortured by 
his double consciousness of being both and neither." She sees in 
him an "ultimate longing for an identification with his father's 
whiteness." Douglass's love of white women. ..allowed him "to 
claim as his the territory from which his father-master had 
exiled him... (territory) which he could only perceive as white." 
Pointing out that Otillie Assing (Douglass's mistress) was 
half-Jewish... (she) reached out to Douglass... "as a white 



woman with all the privileges of whiteness, yet seasoned with 
the wisdom of a half-breed." (Assing died a suicide). 
MARIA DIEDRICH, "Love Across Color Lines" (from Wash- 
ington Post book-review, 6-25-99). 

Pope John Paul II... has succumbed the tyranny of 
evolutionary scientists who claim we are related to monkeys... 
I n a statement the Pope said "fresh knowledge leads to the rec- 
ognition of the theory of evolution as more than just an 
hypothesis." CAL THOMAS, syndicated columnist, Washing- 
ton Times. 

Evolution is a FACT. On the other hand... If Man comes 
from A pes Why do A pes still live in trees And don't wear pants? 
GRANDAD, "Down on the Farm." 

To reduce dysgenic agonies for both the genetically disad- 
vantaged and the overburdened taxpayer (I recommend) ...vol- 
untary sterilization... by bonuses... perhaps $1000 for each 
point below 100 I. Q. 

PROF. WILLIAM SHOCKLEY, Nobel Prize laureate, Stanford 



Chapter 8 

There is absolutely no question of any genetic differential: 
Intelligence potential is distributed among Negro infants in the 
same proportion and pattern as among Icelanders, or C hinese 
or any other group. 


Abstract intelligence is the ane qua non for the existence of 
a civilized society. Fifty years of research in the U.S.A. have 
revealed regular, persistent, and statistically significant mean 
differences between N egroes and W hites. 
DR. H EN RY GARRETT, head of Dept. Psychology, Columbia 

Today, psychological and genetic tests place the matter of 
mental inequality beyond doubt, as far as the White race and 
Black race are concerned... .the intelligence level of the Negro is 
far bel ow that of the W h ite. 
EDWARD M . EAST, Prof, of Genetics, H arvard U . 

...the size of the brain relative to size or weight of the body 
is of crucial importance in placing each species or subspecies in 
its proper place in tables of advanced or less advanced stocks... 
the average brain of the Negro differs in weight, being 100 
grams or thereabouts less than the average of theCaucasoid.... it 
is quite impossibleto maintain thebrains are thesame when we 
find a distinct difference of this kind. 
ROBERT GAYRE, M .A.,D.Phil.,D.Sc, Ed. "The Mankind 

1. IQ's of American Negroes are 15-20 points lower on the 
average than American W hites. 

2. Negro overlap of the White median IQ, ranges from 
10-25% (equality would requirea50% overlap). 



3. About 6 times as many N egroes as W hites fall below I Q 
70 (feeble-minded group). 

4. About 6 times as many Whites are in 'gifted child' cate- 

5. Negro lag is greatest in tests of an abstract nature: 
involving reasoning, deduction, comprehension, etc. 

6. Negro-White differences increase with age, the gap of 
performance being greatest in high school and college. 

7. Large and significant differences appear in favor of 
W hites even when economic factors have been equated. 

The above statistics are taken from "TheTesting of Negro 
Intelligence", (Social Science Press), by Prof. Audrey M . 
Shuey, Chr. Dept. Psychology, Randolph-Macon College. 
The test comprises 382 comparisons, in which 81 different 
tests were employed covering a wide sampling of hundreds of 
thousands. The tests were designed to measure the kind of 
mental ability necessary to do well in a modern urban, highly 
literate civilization. 

The tests received high praise from Drs. Garrett, Gayre, 
Josey, Baker, Woodsworth and other distinguished scientists. 
Nevertheless, six university presses refused to publish it - rather 
than risk losing their government subsidies 

TheCOLEMAN REPORT (1966) wassupported by the 
Federal Government at a cost of $l-million. It researched 
600,000 children, K-12, in 4000 demographically represen- 
tative schools in all parts of the country. About 15% of Negro 
children equaled or exceeded the White average, 85% fell below 
the White average. In order of races Whites were first; O rientals 



second; Amerinds (the most economically deprived of all) third; 
Mexicans were followed by Puerto Ricans; and last, Negroes 
The Coleman Report was buried by LIBERALS/MARX- 

During the Civil War several thousand N egroes escaped 
to Canada via the "underground railway". T heir descendants 
have lived in Canada "discrimination free" ever since. Yet 
their mental test scores are the same as the "oppressed" 
American Negro. 

The size of the human brain is related to a capacity for per- 
formance in thinking, planning, communicating, and behaving 
in groups, as leader, follower or both... I n living individuals and 
populations differences are found in the regular size of the lobes 
and in the surface areas of the cortex; the size of the surface area 
varies with the complexity and depth of the folds on the inner 
and outer surfaces of the hemispheres. T he larger a brain is the 
greater the cortical surface area, both proportionately and abso- 
DR. CARLTON COON, Prof, of Anthropology, H arvard. 

The human cerebral cortex is the specific organ of civiliza- 
tion... Foresight, purpose and ideals toward which we strive as 
individuals and as nations are functions of this cortical gray 
PROF.C.jUDSON H ERRICK, U niversity of Texas. 

F. W. Vint, Medical Research Laboratory, Kenya, Africa, 
published reports (1934) of "examinations of the cerebral 
cortex of 100 representative adult native brains (not includ- 
ing samples from prisons or mental hospitals) which were 
compared with European brains" Hefound that the"supra- 



granular layer of the Negro cortex was about 14% thinner 
than Whites". 

The whole anterior frontal area on one or both sides may 
be removed without loss of consciousness. D uring the amputa- 
tion the individual may continue to talk, unaware of the fact 
that he is being deprived of the area which most distinguishes 
his brain from that of a chimpanzee. After its removal there will 
be a defect but he may well not appreciate it himself. T he defect 
will be in his ability to plan and take initiative... although he 
may well be able to answer the questions of others as accurately 
as ever. 

DR. WILDER PEN FIELD, Prof. Neurology and Neurosur- 
gery, M cG ill University, "theWorld'stop brain surgeon". 

Dr. Albert Schweitzer, renounced a world-renowned 
career in Germany as theologian, author, organist, and 
authority on Bach, to earn a doctorate in medicine H ethen 
established a hospital in Lamberne Africa. There; because of 
his Christianity and humanitarianism, he devoted 40-years 
of his life tending to Negroes Dr. Schweitzer, idolized by 
"liberals;', was awarded the Nobel Prize During his accep- 
tance speech he said "the Negro is our brother, but he is our lit- 
tle brother... and with children nothing can bedone without the 
use of authority... The combination of friendliness with author- 
ity is the great secret of successful intercourse with the Negro." 
Following that statement Dr. Schweitzer fell from LIBERAL 
grace; as did Solzhenitsyn when he called Bolsheviks animals. 

N o western-trained N egro doctor ever volunteered to help 
Dr. Schweitzer, and his experience so convinced him of the lack 



of.... mental standards and character in the pure Negro ...that 
he never felt it worthwhile training N egroes for higher responsi- 
bilities in his African hospital. 
H . B. I SH ERWO D , "0 n the Edge of the Primeval Forest." 

It will be seen that when we classify mankind by colour the 
only one of the primary races... which has not made a creative 
contribution to any one... of our civilizations is the Black Race. 
D R. ARN LD TOYN BEE, "The Study of H istory". 

A solution to these problems must be found, but it will 
never be obtained from falsification of the facts of hereditary 
and racial history. 
ROBERT GAYRE, editor. "Mankind Quarterly". 

Races of men are differentiated in the same way as well 
marked species of animals. 

The average Negro pupil (I.Q . 80.7) cannot go beyond a 
national-standard Seventh G rade curriculum; for half the N egro 
group the Fifth Grade is maximum... only one (1%) per cent 
(110 I.Q . and over) of the Negroes are intellectually equipped 
to do acceptable college work. Thirty (30%) of Whites are so 

DR. H EN RY E. GARRETT. Head Dept. Psychology, Colum- 
bia U. 

The differences in thickness of the supragranular layers of 
the cortex of W hite and N egro brains is the difference between 
civilization and savagery. 

DR. WESLEY CRITZ GEORGE, Head Dept. Anatomy, U. 
N. Carolina. 

Thesupragranular layers in the dog are 1/2 the thickness of 
those in the ape, and the ape's only 3/4 the thickness of White 
man. T he N egro's are 14% thinner than White man. 
CARLTON PUTNAM , LLD, Princeton, "Race and Reality". 

Negroes are more intelligent in direct proportion to the 
amount of W hite genes they carry. (Evidence suggests that) the 
average I.Q. of Negro populations increases by about One 



(1)1 .Q . point for each one percent of Caucasian genes. 

DR. WILLIAM SHOCKLEY, Nobe! Prize Laureate, Stanford 


D r. C urt Stern, Prof, of G enetics, U niversity of C alifor- 
nia, reports that "the Average American Negro gets 3/4 of his 
genes from his African heritage and 1/4 from White genes" 
White genes raise Negro I.Q.; conversely, Black genes 
dumb-down intellectually superior races "Almost White", is 
an oxymoron, because there is no almost W hite race. Either 
you're White or you are not White. 

As a social anthropologist I naturally accept and even stress 
the fact that there are major differences, both mental and psy- 
chological, which separate the different races of mankind. 
Indeed I would be inclined to suggest that however great may 
be the physical differences between such races as the European 
and the Negro, the mental and psychological differences are 
greater still. 
Dr. L. S. B. LEAKY, " Progress and Evolution of M an in Africa". 

I was moved by the message of humanity embedded in its 
walls. The Olduvai Gorge offers a lesson that no matter how 
different human beings are on the surface, ultimately we come 
from the same place. We share a common ancestral home. And 
in the end, no matter our sex, the tone of our skin or the God 
we believe in - no matter the wide oceans or expanses of land 
that separate us- we are all part of the same human family. 

It is not in our stars, dear Brutus, that we are underlings, 
but in ourselves. 



White South Africans are fleeing the country in increasing 
numbers mainly because of violent crime the government said 
thisweek... A recent crime survey by a S.African banking group 
revealed that on atypical day 52 persons are slain; 470 seriously 
injured in assaults; more than 100 women are raped; 270 auto- 
mobiles are hijacked... and 590 homes are burgled. 
WASH INGTONTIMES (10-17-96), J ohannesburg W ire Ser- 

I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation 
of the Negro into our social and political life as our equal. 

There is nothing more terrible than a barbaric slave class, 
who have learned to regard their existence as an injustice, and 
now prepare to revenge, not only themselves but all future gen- 
erations. In the face of such threatening storms who dares to 
appeal with any confidence to our pale exhausted religions. 
FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, "TheBirth of Tragedy". 

Amerinds, alone, populated the Americas until Spanish 
Conquistadors and Portuguese explorers introduced Negro 
slaves who mixed their African genes with the Indians. In 
1619 about twenty Negro slaves arrived with British colo- 
nists and indentured servants at Jamestown, Virginia. At 
inception every one of the thirteen American Colonies rec- 
ognized slavery. For census purposes Negroes were counted 
3/5th of a man, Amerinds were not counted. Jefferson, who 
owned over 200 slaves, stated in the Declaration of Indepen- 
dence that "all men are created equal". What he meant obvi- 
ously was, "Equal before the Law": Neither Negroes nor 
democracy are mentioned in the Constitution. With the 
coming of the Industrial Revolution British textile mills 
afforded a growing market for American cotton farmers. To 



meet increasing demand more field hands were required. 
Nordics refused the jobs. They weren't physically or men- 
tally adapted to laboring under a hot southern sun - Negroes 
were. And they were easily obtainable. African tribal chiefs 
were the procurers. Their tactics were to burn down neigh- 
boring villages then round-up the stampeding Negroes - as 
rancheros round-up spooked cattle. The captives, men 
woman and children, were then chained together and sold to 
Arab, Jew, and White slave merchants. The principal unit of 
exchange, for Negroes being shipped to America, was cheap 
rum. Tribal chiefs became so addicted to the "ruddy cup" 
they would routinely sell members of their own family and 
tribe for it. The greatest number of sailing vessels (15) used 
to transport slaves were owned by JEWS. Slavery, of course, 
has appeared in almost all human societies since the begin- 
ning of history. N egro Africa is no exception. Today, in fact, 
Negroes conduct a brisk slave trade in the Sudan, Somali- 
land, etal. 

Slavery was an important function of African social and 
economic life. 

JOH N HOPE FRANKLIN, NEGRO, "From Slavery to Free- 

In the United States Southern plantation owners paid 
hard cash for N egoes A s valuable chattel, slaves were cared for 
by their owners from birth to death. In the vast majority of 
cases slaves were treated humanely, often affectionately. 
Albeit, Negroes brought their savage genes with them from 



Africa. Therefore, sanitation, discipline and order had to be 
instilled and maintained, in that sense N egro lives were regi- 
mented. Plantation schools, and Bible studies were available 
to them. They had to be taught how to work, how to use 
tools, how to garden, how to perform chores. Even so, living 
conditions were much better on the plantation than in black 
Africa, and individual life-span waslonger.By the time of the 
Civil War slavery was becoming an economic liability, and - 
challenged by machinery - was dying of obsolescence. The 
war, ostensibly fought to "free theslaves'', actually was fought 
to expand Rothschild's banking empire. Now free, the Negro 
- 200,000 years behind on the evolutionary scale - suddenly 
found himself adrift in the 19th Century White world. All 
intelligent, conscientious men, White and Black, knew (and 
know) that the Negro must be sent back to Africa, his home- 
land, and colonized there with the financial support of the 
United States government. Four major forces circumvented 

1) Lincoln's murder. 2) The nation was encumbered 
with war debts. 3) N egroes were a source of cheap labor, and 
no longer had to be cared for "from cradle to grave". 4) The 
ILLUM INATI, expected to use the Negro as a "Fifth Col- 
umn" to destroy Western/Christian Culture. 

N othing is more certainly written in the book of Fate than 
that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two 
races equally free cannot live under the same government. 
(The sentence inscribed on the Jefferson M emorial, Washing- 



ton, D.C., fraudulently stops at the semi-colon). THOMAS 

I have urged the colonization of the N egro and I shall con- 
tinue. My Emancipation Proclamation was linked with this 
plan. There is no room for two distinct races of White men in 
America (Whites and JEWS), much less two distinct races of 
Whites and Blacks... Within twenty years we can peacefully col- 
onize the Negro... under conditions in which he can rise to the 
full measure of manhood. This he can never do here. We can 
never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed, with millions 
of an alien, inferior race amongst us, whose assimilation is nei- 
ther desirable or possible. 
ABRAHAM LINCOLN , Lincoln's "Collected Work?. 

We have between us a broader difference than exists 
between almost any other two races... If this is to be admitted it 
affords a reason, at least, why we should be separated. 
ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Sandburg, "Abraham Lincoln, The 
War Year?. 

Social intercourse always implies sexual intercourse. 
E. A. H OTEN , Prof. Anthropology, H arvard U . 

I did this (rape) consciously, deliberately, willfully, method- 
ically... It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon 
white man's law, upon his system of values, that I was defiling 
his women. 

The inevitable result of racial mixing... is a massive reduc- 
tion in the proportion of intelligent offspring. 
N AT H AN I ALWEYL, JEW, Educator and writer. 

Some races are obviously superior to others. A more thor- 
ough adjustment to the conditions of existence has given them 
spirit, vitality, scope and relative stability... it is therefore of the 
greatest importance not to obscure this superiority by intermar- 
riage with inferior stock, and thus nullify the progress made by 
a painful evolution and a prolonged sifting of souls. Reason 
protests as much as instinct against any fusion, for instance, of 



white and black peoples.. .(white) greatness falls whenever con- 
tact leads to (such) amalgamation. 

GEO. SANTAYANA, Amer-Span. philosopher, "The Life of 

If the Negro is not removed from the United States the 
future America will be mongrel, such as the peoples of (today's) 
Egypt, India, and certain Latin American countries... when two 
races come into contact one will expel the other... or adjust their 
differences through a process of inter-race breeding... the char- 
acter of the higher race will tend to be obliterated in the mon- 
ERNEST SEVIER COX, 'White America'. 

Dr. Carlton Coon... states that whiletheWhiteandYellow 
races were toilsomely evolving, the N egro in Africa "stood still 
for half a million years" ...To be more specific, the N egro's brain 
is smaller and lighter, less complicated, less developed... The 
primitiveness of his brain betrays itself in the very speed with 
which it develops after birth, and then suddenly stops develop- 
ment, leaving him like a "lobotomized European". 
WILLIAM G. SIM PSO N , "Which Way Weiern M an". 

TheAustralids, shown to be primitive by their morpholog- 
ical criteria, did not progress on their own initiative beyond the 
food-gathering status; nor did those classic prototypes of paedo- 
morphosis, the Bushmen or Sanids. A parallel conclusion is 
forced upon us if we look at the results of cognition and attain- 
ment tests carried out on various races living under conditions 
of civilized life. The Mongoloids and Europidsdid best in both 
these types of tests; they were followed (at some distance) by the 
Indianids, and the Negrids were still less successful. In confor- 
mity with these results the races among which civilization origi- 
nated and advanced were the Mongoloids and Europids... 
Cranial capacity is, of course, directly related to the Ethnic 
problem since it sets a limit to the size of the brain in the differ- 
ent taxa; but all morphological differences are also relevant... 
DR. JOHN R. BAKER, biologist, Oxford, Fellow of the Royal 
Society, from his acclaimed (but suppressed) book, "RACE". 



It would be absurd to claim any superiority of all Europids 
over all N egrids on the evidence of achievement in the intellec- 
tual field; yet it must be allowed that the contributions of 
N egrids to the world of learning have, on the whole, been dis- 
appointing, despite all the improvements in facilities for their 
education. American Negroes are better known for their mass 
appeal in public affairs and popular entertainment than for 
great achievements in such subjects as philosophy, mathematics, 
science or technology. 
DR. JOHN R.BAKER, biologist, Oxford. 

A MYTH: Neither Cleopatra nor Socrates was black. The 
ancient Greeks did not steal their philosophy from Egyptian 
priests, and Aristotle didn't loot the library at Alexandria. The 
roots of Western Civilization cannot be traced to Africa. Never- 
theless these are among the claims of the Afrocentrism move- 
ment which thrives on many campuses. 
M ARY LEFKO W ITZ, J EW, professor G reek classics, Wellesley, 
Excerpted from the Washington Times 1996. 

...the ideal is attained only when a particular region is 
inhabited exclusively by a people of one ethnic stock who com- 
pete solely against each other in the schools and colleges, with 
the result that an elite emerges which assumes the leadership of 
the people... the Negro peoples are being made victims of a 
political philosophy -disguised as a desire to promote their wel- 
fare - which will distort their natural development, rob them of 
their own self-respect and of satisfaction in their own achieve- 
ments and ways of life, and do them untold harm... 
ROBERT GAYRE, "T he M ankind Quarterly' VI 4-1966. 

More than 70% (1996) of all Negro children are born 
out of wedlock. Their illegitimacy rate, per capita, is over five 
(5) times that of Whites. Negroes commit 15 times more 
murders than Whites; 19 times more robberies; 10 times 



more rapes and assaults. There were 629,000 racial attacks 
(1985), 90% of these were committed by Negroes on Whites 
According to the FBI these figures vary from year to year but 
across the USA represent an upward trend. The most ominous 
crime is the increasing number of White women raped by 
Negroes (In sub-Saharan Africa rape is considered normal 

I did this (rape) consciously, deliberately, willfully, method- 
ically.. .It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon 
white man's law, upon his system of values, that I was defiling 
ELD RIDGE C LEAVER, "Soul On /ce". 

If, hypothetical ly, all NEGROES and JEWS were to disap- 
pear from theUnited States tomorrow there would bean immedi- 
ate and glorious renaissance of the America envisioned by our 
Founding Fathers. On the other hand should the White race dis- 
appear " the home of the free and the brave" couldn't survive a single 

The Negro has much to offer. But he never can realize 
his potential, his manliness, or attain to happiness living 
within a White society. He is not a parasite by choice He has 
dignity aj EW can never possess. The American Negro should 
have been encouraged, and helped, to develop a Nation-State 
uniquely his own - in Africa, his ancestral HOMELAND. 
Instead he wasmanipulated by theJEW: used in hissfl/eat shops; 
used to tenant hisdums; used as plaintiffs in dvil-rightscases to 
batter down White endaves that JEWS didn't have the guts to 
attack; and used to perform as anarchists in the streets to help 



advance ILLUM IN ATI aspirations Only Louis Farrakhan 
seems to understand what W. E. B. Du Bois envisioned and 
M artin Luther King destroyed. 

IQ TEST SCORES are by no means the s)le determinants of 
racial viability and value - however important I Q scores are to West- 
ern Culture. Common sense, extra-sensory perception (ESP), cour- 
age, loyalty, perseverance and Soul - that indefinable, mystical 
essence that provides each race a distinctive character- all of these 
qualities and more, which the N egro possesses to a great degree, 
can be transformed into hisown N ation-State. TheRacial Soul can 
achieve its destiny only within its own territory among itsown People 
wherein itestablishesitsown culture and itsown relationship with the 
Universe. Not every race is compel led to fly to the moon. Few men 
areTitans. All men are less than God. Albeit, for the graceful palm 
tree and the giant Sequoia to fulfill their destinies in Nature's 
grand design each must grow in itsown milieu! 

The FACTS are irrefutable integration with alien races 
will destroy not only the White race - a genocidal TRAG- 
EDY - but will deprive M ankind of its greatest benefactor, 
Western Civilization. When the White Race is lobotomized 
who will care for the diseased, famine- stricken populations 
of the World? Surely notj EWS whose practice is to fleece the 
sheep not feed them. The ILLUM IN AT I goal is fulfillment 
of the Protocols of theLeamed Eldersof Zion - not fulfillment 
of M artin Luther King's pitiable D REAM of EQ U ALIT Y. 

W e are exterm i nati ng the bourgeoisie (A ryan) as a class. 
VLADMIR LENIN, JEW, Communist, Supreme Dictator, 



Nathaniel WeylJEW, ("T he M ankind Quarterly", Xl,# 
3, Jan. 1971), using calculations provided by the distin- 
guished British geneticist Sir Julian Huxley, concluded the 

If, in the United States, Negroes (average IQs of 80-85) 
interbreed randomly with Whites (average IQs 100) the 
next generation of Americans would have an average IQ 
of 98.46. "Whatasmall priceto pay for EQUALITY!" Yetthis 
decline of 1.5% in average intelligence would cause a decline of 
50% in the number of people with IQsof 160 plus! "In short it 
would halve the production of people with the intellectual pow- 
ers requisite for leadership and creative effort in advanced soci- 
eties. To this must be added the massive negative effect caused 
by the shift from assortiveto random breeding in termsof intel- 

It remains to be seem whether or not the N ego living in 
America has the WILL to demand his own unique 
Nation-State in Africa or remain forever a slave to LI BER- 

The sole condition required to centralize power in a demo- 
cratic community is to profess equality. 

I was very much attracted to D utch girls. I wanted desper- 
ately to make love to them. exert some form of superiority 
over the W hite race. T hat's always the aim, isn't it? For brown 
skinned men to overpower the W hite man! 



...We want poems 

like fists beating niggers out of Jocks 
or dagger poems in the slimy bellies 
of the owner-jews... 

...Setting fire and death to 
white ass. Look at the Liberal 
Spokesman for the jews clutch his throat 
and puke himself into eternity... 

Put it on him poem. Strip him naked 

to the world! Another bad poem cracking steel knuckles in 

LEROI JONES, Negro, "Black Art". 

From reeking West whose day is done, 
Who stink and stagger in their dung, 
Toward Africa, China, India's strand, 
W here Kenya and H imalaya stand 
And N ile and Yang-tze roll: 
Turn every yearning face of man. 

Come with us, dark America: 
The scum of Europe fattened here 
And drowned a dream, 
M ade fetid swamp a refuge seem: 
Enslaved the Black and killed the Red 
And armed the rich to loot the dead; 



Worshipped the whores of H ollywood 

Where once the Virgin Mary stood, 

And lynched the Christ. 

Awake, awake, sleeping world. 

Honor the sun; 

Worship the stars, those vaster suns 

Who rule the night 

Where black is bright 

And all unselfish work is right 

And greed is sin. 

And Africa leads on. 

Pan Africa! 

W.E.B. Du BO IS, M ulatto, "Ghana Call?. 

You know what the American Dream really is? 10-million 
blacks swimming to Africa with aj ew under each arm. 
STANLEY KUBRICK, JEW, "Vanity Fair" (7-1-99). 

Whitemen will stick it in anything. They would stick it in 
the crack of dawn if they could reach that high. 
GRANDAD, from "Down on the Farm." 

N egroes are getting lighter. Blackgirls got round heels. 

If you marry- marry light ! 



Chapter 9 


Indo-European languages (Aryan) were at one time associ- 
ated with a single, if composite, racial type, and that... racial 
type was an ancestral Nordic. 

CARLTON COON, Prof. Anthropology, Harvard, from his 
monumental success "Origin of the Races". 

nly that is good for a nation which comes from its own 
core seed, without aping of another. For what is beneficial to 
onepeopleat a certain historic stage, may perhaps show itself as 
poison to another. All attempts to introduce foreign novelty to a 
people in whom a need for the same is not deep within its heart 
are foolish, and all devices with revolutionary intention are 
without success, for they are without God who holds himself 
aloof from such blunderings. 

GOETH E, "ConversationsWith Eckermann", 4 January 1824. 

Material prosperity encourages the preservation, pamper- 
ing, and reproduction of inferior elements which are parasitical 
upon rich civilizations. Then some cleaner blooded and crude 
stock crashes in and wipes the slate clean... we can a'ther prune 
off our own rotten branches or submit to ruthless cutting down 
and thinning out by more vigorous conquering stocks. 
DR. ERNEST A. H OOTEN , Prof. Anthropology, H arvard. 

Material prosperity encourages the preservation, pamper- 
ing, and reproduction of inferior elements which are parasitical 
upon rich civilizations. Then some cleaner blooded and crude 
stock crashes in and wipes the slate clean... we can either prune 
off our own rotten branches or submit to ruthless cutting down 
and thinning out by more vigorous conquering stocks. 
DR. ERNEST A. H OOTEN , Prof. Anthropology, H arvard. 

1 agree with you that there is a natural aristocracy among 
men. The natural grounds for this are virtue and talents... the 
natural aristocracy I consider the most precious gift of nature 
for the instruction, the trusts, and the government of society... 



M ay we not say, that form of government is the best which pro- 
vides most effectively for a pure election of these natural aristo- 
crats into the office of government. 
TH M AS J EFFERSO N , letter to Adams, 28 ctober 1813. 

Aristocracy has nothing to do with Plutocracy. The best are 
NOT the rich ...the best may rather be among the poorest... 
character and capacity are what should count. 
W. G AYLEY SI M PSO N , "W hich Way Western M an?" 

OSWALD SPENGLER (1880-1936) will emerge from 
oblivion where he was consigned by MARXISTS/LIBER- 
ALS/JEWS, to becomethe Philosopher of the 21st Century. 
Spengler demonstrated that the history of World C ivilization 
did NOT advance in a linear manner: beginning in Meso- 
potamia in some distant era following a Biblical Flood; then 
producing a sequence of historically related events (omitting 
Far East history); while "day by day in every way growing bet- 
ter and better" until, lo! M ankind arrives at today's "modern" 
Western Civilization" - a product of all civilizations that pre- 
ceded it. Instead, Spengler (although he was not versed in 
Mendelism) proves that each Civilization appearing on the 
world landscape emerged from a HIGH CULTURE: the 

Each Culture has its own new possibilities of self-expres- 
sion ... "There is not one sculpture, one painting, one mathe- 
matics, one physics but many, each in its deepest essence 
different from the others, each limited in duration and self con- 
tained, just as each species of plant has its peculiar blossoms or 
fruit, its special type of growth and decline" (SP E N GLER). 



Because Cultures are Organic they share the same 
GENUS. Each High-Culture, therefore- no matter how dis- 
tant from others on the calendar of history - experiences 
analogous "contemporary phenomena" which occur in the 
same relative positions during the Cultures' life cycles and 
"therefore have a corresponding significance". Spengler shows, 
for example, that the "Way" asprimesymbol of the Egyptian 
Soul; and the "Plain" representing the Russian world-view; 
and the "M agian" Arab Culture; and the "Faustian" Idea of 
the West are inescapably analogous in character yet unique in 
expression. Other analogous Cultural characteristics are: racial 
attitudes, religiosity, techniques, morphology, pathology, and 
Life-cycles: gestation, birth, youth, maturity, old age, and 
death. Therefore, while H IGH -CULTURES are of the same 
inspired people. Each member of that People ■ man, woman 
and child ■ is one cell in the morphology of the HIGH -CUL- 
TURE-ORGANISM . TheSoul of the High-Culture Organism 
is the COLLECTIVE SOULS of the PEOPLE. In sum: a 
High-Culture is a spiritually endowed organism possessing its 
own unique self-expression: "its Historical Autobiography is the 

H IGH -CULTURES create Ideas, religions, Esprit, 
authority, imperatives, armies, wars, heroes, myths, legends, 
music, art, poems, literature, architectural forms, laws, phi- 
losophies, sciences, techniques and States. While certain 
forms of knowledge and techniques may be transferred over 
time and space from one Culture to another, every 



H igh-C ulture, instinctively and relentlessly pursues its own 
unique SPIRITUAL IDEA: this inner-compulsion of the 
organism isitsDESTINY. 

WESTERN CULTURE expresses the I D EA of unlim- 
ited progress! Spengler defines the Soul of the West as, "The 
Faustian Soul ■ whose prime symbol is pure and limitless space" 
Reaching ever toward the Infinite. While many scientists 
believe theUniverse will never be fully understood rationally, 
Aryan Man's Destiny lies in the attempt. Why? Sir Edmund 
H illary looking at M t. Everest, replied, "Because it is there" 
The ancient symbol representing Western Imperative is seen 
in the Gothic forms of the great cathedrals of Europe, their 
spires reaching toward the heavens. (Sigmund Freud, JEW, 
thought the cathedral spires represented penis worship carved in 
stone. N orman M ailer, J EW author, contemned Western space 
exploration as insane and immoral). 

The continued development and custody of Western 
Culture rests in the hands of a relatively small group of 
extraordinary People. They maycomefrom the most humble 
or most prestigious of circumstances, but a chance combina- 
tion of parental genes endowed them with the character, abil- 
ity, and intense spiritual quality that distinguishes them from 
their peers and from other races. They are to the Nation what 
yeast is to the brew. 

Within this thin Culture-bearing stratum are the cre- 
ators, appreciators, and custodians of the Nation's many 
expressive forms. They also are Nietzsche's "Over-going, and 
Down-going", the martyrs, race- warriors, protectors of the 



Western IDEA. Thus, Yockey finds the High-Cul- 
ture-Organism has 4-strata: 1) The Idea (SOUL). 2) The 
Culture- bearing stratum that transmits the Idea (BRAI N ). 3) 
The recipients of the Idea who understand, appreciate and 
take action (BODY). 4) Those incapable of cultural attain- 
ment, "Thebeastwith many heads'' (Shakespeare). 

The individual's life is of importance to no one but him- 
self: the point is whether he wishes to escape from history or 
give his life for it. H istory recks nothing of human life. 

The STATE is a political term. Yockey calls it "the 
nation in action". It is a structure, created by the Cul- 
ture-Organism to contain, nurture and protect the People 
and their territory. It changes form as the Culture develops. 
An apt metaphor for State is "i/esse/", or "Ship of State". When 
the State no longer functions or protects the People who cre- 
ated it, the State must be changed or replaced! 

M en are tired to disgust of money-economy. They hope for 
salvation from somewhere or other, for some real thing of honor 
and chivalry, of inward nobility, of unselfishness and duty. 

CIVILIZATIONS, sacrificing qudity of lifefor indul- 
gences grow out of and gradually engulf High-Cultures 
sendi ng them i nto ded i ne Posterity has but a short memory 

The Conquerors and Creators are followed by purposeless prog- 



eny They are soon dispossessed by COSM OPOLITAN PARA- 
SITES, who fear High-Cultures (race, family, nation) coveting 
instead open-bordered, polyglot Democracies, in which they are 
less visible MONEY replaces loyalty, duty and rank; USURY 
produces slavery; entitlement replaces achievement; middle- 
men replace producers. H eroic deeds give way to acquisition 
of things; expediency replaces honor; TREASON thrives in 
high places. CULTURE DISTORTERS control education 
and the press; patriotism is re-named "racism"; "Spielber- 
gisms" become "history"; hedonism, bestiality, promiscuity, 
JEWISHNESS replace high-purpose, chivalry, ethics. Family, 
People, State dissolve teforeEGALITARIANISM /UNIVER- 
SALISM /CATHOLICISM. Racial wars explode MISCEGE- 
NATION destroys the gene- pool. TheCULTU RE/ORGANISM 

Strange is it that our bloods, Of color, weight, and heat, 
pour'd all together Would quite confound distinction, yet stand 
off in differences so mighty. 
SHAKESPEARE, "All's Well that Ends Well". 

POPULATIONS are racially di verse, mongreiized, frag- 
mented, disjointed, friction oriented, counter-productive, aim- 
less in the landscape. Populations often are cross-bred 
remnants of once great cultures that declined and died. 
Other populations through ignorance, perhaps for religious 
reasons, propagated centuries of genetic defects making them 
incapable of greatness. Still others, bereft of brains from the 
start, have scarcely evolved at all on the evolutionary scale. 



Populations contribute nothing to world culture. ThelLLU- 
M IN ATI thinksof them as consumer units (seeWith No Apol- 
ogies, Barry G oldwater, JEW). 

A PEOPLE is a family, tribe, clan, nation, emerged from 
the same GENE-POOL, hence, endowed with similar 
instincts, among which are: love of family, race, nation, 
country; aggression, survival, the need for territorial exclusiv- 
ity; a sense of discrimination, and a sense of high purpose. A 
People also share: esthetic appreciation, physical appearance, 
esprit de corps intellectual and behavioral patterns, and psy- 
chological, physiological, and SPIRITUAL similarities. Only 
a People can create a HIGH -CULTURE. WESTERN CUL- 
TURE is ARYAN CULTURE, therefore, the WHITE 
GENE-POOL is our most precious possession. White genes 
make us what we are, and determine our Destiny. Those who 
seek to destroy the White gene-pool, by whatever means, are com- 
mitting genocide and must be treated as murderers T hey are our 
most dangerous EN EM IES. 

RACE is a major division of the human species whose dis- 
tinguishing features are most apparent physically, but are mani- 
fest also in intellectual and emotional development; in behavior, 
temperament, character and SOUL. These racial features, as 
we know, are transmitted basically unchanged - except for 
mutations - by successive breeding generations over eons of 
time. Despite denial by purveyors of JEW SYPHILIS, there 
is absolutely no doubt that distinct races do exist. They are 
"the raw material contributing to human evolution." 



When races cross-breed their off-spring tend to suffer 
well known physiological defects, but also psychological dis- 
abilities and conflicts, such as: schizophrenia, manic-depres- 
sion, instability, disorientation, and lack of firm and definite 
character. T hey have divided Souls When one studies aWorld 
Atlas those areaswhere cross-breeding has been most extreme 
are the very areas where populations are notoriously misera- 
ble, untrustworthy, irresponsible, and poverty stricken. They 
contribute little or nothing of value to M ankind, for exam- 
ple: modern India and Egypt, Cuba, Hawaii, Mexico, H is- 
paniola, Surinam, Brazil, Africa, etal. Whereas countries that 
are most durable and with the greatest creative output are those 
with populations displaying little or no racial cross-breeding, 
such as Europe, China, and japan. There is no Family of Man, 
and no Equality of Men. T here are only N ature's Laws which 

To repeat: a High-Culture (Spiritual-Organism) is unique 
in its World View: totally distinct from populations that sur- 
round it or from aliens that temporarily infest its territory. 
HIGH-CULTUREMAN, then, represents the highest form 
of Life! While Non-culture man isa biped cipher. 

"The Decline of the West" ("Der Untergang Abendlan- 
des 1 '), Oswald Spengler's masterpiece, examines eight 
High-Cultures that dominated the history of our planet. 
One of them, Western Culture, still dominates but suffers 
from severe pathological problems and is in sharp decline. Seven 
other H igh-C ultures appeared on the landscape of world his- 



tory, flourished brilliantly like novae in the solar system, then 
declined and died. These were the: Babylonian, Egyptian, 
Indian, Chinese, Arabian (Magian), Classical, Mexican 
(Aztec, Inca, Mayan). All, except the Mexican, died from 
within, resultant of CULTURAL PATHOLOGY: usury, para- 
sitism and miscegenation. 

Let me repeat here very quickly - we discussed miscege- 
nation earlier - the notion that "hybrid vigor" results from 
haphazard breeding of different racial stocks is ludicrous! To 
get cross-bred vigor to any degree the parents must be unre- 
lated; pure-bred; have pedigrees displaying racial superiority, 
and the parents' good qualities must complement each other. 
Without pure-bred parents the cross-bred progeny contain 
little or no merit. Ergo, while the first generation (F 1 ) hybrid 
m^ or m^ not result in increaBad vigor, further crossing of 
the hybrids results in a substantial decrease of vigor in subse- 
quent generations and will obliteratethe outstanding qualitiesof 
the original pure-breeds The miscegenation of Whites with 
Negroes, for example, will effectively breed out of existence 
blue-eyed blonds red-heads, and fair-skinned brunettes, along 
with the higher intelligence their blondness represents M iscege- 
nation also destroys the Negro race, denying them their Soul, 
their Destiny their culture, and their territory 

I believe that the wholesale merging(miscegenation) of the 
two races is the most desirable alternative for everyone con- 

NORMAN PODHORETZJEW, editor of "Commentary" 



The most terrible thing in the World is ignorance in 

H ow important a restriction of mixture (is) follows from 
the M endelian principal that one act of crossing can undo the 
work of a hundred generations of faithful inbreeding. 
CD. D ARLI N GTO N , Prof. Botany, xford U . 

A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements 
of its remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be 
remembered by noble descendants. 

A blond and marvelous people arises in the north. In over- 
flowing it sends wave upon wave into the southern world. Each 
migration becomes a conquest, each conquest a source of char- 
acter and civilization. 
WALTER RATH EN AU, JEW, German Industrialist, c.1925. 

Rathenau might have added, and then alien parasites 
engulfed the Aryan States inaseaofHUMAN MUD. 

The hi gory of these blond warriors and creators- we know 
them today as Swedes, Danes, Norse, Celts and Germans ■ 
becomes the history of the many civilizations they founded 
(Egyptian, Indian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Western, Russian, et 
al). The Ancients wrote of a golden-haired race of conquer- 
ors from thelegendary land of Atlantis who implanted civili- 
zations in Rome and Greece. Homer's blue-eyed, 
fair-skinned, gods and goddesses, ruling from Mount Olym- 
pus, were images of these Northmen. Some archaeologists 
believe Atlantis once was part of the Iberian Peninsula, near 
Gibraltar. Others say Atlantis wasa peninsula jutting seaward 
- near today's Wilhelmshaven, Helgoland, Germany - that 



disappeared during a quake into the Frisian Sea. Atlanteans 
probably were precursors of the Goths, whose chieftains 
ruled from the Island of Goth lying in the Baltic Sea between 
Stockholm and Koenigsberg. Anthropologists are assembling 
credible evidence showing that many pre-history Aryan 
tribesmen migrated out of Northern Europe long before 
2000 B.C. establishing colonies as far east as the Urals- per- 
haps into areas of C hina and Japan. 

Archaeological digs and historical data confirm that 
steady streams of Nordics flowed out of Northern Europe 
from 2000 B.C. until 1000 A.D. These Aryan tribes appear 
under different names but they emanate from one White 
gene-pool. Kassites captured the remains of the Babylonian 
empire about 1700 B.C. About a century later northern bar- 
barians, called "Hyksos" by Egyptians, captured a faltering 
Egyptian civilization, invigorated it and ruled it. Aryans con- 
quered India, establishing a caste system (endogamy) to pro- 
tect the White gene-pool; they then went on to conquer 
Persia (Iran). Achaeans (Germans) and later Dorians (Celts) 
conquered Greece and planted the seeds of Classical Civiliza- 
tion there. The R us and Vikings, sailed the Dneiper, Volga 
and eastern European waterways, opening up trade routes to 
the Sea of Azof, and the Black, Caspian, and M editerranean 
seas, and as far beyond as their graceful ships would take 
them. In short, we know that this Aryan (Nordic) proto-race 
established some of the world's greatest civilizations: 
Aryan-Indian, Kassite, Hittite, Persian, Mycenaean, Greek, 



Roman, Keltic, Teutonic, Slavic, Western Civilization, and 
Aztec/M ayan/l nca. 

Indo-European languages (Aryan) were at one time associ- 
ated with a single, if composite, racial type, and that... racial 
type was an ancestral Nordic. 
CARLTO N COON, Prof. Anthropology, H arvard. 

Although (Aryans) are stretched across two continents we 
attribute to them a common ancestry and a common origin... 
CD. DARLINGTON, Prof. Botany, xford. 

Aryans appear everywhere as promoters of true progress 
and in Europe their expansion marked the moment when the 
prehistory of (E urope) begins to diverge from that of Africa or 
the Pacific. 

Dr. V.GORDON CH ILDE, "easily the greatest prehistorian in 
the world." (End. Britannica). 

Toward the end of the great migrations, Aryan Gothic 
tribes (Ostrogoths Visogoths), feared for their courage and 
ferocity pillaged and rampaged throughout Europe under 
names more familiar to us Franks Angles Saxons Kdts 
Vandals Lombards Burgundians Bdgae, Jutes Vikings 
Danes Rus Germani, Teutons Normans et al. Then, 
assuming the upper stratum of each society they conquered, 
they supplied the leadership, the armies and the laws. What 
distinguished this White stock from mere populations was its 
WILL to fulfill itsM AN IFEST DESTINY. This, theARYAN 
FORCE, manifest in all aspects of thought and action, 
impelled the Vikings, in miniscule ships, for example, to 
brave the ferocious Atlantic all the way to American shores 
and beyond. Compare this breeding stock to Negroes who 



never produced a conqueror, an explorer, an alphabet, or 
even invented the wheel; or to the ISRAELIS who were lost 
for 40-years in an area the size of Rhode Island. Ask any gen- 
eral if he would prefer to command an army of Thuringians, 
or one of JEWS. 

Julius Caesar, deep in Gaul (France) conquered the 
indigenous Celts (Celts). However, those Nordic tribes north 
and east of the Rhine, which he never conquered, Caesar 
thought of as "original" Celts. The Latin word for original, 
or seminal, is "germane". So, it was Caesar who first called 
Germans by that name. The Celts, who are Nordics, later 
invaded Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and most of the world at 
one time or another. The so-called "Blacklrish" (former Pres- 
ident N ixon may be one of these) are progeny of Spanish 
sailors cast upon Irish shores when the Armada was defeated 
by Sir Francis Drake. President John F. Kennedy, Celt, 
caused much resentment in powerful quarters, before the 
JEW built Berlin Wall fell, when he announced: "Ich bin ein 
Berliner!" H e spoke for all Aryans. 

German Angles crossed the Channel and named the 
island "Angleland", later corrupted to "England". They had a 
difficult time there with the Jutes (German), and Celts, so 
they asked the German Saxons for assistance. The Saxons 
enjoyed England so much they stayed on. As everyone 
knows, in 1066 William the Conqueror led his Norman 
(Nor(th)men), and Teuton troops to victory over the Saxons 
at the Battle of Hayings To this day the Brits are known as 
Anglo-Saxons (WASPS: White, Anglo-Saxon Protectants). 



Today's self-serving British Royal Family is of the Germanic 
House - von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. During WWI they felt 
obliged to change their name to the House of Windsor 
("Uneasyliesthehead thatwearsa crown"). 

The English language is Germanic in origin. Germanic 
languages include: Scandinavian (Swedish, Norse, Danish), 
Icelandic, Dutch, German, English, and Frisian (Old Prus- 
sian, and Gothic are extinct). France was named for the 
Franks a Germanic tribe. "Frankness' was the sine qua nom 
for sincerity, honesty, integrity and character, consequently 
the franc became the French monetary unit. C harlemagne, a 
Frank, of theCarolingian dynasty, and Emperor of the Holy 
Roman Empire held court in Aachen, and Aix-la-C hapelle, 
the German and French names for the same city. The H RE 
(c. 950 A.D.) mixed Romans, Christians, Germans from 
Barcelona to H amburg; from Rheimsto Rome. 

Palladius, according to Bede, brought Catholicism to 
Ireland about 430 A.D. The Irish, thereafter, spread the 
M yth to Europe. W hen the Saxons finally were converted to 
Christianity by Frankish arms (800 A.D.) the conversion, 
Saxons reasoned, made Europe quasi una gens "one race" of 
Christians (During this same time period, c. 700, Asiatic 
Khazars converted to Talmud ism). By 1050 A.D. all Chris- 
tians thought of themselves as a racial family. As time passed, 
Christianity took on a territorial meaning. Europe became 
known as "Christendom", consequently, in Medieval Europe 
"race relations'' actually meant relations between languages 
and culture groups, not breeding stocks. 



The Greek word "Agon" means fighting or warfare 
within the family group, as opposed to fighting an alien 
enemy. Thus, Christians engaged in bloody internecine wars 
(Agon) to advance Western IDEALS. But, before the I LLU- 
M IN AT I annihilation wars against Europe during the 20th 
Century, Aryans always united and fought asone people to pro- 
tect Christendom against the Khazars M oors, Saracens M on- 
go/5 etal. Today, the Catholic Church (founded by JEWS) - 
which owes its existence to Aryan knighthood - promotes misce- 
genation, and denounces Aryan nationalism, while abetting the 
state of Israel. The Pope's behavior has precedence. Jesus 
denied the Gentiles saying, 7 was sent to the lost sheep of the 
houseof Israel and to them alone." (M ATTH EW ). 

As exploration and expansion continued Aryans estab- 
lished bastions of Western C ulture wherever they conquered 
and persisted: North and South America, Canada, Australia, 
New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland, and Africa, among others 
already enumerated, were founded and civilized by these 
gifted People. It should be obvious to anyone with a shred of 
intelligence that once a People have acquired a superior 
gene-pool they should do EVERYTHING in their power to pro- 
tect and improve it The incomparable ARYAN GENE POOL 
produced multitudes of illustrious men and women. I will 
parade a few of their names before you as a reminder that they, 
and you and your children, are members of that same gene-pool ■ 
if you are White Ikhnaton, Mahavira, Sigurd, Grettir, Njal, 
Arthur, Cuchulain, Ulysses, Pericles, Aristophanes, Aure- 
lieus, Aristotle, Zarathustra, Sappho; Siegfried, Darius, Alex- 



ander, Rurik, Theodoric, M artel, Charlemagne, Roland, 
Caesar, Cleopatra, Eric, Alaric, Jean d'Arc, Godfrey, Bruce, 
Luther, M arlboro, Rob Roy, Peter the Great, Pitt, Napoleon, 
Nelson, Wellington; Erickson, Cortes, Columbus, daGama, 
Magellan; Katherine, Elizabeth, Corday, Nightingale; v. 
Steuben, Washington, Monroe, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madi- 
son, Allen, Henry, Hale, Morgan, Frederick, El Cid, Bis- 
marck, Clauswitz; Hus, Garfield, McKinley, Hess, Hitler, 
Patton, MacFadden, McCarthy, Zundel; Bridger, Coulter, 
Crocket, Bowie, Houston, Clark, H ickock, Earp, Long- 
baugh, Oakley; Lee, Jackson, Forrest, Grant, Lincoln, Bar- 
ton, Custer, Stuart, Chamberlain; Pershing, Mata Hari, 
Richthofen, Rickenbaker, York, Cavell; MacArthur, del 
Valle, Crommelin, Rommel, Prien, Nimitz, Lindbergh, Ear- 
hardt, Goering, Mussolini, Montgomery, Murphy, Foss, 
M indszenty, Pound, Solzhenitsyn; Shakespeare, Petrarch, 
Dante, Goethe, Voltaire, Schiller, Swift, Emerson, Byron, 
Keats, Blake, Burns, W ilde, Shaw, Yeats, M elville, W hitman, 
Poe, Balzac, Hesse, Dostoevsky, Shelley, Eliot, Kipling, Dre- 
iser, Steinbeck, Plath, Hemingway, Roethke, Dinesen, 
Bronte, Waugh, James, Pegler, M arsden, M encken, Chester- 
ton; Bach, Foster, Grieg, Wagner, Smetna, Beethoven, 
McCartney, Tschaikowsky, Rachmaninoff, Dvorak, Lehar, 
Strauss, Debussy, Chopin, Brahms, McDowell, Elgar, Boro- 
din, Bizet, Herbert, Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini, Handel; Prax- 
itiles, Rodin, Remington, Mallol, Titian, Da Vinci, Durer, 
Rembrandt, Brueghel, Monet, Homer, Bierstadt, Wyth, 
Degas, Goya; Plato, Goethe, Kant, Hume, Schopenhauer, 
Spencer, Pascal, Descartes, Carlyle, Machiavelli, Montaigne, 



Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Spengler, Santayana, Yockey, Simp- 
son; Kepler, Copernicus, Newton, Swedenborg, Franklin; 
Shockley, Coon, Ardrey, Oliver, Sombart, Baker; Mendel, 
Curie, Lister, Pasteur, de Bakey; Gutenberg, Galton, Ohm, 
Edison, Ford, Carnegie, Krupp, Benz, Chrysler, Diesel; 
Planck, Goddard, Hertz, von Braun, Humboldt, Richter, 
Marconi, Goethals, Rutherford, Roebling, Wright, Sullivan; 
Yaeger, Costeau, Lovell, Glenn, Armstrong, Shepard, Gris- 
som; Traubel, Hess, Sutherland, Swartzkoph, Pons, Leh- 
mann, Caruso, Pavarotti, Wunderlich, Cararras, Pinza, 
H ines; Barrymore, Cooper, G ielgud, livier, Wayne, Astaire; 
Day, Streep, Hayes, Leigh, Davis, Temple; Griffith, Lean, 
Wells, Hitchcock, Ford, Bergman; Ripken, Di Maggio, 
Ruth, Spahn, Williams, Schmidt, Hornsby, Gehrig, Berra, 
Rose, Wagner, MacGwire; Nicklaus, Jones, Hogan, Palmer, 
Snead, Norman; Lombardi, Staubach, Montana, Elway, 
Kramer, Unitas; H ingis, Laver, Borg, Graf, Connors, Court; 
Bird, West, Bradley, Laettner, Walton, H avlichek; et al. 

Race lifts a man abovehimself: itendowshim with extraor- 
dinary- I might almost say supernatural powers so entirely does 
it distinguish him from the chaotic jumble of peoples drawn 
from all parts of the world... his Race strengthens and elevates 
him on every hand... he soars heavenward like some strong 
stately tree nourished by thousands and thousands of roots - no 
solitary individual, but the living sum of untold souls striving 
for the same Goal. 

H. S. CHAM BERLAIN, "The Foundations of the 19 th Cen- 
tury". (Chamberlain, British, was Nietzsche's son-in-law). 



All great civilizations of the past only perished because the 
original races died of blood poisoning. 
ADOLF HITLER, Chancellor of Germany. 



Chapter 10 

W hat has been called the "Jewish problem" is seen for the 
first time. N ot race, not religion, not ethics, not nationality, not 
political allegiance- but somethingthat includes them all, sepa- 
rating theJEW from the West -Culture. 

Connected amongst themselves by the most obstinate 
faith, the Jews extend their charity to all of their own persua- 
sion, while toward the rest of mankind they nourish a sullen 
and inveterate hatred. 
TACITUS, "H/stor/ca/M/orK. 

The Israeliscontrol the policy in theU.S. Congress. 
J. WILLIAM FULBRIGHT, U.S. Senator, CBS "Face the 

The Jewish influence in this country is so strong You 
wouldn't believe it. We have Israelis coming to us for equip- 
ment. We say we can't possibly get Congress to support a pro- 
gram like that. They say, "Don't worry about Congress we'll 
take care of the Congress.... this is somebody from another 
country but they can do it. 

G EN . G EO RG E S. BRO W N , C hairman Joint C hiefs of Staff, 

T here are only two groups that are beating the drums now 
for war in the M iddle East, and that is the Israeli D efense M in- 
istry and its amen corner in theU .S. Congress. 
PAT BUCHANAN, "TheM cLaughlin Group", 1991. 

Kennedy said, "I wholly agree with you that American par- 
tiality in the Arab- Israeli conflict is dangerous both to the U .S. 
and the free world. "...The assassination of President Kennedy... 
shattered the possibility that his second term might see Wash- 
ington start to free itself from the grave burdens of U .S parti- 



sanship on the Arab- Israeli conflict. 

ALFRED M.LI LI EN T HAL, J EW, "TheZ/on/st Connection" 


As we have seen, wherever JEWS penetrate a Gentile 
State their single purpose is to suck the vital juices from the 
host nation and implant their own culture. About 1850 A. D . 
JEWS set the cross-hairs of their sights on America. During 
the ensuing 150-years they invaded the United States, 
hitched their ambitions and hatred to our resources and 
man-power; then proceeded to entangle America in a series 
of wars fought only to enrich JEWRY and advance the 
ILLUM INATI agenda. 

Charles Lindbergh published his "Wartime Journals" in 
which he insisted his non-interventionist (WWII) stand had 
been fundamentally correct and that the U .S. had actually lost 
the war... he stressed the irreparable genetic loss... suffered by 
the Northern European peoples. 
WILMOT ROBERTSON, 'T/ieD/'^osessedMa/or/fy 1 . 

After WWII an "Iron Curtain" settled over Europe. It 
wasimperative to keep the populations ignorant of the vampires 
who had feasted on them. The "HOLOCAUST" HOAX, a 
stratagem to cover-up the Holocaust perpetrated against Ger- 
many, emerged like a rabid dog. JEWS invaded the machin- 
ery of the United States government. The "Cold War", 
another hoax, appeared on the horizon. Bolsheviks crawled 



like maggots out of the corpses of Russia and Eastern Europe 
threatening M ain Street, U .S.A. 

Jew immigrants into the U .S. so successfully resisted iden- 
tification by race (and religion) - insisting that they be set down 
not as Jews but as Germans, Poles, or what not- that for many 
years the various national quotas were taken up almost entirely 
by Jews; and to this day the number of Jews in theU nited States 
is known only by the figuresjews themselves give us. 
WILLIAM G.SIM P SO N , "Whidh WayWeHern Man?' 

One of those immigrants who, like so many others, 
"rriraculously" escaped the "HOLOCAUST," was Albert 
Einstein, JEW (1879-1955), a theoretical physicist 
renowned for his brilliant "theory of relativity" (E=mc2) and 
for his support of Communism, wrote to Pres Franklin 
Roosevelt urgi ng hi m to i nitiatea program to develop a U . S. 
nudear weapon for use against Germany Alexander Sachs, 
JEW, banker, delivered the letter which FALSELY accused 
Germany of building an atomic bomb. I n fact H itler, while 
investigating nudear-power potential, inveighed against ALL 
weapons of mass-destruction (induding the bombing of 
civilian targets). Roosevelt's advisors, Baruch, JEW; Rosen- 
man, JEW; Morganthau, JEW; Hopkins, Hiss, et al, sold 
FDR on Einstein's idea The minds that eventually devel- 
oped the Atomic- bomb were Lisa Meitner, J EW; Neils Bohr, 
J EW; H ans Bethe J EW; Edward Td ler, J EW; J ohn von N eu- 
mann, JEW; Leo Szilard, JEW; and Enrico Fermi, Aryan, 
with a J EW wife Almost all had been educated at the Uni- 
versity of Gottingham, Germany and some had worked at 



the M ax Planck Institute. M eitner had purloined details of 
successful German fission experiments in Berlin. These were 
the precursors of nuclear power, and later the A-bomb con- 
structed at Los Alamos under the direction of Dr. Robert J. 
Oppenheimer, JEW. Teller and von Neuman left the 
A-bomb project and began development of the Hydro- 
gen-bomb. Schematics of the A-bomb were quickly dupli- 
cated by JEW traitors and given to the Soviet Union. The 
A-bomb was not completed in time to drop on Germany 
much to the chagrin of world J EW RY. But, they were not to 
be denied a blood sacrifice. Japan, staggering toward certain 
defeat, would be taught a TALM UDIC lesson. The only 
strong protest against dropping the A-bomb on Japan was 
registered by Truman's science advisor Ernest Lawrence, 
Aryan. There were stronger voices. beying his masters Tru- 
man ordered the incineration of the undefended cities of 
H iroshima (a Christian city) and Nagasaki. Sufficient exam- 
ple of the Atomic-bomb's destructive capacity could have 
been made by dropping it on an uninhabited area. But the 
vampires wanted to teach an unforgettable lesson to the hon- 
orable Japanese who had allied themselves with Germany. Be 
assured, descendants of the great Samurai have NOT forgotten. 

The dangerous extent of Communist penetration into 
the United States became apparent during the numerous 
espionage trialsfollowing WWII; even the most ignorant goy 
was beginning to understand the stupidity of America's alli- 
ance with "the evil Communist Empire" against Aryan Ger- 
many. President H arry Truman, under pressure from the 



media and his JEW advisors (Rabbi Steven Wise, Sam 
Rosenman, Eddie Jacobson, the Rostow brothers, Max 
Lowenthal, David Niles, et al), turned down Canada's 
request for assistance in its investigation of Communist Espi- 
onage rings operating in Canada and the United States. Tru- 
man (who got us into the Korean debacle allegedly to fight 
Communism, and who attempted to abolish the incompara- 
ble U .S. M arine Corps, called the Commie investigations a 
"Red Herring". Proceeding without U.S. help Canada 
arrested and convicted a rats-nest of Soviet agents among 
which were: Sam Carr (Cohen), organizer for all of Canada; 
Fred Rose (Rosenberg), a member of Parliament - organizer 
for French Canada; and Hermina Rabinowich, liaison with 
U. S. Communists. All of these "Canadians" wereKH AZAR 

Finally, startled at the extent of subversion - whichT ru- 
man had scoffed at - U.S. intelligence services began 
(c.1950) to arrest and convict Soviet spies working in the 
United States, among which were: John Gates (Israel Regen- 
streif), editor of the Communist "Daily Worker"; Gil Green 
(Greenberg); G us Hall (Halberg); and Carl Winters (Weiss- 
berg), ALL JEWS. 

That same year the first U.S. atomic spies were con- 
victed for espionage, among which were: Julius and Ethel 
Rosenberg; Morton Sobell; David Greenglass; Harry Gold; 
Abraham Brothman; Miriam Moskowitz; Gerhardt Eisler; 
William Perl (M utterperl) - Physics Dept. Columbia Univ. - 
ALL JEWS (the Rosenbergs were convicted and executed for 



treason amid cries of anti-Semitism. Soviet files finally made 
public in 1997, verified that the Rosenbergs had transferred 
A-bomb schematics from LosAlamosto the Soviet Union). As it 
turned out, these JEWS were relatively minor players in a 
much deeperJEWISH conspiracy. As we shall see. 

While America was engaged in the "Cold War" against 
the Soviet Union (some Americans were building bomb-shel- 
ters in their backyards), Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer, JEW, 
head of the Los Alamos Project, and America's most publi- 
cized nuclear scientist, suddenly protested further develop- 
ment of the H ydrogen-bomb. H e who had been gung-ho to 
drop the A-bomb on Germany and Japan demanded, to the 
astonishment of U .S. brass, that the project be abandoned 
for "humanitarian reasons"! His views were strongly sup- 
ported in print and deed by U. S.JEWS who (regarding the 
Soviet Union) had suddenly become deeply religious paci- 
fists. The U . S. Joint Chiefs of Staff knew the Soviets had 
made a quid pro quo offer to captured German scientists, to 
wit: their release from certain death in the Gulag in exchange 
for their scientific expertise. With great effort the Joint 
Chiefs over-rode Oppenheimer's opposition. The Special 
Committee of the National Security Council (two Aryans 
and one JEW) then voted two to one to continue the 
H-bomb program. The dissenting vote was that of David 
Lilienthal, JEW, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commis- 
sion. The United States managed to produce the H-bomb 
11-months before the Soviets produced theirs; thus saving 
the U.S.A. from Soviet extortion - perhaps extinction. Smell- 



ing a rat "underneath the piles" the FBI removed ppenhe- 
imer's security-clearance. Reason given: his wife, mistress, 
and best friends had "extensive Communist affiliations". 
The ADL and media shrieked bigotry! President Lyndon 
Johnson, an easily black-mailed slob - prodded by Abe For- 
tas, JEW, and the Rostow brothers, JEWS - reinstated 
Oppenheimer's security-clearance in a grand ceremony, 
complete with tributes, awards, and maudlin apologies. 
(Shortly thereafter Johnson's nominee for Chief Justice of 
the Supreme Court, AbeFortas, and his partner LouisWolf- 
son, JEW, were convicted of stock-embezzlement. They did 
easy time in the same type country-club prison that later 
housed JEW VI PS like M ichael M ilken, Ivan Boesky, and 
other Wall Street junk-bond salesmen and swindlers). 

1994, Pavel A. Sudoplatov, former Soviet agent, released 
KGB files to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency revealing 
that the enigmatic D r. Robert J . ppenheimer, J EW, was a 
Soviet spy! ppenheimer (now deed.) had compromised 
U.S. security by providing the Soviet Union with detailed 
U .S. nuclear secrets. ppenheimer's treason nearly cost the 
United States victory in the Cold War, and indirectly con- 
tributed to the deaths of thousands of U .S. military person- 
nel in Korea and Viet Nam. The news-media has decided to 
put a lid on this information. Your Congressman plays 

Let it be remembered that the Attorney General of the 
U nited States recently testified that an analysis of 4,984 of the 
more militant members of the Communist Party in the U nited 
States showed that 91.4 percent of the total were of foreign 



stock (J EW S) or were married to persons of foreign stock. 
PAT MCCARRAN, Chr. Judiciary Committee, U.S. Senate, 

The great majority of JEWS change their names follow- 
ing a precedent set by Lenin (Ulianov) JEW; Trotsky (Bron- 
stein) Jew; and Stalin (Dzugashvili) Tartar, married to a 
JEWESS. Today, change-of-identity includes facial surgery - 
vastly improving their appearances- enabling them to hide 
almost unnoticed among the goyim whom they intend to 

(c.1950) on Communists within the U.S. government 
(called a "witch-hunt" by government prosecutors and the 
mass-media). McCarthy was warned by friends that he 
would be attacked from both sides of the aisle. H e replied, 
"The American people will never let me down." He didn't 
know brainwashed BoobusAmericanus. McCarthy initiated 
investigations of the Departments of State, Agriculture, Trea- 
sury, and Defense. Eventually, several Soviet agents were 
arrested, including: Alger Hiss, Currie, Ware, Collins, Dug- 
gin, Reno, Remington, Wadleigh, Field, and Whittaker 
Chambers. AmongJEWS exposed as Soviet agents were: Abe 
Pressman, Abt, Perlo, Silverman, Witt, Gompertz, and 
White (Weiss), protege of Henry Morganthau, JEW, FDR's 
Sec'y of the Treasury. 

TheADL resorted to time-tested tactics, demonizing 
the messenger to distract from the facts. M cC arthy had hard 
evidence that Communists were eroding the foundations of 



our Republic and betraying U.S. intelligence to theCommu- 
nist bloc. 

H e was making real headway when he was accused of 
making unsubstantiated charges against the integrity of the 
U.S. Army: viz., falsely accusing U.S. Army dentist Dr. Vic- 
tor Perlo, JEW, of Communist affiliations. The charge 
against McCarthy was blown out of proportion by the 
media, which demanded blood. I n the heat of the nationally 
televised character assassination the Senator's valuable ser- 
vices to America were ignored. Finally, Senator McCarthy, 
censured by a servile Senate, was forced into retirement. 
Perlo (who later confessed to being a Communist) walked, a 
hero of the Left. A new word of approbation, "McCarthy- 
ism" (meaning: invalid, indiscriminate attacks upon a wit- 
ness) entered the American lexicon. Its true definition is: He 
who attacks Commies will be burned at the stake. An impor- 
tant aspect of this American tragedy was that courtroom 
opposition to McCarthy was led by Aryan attorneys, many 
of them Ivy League, Skull & Bones types, vassals of the 
Golden Rule: H ewho hath the gold rules. 

Recently, the deceased Senator arose from hisgrave: 

RATE: Documents Show Soviet Infiltration 
Sen. Joseph McCarthy and other Red-baiters weren't too far 
wrong about the extensive Soviet penetration of U .S. govern- 
ment agencies... documents released yesterday by the N ational 
Security Agency shows... more than 100 Soviet agents had infil- 
trated the D epartments of State, Justice, War, Treasury and even 



the Office of Strategic Services - precursor of the CIA... Previ- 
ous releases... detailed the discovery of Soviet efforts to steal 
nuclear secrets and the involvement of Julius and Ethel Rosen- 
berg in the wartime spying effort. "Not everyone accused by 
McCarthy was innocent," Mr. Radosh said, noting that the 
backlash against M cCarthy' anti-Communist crusade tended to 
discredit anyone who sought to expose Soviet activities in the 
U .S.A. But historian D avid Kahn (J EW ), author of "The Code- 
breaker?, said he is far more cautious about reviving M cC ar- 
my's reputation... "I don't want to go overboard," M r. Kahn 
TheWASHINGTON TIMES, 6 March 1996. 

Back in the 1970s (Nam Era) the mass-media, with 
McCarthyism in mind, protested that domestic spying by 
the U .S. government threatened "Freedom". 

President Ford, always easily persuaded, permitted 
Attorney General Edward Levi, JEW, to impose "Levi 
Guidelines" on U.S. investigative agencies. These Guidelines 
gutted government personnel-security-programs by making 
those who preached subversion immune from investigation 
unless they advocated or engaged in specific crimes. In other 
words the USA is no longer allowed to engage in fire preven- 
tion until the fire starts. Which introduces another spy 

Front-page news, October '98, was the signing of yet 
another Peace Accord between Palestine and Israel. Yasser 
Arafat, Arab, lips quivering, spoke of a glorious future of 
peace and prosperity for their two Peoples: "We Semitic 
brothers"! Benjamin Netanyahu, JEW, Khazar, noticeably 



In the wee hours of that morning after the deal was 
struck, but before the signing, Netanyahu, Israeli Prime 
M inister blind-sided the negotiations. He threatened to walk 
out unless the U nited States, as part of the Accord, released 
ISRAELI SPY Jonathan Pollard from prison. Clinton dared 
not comply. H owever, to assuage the Israelis, his last act as 
President wasto pardon a rat's nest of JEW thieves, including 
U.S. embezzler Marc Rich, JEW, prominent on the FBI's 
"most wanted" list. 

Pollard, is the "American" JEW who sold "an amazing 
number of America's top-secrets to Israel." Because Pollard has 
an intimate knowledge of all aspects of U.S. security he 
remains a risk even while in prison. Alan Dershowitz, JEW, 
Professor, H arvard Law School, and TV celeb, states: it is a 
"stain on America" to detain Pollard because "the secrets 
were sold to a U.S. ally; he has served enough time" (12+ 
years). Media "talking heads", with their jobs in mind, agree 
that Pollard, who became an Israeli citizen while in prison, 
should be returned to Israel for "the sake of peace." Israel, 
where Pollard is considered a national hero, demands that 
the United States release their spy immediately. Dershowitz 
was angered during a C N N interview when the question of 
JEW dual-loyalty was posed. "That's an old canard," he 
snarled. "Pollard isjust one American Jew who happens to be 
a spy." Dershowitz, of course, is dissembling. JEWS - as all 
races - are genetically unique: genes determine behavior. 
JEWS have been notorious, historically, for disloyalty to host 
nations. That doesn't mean all JEWS in the United States 



pose security risks - as Pollard, and the others. It simply 
means that many JEWS who profess belief in MARXISM/ 
JUDAISM /ZIONISM are security risks. More specifically, it 
means that about 98% (ninety-eight per cent) of all JEWS 
are security risks. The U nited States of America is discover- 
ing what Europe learned long ago": JEWS smile while stab- 
bing their hosts in the back. 

Alfred Lilienthal, JEW, tape-recorded (7-4-72) the fol- 
lowing interview with two Brooklyn teenagerswho belonged 
to the I nternational Conference of Synagogue Youth: 

If Israel and the U .S. get into a war which side will you be 

Thiswill never happen - it couldn't happen. 

D o you consider yourself an American or ajew? 

I am an American and a Jew. 

But which do you consider first? 

I am a J ew before I am an A meri can . 


D o you have a dual loyalty? Some people insist that you 

N o, but we do have strong connections with Israel as well 
as with the U .S., and we have more connections with Israel; 
because that is our state. 

W hat do you mean? I thought the U .S. was your state? 

We live in the U.S. We are proud however that Israel is our 



state- Israel is our homeland and our final goal is to settle 

W hy don't you go there now? 

We're not ready to go. 

T hen why do you stay i n the U .S. and use the U .S.? 

We must have a country powerful and strong, and we want 
to build up the U .S. because while we are here we can help 
Israel. We are here because this is a powerful country and we 
want to use our influence. 

Influence the U .S. in behalf of Israel? 

N ot only influence the U .S. but influence other American 
Jews, many of whom are not doing as much as they should. 

What is your feeling towards Israel? 

Israel is ours. The U.S. is not our state. We are making it 
our home but a home is not our state. 

What happens when people say there are Jews who are 
using the U .S. and imply it istimeyou get out? 

They would want us to get out - that is anti-Semitism. 

But you have dual loyalties? 

What's wrong with that? Israel can help the U .S. and the 
U.S. can help Israel... We don't use the U.S. as a base. We are 
supporting the U .S., we pay our taxes. We don't want to immi- 
grate right now. And don't get the idea we're living off the fat of 
their land and taking it away - that's bigotry, that sounds like 



Well maybe it is, but don't you feed this anti-Semitism 
with your ideas? 

No. If the U.S. asked us to serve in the army and it didn't 
involve Israel we would serve. But we can't trust the U.S. to do 
completely what we want. If the U .S. does not have a favorable 
policy towards Israel, its up to us to help to build that, and we 
wouldn't be able to do for I srael what is necessary if we weren't 
living in theU.S. 
ALFRED LILIENTHAL, "TheZionist Connection". 

A youthful Pollard could have been one of the JEWS 
interviewed above. ("Nits grow up to be lice," Gen. Sheridan, 

Recently, another KGB document decrypted by the 
U.S. Venoma program indicates, but does not prove, that 
David K. Niles(Neyhus), JEW was a high placed U.S. trai- 
tor. A long-time protege of Bernie Baruch, JEW, and of 
H arry H opkins, FD R Chief of Staff, N ileswas administrative 
advisor to Roosevelt and Truman (H opkins, recently exposed as 
a Soviet spy, actually lived in the White House). W hen N iles 
died in 1953 he was described by the New York Times as "a 
man of mystery". The FBI had placed N iles and many of his 
associates under surveillance Their scenario began when 
Niles recommended David Karr (Katz), JEW, to Alan M . 
Cranston for employment. Karr was a staff member on the 
Communist Daily Worker, and PR director of the American 
League for Peace and Democracy, a Communist front. Cran- 
ston, was then a member of the Office of War Information 
(OWI). Later he became U.S. Senator (CA-D em.). Cranston 



published a distorted edition of "Mein Kampf", which he 
pawned off on the American public as a first edition transla- 
tion - a "Spidbergism". Obeying Niles 1 directive Cranston 
hired Karr as an official at the W I . I n that capacity he had 
daily access to the staffs of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman 
which included Hopkins, Lauchlin Currie, Alger H iss, Harry 
Dexter White (Weiss), JEW (all exposed as Soviet agents), 
and of course to David Niles, JEW. The Venona Files also 
confirm the espionage activities of Kim Philby, KlausFuchs, 
JEW, and the Rosenbergs, JEWS. The point is, David Niles, 
has never been investigated by Congress. Truman (who 
prodded the U .S. into the Korean debacle) called N iles a "a 
close friend and trusted associate". The answer to how 
high-up TREASON went (and goes) in the Democratic con- 
trolled White House is locked in FBI files - which the 
Bureau will release unexpurgated only to the U .S. Congress. 
Congress, who must curry media favor, feigns disinterest 
(see: Washington Times editorial, 8-29-97). 

Before World War II H itler had established himself as the 
arch enemy of Liberalism, M arxism, and Jewry - precisely the 
three driving forces... that had ridden into power with Franklin 
Roosevelt's New D eal. 
WILMOT ROBERT SON, The Dispossessed Majority", 1976. 

Some of my best friends are C ommunists. 

T he whole story of G ermany's appeal for negotiations and 
our curt refusal and severance of diplomatic relations was not 
published in 1937 and 1938 when Germany made her appeal, 
but was withheld from the public until ferreted out by the 
House Committee on un-American Activities after WWII... 
and released to the press more than 10-years after the facts were 



so criminally suppressed. 

DR. JO H N . BEATY, Colonel U .S. Army Intelligence. 

John F. Kennedy proposed a Peace Plan to the United 
Nations (1961) calling for the "general and complete disarma- 
ment of the United States" - a further measure to implement 
Bernard M . Baruch'splan. 
A.K.CHESTERTON, "The New Unhappy Lords." 

Thedepth of penetration oftheAlliedgovernmentsbyjEW 
AGENTS is evidenced by 20th Century wars fought not only to 
benefit enemies of the West ■ but also by strategies employed to 
assure Western defeat We have seen, above, that the White 
House, and No. 10 Downing Street, capitulated to the 
ILLUMINATI, aligning themselves with the Soviet Union 
against Christian Germany. We have seen how Bernard 
Baruch, KAHILLA point-man, "the most powerful man in 
America," imposed absolute control over FDR, Churchill, 
and D wight Eisenhower, who in concert sacrificed their 
country's heritage to advance the I LLU M I NAT I agenda (see 
Chapt. 6: "Holocaust"). The betrayal of Christendom by 
Roosevelt at Yalta, and Truman at Potsdam, widely docu- 
mented, assured a total COMMUNIST VICTORY in 
WWII and caused the deaths of millions of unarmed Euro- 
peans following the war. 

Treason doth never prosper. W hat is the reason? For when 
it doth prosper none dare call it treason. 




CHINA: Following WWII Mao Tse-Tung, financed by 
the ILLUMINATI, led his Chinese Communists in an 
armed conflict against National China under Generalissimo 
Chiang Kai-Shek, America's ally against Japan. Truman 
warned Chiang to integrate Communists into China's 
National government or American aid would be withdrawn. 
Chiang refused to be extorted, citing his revulsion of the 
International Banking cartel. Deprived of American assis- 
tance, his army bereft of supplies, C hiang Kai-Shek retreated 
to the island sanctuary of Formosa and dug in. Thus, the 
U.S.A. deliberately betrayed its former ally Chiang Kai-Shek 
and GAVE mainland China to Communism. Subsequently 
Communist China was awarded a permanent seat on the 
U.N. Security Council, its most powerful chair. Mao 
Tse-Tung, of "Little Red Book" fame, and darling of New 
York- Hollywood "elite," JEWS, then proceeded to murder 
65-million of his countrymen in what David Rockefeller and 
"Mongol" Brzezinski call "a glorious revolution." 

KOREA: Shortly thereafter Truman, with Congress 
averting its eyes, committed U.S. troops to Korea. The 
alleged mission was to PREVENT Communism from 
spreading to South Korea, a peninsula pointed at now dis- 
armed Japan. This "police action" quickly developed into a 
full-blown but undeclared war. The great General Douglas 
MacArthur drove the North Koreans, led by Red Chinese 
officers, toward the Chinese Border amid cries of protest 
from Wall Street which feared war with "our trading partner" 



Red China. LIBERALS/MARXISTS/JEWS in America's 
streets "protested" our victories and exulted in our defeats - 
thus, in patriots' eyes, giving the war a raison d'etre. M ac- 
Arthur complained that his conduct of the war was compro- 
mised by spies within the U.S. government: "The enemy 
receives my (Pentagon) directives before I do". MacArthur 
asked Truman to permit Chiang Kai-Shek's troops to fight 
with Americans against the Red Chinese. Truman refused. 
MacArthur was denied his request to attack enemy forces 
massing across the Yalu border in preparation for attack. H e 
was denied his request to gather intelligence by aerial recon- 
naissance over China. MacArthur soon realized he was 
expected to win battles but lose the war. Again and again 
against incredible odds, and at great cost in American casual- 
ties, U .S. forces stopped the enemy; but were prevented by 
President Truman from administering the coup de grace. 
MacArthur publicly insisted upon victory, infuriating the 
ILLUMINATI. Whereupon Truman dismissed MacArthur 
for insubordination. H is replacement, General Ridgway said 
after the war: "The reason we didn't win is because I was 
under orders not to win". W hy has no one been hanged for 
high treason? Only the ILLUMINATI knows. All of the 
facts, in retrospect, lead to the conclusion that the U .S. gov- 
ernment's purpose in dragging America into Korea was not 
to defeat Communism but to kill as many American's as pos- 
sible in an ignoble defeat, get rid of the hero MacArthur as a 
possible presidential nominee, and lure a disillusioned Amer- 
ica into acceptance of ne World G overnment. 



VIET N AM . A repeat scenario was played 10-years later 
under another JEW -pocked Democratic Administration. 
President Lyndon Johnson, Democrat, in a special address to 
the American public, reported an attack upon a U.S. naval 
vessel in the Tonkin Gulf by a North Vietnamese torpedo 
boat. Johnson solemnly announced that "Communist 
aggression must be stopped as a threat to American security!" 
(Later, after 58,152 American dead were just names on a 
wall, declassified US Navy logs revealed there had been no 
torpedo attack!). Johnson then ordered 165,000 U.S. forces 
under General Westmoreland to support a handful of Amer- 
ican "advisors" previously ordered there by former President 
John F. Kennedy, Democrat. The "advisors" assisted inept 
South Vietnamese in their ongoing racial war against the 
North Vietnamese, who also happened to be Communists. 
Once U.S. forces were committed in large numbers the U.S. 
federal government, as in Korea, prohibited them from 
attacking specified enemy sanctuaries (staging areas) into 
which the Communists retreated, regrouped, re-armed and 
launched renewed attacks. War materiel, shipped via the 
"Hanoi Run" from USSR to Viet Nam, was produced in 
Russian plants that had been built by American companies 
and financed by theJEW owned Federal Reserve System. As 
in Korea, M arxist spies within the U .S. government released 
vital information to the enemy. Again the secret policy of the 
ILLUMINATI was: "containment of Communism" while 
disallowing an American victory! Denying a final victory 
over a dedicated and skilled M arxist enemy WAS A REC I PE 



the same bloody ground over and over again. Yet, despite 
treason in high places American troops - outnumbered 
ten-to-one - were winning the war. W hich is precisely why 
U.S. MARXISTS/JEWS/LIBERALS so vehemently pro- 
tested U.S. involvement - and that is the only reason - we 
were destroying their comrades... the Communists. The 

M arxist canaille on the streets of America (Bob Dylan, 
JEW; Joan Baez, JEW; Bettina Apetheker, JEW, MortKun- 
stler, JEW; Jerry Rubin, J EW;Abbie Hoffman, JEW; "Hanoi 
Jane" Fonda, Rhodes Scholar William J. Clinton, liars, 
queers, punks, lesbians, H ollywood J EWS, M cGovernites, et 
al) staged protest parades, threw excrement at police, burned 
draft-cards, despoiled the American Flag, consorted with the 
enemy, made a mockery of the courts, smeared our military 
heroes - literally spitting on disabled vets returning from Viet 
Nam - all with no punishment exacted - yet. 

But, when the Hell's Angels, and Pagans motor-cycle 
gangs bloodied MARX 1ST /JEW noses the H arley boys were 
arrested under fakeRICO Act charges. At Kent State three of 
the four rock-throwing psychos slain by the National Guard 
wereJEWS (later martyrized in marble by the University). 

Meanwhile the mass-media suddenly reversed its 
pro-war policy: denying our beleaguered troops moral sup- 
port from home. TheM ED I A heaped calumny on U.S. mil- 
itary leadership; presented biased, horrifying scenes depicting 
"the wanton killing of Vietnamese civilians'' , and the "degener- 
acy" of our fighting men and women. Finally the 



brain-washed, confused, exhausted American goyim forced 
our government to surrender. W enow see a pattern of SEDI- 
TION/TREASON . The U.S. government secretly abets 
Communism around the globe, then sends in the American 
military to "contain the Communis menace" . Thus, Europe, 
Russia, China, Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, 
Japan, theM iddle East were turned into killing grounds, and 
their existing governments destroyed. The ILLUMINATI 
then moves into the vacuum, establishes central banks, and 
issues debt-credit to the devastated populations. There is no 
doubt these treasonous NO WIN U.S. WARS were meant to dis- 
illusion the American nation into accepting loss of sovereignty 
and One World Government (See The Protocols). You can be 
sure, too, the KHAZARS enthusiastically applauded as 
heroic Americans died. 

U.S.S. LIBERTY: Nothing better illustrates the control 
J EW S exert over the U .S. G overnment than the U SS Liberty 
atrocity. The Liberty, a well known "ferret", or surveillance 
ship (listed in the standard reference manual jane's Fighting 
Ships) was a converted WWII "Victory" ship bearing an 
unmistakablesilhouette. She was outfitted with sophisticated 
state-of-the-art surveillance-gear which added to her distinc- 
tive appearance. On 8 June 1967, the Liberty patrol led inter- 
national waters off the Sinai Peninsula. The day was warm, 
with unlimited visibility, a 5-knot breeze, and calm seas. 
100-feet above the bridge a 40-square feet U nited States flag 
flew from the main mast; a 12-feet tall numeral 5 was 
painted on both bows and her name appeared boldly on the 



stern. The Liberty's total armament consisted of two 
twin-mount 50-caliber machine guns sans splinter shields: 
one fore one aft. At 1130 ISRAELI reconnaissance planes 
began to monitored the ship closely and continuously for 
almost 3-hours. At 1405 three ISRAELI Mirage jets 
appeared in formation, each carrying two 30-mm cannon 
and up to 72-rockets. Suddenly, without challenging the Lib- 
erty, they conducted a deadly and coordinated attack on the 
virtually unarmed ship. The objective, clearly, was to sink the 
Liberty with all hands, leaving no traces. In retrospect thiswas 
deliberate murder. The first pass knocked out the radio-room 
killing all hands; the next pass shot-up all life-rafts. The 
J E W S made repeated criss-cross attacks blasting Liberty from 
stem to stern. H er decks were awash with American blood 
which streamed through the scuppers and down the free- 
board . ur flag was shot from the mast. UNABLETO SINK 
HER the JEWS sent in three motor-torpedo boats which 
riddled the Liberty with 20-mm and 40-mm automatic 
weapons. One of three torpedoes launched struck the ship 
amidships destroying the communications center. Still, she 
refused to go down. In 39-minutes 34 American sailors were 
murdered and 164 wounded. Captain McGonagle, at the 
onset of the attack, managed to send a "M ayday" which was 
picked-up 600-miles away by the Sixth Fleet. The flat-top 
USS America launched an attack but the U .5. planes were 
called back by the White House. ISRAELI pilots upon inter- 
cepting Sixth Fleet communications (JEW radios were set on 
USS frequencies) quickly exited the area: JEWS are best at 
shooting starving Arabs armed with sticks and stones. Cap- 



tain M cGonagle brought the listing Liberty to dry-dock in 
Malta, thence to Little Creek, VA. Finally the bloodied hulk 
was scrapped. The crew muzzled. An ISRAELI Board of 
Inquiry blamed the attack on mistaken identity: their pilots 
had confused the 10,000-ton USS Liberty with the Egyptian 
2,640-ton EIQuaar, a troopship! 

In the United States strong pressure to support the 
ISRAELI position was exerted by America's Ambassador to 
theU.N., Arthur Goldberg, JEW, and Eugene and Walt Ros- 
tow, J EWS, Special Advisers on National Security to President 
Johnson. These were the same J EWS who helped master- 
mind the Viet Nam war (Walt Rostow teaches now at Yale, 
hotbed of ZIONISM). Chief of theCIA, Richard Helms, in 
re the Liberty attack, permitted all U.S. intelligence opera- 
tions inside ISRAEL to be conducted by the Mossad (the 
Mossad /stheCIA). A U.S. Panel of Inquiry, chaired by Rear 
Admiral I. C. Kidd, USN, declared, "The attack on the Lib- 
erty was, in fact, a case of mistaken identity." Thus, establish- 
ing the official U.S. position. 

Overtheensuing years facts creeping to the surface indi- 
cate the ISRAELIS knew exactly what they were doing, for 
example: JEWS claim that they thought they were attacking 
an Egyptian ship, yet they JAM M ED ONLY United States 
communications frequencies. The USS Liberty got off her 
"M ayday" before the radiomen were killed only because of 
McGonagle's quick actions and the ship's advanced commu- 
nications gear. 



Apparently this is what happened: T he Liberty had been 
ordered by the W hite H ouse to another sector of the M edi- 
terranean, but the message for undisclosed reasons was never 
dispatched. Still patrolling off Sinai, the Liberty intercepted 
communications revealing ISRAEL'S sneak attacks on Egypt 
and Jordan - igniting the 1967 war. Meanwhile, with the 
assistance of U.S. mass-media, ISRAELIS announced to the 
world they had been attacked by the Egyptians. The W hite 
House (double-crossing the Arabs) abetted the ISRAELI 
LIES. Moshe Dayan, Israeli Chief of Defense, ordered the 
Liberty to be sunk. She knew too much and, more impor- 
tantly, when she was sunk with all hands the atrocity could 
be blamed on Egypt, producing another Lustania, Pearl 
H arbor, or Coventry reaction in America. 

ISRAEL did not court-martial theM irage pilots, two of 
whom were "American" JEWS trained at the U.S. Air Force 
Academy, in Colorado. The U.S. Navy warned surviving 
USS Liberty personnel never to discuss the incident. For the 
first time in American history medals awarded for valor 
omitted the EN EM Y'S name: referring, instead, to a "battle 
in the Mediterranean." In a ceremony normally conducted 
with solemnity and dignity at the White House, Captain 
McGonagle, was awarded our Nation's highest honor, the 
Congressional Medal of Honor, by a representative of Presi- 
dent Johnson in an ante-room at the navy yards - asquickly 
and quietly as possible. As of this date, the U.S. State 
Department refuses to declassify important documents relat- 



i ng to the USSL iberty m urders that occurred al most 35-years 
ago! Declassification would be considered anti-Semitism. 

Captain JoeToth, USN, seeking damages on behalf of 
his murdered son, Stephen Toth, and two other officers 
killed aboard the USS Liberty, was threatened by the U.S 
N avy and by the U .S. State D epartment to keep quiet or suf- 
fer the consequences. H is widow said: 

First they killed my son, then my husband. The harass- 
ment took theform of threatsand claims that Joe was damaging 

national security; and there was surveillance and pressure from 
people like the IRS. It was too much for his bad heart. It took a 
year to kill him, but finally it did. 

Ten years later UPI reported (9-18-77) that CIA docu- 
ments obtained by Egypt through the Freedom of I nforma- 
tion Act reveal Israel Defense Minister, Moshe Dayan, 
KHAZAR, ordered the unprovoked attack. CIA Director 
Stansfidd Turner, goy traitor, questioned on national TV 
about the CIA documents stated "they have not been 
authenticated... thelSRAELI attadcwasan honest mistake!'. 

Nonsense Prima facie evidence alone reveals the brazen 
cover-up: It was broad daylight. American sailors plainlyvis- 
ible don't resemble Egyptians Now, ask yourself, who do 
you suppose controls United States Presidents Congress- 
men, admirals aid CIA Directors?Thus J EW PARASITES 
murder our People distort our culture and trash our Des- 
tiny. America's tragic political- military defeats and acts of 
sedition and treason which our gutless Congress refuses to 



investigate are not unrelated events. Rather they are 
moments, examined in a time-warp, depicting the continuing 
decline of Western Civilization. The evil scenario for these 
H igh Crimes is provided by the Protocols of theLearned Elders 
ofZion which, as H enry Ford firmly stated: fit what went on 
in the past and they fit what is happening now. Exactly. The 
metaphor: "Ship of State," referring to the U.S.A., elicits 
images of theL/ SS Liberty- bleeding and listing. So too our 
Nation bleeds; riddled by parasites; consumed by an 
E N E M Y none dares name. 


Occasional cries of Americans demanding justice, are 
ignored because the medi a interpretsthe 1st Amendment asthe 
right to print only what fitslLLUMINATI objectives It is axi- 
omatic, when the vox populi is silenced treasonous acts 
remain unpunished. (We note: "Freedom of the Press" is not 
granted Nazis, the Aryan Nations, theKKK, etc.). 

The MASS-MEDIA shapes public opinion - brain- 
washing society with mis-information, dis-information, 
phony polls - to move in whatever direction the ILLUM I- 
NATI wishes. It has been pointed out that public opinion 
polls really test media efficacy. The MASS-MEDIA is, in 
effect, an adjunct of the ILLUM I NAT I and its spores: CFR/ 
TRI, Federal Reserve System, Internal Revenue Service, 
World Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League of the 
B'nai B'rith, the Foundations, etal - whose combined influ- 
ence far exceeds that of our constitutional government. Only 



Aryan Americans properly armed and led, have greater power. 
THE MASS-MEDIA keeps the three branches of the U .S. 
government in harness. Nationalistic jurists and politicians 
are considered politically-incorrect: branded persona non 
grata by the media and ignored, or else they are crucified by 
it. The two most influential newspapers in the world, medi- 
tated over morning coffee by D.C. power- brokers, are the 
New York Times ("All the News that Fits") owned by the 
Oakes (Ochs),JEWS, and Sulzberger families, JEWS; and 
the Washington Post, owned by M artha M eyer G raham 
(mongrel-daughter of Eugene Meyer, JEW, banker, who pur- 
chased the paper as a propaganda organ to drive America 
into the Wars). Both of these media empires include 
radio-TV stations, web-sites, and additional publishing ven- 
tures. They make or break governments, spread spirochetes 
of JEW syphilis, create financial panics and wars, and get 
their instructions from theKEH ILLA. 

Some additional publications controlled by JEWS 

the St. LouisPost Dispatch (owned by the Pulitzer family, 
founders of "yellow journalism"); Philadelphia Inquirer, San 
Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Las Vegas Sun; U.S. 



ANTIQUES, etc. Ancorp National Services (Union News), 
owned by Henry Garfinkle, JEW, is the leading distributor 
of paperbacks, magazine and newspapers to newsstands and 
retail outlets. Sam Newhouse, JEW, owns the third largest 
newspaper chain represented, at last count, by over 30 dai- 

JEW control is pervasive in book publishing: Knopf, 
Random House, Viking Press, Doubleday, Dell, Holt-Rine- 
hart & Winston, Grossetand Dunlop, Penguin, Bantam, to 
name a few. Most book/film reviewers are JEWS, or they 
work for J E W publications. T he same holds true for book, 
film and television agents. Harry Sherman, JEW, owner of 
Book-of-the-M onth Club, distributes millions of titles yearly 
to the country's retail outlets. Do you think they distribute 
material on the AD L hit-list? Try to purchase, at your local 
book dealer, a copy of David Irving's "Churchill's War"; or 
Wilmot Robertson's "Dispossessed Majority"; or Ernst Zun- 
del's "D id 6-Million Really Die?" You will come up empty 
handed. They won't even catalogue them. On the other 
hand, "Ann Frank's Diary", a proven hoax, is available every- 
where. In effect JEWS determine what Americans are 
allowed to read, hear, see, write- and TH IN K. 



Abraham H . Foxman in his letter to the Editor... accuses 
me of "anti-Semitism"; he calls me "a well known H olocaust 
denier and Nazi apologist", and he writes of my "pattern of bias 
and deceit". Then I see that he directs a league against defama- 
tion (AD L). How odd. 
DAVID IRVING, Letters, "Vanity Fair", October 199 

Recently, Bertelsmann USA, a German conglomerate, 
purchased several New York book publishers, creating panic 
among the Tribe. However, the deal specified that Bertels- 
mann would no longer publish "Man Kampf", and the infra- 
structure of the acquired publishers would remain firmly 
under JEW management! 

A succession of JEW hierarchies during the definitive years 
prior to, during, and after WWII controlled ALL information 
broadcast over America's radio-TV networks William Paley, 
JEW, CEO at CBS; the Sarnoff family, JEWS, headed up 
RCA (NBC); Leonard Goldenson, JEW, headed ABC. PBS, 
and the Sports N etwork are also controlled by J EW S, as are 
the leading Cable Channels: TNN, CNN , A&E, theHistory 
Channel to name a few. N etwork ownership has changed in 
some instances due to corporate mergers but the infrastruc- 
tures remain unassailably JEWISH, for example The Disney 
Co.: Headed by M ichael Eisner, JEW, purchased ABC; and 
Sumner Redstone (Rothstein) J EW, purchased CBS forming 
Viacom, the world's second largest media conglomerate, 
spewing its filth into all corners of the world. H ighly paid 
Aryan "Talking Heads" mouthingJEW ideology (Cronkite, 
Jennings, Sawyer, Cokie Roberts, George Will, Matthews, 
Brokaw, Rather, et al), performing as J udas goats have led the 



United States to the brink of catastrophe: a non-winnable 
war against the Arab states. That which Americans know 
about their own history, and about JEW history is what the 
TRIBE allows them to know. 

largest media conglomerate, headed by Gerald Levin, JEW, 
recently acquired Turner Broadcasting Company. Turner, an 
uneducated (Brown Univ.) but very successful business 
entrepreneur, was married to Jane Fonda, Hollywood bimbo. 
Asyou remember shewas photographed behind enemy lines 
waving a Communist flag during the Viet Nam war. After- 
wards, American troops placed laminated photographs of 
"Hanoi Jane" in their urinals. Ergo, it's not surprising that 
Ted/Jane (who are now divorced) merged with Time-Warner 
(JEWS); and then, with much hoopla, donated 1-Billion 
tax-exempt-dollars to the U nited N ations: whose objective is 
Hollywood, the theater, Tin-pan-alley, and the recording 
industry are very nearly a JEW monopoly. To escape 
anti-trust actions a few obedient goyim are permitted a small 
share of the loot. Khazars control not only financing, cre- 
ation and production of the medium, but also own, almost 
exclusively, the distribution, exhibition and ancillary rights - 
foreign and domestic - as well as casting-couch privileges 
whereon enterprising young starlets are made (and bred). 

JEW power in the "entertainment industry" stems from 
their seemingly unique ability to obtain financial backing. In 
the final instance, investment bankers, financiers, venture 



capitalists, almost all JEWS, determine what will be pro- 
duced. If content does not fit ILLUM I NAT I prerequisites it 
gets trashed. There have been no films based, for example, 
on David Irving's "The Destruction of Dresden", "Goebbd's 
DiarieS'; Veale's "Advance to Barbarism"; Solzhenitsyn's 
"Gulag Archipelago"; Shakespeare's "M erchant of Venice"; Tay- 
lor Caldwell's "A Pillar of Iron"; or a documentary covering 
the "U .S.S. Liberty" atrocity - a film that would shake the 
world and hang Congressmen and CIA moles for treason. 

JEW contribution to film culture (in addition to on screen 
copulation and the "laugh-track") is the DOCU-DRAMA, 
wherein the film documents historical characters and events to 
provide authenticity but distorts those characters and events to 
support JEW ideologies Finally, the docu-drama is sold as 
authentic history These half-truths are, of course, LIES which 
are seriously damaging, as they are meant to be, to the Aryan 
Nation. Schindler'sList is an example of a "Spiel bergism": 

The following is taken from the copyright-page of the 
First Edition of Thomas Kneally's book, upon which the 
film "Schindler's List" was based. Current editions of the 
book omit the disclaimers! 

TOUCHSTONE Rockefeller Center 
1230 Avenue of the Americas 
New York City, NY 10020 

THO MAS KEN EALLY- Schindler'sList. 



This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places 
and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or 
are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, or 
locales, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

1. Schindler, Oskar, 1908-1974 Fiction. 

2. Holocaust, Jewish 1939-1945 Fiction. 

3. World War 1 1 , 1939-1945 Fiction. 

The docu-drama allows director Sir Stephen Spielberg, 
J EW, uninhibited by historical facts, to spew forth his hatred 
of Germans. No LIE is too degenerate for this KHAZ A R to 
depict as Fact. Sadly, his rape of the First Amendment trau- 
matizes young people who believe what their elders tell 

Vintage U.S. Air Force photographs and interviews with 
former prisoners reveal that in reality Plaszow Camp was 
much different from that depicted in the much publicized 
film, "Schindler's List". For example the house of Cmdr. 
Goeth, the "maniacal killer", was actually located at the base 
of a hill making it impossible for him, from there, to casually 
shoot JEWS located in a compound on top of that same hill. 
It didn't happen except in Spielberg's malevolent brain. H is- 
tory shows Plaszow as a reasonably comfortable, well man- 
aged concentration camp. There were no gas chambers. No 
crazed Commander. ALL Spidbergismst 

Spielberg made his career slandering Germans. It is 
revealing, therefore, that he (as so many H ollywood JEWS) 
prefers Aryan women. Thus far the celebrated director has 
married two of them. Spielberg knows a quality aquiline 



nose when he sees it. He wants those "hateful, bigoted, 
maniacal" Aryan genes in his offspring. Recently, the United 
States Congress, prodded by Senator Arlen Specter, JEW, 
Democrat, granted billionaire Spielberg One-million dollars 
of your money to tape the fantasies of newly discovered 
"HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS" in a continuing effort to 
extort pity from the brain-washed goyim public. In their 
greed JEWS forget that more survivors means fewer "vic- 

It probably could be shown by facts and figures That there 
is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress. 

LIBERALS fed so good when they have others to pity! 
GOD'S CHOSEN, wailing SHOAH , prey on these piteous 
pitiers like pick-pockets at Macy's. As the dumb goyim 
flagellate themselves with brotherly love JEWS filch every- 
thing of value not nailed down - all the while crying 


Chutzpah works in the MONEY GAM E, too! Forbes 
magazine lists the top 400 U .S. mega-Billionaires and Bil- 
lionaires (1998). There are 5 JEWS among the top 
10- mega- B i 1 1 i onai res; and 15 JEWS among the top 30-Bil- 
lionaires. Ergo, whileclaiming to be victims of anti-Semitism 
and 3% of the population J E W S represent 50% of the rich- 
est men in America. The majority of these JEWS were born 
in eastern Europe proving the N azis were not as efficient as 



we have been led to believe. Vanity Fair magazine, presenting 
the "New Establishment" for 1998 lists 12 JEWS among 
"the top 30 power- brokers in the United States." Conyicuous 
by their absence in both of the above polls are members of the 
International Banking cabal who own the interest on Amer- 
ica's Six-trillion dollar debt. These are the "dominant men" 
President W ilson referred to, who sit on the Boards of D i rec- 
tors of the world's most prestigious corporations; shadowy 
figures who snap their fingers and Congress jumps. 

U sury may be practiced on C hristians. 
TALM U D : Abhodah Zara 54a. 

A special 1950 Federal Census Report... revealed that of 
The... different U .S. population groups "foreign born Russians" 
had the highest medium income. The medium income of 
Americans of white parentage was 40 percent less... "the Rus- 
sian group contains large refugee and Jewish components". 
WILMOT ROBERTSON, "TheDisposss&l M ajority'. 

Christian property belongs to firstjew claiming. 
TALMUD: Babha Kama 113b. 

J ews must divide what they overcharge C hristians. 
TALM UD:Choschen Ham 183.7. 

We now know the "Trickledown Theory" of financing 
begins with the Chairman of the FED Board of Governors 
who provides "Confidential" information, to privileged fin- 
anciers, which trickles-down to lesser members of the cabal. 
Would you like to learn 48-hours in advance that the FED 
intends to lower the primerate? Would you like to be an 
agent on thesending or receiving end, for example of dollars 



pipe-lined through the I M F to Russia, or Israel? You too can 

W hy is it that many members of Congress arrive poor 
and retire rich? Answer: Because their honor is worth less 
than what they receive from special interest groups. M oney 
buys everything. It "bought" the Lincoln bedroom. It bought 
the Supreme C ourt. 1 1 bought your country. 


N ot so long ago it was unheard of for Jews to be in the 
major law firms in Washington, D .C .... Jews were not allowed 
in any of the major country clubs... I think about what thejew- 
ish position is now in America: The Secretary of State is Jew- 
ish... T he Secretary of D efense is half Jewish... T he Secretary of 
the treasury istheonly onewho isjewish and admits he's Jew- 
ish... The head of every major H ollywood studio isjewish. The 
heads of all the networks are Jewish. The heads of two out of 
the four national newspapers are Jewish... The heads of every 
Ivy League University are Jewish... I tell you how I know 
beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Jew ish position in America 
has changed dramatically... a close friend had a memorial ser- 
vice at the Chevy Chase Country Club (!). And there was a can- 
tor with a yarmulke giving the service... I cannot describe to 
you how astonishing a turn of events this was. 
BEN STEIN , JEW, speech at a Jewish pro-life conference at 
Catholic University Law School (excerpted from "TheWashing- 
ton Time? 11-17-98). 


If elite colleges and grad schools enroll 75 percent of their 
students from the small Democratic minorities while white 
Christians and Catholics, who makeup 75 percent of the popu- 



lation, are relegated to 25 percent of the seats, there is no doubt 
who is going to run America in the 21st Century. 

Buried in the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal 
(11-16-98) was a remarkable essay (authored by Ron U nz, H ar- 
vard Alumnus) which exposes the true and hidden story of who 
is really "underrepresented" in our elite schools, and who are 
the real victims of ethnic bigotry in America. According to M r. 
Unz, today at H arvard College, H ispanic and black enrollment 
has reached 7% and 8% respectively, slightly less than the 10% 
and 12% of the U.S. population that is Hispanic and black. 
This has been a cause of protests... as Hispanics and Afri- 
can-Americans insist on more proportional representation. 

M r. Unz... goes on nearly 20% of the H arvard student body 
is A si an -American, and 25% to 33% is Jewish, though 
Asian-Americans make up only 3% of the population and Jew- 
ish-Americans even less than 3%. Thus 50% of H arvard's stu- 
dent body is drawn from 5% of the U .S. population! 

When one adds foreign students, students from our tiny 
WASP elite, and grandchildren of graduates, what emerges is a 
H arvard student body where non-Jewish whites - 75% of the 
U .S. population - get just 25% of the slots! The same situa- 
tion... exists at other elite schools... As H ispanics, Asians, Afri- 
can-American, and Jewish-Americans also vote overwhelmingly 
D emocratic, the picture that emerges is not a pretty one. A lib- 
eral elite is salving its social conscience by robbing America's 
white middle class of its birthright, and handing it over to 
minorities who just happen to vote Democratic... 
PAT BUCHANAN, excerpted from Washington Times 

The same conspiracy existed in post WWI Germany. 
Hitler attempted to deport the JEWS. JEWS declared war. 
America sent troops overseas to kill the Germans! Now the 
JEWS run America. 



The chairman of the House International Relations Commit- 
tee, Benjamin A. Gilman, wrote to President Clinton yesterday, 
objecting to a report (anonymous) that senior foreign affairs 
positions are not being filled because there are too many... 
'white Jewish males' in senior State Department positions... 
T he sources were speaki ng i n the context of the C I i nton admi n- 
istration's preoccupation with seeking "diversity" that no 
single sex or ethnic group is overly represented... Nevertheless 
M r. Gilman said... "For such a statement to appear, even anon- 
ymously, in this day and age is outrageous... Religousdi crimi- 
nation istotallyinappropriatein personnel decision making!' ...M r. 
Gilman told M r. Clinton, "We will be watching your adminis- 
tration's personnel decisions closely on this matter." 
WASHINGTON TIM ES, by Ben Barber, 1997. 

Gilman, JEW, is pulling the old canard that JEWRY is 
to be identified by religion, N OT race. W hen even the village 
idiot understands Elizabeth Taylor, J EW and Sammy Davis, 
Jr., JEW, are not KHAZARS and Henry Kissinger, JEW, 
isn't German. It's a shell game. When hiring or recruitment 
practices are based on racial quotas, and JEWS are 
under-represented, then one hears God's Chosen wailing 
anti-Semitism (anti-Race). Parasites are insatiable. 

President Clinton - directed bythelLLUMINATI - has 
appointed moreKHAZAR JEWS to vital government posi- 
tions (with the disaster that implies) than any President in 
U.S. history. Yet, Gilman, the quintessential JEW, like 
Shakespeare's quintessential usurer, Shylock, demands flesh, 
flesh and more flesh. 



A Jew remains ajew even though he changes his religion. A 
Christian who would adopt the Jewish religion would not 
becomeajew, because the quality of ajew isnot in the religion 
but in the race. 
"THE JEWISH WORLD", London, England, 12-14-1922. 


It is said that to enjoy Wagner, Beethoven, and Richard 
Strauss one need only listen to a composition by Mahler, 
JEW. Be that as it may, at the podium - whatever the pro- 
gram - there is almost invariably a JEW conductor: Bruno 
Walter, Daniel Barenboim, Serge Koussevitsky, Pierre Mon- 
teux, Erich Leinsdorf, Eugene Ormandy, George Szell, 
Arthur Fiedler, James Levine, Leonard Bernstein, Andre Pre- 
vin, George Solti, Arthur Schnabel, Leonard Slatkin, Zubin 
M ehta, et al. The foregoing represent a few of many JEW 
conductors, since WWII, assigned to direct the world's 
greatest orchestras. Token Gentiles who are permitted occa- 
sionally to wave the baton are considered intruders on what 
hasbecomeJEW turf. Why? 

Royalties - foreign and domestic - from the sales of 
discs, and tapes are what keep symphony orchestras, conduc- 
tors, and soloists out of the red. In the United States the 
RECORDING INDUSTRY is controlled by JEWS. In 
effect, it is they, abetted by the media, who determine what 
artists will be hired, starred and fired. Thus, the West's great 
musical forms have come to be interpreted by JEW conduc- 
tors and JEW soloists in their kitschy manner. It is they who 



receive the financial benefits and accolades while Aryans 
apparently are incapable of interpreting the great music created 
by their own race. This is another example of the culture-clash 
that polarized Germany. 

JEWS aren't content with plagiarizing, appropriating 
and distorting our music, they have another trick up their 
sleeves. Invariably a musical tour de force, for example a 
Mozart recording directed by von Karajan, will feature on 
the flip-side selections by third-rate JEW composers, as 
Copeland, Bernstein, and Gershwin. Thus the sanctity of 
Aryan music libraries, like those of private clubs, and 
schools, are infringed by the uninvited. To object to such 
chutzpah invites yelps of anti-Semitism; when in reality the 
objection is to JEW Culture. 

To be a successful composer of musicals you either have to 
beJEW ISH or gay. I am both. 

LEONARD BERNSTEIN, Conductor, New York Philhar- 

Ye shall be a treasure unto me above all People. 
EXO D U S 9:15 

The Jews in Europe have a peculiar character and are 
known for their fraud. 
DAVID H UM E.Scottish philosopher. 


The conquest of space has long been the provenance of 
the West, beginning with the Icarus myth and Da Vinci's 
Faustian concept of man in flight. The Wright brothers got 



man off the ground with wings at Kitty Hawk. Goddard pio- 
neered rocketry; German scientists invented jet engines and 
developed the rocket science that propelled the U .S. and the 
USSR into outer-space; Werner von Braun and his Ger- 
man-American team at the National Aeronautics Space 
Administration (NASA) got America to the moon. The cre- 
ativity, thescience, the marvelous technology and techniquesthat 
brought the solar system within reach was produced by Aryans 
It was they who took the risks, and conquered the sometimes 
fatal hazards. Then along comes Daniel E. Goldin, 
KHAZAR/JEW, appointed by President Clinton per ILLU- 
M IN AT I instructions to head NASA. Thus assuring Israel of 
all NASA intelligence that JEW spies don't first steal. Under 
Goldin the U.S. and Russia (financed by theUnited States) now 
cooperate on the space program - not the U .5. and Aryan 
Europe! (The M onument erected on the M oon memorializing 
space-pioneersneglectsto mention Werner von Braun, Aryan). 

PARASITISM , U .S.A. is, of course, an historical redux. 
Theodor Herzl, JEW, pointed out that anti-Semitism exists 
wherever JEWS appear because they bring it with them. T heir 
original mission was to propagate their religion. In this they 
failed. Few JEWS today claim that messianic mission. Israeli 
leaders, Prime M inistersGolda Meir, and Benjamin Netan- 
yahu, for example, freely admit they are not "true believers" 
But the idea of a mission remains in degenerate form: spoil 
everything that is not JEW I SH . This they accomplish, what- 
ever their host nation, through a highly organized, clandes- 



tine plan of acquire and destroy, fairly described in these 

The JEW philosophy is not to "MAKE" (EARN) 
money but to "G ET " money. T his is why J E W S are always 
financiers and middlemen, rarely captains of industry, build- 
ers and producers. The sturdy, loyal Aryan chooses work that 
he enjoys and is proud of even if that means "making" a little 
less money. But with the JEW "getting" money is the major 
consideration. Ideas of "creative I aba," and "job loyalty" seem 
ludicrous to him. Aryans relish dealing with creative ideas, 
skill, quality - and danger. JEWS don't conquer wildernesses 
or launch themselves into space. To Aryans the JO B means 
everything, not brokering deals and living off the effort of 
others. Soon the so-called "American" JEW - the parasite - 
who made nothing got everything! 

We have attempted to show in this chapter a few exam- 
ples- the very tip of the iceberg- of what "American" JEWS 
do best: commit treason and other high-crimes at the highest 
echelons of government; promote the destruction of the 
American Ethos by fomenting UN DECLARED NO-WIN 
WARS (called "police actions") in which thousands of young 
Americans died needlessly - their honor then dragged down 
M ain Street by JEW led canaille; steal America's nuclear pro- 
gram while building the military and nuclear ability of 
CHINA/ISRAEL/SOVIET; pre-meditated murder of the 
USS Liberty; continuing "HOLOCAUST" extortion and 
no policy to mass-murder JEWS and there were NO gas 



chambers; capture of America's money (FED), mass-media, 
government, business, military-industrial complex, and space 
program. All of this, and more, by an ugly, and hostile tribe 
living parasitically within the sinews of our Nation. 

Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not 
who makes its laws. 

Kill the JEWS! 

The "Jewish Problem" is not to be explained ethically, 
racially, nationally, religiously, socially - but only totally cultur- 
ally... In this century with theWest passing into a unity of Cul- 
ture, nation, race, society, economics, state - the Jew appears 
clearly in his own total unity: a complete inner stranger to the 
Soul of the West. 
FRAN C IS PARK ER YO C KEY, "Imperium". 

This crafty race has one great principle: as long as order 
prevails there is nothing to be gained. 

As the new millennium appears J EWS are confronted 
with three terrifying prospects 

1) The Dialectic Synthesis of the West ushering in the 
Menddian Age; 2) The cultural-dite of many nations 
throughout the World have judged that J EWS must pay for 
their crimes 3) The World-wide Internet, for the first time 
in 85-years lifts the iron curtain of JEWISH censorship 
from public information. Historical FACTS formerly sup- 
pressed are now available here and abroad to anyone with a 



In Toronto, Ontario, "HOLOCAUST DENIAL" is 
treated as a HATE-CRIM E punishable by stiff fines and 
imprisonment. Ernst Zundel's court cases there, blacked-out 
or distorted in the U.S., constituted high drama. In court 
Zundel's defense conclusively proved there were no gas-cham- 
bers at Auschwitz. Nevertheless, the Judge found Zundd guilty 
of hate, ruling: "Truth isNo Defense." Before and during the 
trial hate ran red-hot. N umerous attempts were made to kill 
Zundel with letter-bombs, clubs and gunshots. Zundel's 
office was torched causing $600,000 in damage. Neither the 
government, the media, nor the Canadian police, knowing 
on which side their bread is buttered, dared admonish the 
JEWS (see Bibliography). THE WORLD JEWISH COUN- 
CIL, Edgar Bronfman, Chairman, JEW (Seagrams Distillers) 
exhorts the U .S. and Canadian governments to shut down 
Ernst Zundel's web-site: 

In Germany, Manfred Roeder, continues to protest the 
HOLOCAUST HOAX in a brain-washed Reich (still occu- 
pied by U.S. Negro troops). Roeder, former attorney to 
Adm. Doenitz, was nearly beaten to death last year by six 
masked thugs wielding iron pipes. There were no arrests. 
Instead, Roeder has been indicted, tried and sentenced to 
three years in prison for denying the "H olocaust." 



In thellnited States of AmericaJEI/1/ crimes againg Revi- 
sionists also are tolerated by local police as JEW espionage and 
subversion also is tolerated by the U.S.C ongress 

Resultant of the rising tide of Mendel ism, and Revision- 
ism, U.S. JEWS (under the banners of J udeo-C hristianity, 
Democracy and Brotherhood) are intensifying their efforts to 
solidify their remarkable political gains, miscegenate the 
races, and establish One World Zionist Government. To 
facilitate that task they intend to abolish U .S./M exican/Car- 
ibbean immigration restrictions, confiscate ALL guns 
belonging to American citizens, and trick America into a glo- 
bal war. Jews as always will emerge with the loot while Ary- 
ans will do the dying. Remember, the ILLUM IN ATI'S 
REVOLUTIONARY ARM is composed of JEWS in 
DIASPORA: Bolsheviks, "neo-Conservatives", assassins, 
mobsters, anarchists, con-artists, pimps, from the outhouses 
of the world. 

These, the canaille, will foment revolution in America's 
armed forces, prisons, inner-cities and on Main Street, 




Chapter 11 


Power and law are not synonymous. I n truth they are fre- 
quently in opposition and irreconcilable. There is GO D 'S LAW 
from which all equitable lawsof man emergeand by which men 
must live if they are not to die in oppression, chaos and despair. 
established before the founding of the suns, man's power is evil 
no matter the noble words with which it is employed or the 
motives urged when enforcing it. M en of good will, mindful 
therefore of the LAW LAID DOWN BY GO D , will oppose 
governments whose rule is by men and, if they wish to survive 
as a nation, they will destroy that government which attempts 
to adjudicate by the whim or power of venal judges. 
CICERO (106-43 BC). 

The Jewish people, taken collectively, will be its own M es- 
siah. It will attain to mastery of the world through the union of 
all OTH ER human races, through the abolition of boundaries 
and monarchies, which are the bulwark of Particularism, and 
through the erection of a universal Republic, in which thejews 
will everywhere enjoy universal rights. In this new organization 
of mankind the sons of Israel will spread themselves over the 
whole inhabited world, and they, since they all belong to the 
same race and culture-tradition, without at the same time hav- 
ing a definite nationality, will form the leading element without 
finding opposition. The government of the nation, which will 
make up this universal Republic, will pass without effort into 
the hands of the Israelites, by the very fact of the victory of the 
proletariat. The Jewish race can then do away with private 
property, and after that everywhere adm inister the public funds. 
Then shall the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled. W hen the 
time of the M essiah has come, the lews will hold in their hands 



the key to the wealth of the world. 

BARUCH LEVY, JEW, historian, from his famous letter to 

Karl M arx (emphasis added). 

In order to possess what you do not possess, you must go 
by way of dispossession. 
T.S.ELIOT, "Four Quartet?. 

N ot to know what happened before we were born keeps us 
forever a child. 
CICERO (106-43 BC). 

Purified races always become stronger and more beautiful. 

The raison d'etre of a Communist government, according 
to Karl Marx, is to build up a proletarian system of society. 
W hen persons or classes of persons are found who cannot befit- 
ted into such a society they are "liquidated", that is they are put 
to death... In this entirety passionless spirit, Lenin (JEW) and 
Dzershinsky (JEW) had eliminated the aristocratic and pluto- 
cratic classes of Czarist Russia together with tens of thousands 
of Orthodox bishops and priests after the Revolution of 
1917....Thegreat majority perished (simply) because they could 
not be assimilated by the new proletariat state being created. 
F. J .P. VEALE, English jurist, "Advance to Barbarian." 

JEWS could never have captured America without the 
compliance of her W hite leadership which, early in the 20th 
Century, resided in the sons, grandsons and great-grandsons 
of the men who pioneered this land. These scions inherited 
power, privilege and wealth but completely lost touch with 
the I D EA that made this N ation great: "the manifest destiny 
of the White Race." Consequently, America was seduced into 
fighting wars abroad for JEW interests destroying not only the 



White seed of Europe, but damaging the ethosof the entire West, 
thus allowing the ILLUM IN ATI to burrow deeper and deeper 
into America's sinews. The Aryan upper-crust, educated in 
prestigious prep-schools and Ivy League colleges, was kept 
totally ignorant of the Laws of Genetics- God's Laws; while 
the TALM UDIC garbage of Marx, Freud, and Boas were 
proclaimed and promulgated as the path to peace and plenty. 
Displaying masters degrees and doctorates these 
brain-washed, socially elite goyim with soft hands and bleed- 
ing hearts were complicit in spreading spirochetes of JEW 
syphilis throughout the West. The results have been disas- 
trous. A HIGH CULTURE as we now know, is the reflec- 
tion of a UN IQUE PEOPLE. When that People sickens it is 
reflected in their culture. No doubt Western Culture is sick. 

Cultural Pathologists exhibit several indisputable 
FACTS from which one must draw obvious conclusions: 
JEWS deliberately prepared Western Man for the 20th CEN- 
TURY WARS OF ANNIHILATION by distorting his racial 
instincts through lies propaganda, and demonizing the 
"enemy" and by BUYING Allied political leadership, thus 
bringing America and Britain into total warfare AGAINST 
their European family. Germany's High Purpose was to unite 
Europe against the REAL ENEMY - JUDAEO -MARXISTS. 
The tragic result was TOTAL victory for the KHAZARS and 
devastating defeat for the Aryan West. Consider England, c. 
1900, a tiny island of approximately 40-million souls, con- 
trolling over 80% of the earth (including mastery of the 



seas). She was the greatest civilizing influence the world had 
ever known. Today, after fighting two world wars FO R TH E 
EN EM Y, British supremacy of the seas is gone; her commer- 
cial and political primacy in Europe are gone; her colonial 
power is gone; her monetary reserves are gone; and her Aryan 
breeding stock is seriously depleted. She was kicked-out of 
Palestine by ungrateful JEWS (armed by American ZION- 
ISTS), her soldiers assassinated, their bodies booby-trapped, 
her diplomats murdered. England now is owned 
lock-stock-and- barrel by the ILLUM I NAT I, and has been 
forced to accept waves of non-White immigration among 
her pink-cheeked Teutonic Family in preparation for ON E 
WORLD JEW GOVERNMENT (Population statistics 
project London will have a non-white majority by 2010; 
Britain will have a non-white majority within 100-years). 

America fared no better. She won the military debacle 
FOR THE ENEMY, and lost the Peace. Interest ($245-Bil- 
lion per annum) on her 6-Trillion Dollar Debt, belongs to 
the ILLUM IN ATI. The United States, "The World's only 
Super Power," is now a JEW colony. White Americans, dis- 
possessed, are merely well paid highly taxed employees. They 
keep the wheels turning, fight JEW wars and are admonished 
to relinquish their daughters' wombs to miscegenation. 

Quite clearly Mendelism exposed a bleeding wound: 
When a Culture Organism fails to fight for itself, it fights 
against itself. It always loses when it fails to fight the REAL 
ENEMY. Cultural pathologists reveal that an entire People 
wasted to its destruction, against its instincts, by self-serving 



leaders and false propaganda. Complidt in the destruction of 
Western Culture theMASS-M ED I A has been found guilty of 
abetting treason, sedition, murder, genocide and other high 

If any question why wedied, Tell them, because our fathers 

W hen lo! an angel called him out of heaven, 

Saying, Lay not thy hand upon the lad, 

Neither do anything to him. Behold, 

A ram, caught in a thicket by its horns, 

Offer the Ram of Pride instead of him. 

But the old man would not so, but slew his son, 

And half the seed of Europe, one by one. 
WILFRED OWEN, "The Parable of the Old M an and the 

Those patriots who died to "Save the World for Democ- 
racy" died bravdy but in vain. DEMOCRACY, we have 
seen, ispolitical anthrax used byJEWS to destroy their Gen- 
tile hosts by turning the meritocracy pyramid upside down. 
Thus, through the franchise superior men (UN -common 
Men) are rendered politically impotent by votes of the 
numerically superior masses; they - being ignorant, frenetic 
and cornpulave ("the beast with many heads'') - are eaaly 
manipulated by MONEY and the MASS-MEDIA (the Elec- 
toral College represents the party bases and is a sham) . H o n est 
leaders, shunned by media-moguls, are rarely seen or heard 



publicly. Consequently, they rarely are elected to public 
office; while pols enjoying MEDIA approval enjoy long 
careers at the public trough, and in back-rooms selling 
America's heritage to the highest bidders. The rule of thumb 
is: if the candidate has media approval he's been bought! 
Thus, in a nation where quantity is valued over quality, and 
equality over merit every segment of the culture is degraded. 

The Liberal axiom that "Thisisa nation of Law 3' (under 
which all men are equal) lost its validity when "all men" was 
interpreted by U.S. judiciary to mean "all races" The 
Founders, as their writings clearly document, contemned the 
notion of racial equality even as they contemned the notion 
of democracy. But the visions of our Aryan Founding Fathers 
meant nothing to theJEWS, or to the legislators and jurists 
that the ILLUMINATI so regularly blackmailed, extorted 
and bought. 

Ergo, Constitutional amendments, liberal enactments 
and interpretations of the law have nullified government as 
envisioned by the Founders, literally turning the Law of the 
Land against theW hite race ("We the People" ) the very People 
it initially was crafted to protect. (On a global scale, too, 
D emocracy is disastrous for W hites who comprise only 10% 
of the World Population). 

The gradual dismemberment of our Constitutional 
Republic was performed gradually and deliberately. The 
America we were raised to love and respect and to which we 
pledge our allegiance has carefully been preserved in its pan- 
oply, monuments, and historic places. But, as we shall see, 



that's largely an illusion. The vision of Washington, Adams, 
Jefferson and Franklin has been distorted beyond redemp- 
tion. "An Enemy Hath DoneT his!" (EzraTaft Benson). Inside 
the heart of the nation feedsa disgusting, salivating leech. 

T he First U .S. Constitution (1 787), signed by the Fram- 
ers, preserved in vacuum under glass, was abrogated in 1861 
when a federation of northern states waged total war against 
outnumbered southern states of the union - which subse- 
quently were torched and broken. The northern onslaught, 
based upon bankers' greed and political expedience, was 
cloaked in the hypocrisy of racial equality: the manumission 
of Negro slaves - who then were segregated in JEW -owned 
tenements, their low intelligence exploited in sweat-shops. A 
Second Constitution took effect when Rothschild's 
hand-picked pols, at gun point, imposed the 14th and 15th 
Amendments (1865 and 1868) which effectively revoked the 
Constitution the traitors had sworn to defend. A Third Con- 
stitution appeared, under the auspices of President Woodrow 
Wilson, Democrat, when Congress, controlled by Wall 
Street, enacted: 1) the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act 
(1913) giving control of America's M N EY to Rothschild; 
2) the first U.S. IncomeTax (16th Amendment) designed to 
pay for I LLUM IN ATI'S World War I, and "Save the World 
for Democracy!"; and 3) the democratic election of Senators 
(17th Amendment) replacing the Republic with a democ- 
racy. The fourth Constitution (1931) came into effect under 
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat. The war criminal and his 
"Communist friends" promptly established a "dictate of the 



proletariat" H enry M organthau, J EW, Secretary of the Trea- 
sury, ordered American citizens to sell all of their gold to the 
U.S. Treasury at BELOW international gold prices! The 
"cheap gold" was then bought by International Bankers to 
bulk-up for the world war they were planning. This theft of 
American gold by International Bankers became known as 
"the Great Bank Heist of 1933" (Revilo Oliver). When the 
economy was not allowed to recover from the FED -created 
depression Bernie Baruch, JEW, head of the War Industries 
Board (" most powerful man in America"), put starving Ameri- 
cans to work preparing for another war against Aryan 
Europe. Soon U.S. sheep were led to the killing-fields of 
World War II and ordered to destroy Herr H itler's juden 
Frei, Wucher Fra, monetary system and slaughter as many 
Aryans as possible. Having saved the world for DEMOC- 
became an entry in the I LLU I M IN AT I checkbook. Succes- 
sive Democratic administrations invited hordesofJEWSand 
other non-W hite immigrants into the U nited States for one 
reason alone- they vote the Democratic/Communist ticket. 
This form of Gerrymanding on a national scale changed the 
political and racial complexion of our constitutional republic 
into a M arxist-style welfare state wherein everyone is equal - 
but some are more equal than others. The Fourth Constitu- 
tion emanated from THE FAILED REMOVAL FROM 
OFFICE of impeached President WILLIAM CLINTON, 
Democrat (c. 1999), revealing the utter contempt JEWS 
have for the U .S. C onstitution, and the C ode of Laws upon 
which jurisprudence rests. The Senate and the citizens of the 



United States also were on trial - albeit vicariously. Eventu- 
ally both were exposed as self-serving, superficial, venal and 
devoid of honor. 

T he House Judiciary Committee, containing a Republi- 
can majority (all Aryans), risked their political careers voting 
to impeach a popular President; while 16 Democrats 
(5-Whites, 5-Negroes and 6-JEWS) unanimously voted to 
keep the security risk and compulsive liar in office (95% of 
all Negroesand 90% of all JEWS voted to elect him president 
Negroes wistfully call him "the only black President" They 
love his lies and his blues saxophone). Impartial jurists agree 
that Clinton lied while under oath, committed perjury 
before a Grand Jury, and willfully obstructed justice. Senator 
Robert Byrd, "dean of Democrats" and "Constitutional expert," 
emotionally stated on national TV that Clinton was guilty of 
high-crimes, requiring his removal from office. American cit- 
izens- military and civilian - are serving hard-time for lesser 
offenses. Shortly after impeachment by the House Judiciary 
Committee Clinton appeared in the Rose Garden (abutting 
the Oval Office where he and Monica Lewinski, JEWESS (a 
security risk), had performed fellatio/cunnilingus- with Lin- 
coln's bronze bust as witness). The Yale liar addressed the 
audience: H e was "confident in the future." H e would "con- 
tinue the peoples' work." A careful observer expecting signs of 
remorse could discern, instead, suppressed euphoria on the 
President's face! A "little bird" had whispered something into 
his ear. Vice President A I Gore, in on the secret, hugged the 
impeached President, assuring him of his loyalty (even as 



"Red" Dean Acheson, Yale, had sworn never to turn his back 
on Alger H iss). Two days later Senator Byrd reversed his posi- 
tion on impeachment! "The little bird" had whispered in his 
ear, too! "Sources close to the White House" told the writer that 
Senator Byrd and Senate M ajority Leader Trent Lott were 
ordered by Leslie Gelb, JEW, Chairman, Council of Foreign 
Relations, to exonerate Clinton of all articles of impeach- 
ment. Lott, a former college cheer-leader, did a frantic 
back-flip. The Fix was on! 

Politicians are not born, they are excreted. 

The United States got exactly what she fought for in 
World Wets I and II, manifest in CLINTON'S ACQUIT- 
TAL and in America's moral degradation (Clinton's public 
approval ratings remain high despite the fact that he is a 
self-serving liar, draft-dodger and security risk). The U.S. 
Senate sent a dear message to the World (and to our chil- 
dren): under the Constitution of the United States of Amer- 
ica it ispermissibleto LIE under oath; perjure oneself before 
agrandjury; obstruct justice and LIE TO THE NATION. 
Which elicits a question: Why honor the MARXIST/LI B- 
ERAL/J EW Government of the United States of America? 

As the State crumbles and anarchy nears gcvernment 
grows paranoid and George Orwell's "Big Brother" appears 
To wit: 



Two-million telephone conversations are intercepted annu- 
ally by law-enforcement officials and 400-million by employers 
Over 30-million workers are subjected to employer electronic 
surveillance. An American facility in Menwith Hill, York- 
shire, England, monitors every telephone call, Fax, wire, 
E-mail originating in U .S.A., Europe, Africa, West Asia, and 
the mid-East; collecting over 2-million an hour (17.5 billion 
in 1991). Over 13,000 of these "private communications" 
were winnowed out for high-level scrutiny. 

TheAl Gore Commission recommends the acquisition 
of 1,000 CTX-5000 H i-Tech bomb detection baggage-scan- 
ners for the nation's terminals at $l-million each plus 
$100,000 annual service charges (wearing a Zionist face the 
USA now has many enemies). 

The Committee for Economic Development composed 
of seventy-five of the nation's most important corporate 
directors, presented (1962) a plan to eliminate American 
farms and farmers. Strictly a profit/loss study it ignored the 
disastrous affect upon the quality of the White gene-pool 
(reminiscent of the Army Corps of Engineers' plan to 
remove inconvenient bends in America's rivers, digging con- 
venient shipping channels, then losing it all to accelerated 
currents eating out banks, cover-vegetation, and trees). Rural 
areas always have produced America's healthiest, sanest, most 
patriotic young people- and our best militiamen. Today only 
2% of all Americans live on farms a 28% reduction snce the 
turn of the century 2000 A.D., about five multinational 
agro-companies control 95-96% of the World's corn and 



wheat crops. Three companies control 80% of the U.S. 
meat-packing industry. The danger of corporate-consolida- 
tion lies first, in its power to control supply, as the Bolsheviks 
did in the Ukraine, and asjimmy Hoffadid through control 
of the Teamsters Union (Sid Kroshak, JEW, controlled 
Hoffa); second, monopolies can eliminate small producers by 
paying less than production costs for their products; and 
third, mega-corporations control prices by eliminating com- 
petition in the market place. In 1996, 1,471 corporate merg- 
ers were achieved by congressional lobbyist who are expert at 
selling America's heritage for personal profit. 

T he Fourth A mendment, guarantees " the right of the peo- 
ple to be secure in their persons houses, papers and effects 
against unreasonable searches and seizures.." The IRS (Inter- 
nal Revenue Service) modusoperandi includes consistent vio- 
lations of the 4th Amendment. The IRS is the enforcement 
unit of the Federal Government, working closely with the 
FED, ADL and Treasury, to coerce and punish politically 
incorrect American citizens. In 1992 IRS seized 3,253,000 
bank accounts and paychecks (50,000 seizures were incorrect 
or unjustified). Each year the IRS imposes over 1,500,000 
liens (an increase of 200% since 1980). The Fifth Amend- 
ment, among other guarantees, proscribes taking life, liberty 
property without due process - yet over 35% of American 
tax-payers received no warning from the IRS before liens 
were placed on their properties. Many didn't learn of the 
leans until they were arrested. 



Joining the IRS in its attack on the U.S. Constitution 
aretheATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms); the 
FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation); the DEA (Drug 
Enforcement Agency), and other enforcement bodies too 
numerous to mention (all abetted by the mass-media and the 
Anti-Defamation League). As with the IRS, these quasi-legit- 
imate government organizations are regularly commandeered 
by forces within the government to harass and destroy the 
politically incorrect. Randy Weaver, for one, was centered in 
their cross- hairs. Weaver believed in Christian Identity, a 
White supremacist group. Heand hisfamily moved to Ruby 
Ridge, Idaho, to escape racial pollution. He believed his 
Aryan forefathers had provided him certain inalienable rights 
among which are: freedom of speech; and the right to keep 
and bear arms (included in the First and Second Amend- 
ments, respectively). H e was mistaken. W hen Weaver failed 
to appear in court to settle a minor firearms violation (he 
owned a sawed-off shotgun) the FBI used this as an excuse to 
stake-out the racialist's wilderness cabin. Weaver's 14-year 
old son and his dog were about to go hunting. T he dog ran 
toward the woods barking. The agents killed it. The boy 
fired randomly. The agents killed him. M rs. Weaver, holding 
an infant in her arms, peered out of the cabin door. FBI 
sniper, Lon H oriuchi, literally blew M rs. Weaver's head off. 

The following year, 1993, ATF/FBI agents attacked the 
Branch Davidians, a religious commune in Waco, Texas. 
David Koresh, the leader, preached the wickedness of Amer- 
ica; condemned its evil government; predicted Apocalypse, 



now. These concepts annoyed persons in high places. 
Employing standard JEW tactics (L'lnfamie!) Koresh was 
demonized, accused of "ha nous crimes," including pedophilia 
and importing methamphetamine from Mexico. The Federal 
Government, however, refused to provide Koresh due pro- 
cess to prove his guilt or innocence. They wanted Koresh and 
his followers taken out - 127 men, women and children. 
76-ATF/FBI agents plus a US. Army tank, deployed to 
spread C-S gas (banned by U.S. treaty), smashed into the 
frame building which burst into flames. 82 Branch Davidi- 
ans died in the holocaust, including 30 women and 25 chil- 
dren, a tiny Dresden. Janet Reno, Clinton's Attorney 
General who supervised the operation, said she was very 

Timothy McVeigh, decorated infantryman, served in 
the Gulf War. Thedemonizing of Arabs, Iraqis and Saddam 
H ussein had been so exaggerated that M cVeigh was aston- 
ished to "find out they are normal like me and you." He 
wrote, "They hype you to take these people out. They told us 
we were to defend Kuwait where the people had been raped 
and slaughtered. All lies. War woke me up." Disillusioned, 
M cVeigh quit the army. H e became interested in conspiracy 
theories. H e was angry at the federal government's treatment 
of Weaver and Koresh - and countless other Americans. H e 
felt the need to wake-up the public. Unwisely, blowing-up 
the Federal Building, Oklahoma City, which housed ATF 
offices, was M cVeigh's message. H e quoted at his trial: 



Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. 
For good or ill it teaches the whole people by its example." 

T he Powers of D arkness are at work elsewhere. N ATO , 
plus a few reluctant U N forces (extorted by U .S. M N EY), 
spent billions of dollars in an undeclared war against Serbia 
for forcibly ejecting an ethnic Albanian minority (M uslim) 
who refused a government edict to leave Serbian soil (Kos- 
ovo). Nationalism / patriotism is anathema to JEWS wher- 
ever it appears. T hey intend to eliminate it in Serbia even if it 
means killing every Serbian man, woman, and child (Chris- 
tians). The U.S. State Department describes its actions as 
"an object lesson to all racists (sic) unwilling to accept diver- 
sity." If left unchecked some proud nation might once again 
eject the parasitic JEWS. For that reason an INTERNA- 
TIONAL WAR CRIM ESTRIBUNAL has been established 
inTheHagueto litigate HATE CRIMES. The Chief Justice as 
one might imagine is a JEW! 

These same Allies, today shedding crocodile tears over 
the harsh expulsion of M uslim Kosovitesfrom Christian Ser- 
bia, were themselves complicit in the rape, torture and expul- 
sion of over 15-million unarmed ethnic Germans from 
Eastern Europe immediately AFTER WWII - landstheyhad 
occupied in some areas for over 1000-years Of these over 
2-million (perhaps 5-million) were murdered by Partisans 
(Bolsheviks) with the compliance of Allied Commanders- who 
Rather, for over 50-years the M N EY-driven governments 



of Russia, England and the United States have hidden their 
ethnic-cleansing of Germans behind the monstrous 

How predictable that the ILLUM INATI shows NO 
interest in millions of people being slaughtered today in: 
Chechnya, Tibet, Rwanda (Negroes), South Africa (W hites), 
et al., whilst discovering "compassionate" reasons for killing 
Serbs- it's called GREED, a synonym for ONE WORLD 
GOVERNMENT. The New York Times (7-8-98) reports 
that Kosovo is the site of a 3.5-T R I LLI N DOLLARS min- 
eral-deposit (lead, zinc, coal). Aha! Establishing "democracy" 
in Kosovo will enable Uncle Sammy to assist "compassion- 
ately" in the disposition of Serbia's former treasure trove. 
Long before Serb corpses stiffened International Bankers 
were sniffing around. It's not compassion; it'sMONEY. 

American soldiers at risk in Kosovo were told by Secre- 
tary of D efense C ohen, J E W, "you are peacekeepers preserv- 
ing our democratic way of life," i.e., if some little guy 
disapproves of DEMOCRACY the USA will deploy Stealth 
Fighters, Cruise M issiles, etc. to bomb the hell out of his 
donkey carts. Witness, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, et al, all 
"anti-Semitic" Semites. 

It matters not whether you win or lose; It matters only 
whether I win or lose. 



H istory's oft repeated lesson re-visited in Serbia is that 
defying Nature's Laws (forcing incompatible ethnic groups 
together - jamming square pegs into round holes) results in 
disaster. Homogeneity doesn't create wars, as JEWS would 
have it. Forcing together diverse ethnic groups creates wars. 
The Laws of Genetics - God's immutable Laws - have 
reduced MARXISM /LIBERALISM /JUDAISM to absurdity. 
Most evident in America's DIVERSE SOCIETY where pris- 
ons and asylums are overflowing, ugliness proliferates, and 
murder/violence/sex Hollywood-style has become Main 
Street, USA. 

Aryan children, thrust into the trench warfare of integrated 
schools crave their own society and territory ■ the America cre- 
ated by their forefathers they want WH ITE schools, teams, 
dances, hang-outs, music, religion. They want WH ITE stan- 
dards of beauty and excellence - not TALM U D ISM , Afro- 
centrism and "fail/pass" equality. The FEDERAL 
GOVERNMENT, by denouncing these genetic instincts 
applies severe psychologi cat pressures ON THE CHILDREN. 
MARXISTS/DEMOCRATS continue to cram square pegs 
in round holes: 

26.3-m il lion immigrants (1990) live in the U .S., up from 
9.6-m illion in 1970. This represents 42% of the total increase 
in the poulation since 1990. Overwhelmingly they vote Demo- 
cratic! 85% of all immigrants are non-White. They reproduce 
3.5-times faster than Whites. 6-million of their children are 
mongrels. 33% of all U .S. Public School Students are minori- 
ties. Each school desk they occupy is one less desk for W hites. 
120 different languages are spoken. SAT scores are a joke. 
America's once great public-schools have been destroyed byegg- 



head MARXISTS/LIBERALS/JEWS. U.S. college freshmen rank 
LAST among the " industrial nation? in science and mathematics 
U .S. industry therefore hires better educated foreign nationals: 
Chinese and Indians). Education today is not about basics, it's 
not about proficiency at anything, it's not about literacy. W hat 
education is about is mental hygiene... the illiteracy cartel 
derives its power from those who stand to benefit financially 
and politically from ignorance and educational malpractice... 
Using personal information about students and their families 
educators are able to get into the belief systems of the students 
and correct the viewpoints they find distasteful... Educators 
predicate student job prospects on whether or not they hold 
acceptable viewpoints. 

BEVERLY K. EAKM AN , teacher, "The Cloning of the American 
Mind: Eliminating Morality Through Education" (reviewed in 
TheWashington Times 2-12-99). 

Our children, sadly, have learned definitive lessons from 
Hollywood-on-the-Potomac: If you don't like it rub it out. 
The violence that befell Columbine H-S, Littletown, CO 
(12-studentsand one teacher murdered by two students, one 
aJEW), and a rash of similar killings, strikesJEWS as suffi- 
cient reason to repeal the Second Amendment. T hey pretend 
that treating the symptoms cures the cancer. W hen, in fact, 
JEWS fear a widespread reaction against the disease itself: 

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is criminal, as this 
treatise proves. As all criminals it is paranoid. And with good 
reason. Its record is being exposed. Once the FACTS escape 
BIG BROTHER'S censorship the federal government will 
die from exposure and vengeance. Is it any wonder JEW 



Congresspeople(Schumer, Lowey, Specter, Boxer, Feinstein, 
Wexler, et al) are leading the effort to grab America's guns; 
with the same desperation they employed to save Clinton 
from impeachment! Paranoia is reflected in all government 
agencies. What they desperately seek is a THREAT (to 
replace the Soviet threat). JEWS must distract Aryans from 
the ENEMY within. From JUDO-PHOBIA burgeoning 
throughout the civilized W orld. 

Barely perceptible on the horizon is an enigmatic, 
tough, well-armed warrior. He peers at America through 
slanted dark eyes set between high cheekbones. H e under- 
stands parasites. H e understands our pathology. H e envies 
our long-limbed Aryan women and our lebensraum. Almost 
imperceptibly he smiles. It is not generally known that an 
extremely wealthy JEW minority exerts powerful political influ- 
encein Marxist China. TheCOX CONCESSIONAL REPORT 
(5-25-99) details Chinese espionage actions over the past several 
years which purloined ALL U.S.NUCLEAR SECRETS from the 
Oppenheimer Nuclear Laboratory including the super-secret 
W-88, and the neutron bomb which destroys only living organ- 
isms leaving buildings intact. It is no wonder, with JEWS control- 
ling the Pentagon, State Department, Department of Defense, 
CFR, et al, that China now has the capability to attack and kill 
U.S. subs underwater; and attack U.S. cities with nuclear missiles- 
each with ten times the destructive power of the A- Bombs let loose 
on H iroshima. 

Israel, the beneficiary of $ 100-B il lion in U.S. aid has, 
according to London's Financial Times, sold China the tech- 



nology for the Python-3 air-to-air missile and Phalson radar 
giving Beijing AWAC capability. China also acquired the tech- 
nology for Israel's Star- 1 anti-missile radar, the U.S. backed 
Levi fighter and the Patriot missile. 
PAT BUCHANAN, "Washington Times" (5-25-99). 

Bernard Schwartz, J EW, Clinton campaign contributor, 
and President of LO RAL Space & Communications, a U .S. 
corporation with Israeli ties, is under Congressional investi- 
gation for illegally selling sensitive U .S. H i-Tec equipment to 
Israel and to Marxist China. It appears that the ILLUM I- 
N ATI is preparing for the diversionary war they so desper- 
ately need before Americans realize they have been 
dispossessed of their country. 

You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our 
guilt.. .We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your des- 
tiny, and played havoc with them. 
MARCUS ELI RAVAGE, JEW, Century Magazine 

Nowhere can one discern the slightest indication that in 
the great majority of our (W hite) people the racial instinct of 
self-preservation has not been lost... we cannot yet determine 
whether it has been extinguished or is merely in abeyance while 
our people are in a kind of cataleptic trance from which they 
may be aroused by physical suffering and acute privation when 
the time comes, as it most assuredly will.. .Our situation is des- 
perate and we can afford no illusions... now more than ever 
optimism is cowardice. 
DR.REVILO P. OLIVER, Prof, of Classics, Univ. Illinois. 

Our (White) people are too apathetic, or spiritless, or cow- 
ardly to stand up and fight for what they believe in, or even to 
avert their own destruction. Some wait for tenure, some for 



retirement, some for safer times, but all wait for doom. Dead 

races do not come back. T hose that wait are the pall-bearers of 


DR. ROBERT KUTTN ER, Univ. Chicago. 

It is a basic axiom of biology that the struggle for existence 
cannot be escaped. 
GARRET HARDIN, "Natureand M an'sFatd'. 


H istory demonstrates that the metamorphosis of a H igh 
Culture-Organism can be stopped only by totally destroying 
it: a larva must become a butterfly; an acorn must become an 
oak; a child must become an adult - the Culture-Organism 
must fulfill its Spiritual Destiny. These are the immutable 
LAWS OF NATURE. This Spiritual CERTAINTY provides 
much hope and great expectations. White M an is not in a 
"cataleptic trance" but instead - likea wounded eagledanger- 
ously vulnerable to attack predators - is slowly recovering 
from wounds received during THE 20th C E N T U RY WARS 

Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich starker. 

tremors were fdt first in Europe about 140-years ago (at 
about the same time the I LLU Ml NAT I unleashed its mad 



dogs on the United States), is spreading with increasing 
intensity throughout the WEST'S HIGH CUL- 
TURE-ORGAN ISM . All Aryans - other than white -trash - 
instinctively sense this transformation though few can articu- 
late it. What they are experiencing is the SYNTHESIS 
UNITY with remnants of the AG E F PU RE REASO N ! 
During this tumultuous and dangerous transition period 
component IDEAS of Thesis and Antithesis are being 
threshed, winnowed and culled by the Aryan Culture Stra- 
tum. The most viable IDEAS are selected instinctively and 
rationally - with greater emphasis upon the former - then 
synthesized within the West's High Culture-Organism. The 
Augean stables are being cleansed. The old icons, fallacies 
and superstitions are trashed. The resultant N EW TH ESIS 
gives rise to the MEND ELIAN AGE providing for the 
GENETIC UNITY OF THE WEST and total rejection of 
efforts are directed TOTALLY against the spiritual and phys- 
ical unity of the West! (T he M endelian Age has N relation- 
ship with the "unification" of Europe under M N EY: the 
Bank of International Settlements). 

To put the Historical Dialectic in perspective one 
should remember that the TH ESIS was expressed initially 
when the ancient Gothic tribes attempted to UN I FY: first, 
under the C rusaders; then the Empire; then the Papacy; and 
penultimately, the Nazis. This deep yearning to up-gather the 



Aryan family is Instinctive, compulsive and in compliance with 
Nature'sLaws Therefore, it will be achieved. 

The Dialectic ANTITHESIS of the West appeared in 
the form of Rationalism - virtually divorced from Instinct - 
which produced: Liberalism, Capitalism, Free Trade; State 
against State, religion against religion; class warfare, and 
USURY against Aryan authority. These and other Rationalis- 
tic phenomena (stifling Instinct) shattered Europe into many 
competing, self-serving, fratricidal tribal States - easily 
manipulated by Rothschild's treasonous central banks- and 
consecrated Europe's battlefields with Aryan blood. 

The nations, thought-forms, art forms, and ideas, which 
are the expression of the development of a C ulture, are always 
in the custody of a comparatively small group...C ulture is by its 
very nature selective, exclusive. T he use of the word in the per- 
sonal sense- a "cultured" man - describes a man out of the ordi- 
nary, a man whose ideas and attitudes are ordered and 
articulated. Cultured, in the personal sense, means devoted to 
something beyond one-self and one's own domestic 
well-being. ..patriotism, devotion to duty, ethical imperative, 
heroism, self-sacrifice, are also expressions of Culture- primitive 
man does not evince them. The common man is the material 
with which the great political leaders in democratic conditions 
work. In earlier centuries the common man did not attend the 
Culturedrama. It did not interest him and the participants were 
not yet under the Rationalistic spell, the "counting-mania" as 
N ietzsche put it. W hen democratic conditions proceeded to 
their extreme, the result is that even the leaders are common 
men, with the jealous and crooked soul of envy of that to which 
they are not equal... 



Thus we ceased to be a republic, under which the intention 
was to keep the control and direction of the country in the 
hands of those best qualified to ensure its welfare, and degener- 
ated into a democracy - into what Alexander Solzhenitsyn has 
called a "democracy run riot." This opened the dikes and let in 
a flood of "liberal" politicians who lifted the masses to domina- 
tion. All wisdom and far-ranging vision in Government was lost 
in a sordid scramble for the votes of a motley collection of peo- 
ple who had no concern about the nation's crucial problems 
and no wit to grapple with them even if they did; who indeed 
were willing to sacrificethe long-term welfare of the nation asa 
whole for their own personal advantage, whether it was for big- 
ger profits, higher wages, more "welfare," more speed, more 
gadgets, more pleasure, comfort, security or ease... All oversee- 
ing and aristocratic direction of our national life was thrown 
away. As always in a democracy there was no one to look where 
we were going, to provide the people with protection against 
soul-less exploitation and ruination, and to anticipate and steer 
us away from the desecration of the earth, the wasting of our 
resources, the pollution of our environment, and a differential 
birthrate in which those who had the brains and character to 
solve problems were swamped by those who created the prob- 
lems. The land was left wide open and without much obstacle 
in the path of those whose consuming lust for gain made them 
want to turn the country first of all into a rich field for lucrative 
financial investment, and more and more open... to Jews who 
stealthily worked and wheedled and pushed it... toward a world 
slave state. 
WILLIAM G . SI M PSO N , "Whidh Way WeHern M an?' 

The thunder that shook Europe, setting the West's 
SPIRITUAL METAMORPHOSIS in motion (the Dialecti- 
cal Synthess) was GREGOR MENDEL'S discovery of 
Nature's building-blocks! As all educated men now know, 
and it bears repeating, the Science of Genetics demonstrates 



that unique characteristics differentiate ALL men and ALL 
races: physiologically, psychologically, behaviorally, and spiri- 
tually - ending forever the MARXIST/LIBERAL/JEW 
canard that all men are created equal. 

One of the many profound legacies of the DIALECTI- 
CAL SYNTH ESIS was re-discovery of Aryan man's spiritual 
and biological roots, resultant of Faustian probes into limit- 
less outer space, macrocosm; and through inward probes 
revealing limitless space in microcosm with its new vocabu- 
lary: quanta, quarks, neutrinos, genomes, metaphysics, etc. 

To see a World in a Grain of Sand/And H eaven in a wild 
flower/H old Infinity in the palm of your hand/And Eternity in 
an H our. 

ne feels there is nothing in all the universe to be afraid of. 
At last there is only N E W ill - the impulse that emanates 
from the core of your being, or call it your God. There is no 
longer a body and a soul glaring across the abyss at one another 
...Body is the soul made manifest. Soul is the body's... exalta- 
tion... And the gaze through which man looks out upon the 
world... and all the starry universe is the gaze of his own whole- 
WILLIAM GALEY SIM PSO N , "Which WayWeHern Man." 

There, in macrooosnymiaooosm- beyond theveneer of 
man-made laws, and superstition - where matter and Spiri- 
tual Energy coalesce the Aryan found his primal-Sdf: his 
Instincts, Intuitions, and his Oneness with GOD'S LAW - 



In this manner the Age of Reason died, murdered by its 
own hands. Assumed facts, upon which Science bases its 
rational conclusions, are now viewed as inconstant, in flux, 
evolving. The more Science learns the less it understands. 
The horizon moves farther away with each advancing step. 
Science now must consider probability, uncertainty, meta- 
physics, instinct, intuition and human fallibility. Science rec- 
ognizes there is a Universal Force more pervasive, more 
dominant than Man's ability ever to comprehend. When 
Intuition, Instinct, and Probability entered the realm of 
mathematics Western Culture moved out of the Age of Rea- 
son into the AGE OF MENDELISM . The ushering in of the 
MENDELIAN AGE awakened the Aryan Culture Stratum as 
from a Ludferian nightmare. In this spiritual awakening 
Aryan M an discovered that he is part God and part animal - 
a human bridge to Superman. Knowledge that forever 
assigns the ludicrous SEMITIC fetish, YAH W EH, and its 
World-hating spore CHRISTIANITY, to the pantheon of 
minor gods. PANTHEISM is Nature's religion; the good 
monk M endel is its H oly Father. 

Aryan man is a Spiritual being. He also is a territorial 
animal who will defend his honor and home against insur- 
mountableodds... to thedeath! H edoesn't opt to do this- he 
is compelled by genetic imperatives! I ntuitive/irrational behav- 
ior reflects the INSTINCT TO SURVIVE. This is Nature's 
Decree and it is M an's to obey! Nations that lose or deny 
their genetic instincts forfeit their right to Life! When sur- 
vival is the final measure compassionate nations DIE. 



INSTINCT, it bears defining, is a non-rational response to 
environmental stimuli. 

INTUITION is immediate comprehension without Rea- 
son, emanating from primal or metaphysical sources. 

REASON is the intellectual ability to arrive at conclu- 
sions predicated upon assumed facts COGNITION (ability to 
perceive and judge), isseated in the supra-granular layer of the 
cortex, and is an evolutionary characteristic distinguishing 
race from race, man from man, and M an from lesser animals. 

In creating an orderly and just society M an's Instincts - 
essential to both creative genius and to his survival - are tem- 
pered by the equally important ability to Reason. Instinct 
and Reason are not mutually exclusive but are core ingredi- 
ents which together largely determine Man's behavior. 
Instinct, Intuition, and Reason are genetic characters. 

Aryan instincts regarding race are fundamentally sound 
- though not popular. A nthropology and G enetics prove that 
Genomes program the behavior of each race differently. It 
follows, then, that the U.S. Constitution and code of laws 
which were created for N E race are totally inadequate for 
another. There is NO universal moral law or legal code. 
Beyond one's racial family the distinction between right and 
wrong vanishes. Why? Because genes determine racial behav- 
ior, and racial behavior determines morals and laws! Ergo, 
within a diverse society morals and laws cannot be legislated 
or encoded to categorically satisfy each race within that soci- 
ety. It follows that Western Culture has disintegrated in 
direct proportion to racial diversity - evidenced in America's 



moral-ethical collapse. Racial differences cannot be changed 
through legislation. God's Laws prevail! 

It is apparent that JEWRY is the only race genetically 
programmed to subsist upon host races. What law governs 
that? A PARASITE is one of Nature's many life-forms. It is 
neither a moral nor immoral animal - it is simply a biological 
fact. To Aryans parasitism is pathological, therefore immoral. 
To JEWS parasitism is a biological necessity therefore moral. 
W hat is ethical or moral to one race may be unethical or 
immoral to another. Nature acknowledges none of this. In 
her pristine realm there are no morals! There is only the 
WILL TO SURVIVE. It isabsurd, to hate parasites; anymore 
than one hates termites, N egroes, vipers or bats. You simply 
don't allow them to eat the foundations of your home or 
hang out in your bedroom. You excise them - by whatever 
means is necessary Darwin, Spencer, Carlyle, Hitler refer to 
culling the gene-pool as necessary to "survival of the species" 
The TALM UD teaches survival. Green Berets, Navy Seals 
teach survival. Mendelism teaches survival. God teaches sur- 
vival. CHRISTIANITY/LIBERALISM teaches: "Love your 
enemy" and enter Paradise. After WWII the parasitic modus 
operandi, detailed in the TALM UD and the PROTOCOLS, 
could not be debated publicly lest the speaker be branded 
"racist" - tantamount to being burned at the stake. T he word 
"RACIST" - an opprobrium meaning "bigot, un-American, 
Nazi, crazy" - was invented by JEWS to discourage discus- 
sion of their m. o. The Iron Curtain of censorship has grown 
ever tighter (save, so far, for the Internet). Today, in public 



institutions and on Ivy League campuses references to race, 
IQ, eugenics, historical revisionism, can cost you your tenure 
or your teeth. To wit, we coin a new word: RACIALIST, n., an 
individual who respects the right of all races to exist in their own 
milieu; but whose loyalty is directed first toward his own racial 
family He believes in a tooth for a tooth. Our Founding 
Fathers were racialists J E W S are racists T hey have much to 

Our power... will be more invincible than any other 
because it will remain invisible until the moment it has gained 
such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it. 
PR0T0C0LS0F ZION Number 1:12. 

There are no English Jews, French Jews, American Jews. 
There are only Jews living in England, France and America. 
C H AIM WEIZ MANN, JEW, ZION 1ST, P res. of Israel. 

All Jews will have a part in the future world... all Gentiles 
will be sent to H ell. 

Kiss his cheek. H e'll never suspect. 

We have now entered the fi nal phase of the 20th C E N - 
nists are Satan's I LLUM IN ATI, representing Money, Deceit 
and Slavery: versus MEN DELI SM, representing Nature 
THE WEST, I ike the thunder of breaking dawn, proclaims 
GENES - not wealth, not luck, not diversity, not nurture - 



provide M an with the capacity to achieve. Aryans now know 
(Rationally) as they have always felt (Instinctively) that the 
White gene-pool is their most precious possession! It is 
G D 'S G I FT to be protected at all costs. T hose who would 
not are our deadly enemies and must be stopped in their 
tracks by any means available- NOW. 

Because Aryans belong to the same racial family it fol- 
lows that their religions, philosophies, arts, sciences, lan- 
guages, States are not divisive but are mere differences within 
the Aryan High-Culture Organism. The West's IMPERA- 
TIVE is to gather these disparate but related partsintoONE 
ARYAN NATION-STATE; therein marshaling the West's 
vast intellect, creativity, might and resources to fulfill its 
Faustian Destiny - whose prime symbol is the ever-receding 
horizon of limitless Space. 

DIALECTIC SYNTHESIS, flowering of the MEN DE- 
LI AN AGE, results in the maturation and spiritual fulfill- 
ment of the Aryan Nation, described so well by Yockey, 
Spengler, and Simpson. With SYNTHESIS comes ARYAN 
SOCIALISM over CAPITALISM - ethically, economically 
and politically: AUTHORITY over Money; ABSOLUTE 
POLITICS over Pacifism; RANK over Equality; MERIT 
over Democracy; PRODUCERS over Middlemen; QUAL- 
ITY overQuantity; ACH IEVEM ENT over Wealth; HERO- 
ISM over Hedonism; RACE over Miscegenation; 
Dependency; RELIGION over M aterial ism; DUALITY OF 
THE SEXES over Feminism; MARRIAGE over Free-love; 



FERTILITY over Sterility; SELF CONTROL over License; 
ORDER over Indulgence; CONSIDERATION over Pity; 
FACTS over Fiction; LEBENSRAUM over Congestion; 




The great White States of the world will be unified 
under THE HOLY WESTERN EM PI RE - an Aryan Social- 
ist Government. WESTERN SOCIALISM emanates from 
the Spiritual IDEA that each man, woman and child, repre- 
sents one (1) cell in the ARYAN HIGH CUL- 
TURE-ORGANISM (the NAT ION). Their combined souls 
form the esprit of the nation-state. Because Cells and Organ- 
ism are mutually dependent each individual works for the 
greater good of the State, and the State works for the fulfillment 
of each individual. This is the true meaning of Family- "One 
for all and all for one" - rather than the Capitalistic credo, 
"Every man for himself." The Synergy of the Aryan Family 
working toward a shared Destiny will produce marvelous 
energy, great creativity, loyalty, teamwork, esprit de corps and 
individual-fulfillment - all crowned with beauty and intelli- 
gence. At this moment the HOLY WESTERN EMPIRE 
(HWE) is but aSPIRITUAL IDEA taking shape within the 
M ind and Soul of the H igh Culture Stratum. The following 
comments indicate what may develop: 



ERNMENT (FASG) will resemble the U.S. Federal Govern- 
ment as it initially related to the confederacy of independent 
American states It is the hub of the wheel. The several White 
states to be united under Aryan Socialism within the H W E, 
are the states of Europe, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, the 
USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Ethnic Whites will be 
afforded representation. 

HWE institutions will include: The Holy Aryan 
Church, Holy Supreme Archon, FASG Armed Forces; 
Supreme Aryan Court, Senate, Monetary System, Treasury, 
Intelligence, Media-on-Line, etc. FASG 's functions are to 
formulate, legislate, adjudicate, coordinate, enforce and 
direct the policies of the HOLY WESTERN EMPIRE asset 
forth in the Constitution (ratified by the member States). 
HWE goals and objectives have been gleaned from many 
centuries of Aryan experience- expressed in the Constitution 
of the United States, the Magna Carta, the Napoleonic 
Code, the Third Reich, the Universal Mendel ian Laws. 

The HOLY EMINENT ARCHON: an Aryan of deep 
spirituality, impeccable honor, proven courage and leader- 
ship, will be elected by the Senate to preside for life as chief 
executive officer of the H oly Western Empire. H e will serve 
also as titular head of the Aryan Holy Church which person- 
ISM: Trinity of the High Culture-Organism. THE 
cameral body- will possess the highest deliberative and legis- 



lative functions. 20-SSAS Senators will be elected by the 
upper house from each of the several Aryan States. 

In sum, FASG, elected by the People (see, Franchise), is 
the HWE federal governing authority. The individual 
STATES {Europe, Australia, U .S.A., et al) will retain residual 
powers of government: each reflecting the Aryan Socialist 
IDEA: economically, ethically socially and spiritually- all com- 
ing together, under THE UNIVERSAL FORCE, as one 

THE NATION'SCREDIT will be based upon the Peo- 
ple's creativity and production - faith in the White 
Gene-Pool - no other standard is necessary. As Lincoln 
pointed out "the abundance of the productive capacity of 
Nature, taken together with the responsibility of the whole Peo- 
ple, belongs to the nation and there is not the slighter reason 
why the nation should have to pay for itsown credit " A ny more 
than a homeowner would pay rent for his own house. Roths- 
child central banks along with the JEWS will be banished 
from the Holy Western Empire. The compound-interest for- 
mula will be revised providing equitable principal/interest 
payments up-front, thus quicker amortization of debts. Fred- 
erick Soddy, Silvio Gesell, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Coogan, 
and great Aryans like them, have written extensively about 
M N EY; their views - now suppressed - will help shape the 

COMPENSATION for work performed will be predi- 
cated on RANK plus MERIT. 



Rank, reflects the I MPORTANCE TO THE NATION 
of the type of job (category). It bears a graduated pay scale 
(as in the military) including shares of H WE stock. Merit 
reflects the QUALITY OF SERVICE performed. It produces 
competition in the job-market for outstanding workers, pro- 
viding additional compensation and perks for those who 
earn it: H W E stock-options, honorary degrees, decorations, 
etc. The State compensates for Rank, the private employer com- 
pensates for M erit T hus, under the H W E M onetary System, 
soldiers, farmers, mechanics, and school-teachers, for exam- 
ple - upon whom the Nation depends- will no longer live in 
comparative poverty and obscurity while food-brokers, 
junk-bond salesmen, pornographers, and war- profiteers live 
off the fat of the land. "Rockefeller wealth" (greed/exploita- 
tion/ treason) will not be tolerated - nor will poverty. There 
will be work for everyone according to his ability. Those who 
can but won't work will be sterilized and placed in work 

tem will be a publicly owned corporate banking and invest- 
ment system. The trillions now scammed illegally by the 
FED will become H WE profit. Each citizen (cell) will share 
in the health and wealth of the HIGH CUL- 
TURAL-ORGANISM according to Rank and Merit. FASG 
will direct the use of PRIVATE PROPERTY but will not 
own those means For example, "free-enterprise" will not be 
allowed to pave the face of the earth, nor will conglomerates 
be permitted to bankrupt farmers. Labor (see above) will 



share the net-profits of business and industry (a chain is as 
strong as its weakest link). N et profits at the retail level will 
be shared equitably between retailers, middlemen, producers, 
growers, and manufacturers. With less profits to middlemen 
and more to producers. "American" dummy corporations 
owned by aliens will be divested of their mineral, timber, 
agriculture, fishing rights, etc. Trade between the Aryan 
states will be coordinated, encouraged and protected. ECO- 
LOGICAL PROGRAMS will be brought into conformity 
with the Holy Aryan Church (Pantheism). The White 
Gene-Pool, a spiritual organism, is an integral part of that 

MASS-M EDIA. "Freedom ofthePress'' means "Respons- 
bility of the Press." Without Responsibility there is no Free- 
dom. After 85-yearsof JEW media control America borders 
on mongrelism and moral-disintegration. With responsibil- 
ity comes penalties for malfeasance. LIES, misinformation 
and disinformation are crimes against the Nation and will be 
punished severely. Nor is the 1st Amendment a cover for 
sadists, schizophrenics, "Spielbergs", queers, pedophiles, and 
the like. NO more quotes from unidentified "deep throats," 
or from "sources close to the President." NO moredocu-dra- 
mas posing as fact. A panel of Aryan philosophers poets artists 
and educators will determine what is moral and immoral; what 
is acceptable fare for our children. From now on the 
mass-media will reflect the aspirations of Aryan culture: The 
Truth Shall Set You Free. 



FRANCHISE. A plastic Social Security Card will be 
used to activate voting machines in polling booths. The card 
will contain a concealed code bearing the owner's Intelli- 
gence Quotient; if lower than average (I Q -100), thevotewill 
Character and intelligence count. 1) Loyalty Checks: ALL 
government employees must pass a Lie- Detector Test. 2) IQ 
Test: SSAS Senators must have over 130 IQ scores. State 
Congressmen (Representatives) Lower house must have over 
118 IQ, and upper house (Senate) must have over 124 IQ. 
All members will have served in the military. 

PUBLIC EDUCATION: K-12 - emphasis on math, 
humanities, "H olocaust," physical fitness. H -S - emphasis on 
math, economics, Mendelism (Genetics, Eugenics, Anthro- 
pology, Biochemistry, etc.), science, humanities, money, 
physical fitness, electives. M I LITARY - at age 18 all men will 
serve a mandatory 2-year hitch. UNIVERSITY - history, 
philosophy, logic, forensics, management, Mendelism, elec- 
lege is not desirable for everyone. The West needs skilled 
workers and craftsmen, those who love tools, grease and 
machinery: those who can keep the ship afloat as well as 
those who can command her- all are Spiritual Cells compos- 
ing a High Culture-Organism. FASG will set achievement 
standards for teachers and students. 

the importance of Aryan esthetics and the ability to discrimi- 
nate will be vigorously supported. The importance of 



TRUTH /BEAUTY to the human psyche is reflected in the 
devotion paid to the arts by all civilized people. To the extent 
Truth and Beauty are admired by the nation, lies and ugli- 
ness are despised. 

Within the art community genetics is the influencing 
factor not only in determining an artist's creativity, but also 
in determining his audience's sense of beauty and ability to 
appreciate beauty. It is a well know fact that what is aestheti- 
cally appealing to one race is often appalling to another - in 
some cases to the point of revulsion - another reason why 
racial diversity is destructive to all races involved. Xenopho- 
bia is not racism but is racialism: a genetic survival mecha- 
nism. Love for one's family is instinctive. Discrimination is 
the ability to make comparative evaluations: who or what is 
best, largest, nearest, brightest, etc. Lack of discriminate abil- 
ity is a serious handicap. In a Democracy, however, racial dis- 
crimination is deemed unacceptable; "everyone is equal" or 
else is a victim of "discrimination" - meaning bigotry. It isfor 
wont of discrimination that the U.S. Supreme Court, and 
Hollywood, have made a sewer out of America. RACE: Citi- 
zens of the Holy Western Empire must be Aryans. Ethnic 
Whites are encouraged to immigrate to the HWE. 
Non-White populations living within the Empire will be 
assisted financially to colonize in genetically compatible 
countries. T his provides a splendid opportunity for N egroes 
and Jews to create civilizations of their own. Perhaps together 
- as brothers. No longer must they endure a "degenerate" 
Aryan society: "God almighty, free at last!" The 



H em a- gen o meter, about the size of a 3-cel I flashlight, allows 
for quick genetic-scans, revealing racial identity of JEWS, 
Orientals, and Asiatics with 95% accuracy; and provides 
98% accuracy when identifying Negro and Mexican blood 

Non-Whites preferring to remain within theH WE may 
do so under these provisos: 

1) T hey areover 40-years old. 

2) They are legally sane. 

3) T hey obey all State laws. 

4) They are not indigents. 

5) They submit to sterilization (chips). 

PANTH EISM : The Holy Western Empire is a product 
of Pantheism; not theother way around. We pointed out ear- 
lier how, within Western Synthesis, intellect and intuition/ 
instinct correlate. So too, within Pantheism (to the same 
degree) Science and Religious Faith correlate. Pantheism 
equates G od - the Universal Force - the Laws of N ature - not 
with some vengeful J EW in the sky. J U D EO -C H RIST I AN - 
ITY, with its emphasis on historical certainty to sustain its 
myths and miracles, has collapsed under scientific analysis 
and the archaeologist's spade. All that remains is its ritual, its 
anachronisms, its M N EY, and its hatred for knowledge 
and Nature. 

With the emergence of the MEND ELIAN AGE, Man- 
kind realizes that the Universal Force has been handed down 



and entrusted to him via his ancestral gene-pool; providing him 
a relationship with the DIVINE that man-made religions have 
never attained. All of the holy men and their prayers, incense, 
rattles, and relics - throughout the millennia - never saved 
one child from disease; never cured one cancer; never 
achieved one heart transplant; never predicted one earth- 
quake. Whilst Yahweh's "CHOSEN ISRAELIS", who pre- 
sumed to interpret the WORD OF GOD, believed the earth 
to be flat and floating in brine. 

Awakened by the spiritual brilliance of M EN DELISM , 
ethnic groups the world over - seeking to realize their God- 
given potential - hope to tear down the stultifying territorial 
boundaries established by M ON EY - which propagates per- 
petual war through diversity - and establish instead FAM I LY 
HOMELANDS. (American troops dispatched by thelLLU- 
M IN AT I to force square pegs into round holes in these 
multi-racial tinder-boxes should break camp). Within the 
HOLY WESTERN EMPIRE Aryans may worship what 
gods their Spirit requires, that too is the meaning of PAN- 
THEISM. Much of the great art, literature, music, pag- 
eantry, pagan festivals, architecture and dear traditions, 
created by Aryans to make Semitic Christianity palatable, 
will find perfect harmony within God's Laws - PANTH E- 
ISM : the Spiritual expression of Truth and Beauty. 

The HOLY WESTERN EMPIRE intends to replace 
(not yet compiled) containing IDEAS which express - as 
doesour music- theAryan Soul; among these are: The Laws 



of M anu; N ietzsche's, TheAnti Christ, and Thus Spake Zar- 
athustra (Christianity arises in part from Zoroastrianism - let 
us venerate the source); Homer's, Thelliad, and TheOdyssey; 
Beowolf; Icelandic sagas of Njal, and Gunnar; Goethe's, Faus- 
tus, the Songs of Kabir; LesChansonsde Roland; Malory's Le 
M ort D 'Arthur; Leonides at Thermopylae; Tennyson's Idylls 
of the King; Tacitus' Germania; derNibeiungenlied; Petrarch's 
Canzoniere, Cicero's Philippics, Dostoevski's The Idiot; and 
Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archepelago (replacing "Revelations"). 
Also included will be the MYSTIC writings of Lao-tse, Sid- 
dartha, Mohammed, Jesus, Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Blake, 
Schopenhauer, Vivekananda, Sappho and W hitman. 

Nature's Laws are to be discovered, obeyed, revered. God's 
races are to be preserved in their uniqueness. Genetics reveals 
M an can conquer disease, age, and eugenically improve him- 
self physically, mentally and spiritually, making his life sub- 
lime - indeed it may be within his capacity to 
UNDERSTAND AT LAST the omnipotent, omniscient, 
omnipresent FORCE. God gave the good monk Mendel to 
Aryan M an. Aryan M an gave the Keys of the Kingdom toM an- 
kind: Know thyself! 

Power and law are not synonymous. I n truth they are fre- 
quently in opposition and irreconcilable. There is GO D 'S LAW 
from which all equitable lawsof man emergeand by which men 
must live if they are not to die in oppression, chaos and despair. 
established before the founding of the suns, man's power is evil 
no matter the noble words with which it is employed or the 



motives urged when enforcing it. Men of good will, mindful 
therefore of the LAW LAID DOWN BY GOD, will oppose 
governments whose rule is by men and, if they wish to survive 
as a nation, they will destroy that government which attempts 
to adjudicate by the whim or power of venal judges. 

The weak and the botched shall perish: the first principal 
of our humanity. 

T he greatest obstacles to reaching Superman are C hristian- 
ity and D emocracy. 

The last Christian died on the Cross. The weak and con- 
genially unfit can't compete so they use devious means to 
achieve power. 

I say unto you which hear, love your enemies, do good to 
them which hate you. Bless them that curse you, and pray for 
them which despitefully use you. And to him that smitest thee 
on one cheek, offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy 
cloak, forbid not to take thy coat also. 
JESUSCH RIST, Luke7:27-29. 

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I come 
not to send peace but a sword. For I am come to set man at a 
variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, 
and the daughter in-law against her mother-in-law. And a man's 
foes shall be they of his own household. 

Resist not evil. 
JESUSCH RIST, Matt. 5:39. 

The King James translation of LXX (Septuagint: Greek 
translation of the OLD TESTAMENT from the H ebrew) con- 
tains over 6,000 major redactions. 



Let me issue and control a N ation's money and I care not 
who makes its laws. 

As a young unknown major I took the wisest step of my 
life- 1 consulted M r. Baruch. 




Chapter 12 

ARYANS appear everywhere as the promoters of true 
progress and in Europe their expansion marked the moment 
when thepre-history of (Europe) begins to diverge from that of 
Africa and thePacific. 

As a social anthropologist I naturally accept and even stress 
the fact that there are differences, both mental and physiologi- 
cal, which separate the different races of mankind. 
Dr.L.S. B. LEAKY. 

M aterial prosperity encourages the preservation, pamper- 
ing, and reproduction of the biologically inferior elements 
which are parasitical upon rich civilizations. T hen some cleaner 
blooded and crude stock crashes in and wipes the slate clean. 

Pacifism remains an ideal, war a fact, and if the W hite race 
decides to wage it no longer the colored will, and will become 
the rulers of the world. 


Your Constitution is all sail and no anchor. Either some 
Caesar or N apoleon will seize the reins of government with a 
strong hand, or your Republic will belaid waste by internal bar- 
barism in the 20th Century as the Roman Empire was in the 

To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious 
relations would be equal to killing all Jews, for if the Goyim 
knew what we teach about them they would kill us all openly. 
TALM U D : Libre D avid 37. 

T he men who can manage money manage all. 
WILL DU RANT, "Story of Civilization". 



Aristocracy has nothing to do with plutocracy. T he best are 
N OT the rich... character and capacity are what should count. 

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive... 
it is the Right of the People to abolish it... 

We now come to the final chapter of this treatise which 
has dealt with the decline of Western C ivilization and more 
specifically with the despoliation of America. History 
reminds us that as the racial majority goes down- the culture 
goes down with it. As America's White majority dies Amer- 
ica herself dies. 

Wehaveseen that while Americans were absorbed in the 
creation of one of history's great civilizations - a bastion of 
Western Culture- Mankind's ancient ENEMY, pursuant to 
genetic imperatives, embedded itself within the si news of the 
United States and proceeded to betray, corrupt, and plunder 
her. Werecalled theoriginsof theCONSPIRACY in the pla- 
giarized Mosaic Law (TO RAH) wherein the HEBREWS, a 
Semitic tribe, assigned themselves the nomen "GOD'S 
CHOSEN PEOPLE" whose business it is to rule the world; 
and in the Pharisaical ral Law (TALM U D ) ("our promises 
to Gentiles shall not bind") from which egested the PRO- 
goyim are a flock of sheep and we are their wolves"). The 
PROTOCOLS provided the paradigm for Rothschild's 
I LLU M I N AT I ("the question is only whether world govern- 



ment will be achieved by consent or by conquest", JAM ES 

We saw how the Asiatic Khazars (Ashkenazim) PRE- 
TENDED to be Biblical J udeans in Diaspora; although their 
bloodlines (confirmed by DNA tests), assign them 
Armenoid-Mongol affinities- with NO Semitic genes; there- 
fore they have NO Israeli roots; ergo, NO Biblical claim to 
Palestine. They are imposters, parasites and murderers, as 
this treatise irrefutably proves. T his treatise also presented for 
your consideration the I L L U M IN AT I modus operandi. We 
have seen with what calculated treachery "American" JEWS 
covertly attacked and seized pivotal links in the iron-chain of 
American sovereignty, paramount among which are: THE 
NATION'S MONEY SUPPLY (The Federal Reserve Sys- 
tem), and the MASS-MEDIA (Newspapers, magazines, 
radio/television, Hollywood, theater, tin-pan-alley, et al). 
Thus, the JEW CONSPIRACY effectively abrogated the 
U.S. Constitution [Thereafter, reacting to the "terrible power 
of the purse" and censorship of "Free Speech," every facet of 
American society fell one by one under LIBERAL/MARX- 
IST/JEW control. Imagine if you will the impact on a U.S. 
Congressman's career should he introduce legislation estab- 
lishing a "H olocaust" investigation committee; or legislation 
to determine the constitutionality of the FED; or, legislation 
demanding racial/religious quotas in media ownership, or in 
the military, or on university faculties; or, establishing a com- 
mittee to report upon the negative effect of miscegenation on 
I .Q . scores; or probing why so many Zionists are appointed 



to high government positions. Today we find our once great 
Aryan Republic has been twisted into a mongrelized 
TOCRACY. This CONSPIRACY, world-wide in scope, is 
financed and led by International Bankers. Its goal is ON E 
WORLD ZIONIST GOVERNMENT. Its strategy, explicit 
in the PROTOCOLS, is to wield the power of MONEY 
with one hand, while with the other unleash L'lN FAM IE 
and WAR until the West, finally, bankrupt, exhausted and 
disillusioned, surrenders its sovereignty. Well known I LLU - 
M IN AT I tactics, established during the French Revolution, 
include LIES, treason, espionage, blackmail, slander, extor- 
tion, murder, disinformation, false witness, phony wars, 
financial chaos, usury, immorality and so on. The same tac- 
tics are employed in America today, accompanied by Spiro- 
chetes of J EW Syphilis: repeated ceaselessly by academia and 
mass-media. Meanwhile, Americans naively attempt to play 
the game of life in accordance with Aryan morals and ethics, 
pledging their allegiance " the Flag of the United States 
and to the Republic for which it stands..." whileJEWS play 
the game sub rosa in accordance with the TALM UD, the 
reserving their hatred toward Gentiles and their allegiance 
only to JEWRY. 

Nationalism is an infantile disease. 

H ow odd of God To choose the Jews. 



The JEWS' triumph over Am erica could not have been 
so complete had not Aryans collaborated with them. White 
defectors represent a broad social spectrum ranging from cer- 
tifiable racial traitors, as Paul Volcker, Kingman Brewster, 
Theodore Hesburgh, Ted Kennedy, and William J. Clinton, 
to local white-trash who make any MORAL CONCES- 
SION - even selling their children's heritage- if it smells of 
MONEY (see - Easton Star-Democrat). Between these two 
poles are ideological traitors - such as Pat Robertson, Patrick 
Moynihan, Jimmy Carter, and the Bush dynasty - whose 
ignorance of Mendelism, and "feel-good compassion" has 
helped lead America into a mongrel society teetering on the 
brink of anarchy. 

As the West's D ialectical Synthesis continues to unfurl: 
the sheep are beginning to bleat restlessly and ask forbidden 
questions. Wherever Gentiles congregate (here and abroad) 
Judeophobia is on the rise. Alarmed at the goyim's ominous 
interest in JEWRY'S remarkable success (inversely propor- 
tioned to the decline of American Culture) JEWS now con- 
tend that generations of inbreeding has produced greater 
Intelligence among Yahweh's CHOSEN than that exhibited 
in their Gentile flocks! JEWS insist, withNO reliable statisti- 
cal proof, that their rise to power is attributable to J EW RY'S 
high IQ; not to a Luciferian CONSPIRACY. In other words, 
the playing field is level; the rules are fair and Aryans- who 
produced Western Culture - are too dumb to compete! ne of 
the proponents of this Spielbergism, Dr. Ashley Montague 



(Israel Ehrenberg), JEW, enjoyed a professorial Ivy League 
career waving the red-banner of racial equality, until M en- 
delism shot him down, circa. 1980. Thereafter, Montague 
(dec'd 1999) lectured unconvincingly on JEWISH genetic 
superiority. Albeit, H istory - the final arbiter in such matters 
- reveals that JEWS aren't nearly so intelligent as they would 
have you believe (JEWS do produce brilliant individuals but, 
per capita, far fewer than Aryans, or rientals). I n fact, ALL 
great advancements in World Culture were made in exactlythose 
places where there were no JEWS or where they had been 
kicked-out! Certainly this makes their IQ claims suspect if 
not irrelevant. Ancient ISRAELIS created nothing of signifi- 
cance other than the B I B L E , and the T A L M U D ; the former, 
today, is viewed as a fossil; the latter, as pathological. H ebrew 
statesmanship from King Saul to Bar Cochba generated little 
more than chaos. The "heroic" mass-suicide of Israeli zealots 
at M asada is a warrior's joke (The Roman general who lost 
not a man said he wished only that all his enemies were so 
generous). Finally, Israelis bequeathed to posterity no art, 
architecture, music or science. 

The Asiatic KHAZARS (JEWS) masquerading as 
JU DEANS, who today dominate the machinery of the 
United States government, are recognized less for their high 
IQ than for their psychopathic behavior - delineated to some 
degree in this treatise. 

JEWS are remembered not for their ability to create 
great states, or to govern, but for their compulsion to corrupt 
and destroy host states. No JEW rode with Charlemagne, 



nor signed the M agna Carta, nor the Napoleonic Code, nor 
the Declaration of Independence, or, for that matter, attended 
the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Contempo- 
rary J E W S are remembered, rather, for the G PL) , N KV D , 
the Gulag Archipelago - a horror unequaled in human his- 
tory; and for the "Holocaust", a grotesque LIE deliberately 
created to cover-up J EW/Bolshevik atrocities! 

Obviously, courage, honesty, and statesmanship do not 
account for JEWRY'S incredible conquest of America. 
Rather, it is their ability to deceive from without and corrode 
from within: it is their mastery of M ONEY and the BIG LIE. 

...he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the souls of al I 
men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and 
unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city; he 
infects the body politics so that it no longer can resist. A mur- 
derer is to be I ess feared. 

To make the transition from U .S. constitutional govern- 
J EWS have been hard at work subverting America's Will to 
resist. ne of their stratagems is an intense propaganda cam- 
paign designed to denigrate everything White man has accom- 
plished: to destroy hi sand hischildren'sseif esteem; causehim to 
lose pride in his history; make him lessvigilant and cease to pro- 
tect his incomparable White gene-pool ■ to which heisindebted 
for everything. Unrestrained cross-breeding between the races 
represents the ultimate victory of M ARXISM/LIBERAL- 



White genes will become the property of the mud races To that 
the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, have targeted the minds 
and wombs of YOUNG WH ITE WOM EN . In blunt terms, 
they want to lower W hite women's resistance to fornication 
with NEGROES, and JEWS. It is no surprise, then, that the 
U.S. government is "unable" to stop third-world, and 
banana republic, DRUG TRAFFIC, which finds its way into 
the hands of The Mob, and Mafia, pimps, the military, col- 
lege dorms, high-schools, and the entertainment industry - 
where beautiful young Aryans hang out. Whereas, during 
WWII the United States ably smashed the most powerful 
nations on earth, and more recently bombed the hell out of 
Serbia, Iraq, Syria and other J U DEO PHOBIC nations. The 
Feds (who incinerated the Branch Davidians - American 
men, women and children) are "unable" to stop illegal immi- 
grants (each a Democratic/Catholic vote) from invading the 
U .S. likea plague of locusts - abetted by the M ARX I ST/LIB- 
ERAL/JEW 5th column (and Arkansas drug-czars). 

The federal government, ever obedient to its masters, 
refuses to crush these criminal assaults upon the White 
M ajority; nor will it repeal Constitutional Amendments and 
Laws that soon will number W hites a minority in their own 
land. In effect Aryans, who sprang from the world's greatest 
race of warriors, have been rendered powerless by their own 



Never forget, not one member of the United States 
G overnment, despite his or her total awareness of the C N - 
SPIRACY, dares take remedial action against the ILLUM I- 
NATI. In this cowardly manner the federal government has 
committed misprison - a point in sedition law that states 
H igh Treason is committed by those who have knowledge 
treason is being committed but who conceal, or do not act 
upon that fact. (See C hap. I V, M N EY). 

Treason doth never prosper, what is the reason? For when it 
doth prosper none dare call it Treason. 

The Tree of Liberty is nourished by the blood of tyrants, It 
is its natural manure. 

Damage inflicted upon the West isserious- and ongo- 
ing. However, we note that a jagged rent appears in J EW 
confidence. It bleeds Menddism terrifies them, and rightly 
so. Their Marxist maxim "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" has 
been blown to smithereens; their egos shattered; their cun- 
ningly constructed post WWII image - nose-jobs and all - 
has been exposed. Indeed, JEWS have been struck a mortal 
blow. They cannot escape their genes! It follows then, as day 
follows night, that ALL laws, ideologies, and legislation pro- 
ceeding from the EQUALITY THEORY are false, fraudu- 
lent and PATHOLOGICAL. Democracy, One World 
Government, The Great Society, World Banks, Family of 
Man, The United Nations, Talmudism, Christianity, Com- 
munism, Sexual Equality, Busing, Racial Integration, Quo- 



tas, Diversity, M iscegenation, etc., are now revealed, in the 
pervasive light of Mendelism, as: IGNORANCE in action, 
on the one hand; and, on the other hand, a TALM U D IC 
CONSPIRACY to destroy the W hite Race. So long as fed- 
eral and state laws supporting these abominations continue 
to exist America will continue her downward spiral into the 
racial morass- IQ -85 ±. 

It is no secret that White Americans have reached a 
exists whereby they can redress their dispossession. And it is 
no surprise that Ben Wattenberg, JEW, elatedly remarked 
(See: FORWARD), that the bell of Manifest Destiny has 
been rung (he means, W hite power in America is finished... 
he thinks). 

Americans must decide if they agree with Ben. Do they 
want a White society OR a mud-race society. There is no 
compromise. Social intercourse leads to sexual intercourse. 
M iscegenation means breeding out of existence FOREVER 
blue-eyed blondes, red-heads, fair skinned brunettes and the 
higher intelligence they represent. The mud races will benefit 
through injections of W hite genes whilst the W hite Race will 
disappear. It means that our Fathers who fought and died 
that their N ation might live, will have lived and died in vain. 
Within 30-years(or less if they open the Mexican border) the 
U.S. population, followed closely by Europe, will resemble 
that of Cuba, India, Mexico. JEWS will have won the world. 

The American Negro's past is a stigma, his color is a 
stigma, and his vision of the future is the hope of erasing the 
stigma by making color irrelevant... I share this hope... I believe 



that the wholesale merging of the two races is the most desirable 

alternative for everyone concerned... 

NORMAN PO D H RETZ, JEW, editor "Commentary". 

BOSTON... at the time busing began (c. 1970), the city's 
public school population was 52% White, 37% Negro, 8% 
H ispanic, and 3% Asian. M uch has changed, the result of 
White flight and immigration trends. Today the students in 
Boston's 129 public schools are 16% W hite, 49% N egro, 26% 
H ispanic, 9% Asian. 

THE WASHINGTON POST, 7-18-99. (It should be noted 
grades have plummeted, crime escalated). 

The difference in thickness of the supragranular layers of 
the cortex of W hite and N egro brains is the difference between 
civilization and savagery. 

WESLEY CRITZ GEORGE, Head Dept. of Anatomy, Univ. 

American sheep must learn, despite Biblical nonsense, 
that in NATURE the lion lies down with the lamb NOT in 
the spirit of brotherly love (as pictured in Hick's fantasy, 
"Peaceable Kingdom") but to eat it! In God's Kingdom ALL 
living organisms feed on others (lamb chops). The Homo 
Sapiens social jungle is crowded with taxons each seeking its 
destiny - at someone's expense. There is NO equality in 
Nature, All is unequal (a FACT "bleeding-heart" polsknow 
very well). There is NO "Family of Man" (UNESCO). 
There are only races and mongrels; each race bearing dis- 
tinct, unique, God-given qualities ("Race is everything!" DIS- 
RAELI, JEW). To destroy racial differences is genocide. 

Already in ancient times we were the first to shout the 
words, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". ...the presumably clever 
and intelligent Gentiles did not understand the symbolism of 



the uttered words; did not understand their contradiction in 
meaning did not notice that in nature there is no equality..." 

The Catholic (Universal) Church, founded by 
H EBREWS, implanted itself among world states proclaim- 
ing the Equality of M an. This emphasizes the dirty secret, 
which JEWS have long asserted privately, that Christianity 
will pave the road to One World Zionist Government. 
Recently, Pope John Paul II confirmed the secret by 
announcing "therewill be OneWorld Government for thefirg 
time ever by the year 2000 A.D." He didn't elaborate on who 
would rule that ne World. H owever, as the C hurch solidi- 
fies its ancient alliance with the JEWS (MONEY), 
REMEMBER that thumb-screws, and fire, figure promi- 
nently in Catholic displays of love for YAH W EH and hatred 
for Nature. An ungrateful Catholic Church (saved from 
Moslems by Aryan knights at Tours) today denounces 
dreamsof an Aryan Empire. Popejohn Paul's bias has prece- 
dence. Saul of Tarsus, HEBREW, invented Christianity 
(including the Immaculate Conception, which Jesus never 
heard of) to destroy Rome - seat of pagan Aryan Power. T he 
Church, built by Peter, JEW, (and expanded by the pagan 
Constantine) mixed PAGAN lore with H EBREW Scriptures 
to make the poisonous-brew palatable to pragmatic, lusty 
Aryans. It can be said, they survived in spite of it. Christian- 
ity's great contribution was bringing cohesion, briefly, to the 
European tribal states - no small gift! M agnificent Aryan art, 
architecture, and music became dear to theentire world. Nor 



should we forget the unselfish services performed by the 
clergy in the name of JESUS CH RIST. These ministries of 
hope, faith and charity are also an important element in 
PANTH EISM . The irrevocable fact is that Christianity (like 
Marx, Freud, Boas) abhors FACTS. Instead, the Church 
blathers about original sin (abhorrence of Knowledge); 
shame; forgiveness (at a price), miracles, equality, loving your 
enemy; and Yahweh's Kingdom of H eaven - which was never 
described and never arrived. Unbelievers were judged, tor- 
mented, physically tortured, murdered and cast into Hell - 
which is described in maniacal detail. Castles built on sand, 
and fear-induced faith will not last forever. Nor will igno- 
rance- in so long as freedom of expression is tolerated. Jesus 
who walked on water, raised the dead, and believed the world 
flat, has lost his influence over the West's Culture Stratum. 
Today, displaying tantrums, Christianity is fading back into 
the primitive myths and fables from whence it came. It is a 
fact of psychological necessity that ALL great People require a 
deep faith in a higher Power to which they can give total obedi- 
ence. The Aryan religion, PANTHEISM - which arose 
full-blown out of theMendelian Age- worshipsNATURE'S 
LAWS, made manifest in M ENDELISM/GOD/FAM ILY 
(THE ARYAN RACE) and by so doing exposes 
JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY as another HOAX, reductio ad 
absurdum! PANTHEISM now radiates the UNIVERSAL 
FORCE throughout Western Civilization. Only the supersti- 
tious, ignorant and venal continue to believe, or pretend to 
believe, in the jealous, vengeful, paranoid tribal god Jehovah 
(note: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham 



Lincoln, etal, were Deists. They worshipped an Omnipotent 
Creator, NOT JUDEO/CH RISTIANITY). To accept 
JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY is to deny Nature's Laws to deny 
Nature's Laws is to deny God's Laws to deny God's Laws is 
blasphemous There is no Equality of M an or of the races - 
THAT rings democracy's bell! 

The great Mystics: Zarathustra, Jesus, Siddartha 
Gautama, Mohammed, Shakespeare, Blake, Goethe, 
Schopenhauer, Vivekananda, Whitman, et al, tell us that 
Man'sSoul lives eternally (in the Universe ALL ENERGY IS 
CONSERVED - Soul is Energy); Truth, Beauty and Justice 
(Karma) do at last prevail. PANTHEISM and NATURAL 
SCIENCE support many mystical revelations. For example, 

Instinct, Intuition and Intelligence (Reason) have coa- 
lesced during Western Synthesis revealing Unlimited Space 
which - in microcosm and in macrocosm - is constituted of 
energy particles millions of times smaller than atoms. These 
particles, arranged in strings of electrical energy (emitting 
sounds described by M ysticsas"ce/est/a/ music"), each on dif- 
ferent frequencies and vibrating with Life, twist and turn 
through many space-time dimensions - providing the Uni- 
verse " many mansions" . H ere, where the worldsof macrocosm/ 
microcosm merge and energized-matter becomes fluid FORCE, 
we enter the METAPHYSICAL UNIVERSE. H ere the incom- 
prehensible vastness of inner and outer space are ONE. This 
UNIVERSAL FORCE, in greater or lesser degrees flows 
through ALL things. What resides "inside" the "mansions" is 



hidden... for now. There remains only God's command: 

JEWISH power at the end of the 2oth Century is 
revealed by their ability to force the "HOLOCAUST" 
HOAX down the World's throat. The German People 
known for their integrity, courage and high ethical standards; 
their advanced science and creativity have been slandered 
and virtually ruined by a nation of parasites who have man- 
aged few achievements in any realm of life except in the realm of 

For 60-years the World has been subjected to SHOAH propa- 
ganda despite the FACT that the JEW "survivors" have been proven 
LIARS by aerial photographs forensic reports eye-witness reports dia- 
ries official files and by sworn testimony in courtsoflaw bythesurvi- 
vors themselves All educated men concede, there were NO 
execution gas- chambers during WWII. Nevertheless as though 
FACTS are irrelevant, JEWS incessantly repeat their venomous 
ILLUMINATI punishes any form of rebuttal. Although privy to 
the FACTS the gutless U.S. Congress keeps the I id tightly closed 
on this seething kettle. Inevitably, FACTS WILL OUT! With 
America wearing a JEW face and carrying a big stick, little 
wonder that wherever informed Gentiles congregate (here 
and abroad) JUDEOPH OBI A is reaching Hitlerian propor- 

Shooter Left Journal SKO K IE, I II., July 10 -Police are ana- 
lyzing racist notations in a journal apparently owned by Ben- 
jamin N athaniel Smith, hoping to learn more about the deadly 



shooting rampage in theM idwest last weekend... "Anyone who 
knows the history of this plague upon humanity who call them- 
selves the Jews will know why I have acted...." Smith isbelieved 
to have killed two people and wounded nine others - all either 
Jews, blacks, or Asians- in Illinois and Indiana before his sui- 

WhereTherelsHate, ThereAlso Springs Hope. (Sic!) 
Over the past eight months or so, Western media have carried 
alarming reports on the resurgence of anti-Semitism (sic) in the 
former Soviet Union, especially in Russia and the Ukraine, 
where roughly most of the regions 1.5 million Jews reside... The 
most disaffected Ukrainian Jews... have left, most of them for 
Israel, the United States, and Germany... In M oscow, Vladimir 
Shapiro, eminent sociologist, told me of a recent survey that 
found anti-Semitism rampant in high schools throughout the 
Russian Federation... The perseverance of Jews in the region 
and their sense of cohesion are admirable... The fear that the 
Jews, as so often in the past, may again find themselves as scape- 
goats for their countries' economic ills, cannot be dismissed. 
ABRAH AM BRU M BERG , J EW, Washington Post (7-11-99). 

Aryan Group's Parade Attracts Large Protest. 
COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho, July 10 - Members of the Aryan 
N ations paraded through downtown streets today under protec- 
tion of a federal court order but were outshouted by protestors 
who forced the marchers to detour... Aryan N ations holds that 
God has ordained the formation of a whites-only homeland in 
the Pacific Northwest. 

Possible Hate Link in Calif. Killings. 
REDDING, Calif., July 10 - ...Federal and Shasta County area 
homes of Ben M atthew Williams, 31, and James Tyler Will- 
iams, 29, turned up a notebook linking the brothers to thej une 
synagogue fires and produced racist, anti-Semitic propaganda 
related to theWorld Church of the Creator... They look likea 
couple of all-American boys," Richardson said. They don't have 



any weird tattoos. They're not skinheads..." World Church of 
the Creator members have been connected to numerous hate 
crimes in recent years including the 1993 bombing of an 
N AACP office in Tacoma, Wash., the 1997 beating of a Black 
man and his teenage son... in Sunrise, Fla., and last years beat- 
ing of a Jewish video store owner in Florida. 

Israel warns Japan to denounce growing anti-Semitism 
mood. TOKYO -Japanese academic and business circles should 
denounce signs of growing anti-Semitism says Israeli Ambassa- 
dor Yaacov Cohen... "This is a phenomenon that should worry 
the Japanese more than anybody," M r. Cohen said in an inter- 
view with T hej apaneseT imes. 

EDWARD N El LAN, Washington Times (Several months after 
thisartide appeared thejapanese experienced a major stock-market 
collapse, c.1999) 

RUSSIA - Nationalists differ from patriots. A patriot loves 
his country but to a nationalist hatred of the EN EM Y is more 
important than love of his own country. In Russia there is a 
deep affinity between the neo-Communists and the national- 
ists. Their common enemy is the JEW. They say: "We have a 
great deal in common with the Germans... If the two of us get 
together we'll rule the world." 
AUTHOR'SREVIEW of "Black Hundred," by Walter Laqueur. 

Khakid Abduk Muhammad, the "Representative" and 
"National Assistant" of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the 
Nation of Islam, arrived at Kean College... and rays of zeal and 
hatred beamed from his mouth. H is topic was a book published 
by theN ation of Islam called "The Secret Relationship Between 
Blacks and Jews." The National Assistant said that the Jews 
were "impostor Jews" - demonic liars who rejected Jesus. He 
said "Jesus was right. You're nothing but liars. The Book of 
Revelations is right. You're from the synagogue of Satan."... 
T hey dispossessed the Palestinians. T hey exploited the G erman: 
"Everybody always talks about H itler exterminating six million 
Jews. But nobody ever asks what they did to H itler..." The U .S. 



Senate voted 97- to condemn the Kean College speech. 
PAUL BERM AN, J E\N , T he N w Yorker (2-28-94). 

W hen thou comest nigh unto a city to fight against it then 
proclaim peace unto it. And it shall be, if it make thee answer of 
peace, open unto thee, then it shall be that all the people 
therein will pay tribute unto thee and serve thee. And if it will 
make no peace with thee, but will make war against thee, then 
thou shalt besiege it: and when the Lord thy God hath delivered 
it unto they hands thou shalt smite every male thereof with the 
edge of the sword: but the women, and the little ones and the 
cattle and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt 
thou take unto thyself... But of the cities of these people, which 
the Lord thy God hath given thee for an inheritance, thou shalt 
save nothing alive that breathest. 
THE HOLY BIBLE -Deuteronomy 20:10. 

W hat's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. 
GRANDAD, "Down on the Farm." 

SYNTHESIS OF THE WEST is unfolding at an accel- 
erating rate. Its Aryan People think of themselves, once 
again, not as nationalistic tribes (French, German, Hungar- 
ian, Italian, English, Irish, Polish, Spanish, Russian (Rus), et 
al), but as ONE WHITE NATION. They are as voyagers 
come home at last after a storm-swept odyssey at sea - and 
much the wiser for it. Aryans now realize that Western Cul- 
ture is genetic in origin and that W hite genes - and W hite 
genes alone- have enabled them to transmit beauty, behav- 
ior, capability, intelligence- and SOUL - across the genera- 
tions. The Culture-Bearing Stratum of this great ARYAN 
CULTURE resides within a relatively small group of extraor- 
dinary men and women who place race, family, loyalty, duty, 
honor, at higher value than their own lives. They are unique 



because they Instinctively sense, Intuitively understand, and 
Rationally believe in the great ARYAN IDEA: WESTERN 
These are the "nay-sayers and down-goers"; the achievers, 
the martyrs, the heroes through whose vei ns flows the blood 
of Aryan conquerors. They come from all walks of life: cow- 
boy, scientist, iron-rigger, teacher, artist, businessman, 
farmer, military, et al. The Aryan gene-pool provides them 
with an extraordinary evolutionary edge. They will preserve 
that edge- with bloody hands. 

THE ILLUM I NAT I, as this treatise clearly shows, con- 
trols, indeed owns, the United States of America. The power 
of World Finance, and of World M ass-M edia is in their grip, 
thus abrogating the U.S. constitution, and rendering the 
Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government 
irrelevant and incapable of protecting the W hite gene-pool. 
The federal government is coerced, blackmailed and bought! 
The State no longer functions. There is no way for White 
America to attain redress using constitutional measures. 
T hese FACTS are very difficult for Patriotsto accept T hey bring 
home, as nothing else can, the tragedy of our loss 

JEWS will never voluntarily relinquish control over the 
West. It would be suicidal for them to do so. The FACTS 
would be revealed. JEW Scan surviveonly by suppressing the 
FACTS. The battle to save the White Race from extinction, 
therefore will be fought NOT in the Halls of Congress, as 
patriots would wish, but among the hedge-rows and in the 
streets of North America - where our forefathers fought. 



T here are about 15-miiiion JEWS iivingin theU.S. They claim 
only 2.5-million. The Census Bureau, of course, is not per- 
mitted to count them. Any traveler with eyes and a keen nose 
realizes J EW S are scattered across the continent like colonies 
of termites (recently a big influx in Idaho!). They have con- 
centrated largely in 3-major areas New York City, Philadel- 
phia-Baltimore, Washington D.C. corridor; Chicago-Stlouis, 
Dallas corridor; and Los Angeles, San Francisco corridor. Four 
time zones They also gravitate, on dual and forged 
pass-ports, between the U.S., Israel and all nations of the 
world. Their forte as we have seen is a superb organization 
designed to implement theProtocols. J E WS zealously believe 
JEHOVAH requires them to employ ANY MEANS to 
destroy Gentiles. Battlefields of the world are covered with 
Aryan White Crosses. The polluted White womb destroys 
the Aryan gene- poo I. 

Because the U.S. government has denied constitutional 
redress to A ryans only two options remain: REVOLT or DIE. 
The pro-White objective is not to destroy the great N ation/State 
established by the Founding Fathers ■ that already has been 
accomplished by the EN EM Y. ARYANS intend to re-establish 
the FOUNDERS' VISION of America and return State and 
territory to their White progeny. Our FOREFATHERS' 
VISION will be extended to create a HOLY WESTERN 
EMPIRE encompass ng ALL WHITE STATES - world-wide. 
The HWE will assist all non-White races to maintain their 
identity. ThisNEW WORLD will boast truly DIVERSE racial 
populations God given, each in its own homeland governed by 



its own people. As the Western Dialectical Synthesis 
progresses the Aryan Culture-Bearing Stratum will step to the 
front leading the NAT ION against the PARASITES and the 
mongrel armies enlisted in their behalf. Aryans need only 
adopt Bolshevik Revolutionary strategy and tactics (c. 1900) 
to regain their heritage. Fight fire with fire. H ad J EWS pos- 
sessed modern bio/chemical weapons Whites today would be 
scarce as Neanderthals. Might makes right and the winner 
takes the spoils That's the lesson of the Bolshevik Revolution. 

Today the Parasite owns the West. But not for much 
longer. Aryans have the weapons. We have the men. It 
requires only financing and leadership. It won't require an 
army. 150-Special Forces personnel will be more than suffi- 
cient. Only through UNIFICATION of the White States and 
establishment of TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY can White 
Man - FULFILL hisDESTINY. The future is inevitable, it is 
difficult, and it is filled with heroes martyrs and glorious victo- 

King Gordius, of Phyrigia, devised an elaborate knot 
which he said only thefuture king of Asia could untie. When 
the knot was presented to Alexander the Great he smiled, 
then severed it with one stroke of his sword. The ILLUM I- 
endeavor ALL HONORABLE ARYANS will participate. It 
requires only FAITH in God; and the WILL to achieve. A 
great new Age is emerging: TheM END ELIAN AGE. A mar- 



vdous HOLY WESTERN EMPIRE will be built! NATURE'S 



The IMPERIUM: ALL ARYANS, the World over, 
"awakened as from a bad dream," weapons held high, will 
stand victorious astride their homeland - a White 

THE ARYAN OATH Upon the Blood of My Sacred 
Aryan Ancestors I Swear: 

Eternal LOYALTY to My FAMILY + RACE + 

This do I swear so help me God! 



Act only on that maxim whereby thou canst at the same 
time WILL that it should exalt the Aryan race. 


(Aryans-THE FORCE-Pantheism): 

Holds Yahweh in utter contempt: A bumbling JEW 
tribal-god "full of sound and fury signifying nothing." 



THE ARYAN CRUCIFIX - the Iron Cross- has at its 
porcelain center the face of a beautiful Aryan woman. Her 
blue eyes are cast upward; her cherry lips are slightly parted. 
Flaxen hair fine as silk cascades over her shoulders A trickle 
of blood travels from the corner of her mouth down her 
throat and onto her bosom. She too was crucified by the 
JEWS. She wears a crown of thorns bearing the word: DRES- 

Aryans appear everywhere as promoters of true progress, 
and in Europe their expansion marked the moment when the 
prehistory of (Europe) begins to diverge from that of Africa or 
the Pacific. 

DR. V.GORDON CH ILDE, "easily the greatest pre-histor/an 
...probably in the world." (Encyclopedia Britannica). 

The sole condition required to centralize power in a demo- 
cratic society is to profess equality. 

M r. Speaker, it is a monstrous thing for this great nation to 
have its destiny presided over by a traitorous Federal Reserve 
System acting in secret with International Usurers. 
LOU 1ST. McFAD DEN, Chr. House Banking Committee. 

The JEWISH nation is the only nation that possesses the 
secrets of all the rest... there is no government in the world so 
completely at their service as America. "The British did this", 
the Germans did that", when it was the International Jew who 
did it. ."the Americans are (now known as) a sordid, greedy, 
cruel people." Why? Because JEWISH money-power is cen- 
tered here. The genius of the Jew is to live off people, not off 



land, nor off the production of commodities from raw materi- 
als, but off people. Let other people till the soil; the Jew if he 
can will live off the tiller. Let other people toil at trades and 
manufacture; thejew will exploit the fruits of thei r work. That 
is his particular genius. If this genius be described as parasitic, 
the term would seem to bejustified by a certain fitness. 
H EN RY FORD I , "The International Jon." 

Power and law are not synonymous. In truth they are fre- 
quently in opposition and irreconcilable. There is God's Law 
from which all equitable laws of man emerge and by which men 
must live if they are not to die in oppression, chaos and despair. 
CICERO (106-43 BC). 

The Department of Education reported that In theThird 
International M athematicsand Science Study, U .S. 12th graders 
performed among the lowest of 21 TIM SS countries outper- 
forming only students from Cyprus and South Africa. 

This above all, to thy own self be true; and it must follow 
as night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. 
SHAKESPEARE, "Hamlet" (Polonius). 

Then spake brave H oratius, keeper of the Gate: To every 
man upon this earth death cometh soon or late. What better 
way to die than facing fearful odds for the ashes of our fathers 
and the temples of our gods! 
MACAU LEY, "Laysof Ancient Rome". 

All that is necessary for thetriumph of Evil is for good men 
to do nothing. 

TheTreeof Liberty is nourished by the blood of tyrants; it 
is its natural manure. 

W hat I anticipate- for I see it preparing slowly and hesitat- 
ingly- is the United Europe. The nations which got to be worth 
anything never attained to that condition under liberal institu- 
tions: great danger made out of them something which deserves 



reverence; that danger which alone can make us aware of our 
resources, out virtues, our means of defense, our weapons, our 
genius - which compels us to be strong. 

To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious 
relations would be equal to killing all Jews, for if the Goyim 
knew what we teach about them they would kill us all openly. 
TALMUD: Libre David 37. 

All vows, oaths, promises, engagements, and swearings 
which I make in the future shall be null from this Day of 
Atonement until the next. 
TALMUD: KolNidre Oath. 

TOBSHEBBE GOYIM HAROG ! (Kill thebest Gentiles!) 





AD HOC- concern for a particular (subjective) case or 

AD HOMINEM - attack (in Logic) on an opponent's 
character rather than on his contentions. 

ANGST, n.- fear. 

ANTI-SEMITIC - wrongfully interpreted to mean 
Anti-Jewish. Jews (Asiatics) hate Semites (Arabs) and kill 
them daily. 

ARISTOCRACY - government by the best individuals; 
the aggregate of those believed to be superior. Uncommon 

ARYAN (Noble), n. - Perhaps A tlantean. Progenitor of 
the White Race which spread culture throughout Europe, 
India, Persia, Egypt, America and other parts of the globe. 

ARYAN PANTHEISM - A doctrine that equates God 
with the Force and Laws of the Universe: most specifically 
with Mendelism. 

ASHKENAZIM JEWS - the "13th Tribe" (Arthur 
Koestler). Asiatic Khazars converted to TALM U D ISM who 
spuriously identify themselves asjudeans. 98% of all U.S. 
JEWS are Ashkenazim. 

BOURGEOISIE, n. - Social middle-class. 



CANAILLE - the "dogs" of all revolutions who pillage, 
murder, and rape- thejewsof Paris, St. Petersburg and Chi- 

CASTING COUCH - where starlets are made. 

CENTRAL BAN K - a private stock-company holdinga 
charter to manage a nation's money - for a piece of the 

COM M ON - ordinary, plain, vulgar, cheap, mediocre 
and popular. 

DEM OCRACY - government rule by the majority. A 
form of government despised by the Founding Fathers and 
required by parasites. 

DOCU-DRAM A - adramathat is objective in content 
and based upon documented facts (reality). Hollywood spins 
disinformation into the docu-drama format, producing pro- 

EGALITARIAN ISM - false belief in individual and 
racial equality. 

ESPRIT DE CORPS, n. - group spirit, inspiration, 

EX POST FACTO - done (as enact a law) after the fact. 

IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO - in the act of commit- 
ting a gross misdeed. 

IN SITU - in the natural position. 



FED - The Federal Reserve System: central bank that 
controls U .S. M N EY; privately owned by members of the 

FIFTH COLUMN - B'nai B'rith; saboteurs, guerrillas, 
treasonous groups hidden within a nation to assist the 

upon whose ox is gored. 

FREE MASONRY - an international secret organiza- 
tion (Masonry) whose top echelons are permeated byJEWS. 

GEN ETIC - related to or determined by the genes. 

GOY (plural Goyim) - Gentile (sheep grazing in JEW 

GULAG ARCHIPELAGO - Bolshevik death camps, 
USSR. The most hideous prisons in world-history (read: 

HOLLYWOOD - Sodom USA. Jews on display. Pus. 
Infection. Disease. 

HOLOCAUST - Atrocities committed by Allies against 

"HOLOCAUST" - false religion created by congenital 

IDEOLOGY - visionary theorizing. 

ILLUMINATI - Rothschild organization created to 
destroy Gentiles: specifically, Western Culture. 



KEHILLA - Board of Directors of the llluminati: 13 

KHAGAN -King of Jews, head of K eh ilia. 

KHAZARS - Asiatic tribe bearing Mon- 
gol-Turko-Armenoid affinities, converted to Talmudism 
(Judaism) in 730 A. D. 

LAUGH -TRACK - sound-track bearing laughter, 
applause, cheers, etc., edited into film/tape shot with no 
audience present. 

L'INFAMIE - slander, defamation; Jew propaganda 

MAFIA - U.S.A Sicilian/Italian crime syndicate. 

MAN IFEST DESTINY - a necessary policy of imperial- 
istic expansion, esp. the W hite Race. 

M ASS-M ED IA - public (mass) communications media, 
including: radio, TV, internet, publishing, theater, 
motion-pictures, Tin Pan Alley, and music industries. 

MARRANO -Christianized JEW. 

MENDEL, AGE OF- theAge of Genetics. 

MENDELISM n. - all studies emanating from discov- 
ery of genes. 

MISCEGENATION, n. - marriage or cohabitation 
between a W hite person and a member of another race; esp., 
with Negro or Jew. 



MISPRISION - when one has knowledge that treason 
is being committed but takes no action to prevent that 
crime, then the knowledgeable party is also guilty of treason. 

MOB - U.S.A. Jewish crime syndicate. 

MORGAN THAU PLAN - plan to starve to death 
20-million Germans. 

MORPHOLOGY, n. - branch of biology dealing with 
the physical structure of plants and animals. 

NATION - (Natal: to be born: nationality) a People 
from the same gene-pool; their race, family, culture, territory. 

ORIENTAL JEWS- mixed ethnicity (largely Hebrew), 
settled in the mideast, N orth Africa, Asia and C hina. 

PHYSIOLOGY, n. - branch of biology that deals with 
the physical aspects of an organism and its normal functions. 

PROTOCOLS - Records of a conference showing what 
has been agreed upon by the negotiators. A plan of action. 

PRIZ DE GUERRE - legitimate war target, prize of 

PSYCHOLOGY, n. - the science of mind and behavior 

SET-U PS - Bait: Lusitania, Pearl H arbor, Coventry, Bay 
of Pigs, Tonkin Gulf, USS Liberty, Harvey Oswald, etal. 

SPIELBERG ISM - any outrageous lie; eg., "Schindler's 

SEPHARDIM JEWS- H ebrews who settled in Spain - 
until they were kicked out in 1492. 



SEPTUAGINT - trans, of . T. into Greek by 70- rab- 
bis, each of whom arrived at identical translations! 

SPIROCHETE - genus of bacteria, as those causing 

TALKING HEADS- Goy TV-moderators: sycophants 
mouthing JEW ideology, lies and propaganda: Racial Trai- 

TALMUD - Pharisaical Law; "Synagogue of Satan" 

THAUM ATURGY - performing miracles, magic. 

TO RAH - (Pentateuch) first five books of the Id Tes- 

TYPH US - deadly infectious disease transmitted to man 
by fleas and lice; historically, particular to East European 

UNIVERSALISM - Catholicism, Judaism, llluminism, 
M arxism, N ew Age, etc.: accept miscegenation or burn at the 

USURY - Jewish Capitalism: Compound Interest, 
Bankruptcy, War. 

WOLZEK - fake death camp named by Rudolf Hoess, 
commandant of Auschwitz (before he was hanged) to notify 
history that his confessions in re Jews gassed were obtained 
by torture. 

ZIETGEIST, n. - Spirit of the Age. 

W ELTAN SC H AU U N G , n. - philosophy of life. 





GARRETT, G ARET Burden of Empire: Road to Servi- 

NOCK, ALBERT JAY The State of theUnion: Essays 

OLIVER, REVILO America's Decline 

PIERCE, WILLIAM The Turner Diaries 

SKOUSEN,CLEON The Naked Capitalist 

BEATYJOHN 0. Iron Curtain Over America 

BURNHAM, JAMES Suicide of the West 

BROWN, LAWRENCE TheMight of theWest 

ALLEN, GARY NoneDareCall ItConspiracy 


LARSON, MARTIN The Federal Reserve: Manipu- 
lated Dollar 

MULLINS, EUSTACE Mullins On The Federal 
Reserve System 

SODDY, FREDERICK Wealth, Virtual Wealth and 

McFADDEN, LOUIS T. Speeches from the Congres- 
sional Record 

SO M BERT, W ERN ER Thejews and M odern Capital- 

SMOOT, DAN The Invisible Government. 

SUTTON, ANTHONY National Suicide 



GOLD WATER, BARRY* With No Apologies 
H istorical Revisionism 

VEALE, F.J. P. Advance to Barbarism: Total Warfare 

KEELING, RALPH Gruesome Harvest: Postwar Ger- 

W I LTO N , RO BERT T he Last D ays of the Romanovs 


IRVING, DAVID Churchill's War, Dresden 


WEBSTER, NESTA H . The French Revolution, 

World Revolution 

HOFFMAN, MICHAEL A. The Great Holocaust 
Trial: Zundel 

BARNES, HARRY ELM ER In Quest of Truth and Jus- 
tice: WWI 

Genesis of War 

TO LAN D , J H N I nfamy: Pearl H arbor 

ZAYAS, ALFRED A Terrible Revenge: M urder of Ger- 
mans, T he Wehrmacht War C rimes 

C RO C K ER, G EO RG E Roosevelt's Road to Russia 

D EG RELLE, LEO N H itler: Born at Versailles 



VON BRUNN, J AMES Kill the Best Gentiles 

Holocaust Revisionism 

ZUN DEL, ERNST Did 6-M I llion Really Die? 

BUTZ, ARTHUR R. T he Hoax of the 20th Century 

STAG LIC H, WILHELM Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at 
The Evidence 

LEUCHTER, FRED Leuchter Report: First Forensic 
Examination of Auschwitz 

ROQUES, HENRI The "Confessions" of Kurt Ger- 

BALL, JOHN Air Photo Evidence: "Holocaust" sites. 

H ESS, WO LF W ho M urdered M y Father, Rudolf H ess? 

Race and Culture 


SI M PSO N , W I LLIAM G . W hich Way Western M an? 


PEARSON, ROGER Shockley on Eugenics and Race 

GARRETT, H EN RY E. Heredity: The Cause of Racial 
D ifferences in I ntelligence 


PUTNAM, CARLTON Race and Reality 



GUENTHER, HANS Racial Elements of European 
H istory 

JUNG, CARL Secret of the Golden Flower, The Devel- 
opment of Personality 

ARDREY, ROBERT The Social Contract, African Gen- 

COON, CARLTON Origin of Races, The Races of 

CHILDE, GORDON OnTheAryan Theory 

G RAN T, M AD ISO N T he Passing of theG reat Race 

SPENGLER, OSWALD The Decline of the West 

ROBERTSON, W I LMOT The Dispossessed M ajority 

GIBBON, EDWARD The Decline and Fall of the 
Roman Empire 

DE CHARDIN, TEILHARD The Phenomenon of 

SAN TAYAN A, GEORGE The Last Puritan 

HUXLEY, ALDOUS The Perennial Philosophy, Brave 
New World 

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LUDOVIC I, A.M. The Quest of Human Quality 

FRAZERJAMESG.TheGolden Bough. 

KERR, W. P. Epic and Romance 


KUNG, HAN SOn Being A Christian. 



OTTO, RUDOLPH The Idea of the Holy. 

M an and Superman. Thus Spake Zarathustra 

CHAMBERLAIN, HOUSTON The Foundations of 
the 19th Century 


K LASSEN, BEN Nature's Eternal Religion, The White 

JUNG, CARL TheAryan Christ 

REN AN, ERNEST Life of Jesus 

SPEN C ER, SI D N EY M ysticism & World Religion. 

HAWKING, WILLIAM A Brief H istory of Time 


ARENDT, HANNAH* Eichmann in Jerusalem. 

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About Khazars 

CHESTERTON,A.K.TheNew Unhappy Lords 




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pelago A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 

Man's Bible 

TheThird Reich 


IRVING, DAVID Goebbels: Mastermind of the 3rd 

ROSENBERG, ALFRED The Myth of the 20th Cen- 

+ + + 

M any of the above books are available at your Public 
Library others may be obtained from one or more of the fol- 
lowing sources: 



(M ark Weber) PO B 2739 Newport Beach CA 92659 

I L 61611 (Matt Hale) 

330 H illsboro, WVA 24946 

THE TRUTH AT LAST (Dr. Edw. Fields) POB 1211 
Marietta, G A 30061 

POB 449 Arabi, LA 70032 

MONTANA MILITIA (John Trochmann) POB 1486 
Noxon, MT 59853 

THE LIBERTY BELL (George Dietz) Box 21 Reedy, 
W.Va 25270 

ZUN DEL-RIM LAND 3152 Parkway, Suite 13 PM B 
109 Pigeon Forge, TN 37863 


www.W COTC .com (M att H ale) (David Duke) (Wm. Pierce) (Bradley Smith) (Ernst Zundel) 


JAMESW.VON BRUNN (Germar Rudolph) (RussGranata) (Kevin Strom) (David Irving) (FredrickToben) 


JOHN R. BAKER: Professor of Biology, Oxford U., 
Fellow of the Royal Society, author of "Race". 

V. GORDON CHILDE: Prof. Oxford, "easily the 
greatest pre- historian in Britain and probably in the world" 
(Ency. Brit.) 

C ARLTO N S. CO N : Professor of Anthropology H ar- 
vard; Past President of the American Assoc, of Physical 
Anthropologists; author of, "TheOrigin ofRace^', etc. 

F. A. E. CREW: M .D.Sc, PhD., Professor of Genetics 
and Animal Breeding, Univ. of Edinburgh. 

GEORGE W. CRITZ: Prof. Anatomy, Univ. N.Caro- 
lina; "The Biology of the Race Problem", the most important 
document yet published on the scientific aspect of the race 

CD. DARLINGTON: FRS, Prof. Botany, Oxford. 
Internationally renown for contributions to sciences of 
genetics, cytology and evolutionary theory 



EDWARD M. EAST: Prof, of Genetics, Harvard; 
"M ankind at the Crossroads?'. 

HENRY E. GARRETT: Head of Dept. of Psychology 
Columbia U., Past P res. of American Psychological Ass 1 n. 

R. R. GATES: Emeritus Prof., Botany, University of 
London. Wrote "Human Genetics'', eleven books, and 400 

MADISON GRANT: Chairman New York Zoological 
Society; Trustee, Amer. Museum Natural History wrote: 
"The Conquest of a Continent"; "The Passing of the Great 

HANS F. K. GUENTHER: Prof. Univ. of Berlin. His 
text, "Racial Elements of European History" is considered a 

E. A. HOOT EN: Prof, of Anthropology, Harvard 
Univ.; author of "Crime and the Man"; "Ape, Men, and 
M orons", etc. 

ARTHUR R.JENSEN: Prof, of Educational Psychol- 
ogy, Univ. Calif. Berkeley; Research Psychologist at the Inst, 
of Human Learning. 

SIR ARTHUR M. D. KEITH: Rector Univ. Edin- 
burgh, Curator the M useum of the Royal College of Sur- 
geons, "one of the greatest anthropologists of this century." 
M any books including, "The Place of Prejudice in Modern 

L.S.B. LEAKEY: famous for his excavations at Olduvai 
Gorge, Tanganyika. Wrote, "The Progress and Evolution of 



M an in Africa", stating... "however great may be the physical 
differences between such races as the European and the Negro, 
the mental and psychological differences are greater still." 

WILLIAM SHOCKLEY: Nobel Laureate, Poniatoff 
Prof, of Engineering, Stanford Univ., devoted his scientific 
efforts to Eugenics and race studies. 

AUDREY M. SHUEY: Head of Dept. of Psychology, 
Randolph-Macon, formerly on the faculty at New York 
Univ.; authored the monumental, "T heTesting of N egro Intel- 
ligence".., ,'The results are impressively consistent, Negroes, 
whether they are rural or urban, whether they live in the 
North or South, whether they are literate or illiterate, 
whether they are professional or unskilled workers, make 
lower scores than comparable groups of W hites." 

WILLIAM G. SIMPSON: Union Theological Semi- 
nary, magna cum laude; Assoc. D i rector, American C ivil Lib- 
erties Union; St. Francis of Assisi Pilgrimage; one of the 
world's great authorities on Nietzsche and Christ; author 
and lecturer. 




home burns; 
family is safe 

ERI AUG 2 6 19/7 

SHINGLETOWN — An early morn- 
ing fire did an estimated $120,000 
damage to the home of James W. Von 
Brunn on Wrangler Hill Road here 

Shasta County Fire Department 
spokesman Deems Taylor said the 
fire apparently broke out in the attic 
near the chimney, but the exact cause 
is still under investigation. The fire 
was noticed about 3:25 a.m. when Von 
Brunn was awakened by the smell of 

Von Brunn rushed his family out of 
the house and called firemen. Units 
from the Shingletown Volunteers, 
Shasta County and the California De- 
partment of Forestry responded. It 
took nearly two hours to quell the 
flames in the 3,800-square-foot wooden 
framed home. 

The loss to the building was esti- 
mated at $80,000, and the contents at 
$40,000. Most of the loss is believed to 
be covered by insurance, according to 



JVB was inspecting the ashes the morning after the fire 
when a man approached and introduced himself as a neigh- 
bor. A retired logger, he lived about three quarters of a mile 
away, down in the valley. He said he believed the fire was 
arson. About 1:30 AM he was awakened by his boar hounds. 
He went outside to quiet them. "I heardapop— like a flare 
gun — from up your way." Then he heard car doors slam, 
followed by the squealing of tires on the blacktop. 

This incident tied in with phone calls made earlier that 
month threatening serious consequences if JVB didn't halt 
publication of the book Zionist Rape of theH oly Land (Con- 
quest by Immigration) by Robnett. For reasons too detailed to 
go into here, the probability of arson was never reported to 
the police. 


Written in prissn, this letter was purloined from the 
mail, never reaching addressee Webb. 

H onorable James H enry Webb. J r, U .S. Secretary of the 
N avy T he Pentagon Washington, D.C. 20500 

James W. von Brunn Federal Prisoner #07128-016 P.O .Box 
904-H FCI Ray Brook, N.Y. 12977 

D ear M r. Secretary: 



Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin, U.S.N .(Ret.) sug- 
gested that I write to you and request your assistance. I am a 
political prisoner incarcerated in a Federal Prison resulting 
from my actions against those whom I believe threaten our 
Nation's security. 

Admiral Crommelin submitted a Plea for a Presidential 
Pardon for me to our President, H onorable Ronald Reagan, 
on 28 February 1985. The Plea was handled in a very helpful 
and courteous manner by M r. David B. Waller, Senior Asso- 
ciate Counsel to the President, as indicated in Enclosure "A". 
Upon receipt of M r. Waller's letter I filed a personal Plea for 
a Presidential Pardon, as directed, to M r. David Stephenson, 
Presidential Pardon Attorney, C hevy C hase, M aryland. 

Several weeks later M r. Stephenson held a meeting with 
my sister, and her attorney. Stephenson told them he would 
not submit my written Plea to the President (Please see 
Enclosure "B") but that he would recommend that my sen- 
tence be commuted because: my sentence was too severe for 
the crime committed; this was my first offense; my age -now, 
67.5 years. I have no written evidence of these, M r. Stephen- 
son's statements. M y court appointed attorney, John H ogro- 
gian, told me I should take no further legal action while the 
Pardon Attorney processed my Plea. 

n or about 20 D ecember 1987, in a letter to theW ar- 
den, FCI Ray Brook, M r. Stephenson reversed his opinion 
stating that "no favorable action" is warranted in my case. 
Admiral Crommelin'sseveral attempts to ascertain thedispo- 



sition of his Plea in my behalf have been ignored by M r. 

M r. Secretary, after reading this brief you may deduce 
that the personages behind the scenes who manipulated my 
trial and extended the length of my incarceration may also 
have influenced M r. Stephenson. 

I respectfully request, based upon the following facts, 
that you use your influence to get some action on Admiral 
Crommel in 'swell documented Plea for Pardon in my behalf, 
and upon my personal Plea for Pardon, which the Pardon 
Attorney, according to hisown words, never intended to sub- 
mit to the President. 

I served as PT-Boat skipper, and executive officer during 
WWII in theM editerranean, and Pacific Theaters I received 
a Commendation from Admiral Hewitt. When I took the 
N avy Officer's ath I pledged my heart to every word of it - 
and of course I still do. I am under the impression that the 
most formidable enemy of these United States, and of West- 
ern Culture, is Marxist-Communism. American tax-payers 
have spent billions of Federal Reserve Notes fighting a pro- 
longed "cold war" with the Soviet Union, and we've spilled 
buckets of blood fighting "no-win wars" against M arxists in 
almost every part of the globe Yet, within our own gates, 
protected by the very Constitution they seek to destroy, 
M arxists have been permitted to capture the machinery of 
our government. N o doubt a conspiracy exists to create ne 
World M arxist Government at the sacrifice of America's sov- 
ereignty. Just as certain, One World ideologists of all stripes 



are financed by the International Banking Cabal, in which 
the Federal Reserve System(FED) plays a major role. It is no 
secret that U.S. Bankers financed Soviet military build-up. 
That during the "police operation" in Viet Nam, Soviet 
truck production doubled resultant of U.S. financing and 
technological assistance. Those trucks were delivered to N . 
Viet Nam aboard ships, on the Haiphong run, built by 
America and our allies W hy are dominant men in positions 
of great power in America willing to sacrifice America's trea- 
sure and lives to advance the spread of M arxism throughout 
the world? One reason was given by Rheinhold Niebuhr: 
"Marxism is the modern fulfillment of Jewish prophecy." 
James Warburg, son of the principal architect of the Federal 
Reserve Act, stated before the U..S. Senate: "We shall have 
One World Government whether we like it or not. The 
question is, shall we have ne World Government by con- 
sent or by conquest"(1953). 

7 December 1981, 1 hoped to reveal to the American 
People certain Facts regarding the World Marxist Conspiracy 
that are suppressed by the mass-media. I attempted to place 
the FED Board of Governors under legal, non-violent, citi- 
zens arrest - supported by D .C . statutes, and by M isprision 
of Felony statute under U.S. Treason and Sedition Law. I 
charge the FED with Treason, operation of a Fraudulent 
Enterprise, and Un-Constitutional Private Corporate Opera- 
tions. I intended to hold the Board prisoners in the Board 
Room, demand that their fellow conspirators atCBS provide 
national TV-hookup ; then, over TV to figuratively hand 



over the felons to the American people with an explanation 
of my charges against the FED. I then intended to handover 
the prisoners, unharmed, to the President of the United 
States. I expected to stand trial in a U.S. Federal District 
Court, and prove the Fed's culpability to a jury of my peers. I 
expected the jury to find the FED guilty and my citizens' 
arrest of the felons upheld by statute. Thus, We the People 
would issue a mandam to the C ongress of the U nited States 
to bring proceeding against the FED, a privately held corpo- 
ration, under Federal Tort Law. 

I failed to achieve my objectives at the FED Building. 
There was no violence. I voluntarily surrendered my 
unloaded weapons to the guard, a former U .S. M arine. I car- 
ried no ammo or explosives (all of these facts either omitted 
or distorted in the official record). 

My bail/bond was set at $3,000 ($300 cash). I was 
released upon my own recognizance by Judge H ess. Later I 
was indicted for Attempted Kidnapping, Robbery, Burglary, 
Assault with, and possession of Illegal Weapons. 14-months 
later, after the timely aspects of my actions were permitted to 
fade out, I was tried, convicted and sentenced for all counts. 
The government had offered to drop all charges if I would 
plead guilty to the weapons charges. I refused the Plea Bar- 
gain relying on a fair trial. 

I was denied a fair trial for the following reasons: 

1) The government tried me in Superior Court, Wash- 
ington, D .C . which does not have the standing to try Con- 
stitutional issues. Thus, I could not pursue the issue of the 



FED's un-constitutionality - an important element in my 
defense. My request for change of venue was denied. The 
case should have been tried in Federal District Court. I am 
now a D.C. prisoner "warehoused" in a Federal Prison and 
under jurisdiction of the Federal Parole Commission which 
recently re-tried and re-sentenced me. 

2) There was no media coverage of my trial. I personally 
visited D.C. newspaper editors and wrote major networks 
inviting coverage. One recalls the favorable publicity 
afforded Daniel Ellsberg's "Pentagon Papers Trial". Those 
who orchestrated his publicity were the same media-masters 
that suppressed my attempt to expose the M arxist Conspir- 
acy within our Nation. 

3) At my arrest, on my person, was an 11-page utline 
(Gov't. Exh. 14) (Please see Enclosure "C") from which I 
intended to extemporize on TV. Exhibit 14 implicates Jews/ 
Zionists in the ne World M arxist plot. T he utline also 
shows that N egroes are being used as dupes, by the M arxists 
to destroy our Western Culture. The manipulators, to assure 
my conviction, simply appointed court officers who would 
be racially prejudiced against me because of the contents of 
Exhibit 14. 

C ourt fficers and J ury - appointed as follows: 

Judge, H arriet Rosen Taylor, Jew; Prosecuting Attorney, 
Elliot Warren, Jew (Warren, later replaced by Ron Dixon, 
remained in the court gallery throughout the trial as acting 
consultant to Dixon); Prosecuting Attorney, Ron Dixon, 
Negro; Probation Officer, Marvin Davids, Jew (Rabbi); 



Recorder & Bailiff, Negroes. 53 potential jurors attended 
voir dire, six were white. D ixon, using his peremptory chal- 
lenges, dismissed all but one white woman juror seating 11- 
Negro jurors, and 3-Negro Alternates, Court Appointed 
Defense Attorney, Jew (M iss Elizabeth Kent) was dismissed 
by me when she did no work on the case for several months. 
Her court appointed replacement, Gerard Lewis proved to 
beaTrojan Horse. I would have had a fairer trial in Iowa! 

4) Ineffective Assistance of Counsel (at trial and at 
Appeal). Lewis disclosed to meat trial that he did n't have the 
"heart to defend" my political or racial beliefs, nor to resist 
the racist attacks by prosecution because he, Lewis, was part 
Jew and was a card carrying member of the NAAC P. 

5) "Government Exhibit 14, was central to the govern- 
ment's effort to rebut Appellant's defense ... given the mea- 
gerness of attention paid in the document to policies of the 
Federal Reserve Board - less than one page - as compared to 
the views concerning Blacks, Jews, Zionists -10-pages - the 
prosecution was clearly entitled to question Appellant's true 
motives in undertaking his actions ... while the contents of 
the document were controversial and undoubtedly offensive 
to some, that fact alone cannot shield defense from being 
confronted with it during cross-examination..." (Appelle 
Brief, Gov't #84-1641. Criminal #F 7199-81). 

The objection was not that prosecution used Exh. 14, 
but the manner in which it was used. First, a biased Negro 
jury was selected, and aj ewj udge. T hen statements from the 
Exhibit were used out of context to inflame the court. I was 



not permitted to read the entire utline, to place the prose- 
cution's remarks in perspective, and to show that the quota- 
tions within the Outline were by prominent, competent, and 
in many cases revered men. 

Prosecution reasons that because I devoted only one- 
page to the FED that my real motives were to take hostages 
and air my racist views. This specious reasoning would con- 
tend that the superstructure of a skyscraper - because it con- 
tains more cubic feet - is more important that its foundation. 
Prosecution also seems to imply that one cannot be an 
alleged racist and at the same time seek to arrest felons- that 
the two ideas are mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, the Court 
of Appeals, a mixed racial bag, entirely supported the prose- 
cution's arguments and procedures. What I endeavored to 
present in outline form, of course, was that a long period of 
Jewish History developed into Marxist-Communism, 
financed by International Usurocrats, abetted by the mass- 
media (largely in Jew hands) and other support groups. 

6) I was denied the constitutional right to subpoena 
(among others) M essrs. PaulVolcker, and Zibigniew Brzezin- 
sky, neither of whom bears immunity from subpoena, both 
of who are privately employed in anti-N ational activities. 

7) During trial the government admitted it had in its 
possession documents relating to my case from the office of 
Elizabeth Kent, my original (and initial) Defense Attorney. 
Prosecution had also received other documents during trial 
from outside sources which thejudge refused to admit as evi- 
dence but which were made part of my case records. 



8) Dr. Elgin Groseclose, monetary expert, who had tes- 
tified in that capacity before Congress several times, 
appeared as Expert W itness for the Defense. H e testified (I 
paraphrase) that: the FED is privately owned, subject to U.S. 
Tort Laws; acts independent of the 3-Branches of our Gov- 
ernment; the FED Note is worthless as a storage of value- is 
conceived out of thin air; the FED deliberately creates 
boom-bust periods to the detriment of the American people; 
that violence may be required to unseat the FED because its 
enormous power controls Congress. No wonder the mass- 
media was not allowed to attend the trial! Dr. Groseclose's 
testimony is virtually omitted in the Appellant's Brief except 
to say that he blamed the FED for inflation. 

I was refused presentence bond and directly from court 
was clapped into D.C.jail. D.C. Statutes require Presentence 
Investigation (PSI) reports to be presented to defendant at 
least 10-days prior to sentencing. My PSI report was pre- 
sented to me in a holding cell 5-10 minutes prior to sentenc- 
ing. Lewis urged me to sign my approval because the rabbi 
had recommended that I be given probation. This carrot, to 
gain my signature, succeeded. Much later I discovered the 
errors, distortions and omissions contained in the PSI, e.g., 
the facts that there was no violence, and no ammo or explo- 
sives at the scene was unreported. 

I was shipped to Springfield Federal Hospital to deter- 
mine the state of my mental health. After 3.5 months the 
psychiatrists declared me "sane without even a paranoid per- 
sonality." However, predicated upon tests (answered in pen- 



cil) Springfield stated that I had a low I.Q. To refute that 
statement I insisted on supervised tests, the results enabled 
me to join M ENSA whose requirements for membership 
start at the 98th perecentile of I .Q . The Springfield report 
attesting to my good mental health does not appear in Prison 

Benjamin Baer, Jew, Chairman, National Parole Com- 
mission, Chevy Chase, M D . ignores the Springfield report. 
H e insists in his many memos that I require "mental health 
care- and after care." In Baer's paranoid world anyone ques- 
tioning Jew/Marxist motives is- perforce- insane. 

Being warehoused in a prison 700 miles from D.C. 
effectively prevented me from meeting with my court 
appointed attorney, John Hogrogian. He had no office 
phone! So I was unable to assist him prepare my Appeal. The 
Appeal Schedule was so arranged that I did not receive a 
copy of the brief untilafter theoriginal had been filed. I didn't 
receive trial transcripts until many months after my Appeal 
had been denied by a racially slanted Court of Appeals. 
Among other mistakes Hogrogian failed to present a jury list. 
The racially biased Court of Appeals used that excuse to 
NOT rule on my motion that the trial Court was prejudiced, 
that I did not have a jury of my peers. Shortly after the hear- 
ing H ogrogian was rewarded with a position as attorney for 
the city of New York ("Greatest Jewish city in the world" - 
Harry Golden). 

Judge Taylor sentenced me to 3-years 8-months to 11- 
years. If qualified I was eligible for parole at the lesser figure. 



I was qualified. However, Benjamin Baer and his Regional 
Parole Board officer, Shelley Wittgenstein, Jew, re-indicted 
me, in effect, for an additional crime: "committing a serious 
crime against the security of the nation." Baer also stated in a 
memo that I advocated the elimination of a "certain race". A 
distortion of my statement (Exh. 14) that Negroes and Jews 
should be deported to their homelands. A sentiment 
expressed by Lincoln, Jefferson, et al, and by contemporary 
Jew/Negroes. Baer and company then retried, judged, and 
resentenced me to serve a total of 8-years4-months. 

This implies a 25-years sentence (l/3rd of 25). Ben- 
jamin Baer is largely responsible for expansion of Federal 
Prison Bureaucracy. He produces incredibly long sentences 
by taking cons out of their guidelines. M any young convicts, 
resultantly, are returned to society as middle-aged men, fami- 
lies gone, with no job potential. They become instant recidi- 
vists suitable only for employment in FedPr system's 
UNICOR, a growing business. 

Viet Nam vets are considered threats to society in direct 
proportion to their military experience- the more battle-stars 
the more medals for valor - the stiffer the re-sentences 
handed out by Baer. H e has no sense of honor. Certainly, a 
more flexible commutation policy for the vast majority of 
Nam vets is in order. Their patriotism has been stretched to 
the breaking point. Allow them to win one war - against 

I realize that I have imposed far too much, sir, upon 
your valuabletime. So I will end this. 



M r. Secretary, my efforts were directed not against our 
Nation, but against those who would destroy our Nation. I 
believe my actions at the FED were supported by statute. 
While you may or may not subscribe to my philosophy, or 
condone my actions, I know that you support an American 
citizen's right to a fair, speedy and public trial. You are justi- 
fied, then, in using your righteous influence to reveal the 
immense and arrogant control M arxists now exert over D .C . 
jurisprudence, and over the Federal Prison System - not 
unlike the Federal Reserve System's power over America's 
monetary system. 

Therefore, I respectfully request that you do whatever is 
feasible to help place before the President of the United 
States the two aforementioned Pleas: Rear Admiral John G . 
Crommelin's Plea for Pardon in my behalf; and my personal 
Plea for Presidential Pardon. 


JamesW. von Brunn. 


"A" White House letter 

"B"VonBrunn Plea for Pardon 
"C" Gov't Exhibit 14 


Rear Admiral J ohnG. Crommdin, U.S.N.(Ret) 



Crommdin Letter to Erik von Brunn 

(first page photographically reproduced below; full text follows) 


iD<&P~ i 

7, 113-3. 




Rear Admiral U. S. Navy (Retired) 
Harrogate Springs 
Wetumpka, Georgia 

October 17, 1983 

Dear Erik, 

Your Aunt Alyce has told me that you are a strong, 
healthy six year old boy and that you miss your father, James 
von Brunn, who has been held by federal authorities now for 
sometime. Weall hope that he will soon now be released, for 
in the opinion of those of us who understand the malfunc- 
tioning of certain elements of our once near perfect govern- 
ment he has committed no crime. But quite the contrary, he 
has taken very courageous and patriotic actions to try to alert 
the U .S. citizen to the real organization of the Federal 
Reserve System and its great danger to the survival of our 
once White Christian constitutional republic, the corner- 
stone of Western Civilization. 

It is my conviction that James von Brunn deserves the 
gratitude and assistance of every W hite C hristian citizen of 
theseUnited States. And I believe he would have this support 
were it not for the cabal which controls not only the Federal 
Reserve System but also the nationally effective communica- 
tions media. 



In the early 1950s I discussed this media control with 
General Douglas McArthur in a lengthy private conversa- 
tion. We both agreed that the greatest internal and external 
threat to the survival of the United States is the near ironclad 
control over the U .S. communications media. 

I suppose you know that your father was a PT-Boat 
Captain in World War II. We were both naval officers and 
have been friends for a long time. I was fortunate enough to 
be Air Officer and then Executive of the aircraft carrier, 
U.S.S. Enterprise, the greatest fighting ship in all the annals 
of recorded history. Perhaps some day I shall have the oppor- 
tunity to tell you about the fierce battles which took place 
near Guadalcanal. 

This is something you must know: all U.S. naval offic- 
ers, before they are granted a commission, take an oath "to 
support and defend the Constitution of the United States 
against ALL enemies, foreign OR DOM ESTIC. " This is a 
lifetime commitment as long as the officer remains a U .S. 

When your father attempted a non-violent citizens' 
arrest of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve Sys- 
tem, I believe the evidence will show that he intended no 
physical harm to anyone and that his motive was to force the 
controlled media to give him the opportunity to prove to the 
American public that the Federal Reserve is their most dan- 
gerous enemy, and that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 must 
be repealed by the U .S. Congress if the U .S. Constitutional 
Republic is to survive. 



To show that your father was not alone in his attempt to 
expose the character and dangers of the Federal Reserve I am 
sending herewith some documents proving that the Alabama 
State Legislature passed (unanimously in the House) a joint 
resolution HJR-90 signed by Governor James on Mach 2, 
1982 "memorializing the U .S. Congress to Repeal the Fed- 
eral Reserve Act of 1913." 

Erik, although your father and your Aunt Alyce are now 
suffering legal or illegal decisions which we hope can be suc- 
cessfully challenged, when you grow older and become a 
man you will realize that your father has upheld the basic ele- 
ment of White Christian Civilization, to wit: every intelli- 
gent White man should live and strive to provide a better 
future for his children and grandchildren. That is what Jim 
von Brunn is striving to do for you . 


J no. G. Crommelin 

Rear Admiral U.S. Navy (Retired) 




Anderson urges 

boycott of 

series sponsor **& 

Staff Writer 

EASTON — Talbot County 
Council Vice President Andrew 
Anderson bas urged county resi- 
dents to avoid the local sponsor of 
an anti-Holocaust TV series air- 
ing on local cable television, 

Jim VotiBrmm is sponsoring a 
six-part series that questions 
whether the Holocaust occurred 
and attempts to suggest that 
theDiary of Anne Frank is a 
hoax. The programs are being 

broadcast on Eastern cable chan- 
nel 15. 

The first program aired Man- 
day, May 16 and the series is 
scheduled to run every Monday 
and Thursday night for four 
weeks.. The tapes, made in Can- 
ada in 1982, attempt to refute his- 
torical- accounts about the .Holo- 
caust and Adolf Hitler's genocidal 
"Pinal Solution" for European 

. Because of federal cable regu- 
lations local access channels are 
open to almost any programming, 

including cries promoting racist 
tdeas, cable officials said this 
week. They said they can't refuse 
to run the programs. 

During yesterday's council 
meeting, Anderson spoke out 
against the - series and Von- 
Brunn's opinions. 

Anderson, a retired U.S. Army 
general, said he spent 13 years oi 
his military career in Europe and 
toured the former concentration 
camps at Belsen and Dachau. 

"I have seen evidence of the 
'Final Solution.' It is documented 

fact," Anderson said. "For some- 
one to show these tapes on our 
cable channel boggles the mind.* 

Anderson then called for a boy- 
cott of VonBrunn's business. 

Speaking during the council 
members' comment period, 
Anderson said, "I will not fre- 
quent his business and I ask other 
people to stay the hell away from 
him. He is bad news." 

VonBrunn, contacted at his 
home on Tuesday, declined to 
comment on Anderson's remarks. 






Dachau photos 
vivid reminder 

—-As I write this I have before me 
three snapshots taken by my hus- 
band at Dachau the day after it 
was liberated by the U.S. Army. 

' One shows skeleton-like bodies 
tossed on an open car of a train. 
The other two, taken in a shed, 
show discarded remains of what 
once were human beings. 

Perhaps Mr. VonBrunn has an 
explanation for these snapshots. I 
wonder where he was the day my 
husband was at Dachau taking 
these pictures. 


Denial just won't 
change history 

In response to the article con- 
cerning the series of anti-Semitic 
programs airing on an Eastern 
local access channel, I will 
defend to death Mr. VonBrunn's 

. God-given right to free speech. 
However, it is imperative that 
we, . as Christians, remember 
always that Jesus Christ was 
born, lived, and died a Jew. We 

: should also remember that even 
as he died, for ALL mankind, he 
said, "Forgive them, Father, for 
they know not what they do." 
Denial can never change history. 
Peace and love. 

Trinity Cathedral 







24 M ay 1994 




Robert Higgins, President 
Talbot County Council 
Court House 
Easton, M D 21601 

Dear M r. Higgins: 

As a young man I took the N aval fficers ath, swear- 
ing to "...protect and defend the Constitution of the United 
States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic..." I 
regard that oath as important today as I did during WWII. 

I am surprised to learn that a domestic enemy of our 
Constitution appears to be the Talbot County Council, rep- 
resented by your vice-president, Mr. Andrew Anderson, who 
would deny me - and the citizens of Talbot County - our 
First Amendment rights. Were I a book he would burn me 
because he disagrees with what I believe to be true. H e pub- 
licly calls for me to be shunned and my business to be boy- 
cotted, thus threatening my livelihood. I doubt the County 
Council supports Anderson's totalitarian views. However, I 
ask that you make your position clear- publicly. 



Anderson states he saw "evidence of the 'Final Solu- 
tion"' at Dachau, and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. 
He could receive a sizable reward for producing that evi- 
dence. No one else has seen it. TheAlliedWarCrimesCom- 
mission determined, early on, there were no execution gas 
chambers in those camps, or in any of the thirteen (13) 
camps located in Germany/Austria. An official document to 
that effect is signed by members of that Commission dated 1 
October 1948 (Official CopiesAvailable). 

During the final months of the war Allies took com- 
mand of the skies. We targeted highways, roads, bridges, rail- 
roads, power-plants, etc. Vital supplies were prevented from 
reaching the camps. When the Allies took over they were 
greeted with horror scenes: the sick and dying; unburied 
emaciated corpses covered the area. They had not been 
gassed or shot as we have been conditioned to believe, but 
died slowly of malnutrition and typhus, which raged 
throughout most of the camps. To complete the macabre 
scene the U.S. Army 45th Division, "liberators" of Dachau, 
gathered together 560 uniformed German guards and nurses 
and machine-gunned them to death. 

The International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC), 
and the Catholic Church, whose members frequented all 
camps, report no mass executions, and do not mention gas 
chambers. H undreds of tons of evidentiary material, includ- 
ing U Itra-Enigma de-codings of German Communications, 
have been scrutinized by world experts. No one has pro- 
duced evidence of any order, or budget, or plan, or machine 



directed toward the so-called Final Solution." THERE IS 
JEWS. The Jews were interned as enemies of the state. Ger- 
many's war was against Communism, Bolshevism, and 
Zionism. H itler wanted a confederation of European states 
with a white population base. It is estimated that fewer than 
300,000, Jews died from all causes during WWII. 


JamesW. von Brunn 




Page 4A Tuesday, April 22, 1997 

jtyUlft, EDITORIA L 

Tiger Woods is the new 
face of our country 

''The Tiger Woods phenomenon, coming at the 50th anni- 
versary of Jackie Robinson's destruction of baseball's 
color barrier, has been interpreted as an example of 
another African-American breaking through a racial 

bulwark. ■■• *■*•«-<'• 

But it's much more than that, because Woods is not 
only an African-American. His father is black, while his 
mother is Thai. He's also American Indian, Chinese and 

In America, he's lauded as an African-American role 
model, while in Thailand, he's the nation's favorite son. 

In reality, Woods is an exemplar of the American melt- 
ing pot. Some call him mixed-race, but that's a stale 
phrase in a nation of immigrants from every corner of the 
t planet at a time when melting-pot ingredients blend more 
and more each day. The number of multiracial marriages 
quadrupled from 1970 to 1990 in America, according to 
census figures, but the real figure is likely much higher. 
The number of multi-racial young people is clearly on the 

Of course, we cannot be naive. Woods is a person of 
color, subject to the prejudices that infect our society. 
While his recently acquired wealth and fortune may shield 
- him, bigotry still afflicts people of color, particularly 
those who don't have Woods' benefits. For them, racial 
obstacles still loom large. 

Yet Woods is confounding prejudice. He defies racial 
labels in a society obsessed by race, while commanding 
' awe in a sport dominated by whites. 
j . ; . The result is that he baffles the American institution of 
I jibigotry. Those who might have disdained him have no 
choice but tp respect him. Confused about his ethnicity, 
i they're nonetheless amazed by his abilities, and grudg- 
| ingly accept him. 

In the past, the term melting pot was seen through a 
white European prism, mainly referring to Irish, Italians, 
} ! Swedes, Poles and others who immigrated here around 
V the turn of the century. But today, more than ever, the 
1 melting pot continues to bubble and brew. 
>,. Our nation has become a place, perhaps the only one in 
!: human history, where all races and ethnicities mix 
j together. 

In our children's lifetimes, we will see the notion of 
labeling people as fill-in-the-blank Americans begin to 
fade, and bigotry and prejudice along with it. In that light, 
f- TTiger Woods is a true modern. 

; r : He shows life world, the face of our country, today and 
fi in the future. ' ' 



Poje 4A, WMjftSsajJS SviUcliilier 13, iOOO 

^m star r\ r 


Double helix 
that binds us all 

There is no denying the reality- ■*[ race. ThepnW wel- 
(rontsusftiily-— th&cQtor of nur skin or the tenure of 
our hair, even The- diseases to which we simetimas f all 
prey. But underneath tbe microscope, those differ- 
ences melt away. 

Recent efforts lo Unravel the tedBtit: codo demon- 
strate £ha.t there, simply is no biological basis for Ibe 
concept id nice, Scientists involved in the research to 
decode the Iwmao g-siwrnc S3v thaf-peopl* are 99.9 per- 
cent alike, at. the genetic teveJ- 

ThaT 5hou5dtTOneasnnsa]rpT3Sffitoany«udentaf his- 
tory cr biology. We've long recognised that human 
snafomy is tnc kutlo thu vrOrid uror. Wo know thai 
ouumalible blood of organs can t»e Erauspknied from 
people of one color to those of anoilher without imttue 
complications. We know modem hwnans first ep- 
peaired in Africa lOQ.OMorEnyearftaso. — She blink of 
an eye ii. evolutionary terms. 

We ire too young, n species to have developed distinct 
bdoloeCicaJ subgroup*. And weknuw Ihjt Uie concept of 
nice hat Won P«fh*I$&biypJtattiG over ihcye^ra, CtaE- 
sU'n.-;v!i">n r-,|jeuK: : ibu'l"p<:il iti ruvontly to tbe Itflti 

■.■-■[Miii-v VkC^il f^njiV Si'Ortt lltfK rti-.fl I^UOrt hi :i ^! 

fewst Brwp ftaa those Erwa N'orsbern: f^wm, 

The accumulating, evidence hasn't stepped modern 
racists seeking biologicat differences. The latest effort 
involves comparing. average bruin vrci^bts of dilFercn? 
racial groups to Creole i£l(tttr£fay> witli Asians Oft Cop 

find bUtc&a at the bottom.. By ttoi tortured reasMtng f 

N&^TtriftHhAEs would bav-e inherited the Earth. They 
tad laTfjer brains than any of the nrnderri humans (hat 
displaced them. 

Race and ethnic Lly can, (if course, be useful concepts. 
Bui [hoy Clin also mUiiend. Austruttait Aborigines and 
AfrLcan-AJueriCLtis both have shorter life ectpeclaney 
than their white countrymen, Bui the explanation is 
tnor? likely fminrl in their social statue than in :he 
genes. Skin cdEdt is but an accident of evolution, It is 
our culture and ejrparienets car more lhan our race 
lhat shapes who we arc. 

And &o ■our -efforts to unravel the gencLsc eoio have 
reinforced o lesson, most knew tipeufy: /it the most 
basic level, wears aLI LnextricahSy bound toRether by 

We- who shore- Ibis increasingly tense and crowded 
ptenet are all niranbers of the same race — the human 




M ighty the men who made this land; 
Firm of purpose and strong of hand, 
Great in vision and free from fear, 
Fortress and home they built them here. 

This they chanted unceasingly - 
N ever surrender sovereignty! 

D ark is the night, the nation sleeps, 
C areless the watch the sentry keeps, 
D eaf are the ears that wi 1 1 not hear 
T he song of free men ringing clear; 

Borne on the wind eternally - 
N ever surrender sovereignty! 

C onfusion reigns, the hour is late, 
Traitors swarm through the unbarred gate. 
Freedom's for sale, and with it men - 
H ark can't they hear that cry again? 

D own through the ages endlessly - 



N ever surrender sovereignty! 
Barboursvi lie, Virginia 




Power and law are not synonymous. In truth they are 
frequently in opposition and irreconcilable. There isGOD'S 
LAW from which all equitable laws of man emerge and by 
which men must live if they are not to die in oppression, 
chaos and despair. Divorced from GOD'S ETERNAL AND 
IMMUTABLE LAW, established before the founding of the 
suns, man's power is evil no matter the noble words with 
which it isemployed or the motives urged when enforcing it. 
Men of good will, mindful therefore of the LAW LAID 
DOWN BY GOD, will oppose governments whose rule is 
by men and, if they wish to survive as a nation, they will 
destroy that government which attempts to adjudicate by the 
whim or power of venal judges. 

CICERO (106-43 BC).